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Posted April 13, 2011 by tamsinstead in Open

commented on Nov. 4, 2011
by Saoirse



i've been trying to find more information on this technique as practiced by Dr Allan Botkin. I'd watched a video on Youtube and thought I'd do a little digging. Came to a halt around 2006, so emailed him as to why no further info.

He told me that mainstream media were reluctant to present this as it had 'too good to be true' stamped all over it. He told me there was an Institute in Germany named after him and that Germany had the largest number of practitioners outside the US.

He also told me two universities in the US were presently researching it.

Does anyone else know/have experience of this technique? He insists it's not hypnosis.

  • Saoirse Nov 04, 2011

    Ah, okay. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Nov 03, 2011

    Hi Saoirse, to answer your question no, I wasn't referring to what you are referencing. I don't know what that is!
    I was simply referring to the natural flow of an unimpeded brain, in the same way that a body temple has a clear energy tube when its blocks are removed. Psychological trauma can cause a brain to be "stuck", in repetitive thoughts and such. EMDR works on the trauma that needs to be processed, transmuted, and released. When the body and mind are clear Spirit is ready to soar!

    I found it interesting that EMDR can be a portal into other dimensions. We are all multidimensional beings I believe.
    Consciousness follows awareness and if that awareness is restricted in any way this could impede on the natural flow of the consciousness itself!

    Also Saoirse, I don't think that therapists are ever lying because the information has to come from the client, it is never planted.
    I didn't read those books and I didn't have the eye/finger EMDR because my cellular memory was so severe that I had a history of psychogenic seizures which my therapists didn't want to induce. I had the device which has handheld things that vibrate alternately
    and then also headphones that make a noise left/right alternately at the same time as the vibrations.

    I am a right brained visual artist so to have my "whole brain" activated almost a 100 times brought me into other dimensions, (which I was SO trying to look at!)(once I got past the horrors..)(except unfortunately, I would have trouble returning sometimes...) just sayin...

    My brain isn't my consciousness however, it was just restricting my consciousness with its density.

    Humans didn't need to build spaceships to travel to other dimensions, they just needed to build (and release) their consciousness' which can travel to infinity!

    be well, love, Gretchen Grace the EMDR-ED ;)

  • charliet Nov 01, 2011

    Hello to all. Before we go to far with this thread may I suggest reading both Dr Botkin's book Induced After Death Communications and R C Hogan's book Your Eternal Self. I have not quite finished R C Hogans book yet. Both are very interesting and give one much to ponder. Both books make sense and are very logical. Two more libraries for life after death believers.

    Thanks to rchogan for his comments on this thread, it led me to these books. I have also purchased Rochelle Wrights book Guided Afterlife Connections. Winter is long and good books make it short.

  • Saoirse Nov 01, 2011

    Gretchen, by " whole brained, " do you mean lacking a corpus callosum? Dolphins do have a corpus callosum, but it's much smaller than it is in a human, which means that the two hemispheres of their brains operate a little more independently of one another than is normal for humans.This allows, them, for example, to have one hemisphere asleep, while the other is awake.

    It wouldn't be a good thing for humans to be "whole-brained" if that's what you mean by it. Agenesis of the corpus callosum does occur sometimes as a birth defect. A famous example of this is Kim Peek, the man who inspired the movie, "Rain Man." The near-complete lack of a corpus callosum allowed Peek to do some interesting things. When he looked at a book, he read the left page with one eye, while simultaneously reading the right page with the other eye. He could retain virtually all of the information he took in in this way. However, he retained it only as isolated facts. He could connect them randomly, in the way we connect things when we play the popular movie game. Mentioning Rain Man might connect with Tom Cruise, which might lead to "The Last Samurai," and so on, but he was unable to form or understand meaningful relationships between the facts. He was unable to socialize normally, although he had a few stock phrases that he used any time he was required to interact socially, so that a person meeting him for the first time would perceive him as having more ability in this area than he actually had. The essential lack of a corpus callosum also made everyday tasks like dressing himself impossible for him. He required 24-7 care for his entire life.

  • capt_infinity Nov 01, 2011

    My hypothesis is our spirit spends very little time unconnected. If we have a spirit it is eternal because it is pure energy and I believe it has similarities to photons and will ultimately be quantized. If we stay within the realm of science as we understand it, and I offer that is all we can do until we expand our knowledge of science, our spiritual energy will have no sensory ability. Science does support our spiritual energies ability to communicate with similar forms of energies. A simplistic way to look at it is consider we are all tuned circuits that accept a certain band of energy that is modulated with our individuality.

    If we can in fact communicate with spirits, It is my hypothesis that most spirits are currently conjoined with a physical body somewhere. Our spiritual energies can transfer information from any of our past lives at will without the current physical body having any awareness of that transfer. It is my hypothesis this process is far easier than using our spirits to connect telepathically with the spirits in our existing physical lives but the two function approximately the same.

