Is the Image of myself or another useful or a hindrance?

Posted March 30, 2011 by DyckDyck in Open

commented on March 30, 2011
by DyckDyck



I open this question as it seems to be right in the middle of my path most of the time, wherever my journey takes me.

What is an image... perhaps a mental picture, an expectation, a conditioned response, a hoped for result, a dreaded event? Is it beauty or ugliness? And is this image real (as opposed to illusion)?

I guess I have to ask myself first, what is the relationship of image to reality? But, then I don't know if I can assume that I'm capable to recognize what is real and what is not... although I behave as though I do! Maybe its easier to recognize what is Not reality. I don't know.

To me this a juicy topic. And I'd like to see where others go with this.

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  • DyckDyck Mar 30, 2011

    Am I being influenced by my self image right now? Am I being careful to sound intelligent? Maybe I'll flaunt some credentials so you'll be impressed and think I really know what I'm talking about. But, if I start going too far away from conventional thinking, perhaps no one will listen to me... and I do want to be seen and heard... and accepted, no? .... Am I speaking for everybody? or a few others? or is this just one of my very own weaknesses?

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