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Posted April 27, 2011 by frequencytuner in Open

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If you were curious even the smallest bit reply "yes". This is a test to see how many people explore the unknown and ask questions and like to have answers. You are one of these people if you are reading this so reply "yes". Please and thank you.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 03, 2012

    Maybe. Vision is cloudy. Please shake again. Re ask question later.

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    Kalara May 03, 2011

    Of course.

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    Jim Centi May 03, 2011


    Are you a member of the ION'S staff or some university psychology dept? Why are you using a fictitious name? How many people do you plan to survey? Is this survey conducted only on this site? What conclusions may be drawn from this survey. If you can't supply answers to these questions I will form my own conclusions about your post..

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    morrisha May 02, 2011


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    tamsinstead Apr 30, 2011

    I usually don't bother to reply to this type of unspecified header on public forums as they're usually a waste of time. Headers like 'Does anyone know where this is?' 'What is this?' etc are irritating. I always make my headers as specific as possible, ie 'Do you know where this temple is?' or 'Do you know what this particular Thai salad is?' to avert wasting people's time.

    I did answer on this particular forum, merely because of it's content. So your little experiment proves absolutely nothing.

  • sunshineandhaze Apr 28, 2011


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    blissful1 Apr 28, 2011


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    justme99 Apr 27, 2011


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