    I find it intriguing that sadness plays a significant role in this because, if my hypothesis is correct, sadness is an emotion of the spirit so minimizing it will improve the possibility of communication when coupled with the concentration on a deceased resulting in induced after death communication. I bring this up in order to give those doing the research something else to think about.

    The event that lead to my increased intuitive ability and interest in reincarnation was sparked by a procedure I had done to my brain stem. It now appears I experienced a near death experience under heavy sedation. All the research I have done completely supports my conclusion due to all the things I have experienced since that surgery. I hope the Doctor who performed the procedure gets back to me soon.

  • Saoirse Sep 22, 2011

    It might be interesting to see what would happen if they used the same technique, but used a target other than deceased loved ones. Maybe a living celebrity the subject feels an attachment to, or a living friend or relative. I'm sure grief provides powerful motivation, and strong visual images to tap into, but I suspect other images would work as well, Not that I have any problem with the technique being used therapeuticallly, if it helps. I'm just not sure I'm onboard with telling the patient it's really visitation from the dead, But then that's the same sort of moral dilemma that arises with the placebo effect, If you can cure the patient with plain sugar, rather than an expensive drug with dangerous side effects, why not do it -- but you have to lie to the patient or it doesn't work, so does the end justify the means? I can see both sides of that one.

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    rchogan Sep 22, 2011

    Hi All,

    I co-authored the book, Induced After-Death Communication, with Dr. Botkin. Last year, a psychotherapist named Rochelle Wright improved on the method and now is having virtually 100% of the people she sees experience afterlife connections, some for hours. The experience alleviates grief and changes lives. I co-authored the book with her describing the new method. The name of the method and book is Guided Afterlife Connections. Her Web site is http://rochellewright.com and the site describing the method is http://guidedafterlifeconnections.com.

    R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.

  • Saoirse Aug 31, 2011

    Is this the same thing Moody was doing 20 years ago? He never claimed it was actual communication, but he was using it therapeutically. He would have people focus on the individual they wanted to see, and then he'd put them in a darkened room, providing them with an optically clear depth (he used a mirror angled to reflect only darkness). The slight sensory deprivation along with the optically clear depth triggered hypnogogic hallucination. He found that if he prepared the person ahead with the suggestion that they would communicate with dead loved ones, and had them spend time thinking about it, the subjects would routinely have very vivid hypnogogic experiences with dead loved ones, but if he didn't set up that expectation, they had equally vivid hypnogogic experiences, but with typical dream imagery. He never considered it anything but guided hypnogogic imagery, but felt that it was useful in grief therapy, and he felt that it was ethically okay, as long as he was clear with clients about the nature of it and didn't pretend that it was actual communication with the dead. He developed the technique over time, out of an interest in the ritual practice of scrying with bowls of water. Before using the darkened room to enhance the technique, he used to have his students try it with bowls of water in the classroom.

    I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that someone with lower ethical standards than Moody had decided to profit from the current fascination with anything paranormal by selling sessions as actual communication with the dead.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Aug 15, 2011

    Dear David Thompson, (therapist 66), thank you for acknowledging EMDR! I have had almost 100 sessions of EMDR as part of my severe trauma therapy and I believe that EMDR is a portal! It makes sense right? Activating our whole brains since the "split" brain is part of our illusion of separation and duality! I believe that EMDR also gives greater access to parallel lives, other dimensions, and much more!

    Sometimes a tool that Universe is sending us as a gift comes in wrapped in its own illusion! These tools give us glimpses into our original selves as whole brained, multidimensional beings.
    Dolphins are whole brained correct?
    Trauma in itself is a portal too I believe, unfortunately we sometimes need to be SHAKEN out of our dense vibrations...
    It's all just energy and information right?

    be well, love, Gretchen Grace who is finally AWAKE!.....

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    therapist66 Aug 14, 2011

    I discovered the idea of IADC after having a number of clients connect in session with friends or family members who had passed. It happens most often when I am doing EMDR and have my client focus on the death that's triggering their sadness. When another therapist heard what my clients were experiencing he mentioned Botkin's book "Induced After Death Communication" I've since gotten the book and talked with Dr. Botkin. He's basically doing the same thing. I have found that it's easier for clients to communicate with the dead when the clients are focused on releasing the sadness rather than focusing on communicating.

    David Thompson, MA, LMFT
    Eugene Oregon

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    tamsinstead Apr 14, 2011

    The website is induced-adc.com

    You could also do a search on Youtube for Dr Allan Botkin Induced After Death Communication

    Be interested to hear what you think


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    EthanT Apr 14, 2011

    A Google search returned a few hits inlcuding Dr Botkin's site:


  • charliet Apr 13, 2011

    Hi Tamsinstead

    I hadn't heard of this, can you post some web site info? I'd like to take a look at it,

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