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The Mind And The Brain

Posted April 25, 2011 by tamsinstead in Open

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commented on Jan. 27, 2015
by Imagination



It has been posited (particularly with regard to NDE's) that therefore, the brain is merely a conduit for the 'mind'.

An article today on Huff Post states that Crystal Meth has exactly the same effect on fruit flies (deranged, look like hell) as humans. In fact, I remember spiders being fed LSD and ending up spinning incredibly confused 'webs'.

Do spiders and fruit flies have brains then? And are they too the recipients, via mind, of Source?

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    Imagination Jan 27, 2015

    The Mind And The Brain - The mind (my view) is a part of the (larger) brain. In most persons, the mind controls activities (concept of executive function). X-ref: conscious mind, subconscious mind, superconscious mind. X-ref: emergence of new ideas, connectome, cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome, The Secret (2006) - film, spiritual metaphysics, Divine Love/Infinite Intelligence/Source/God/All-One, defining God as a synonym for the human imagination, realizing the value of wholesome affirmations, etc.

  • slowlygetnthar Apr 25, 2011

    Separateness of form--different species--is an illusion. We all spring from the same Source--fruit flies, Einstein, faun, bear cub, spiders, rain, wind, rocks, sky...all originate in the same energy.

    We are all connected via the Source from which we sprang. We all resonate with Source, so, why wouldn't other beings have brain, mind, conscience, consciousness, soul? It stands to reason that they do.

    If humans come to grips with the fact that other beings, animate and inanimate, have consciousness, that means we have to change the way we interact with everything. We would become more compassionate. We would not feel alienation from everything else. We could not justify our destructiveness towards other things and beings anymore.

    As it is, we "forget" our connectedness. So, are we any less crazy than spiders on LSD?

  • marcusantonio91 Apr 25, 2011

    hmm I wonder if the Huffington post mentioned the evidence for PSI, telepathy, Reincarnation, veridical NDE accounts that challenge the Brain=mind assumption, my guess is, probably not

  • Fallensoul Apr 25, 2011

    Yes in short they have brains, mind, ego and consciousness.

    To elaborating the vedic idea -- there are three major energies of the Source. The spiritual energy, the marginal energy and the material energy.

    The marginal energy constitutes innumerable individual part and parcels of the Source, just like innumerable sparks from a big fire. We, the true self, is an individual spiritual spark, a soul. This spiritual spark is a conscious person that can think, feel and will. Each one of us has an eternal spiritual form with a unique personality, eternal activities in relationship with the Source etc. We possess all the qualities of the Source, but in minute quantity. So the Supreme Source is also a person, but the Supreme Person and therefore has personality, free will, independence, beauty, strength, renunciation, intelligence, wealth, etc etc, in unlimited quantity and we have that in a minute quality. We are the same in quantity, i.e. spiritual in nature, but different in quantity. Even in this pure perfected spiritual position we are not fully independent, we are dependent on the Supreme Being.

    Now the marginal parts and parcels -- we -- the minute souls are dependent on either the spiritual energy or the material energy. The material energy is inferior as it is not conscious, but the marginal and spiritual energies are fully conscious. In the material universes only conscious beings can organise material energy which has no capacity in and of itself to organise itself, therefore its inferior.

    Normally the marginal energy is under the spiritual energy as described above and we exist in the spiritual world in a direct loving relationship with the Supreme Being. In that position we are fully satisfied. But if we choose to use (or misuse) our limited free will, we -- well rather unfortunately -- come under the material energy which covers the spiritual entity and one is bewildered into thinking that my identity is material and not spiritual. Or that I am the brain and there is no consciousness or spirit separate from matter. In this condition the soul comes under illusion and spiritual identity is covered by ignorance. This ignorance is the root cause of suffering. Because matter is not eternal it undergoes constant change like: birth, growth, maintainable, dwindling, death. Therefore the spirit soul has to inhabit different kinds of material bodies birth to death and afterwards, because it is eternal, into another material body until it regains its spiritual identity. This transmigration is dependent on ones previous actions and ones desires or state of consciousness at death.

  • Fallensoul Apr 25, 2011

    So to answer your question...

    The material body comprises of gross elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether (space) and the subtle elements: mind, intelligence and a false sense of ego or self. But above this is the spiritual living being having a real ego or self as described above.

    The spirit soul can be in a spider body or a fruit fly body and according to that body is given the capacity to exhibit its consciousness through the subtle mind and gross body. On the spiritual level we are all equal, but in this material world it is dependent on how much consciousness we can exhibit through the gross and subtle bodies. E.g a plant can only exhibit very dim awareness or consciousness through, but they also think, will and feel to a low degree. There have been scientific experiments showing plants have feelings or react to different stimuli.

    Consciousness exists everywhere but in the material world, it is required to exhibit itself through the material energy so that it can interact with the world of matter. As soon as one realises that I am not a material product and that I am spiritual in nature, it can begin a process of self-realisation like bhakti-yoga to regain its spiritual identity.

    It is only in the human form of life that the living entity can use its capacity of discernment to understand all these things. This is described in the vedas that the prime duty of a human is to solve these fundamental problems. Therefore this chance in the human form of life to enquire about reality and try to make a solution of suffering altogether. IONS is doing a great part to help make a different in this world by taking the taboo out of these different ideas which help to explain fundamental mysteries of life and consciousness!

    Our current picture of reality which enforces rigid scientific evidence is so limited and imperfect that in this short lifetime it is next to impossible to make progress in solving these real problems, because the facts of todays science will not be the facts of tomorrows science. It certainly helps to be open-minded and try accepting knowledge from ancient wisdom and apply that in your life to see the results scientifically for yourself. Then one can easily tangibly understand that he is separate from the material brain and even the material mind, which serve only to limit our true spiritual potential!

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