Earth Day 2011

Posted April 3, 2011 by Cheryl Terrace in Open

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commented on April 5, 2011
by Kerian



April 20 is Earth Day. Prepare to get inundated with a billion things we can do, SHOULD DO, to save our planet!
(Most of these eco-tips are so obvious that I wonder what planet people are living on that don’t ‘get it’ by now…). Green has become a huge marketing tool. In this context of hysteria currently surrounding all things green, it makes sense to take a deeper look at authentic eco-roots, and of those (sometimes quietly) pursuing change in the world, instead of the screaming green media darlings. To me, as with yoga, it is less about doing and more about being - this is the true meaning of green. Awareness, sensitivity and consciousness are developed in yoga and meditation, which in turn, affects our world in positive ways.

The issues surrounding the energy crisis are complex, yet it is essential to understand the correlation between our everyday actions and helping our planet (and ourselves) heal. Everything and everyone is interconnected. If our homes are a reflection and expression of our lifestyles and values then it makes sense that we start making conscious (i.e.: green) choices at home. Even the simplest acts such as not using plastic, or turning the water off when we brush our teeth create positive change. When our actions are heartfelt, there is an internal shift. We go from ‘doing the right thing’ (I call it guilty green), to creating a loving space – both internally and in our exterior environment. The choices become easy and meaningful.

Our vibrant vital life force is strengthened when we honor the sacred in everyday simple things. This is authentically living green (and every color) and is our true nature.

Happy Earth Day, Happy Everyday, ~ Cheryl

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    Kerian Apr 05, 2011

    Thanks for sharing Cheryl. I had no idea :)

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    finding_grace Apr 05, 2011

    I completely agree with you. I am still learning to honor the sacred in everyday simple things. I find that if I quiet all external thoughts and go inward, I find what it is I "need" to do. My latest revelation came to me as I examined my muscadine grapes yesterday. I have only recently really taken and avid interest in gardening---for that matter "organic gardening." I'm gravitating towards using absolutely virtually no chemical pest control although I have opted for the "safe" types in the past. As I examined the muscadine grapes that have suddenly decided to fruit for the first time. I noticed the ants doing what I think is called "farming the aphids." I wasn't pleased at the aphids having a field day with my first fruits but suddenly, I could hear my grandmother saying, "Every mouth shall be fed." In that instant, I knew that if I was destined to have a crop of grapes to enjoy, it would be so. I refrained from using soap spray on the ants and aphids and let them be. :) I think there will be enough for all of us.

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