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Drugs and the Mind

Posted May 5, 2011 by ChadMason in Open

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commented on Jan. 27, 2015
by Imagination



About 2 years back for three months of my life I was doing ecstasy once every third week on average. I'm a Pisces and believe myself to be very spiritual, not religious though. I plan on never doing any type of drug again and highly regret the fact that I got into taking ecstasy. I came here to get some advice because I'm concerned that the ecstasy use had a permanent effect on my mind. The thing is when I don't think about the things I may have risked in order to take those drugs I'm fine, it's mostly when I actually think about what I may have lost that I feel a very heavy guilt... I read that ecstasy can cause brain damage and I've accepted that, though I wish it weren't true but I'm wondering if this type of drug and affected my mind and my spiritual self? Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated... by the way, I'm new here, have been searching through this website and find everything to be really interesting. I've recently started mediating and find it to be very liberating. I hope to get more in tune with my spiritual self, though I can't help the feeling that my history of ecstasy use may hold me back... anyway, all the best to whoever reads this and thanks in advance to those who reply

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    Imagination Jan 27, 2015

    Drugs and the Mind - There are no perfect drugs (my view) so, sooner or later, a person realizes the limitations of drugs. One of the few books about drugs which helped me to understand the role of drugs in society was the Nerves in Collision book by Walter C. Alvarez, M.D. about the epilepsy medicine, Dilantin. If you're looking for good mind material, check out W. Clement Stone, Daily Word, The Secret (2006) - film, Forks over Knives (2011), etc.

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    ChadMason Jun 03, 2011

    I think it was more curiosity that first got me into it, but I'm feeling a lot better about it now and everyone's advice here helped a lot, so thank you! Same to you Eamonn (:

  • Theoldman Jun 01, 2011

    I have read through the replies and would like to offer these words to you. I have used traditional medicines with indigenous peoples around the world in ceremony. Earlier in my life I went through a period like you concerned about the effect on mind and spirit. I lost my grip, not on reality but my respect for myself. A lost place, that I realized later is why I did the drugs in the first place. I provoked within myself a deep sense of shame or inverted guilt that was implying a sense of unworthiness, that I translated into the same question: Did I do damage? I did as you and asked others with similar experiences and the simple answer was a question - Does the center of this empty feeling come from the stomach, diaphragm area? If so, it speaks to the uncertainty you had in your life at the time you were exploring. Some explorations take us to a place where we are not comfortable, and we try to bring meaning to this and since it is unpleasant we think we have done harm to ourselves . This is the inverted guilt. I said earlier that I have done medicines with indigenous people; a very different use and reason. The amount that I use today would be hidden under your finger nail rather than the full cup I learned with. That is like knowledge - the tiniest bit can carry you through a great understanding of yourself. These medicines or drugs if you wish - do not compare to our true natural abilities which go far beyond the brief glimpses of drug induced supra-normal states. The Path is to learn to achieve an ecstatic state of being and the natural state way of neuro-stimulation that some consider super powers - the ability to shift energy and matter through thought- to create. The fastest way to find this Path is to love yourself and not be your own shadow. Blessings to you - Eamonn

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    ladygrinningsoul May 30, 2011

    I took ecstasy over 20 years ago - on more than one occasion shall we say! I worried about it for years afterwards too (I just happen to be a pisces too!!) but so far so good!!! I recently had an awakening experience after reading The Power of Now and it was very reminiscent of taking ecstasy but far better. I don't think it will affect your spirituality in any way and as far as any permanent physical damages I am sure they would have manifested themselves by now in the people who were taking the drug back when it first become available which I think was over 30 years ago. Try not to worry!

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    ChadMason May 24, 2011

    Thanks very much for the info.. I do have a lot more to learn than I thought

  • Fallensoul May 22, 2011

    Dear Chad,

    But heres the thing. According to the Vedic idea, our consciousness is always absorbed is some kind of meditation. In fact consciousness cannot be inactive (as some schools claim), one of its primary charactertics is to always be active -- with a desire to be happy and enjoy, and possess knowledge.

    If the modern man analyses his day he will find that 99% of his meditation IS based on material things. Even the 1% meditation (which we're still hoping to know what exactly you're meditating on), is quite vague. We have some idea. Okay, lets focus on our breathing, lets meditate on myself, lets meditate on some higher force. If you're trying to find a place with vague directions, theres a good chance you're going to get lost. Granted, the desire to meditate outside everyday mundane material life has its value -- its better than thinking material life is all in all, but one requires knowledge about the object of meditation and the results thereof. It should be crystal clear.

    Otherwise its something like saying, "Hey, I'd like to believe I'm very much a scientist, not a modern scientist though...I just started experimenting and found it to be great." Okay, but what are your experiments? What are your observations, hypothesis, prediction ...conclusions? Often when we use the word spiritual, anything seems to go. But true spirituality is a very specific, precise science that one should be able to test to see, how one's consciousness is becoming more spiritual rather than identifying oneself as material.

