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experiences in Dan Browns book

Posted April 2, 2011 by Husnisse in Open

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commented on June 5, 2011
by manuga



This is my first visit on the site and I do not know much about noetic (yet). I just red the Dan Brown book and was just so fascinated!!

So I wondered how much of his book is real or fiction? I am especially interested in two experiences: the one where love-thoughts are organising ice cristals in a glass, and the one where the old man dies and his soul is weighted while leaving the body.
Is this fiction or has anything of that kind been done in reality? In the last case, could you give me a referance or link to a published article on this?
Thanks :-)

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    manuga Jun 05, 2011

    Hello Husnisse,
    I see that SeVryn already answered very well your question. There is an experiment very similar you can try:
    take two bowls and put some rice in both of them. then, send good loving thougths to one, and bad angry thoughts to the other.
    After one week you will see that the ''beloved'' rice is still sparking white, while the other has turned into grey!!
    This is one experience that really proves that our thoughts are really influencing the outer world.
    Beside that I really would like to share my enthusiasm about the Lost Symbol. There might be unlogical details, but there
    are plenty detalis that really talked to me and this is what counts most to me. My heart pulses and I feel stimulated and happy.
    F. Capra a very known theoric physician (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritjof_Capra#Bibliography) stated by stuyding ancient
    spiritual textes, how he was amazed to find out that the spiritual challanges and questions are far more advanced than the
    precise science ones. He writes that precise science could just manage to reply to the simplest questions the humans have been
    asking and that in the ''Vedas'' there are answers of questions we haven't even formulated yet. You can certainly understand why.
    Our logic and rational side always seek for proofs and this is what slows down all the understanding process.
    I don't want to say by that, that our rationality is not worth... it's just that to me, it has taken too much space in our way to think
    and doesn't leave any space to other skills we all have: intuitions, phantasy... and other non tangible/provalbe ''tools'' or skills we all have.
    I have to go now, but this subject really drives me crazy! I have been struggling all my life to make certain of my ideas to be accepted or
    considered without being taken for a mystic,))

  • Angela Murphy Apr 20, 2011

    When The Lost Symbol first came out, we created a 15 part audio series to address the actual science behind the Lost Symbol. The package of this series is available in our store with transcripts here: https://secure3.convio.net/ions/site/Ecommerce/1821362175?VIEW_PRODUCT=true&product_id=1641&store_id=1101

    You can also get this series as a thank you gift for becoming a supporting member of IONS: http://www.noetic.org/join-ions/

    The link SeVryn provided is not from the Institute of Noetic Sciences...it's just someone using 'noeticscience' as their URL...so we can not verify that claim.

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    Husnisse Apr 17, 2011

    Thank you so much for the links SeVryn! :-)

  • PonsAnimus Apr 09, 2011

    For ME, apart from the short fragments about "crystal-memory" and the "soul weight" part, this last book of Dan Brown is probably the worst I have ever read. A whole lot of unlogical details mezzed up this generaly interesting book topic for me. No matter what is said, "methaphysics" as well as "classic science" follow the same universal logics, just using other terms or definitions. It really hurts to read such a whole lot of crap, witten by Dan Brown, who has already shown in the past to be able to come over with much better stories. ;)

  • SeVryn Apr 08, 2011

    The water crystal experiment has been reproduced a few times now. The original researcher who discovered this was Masuru Emoto. He wrote a book called Messages from Water which drew a lot of criticism.

    The idea of weighing people at the moment of death on a sensitive scale goes back to Dr. Duncan "Om" MacDougall who conducted this type of experiment and concluded that the human soul weighed on average 21 grams. Here is the text of the experiment I found online:


    The experiment was reproduced using modern scientific equipment. The information about the latest data can be found here: http://www.noeticsciences.co.uk/weighting-the-human-soul/

    Apparently, the human soul weighs approximately 1/3,000th of an ounce.

    Thank you!
    - SeVryn

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