    There are so many diet and exercise programs out there, but the result should be that one actually loses weight and gains muscle. If 99% of the time we're eating something against our diet, how would we expect to lose weight? Therefore one should first have a very clear idea of the process, by finding a source of knowledge that details clearly what is material action, what is spiritual action, what is meditation, what are the results of meditation etc. One has to appreciate that this knowledge is outside what our limited material mind and senses can perceive. Yet by sincerely following such knowledge, practice and purification of one's consciousness, one can actually realize it -- the weight of material anxiety lost.

    Due to the absence of spiritual knowledge, one may believe one is very spiritual, but then why be excessively concerned with the material mind and body, and why spend a few % meditating on the spiritual body and mind. It's incongruent. It shows that the consciousness is still very much integrated into thinking I am material and things related to me in material terms are mine. The most near and dear things the consciousness holds onto is still material.

    And the result of such material consciousness, according the Vedic science at the time of changing the body, the sum total of ones absorption is likely to be material and therefore the future body will again be material, rather than regaining the spiritual body.

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    ChadMason May 10, 2011

    Okay, thanks again for the advice (: I understand what you're saying and to answer your question to what I'm mediating on I''m definitely not meditating on everyday things, because I realize that's something we do anyway

  • Fallensoul May 09, 2011

    Hi Chad, Heres the principle again in brief. We are pure spiritual entities. Nothing material can affect the spiritual entity. LSD, ecstasy etc are all material chemicals. They can act and affect the material mind, but one has to come to understand that his identity is separate from the material mind. The material mind is temporary, so is the body that you have, but we are not temporary and our spiritual identity has a spiritual mind and body.

    As long as one is absorbed in material consciousness, thinking that I am this material body and mind he is affected by the material energy in various forms, as we are currently are. This ignorance of one's spiritual self brings about suffering, in unlimited forms and one has to remain in material environment. Spirituality therefore means moving from material consciousness to spiritual consciousness.

    The solution is not to absorb the mind in anything material, but to re-spiritualize the mind via a process called self-realization. One requires to learn this art under a bona-fide teacher who is already self-realized following authoritative knowledge / ancient wisdom that details information about the transcendental spiritual nature outside the reach of the limited senses and mind.

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    ChadMason May 06, 2011

    Thanks for the reply Fallensoul but I was taking ecstasy, not LSD. Was that just a typo or could what you're saying apply to both drugs?

  • Fallensoul May 06, 2011


    The material drug LSD acting on the material mind which controls the material senses of the material body are all temporary, so there cannot be any permanent effect on the spiritual mind, spiritual senses or spiritual body. In fact nothing material can ever harm the spiritual self. Spirit or consciousness is indestructible, unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. It can't be cut to pieces by any weapon, or burned by fire, or moistened by water, or withered by the wind. Consciousness is unbreakable and insoluble, and can be neither burned nor dried. So whatever effects the LSD may have done to the material body, its effects together with the body will not last. To the degree that one identifies with the pleasures and pains of the material self to that degree one is considered conditioned by the material energy and ignorant of his spiritual self. One can test how much he is free from these material pleasures and pains.

    Advancement in spiritual life therefore means a purification of this misidentification with matter so that one regains his pure spiritual consciousness. Meditation is an extremely powerful process to purify the consciousness, but when you say you meditate, it begs the question, Who are you meditating on? What is the object of your meditation??

    We meditate on so many things. Daily our meditation is focused on the daily newspapers, cable, politics, worldly things, temporary relationships, the past, the future, one's near and dear ones in this life. This meditation bonds the consciousness to matter, whereas spiritual meditation frees one from it and brings one to the proper perspective of seeing reality. The object of meditation for one after spiritual perfection is the Supreme object or Supreme Being. Concentrated absorption on the highest conception of Supreme Pure is what quickly clears the dirty mirror of the material mind and consciousness and brings one to their natural pure position as part and parcel of that Supreme Truth. Meditation on partial truths or on other objects will yield less effective or different results.

    So I wouldnt meditate too much about the adverse material effects of your past drug habit, if you have sincerely stopped taking them then even the material effects will not last and certainly there will be not be any negative effect on the spiritual self or consciousness.

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    tamsinstead May 05, 2011

    Wouldn't worry if I were you. I knew many people during my 'rave' days back in the UK who took 'x' on a regular basis and years later, still hasn't seemed to affect them. I never took it, I loved the 'rave' scene and found I could experience the same effects without it - boundless energy and a feeling of all encompassing love. In fact a friend once told me 'I can't believe you haven't taken any drugs' when at one of the venues. I believe certain tribal peoples dance to strong rythmic drumming to attain these levels of consciousness. Along with the Sufis etc. But that's all another topic.

    I was, and am still however, completely nonplussed by the effects of morphine and it's effects on/relevance to consciousness. I was involved in a very bad road accident last year and was placed on a morphine drip for several weeks until I told the nursing staff to take the damn drip out as I was unable to determine the 'actual' from what, in hindsight, must've been hallucinatory. To this day I can't tell that which was real from that which was illusory. I know the difference, having taken LSD as a teenager, and smoked dope a little, and had very weird experience on opium once :D

    But there again, many tribal peoples take peyote, lick the toad ...

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    ChadMason May 05, 2011

    that's "*wondering if this type of drug (had) affected my mind and my spiritual self" ..couldn't find an edit option

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