Humanity's biggest problem

Posted March 18, 2011 by frequencytuner in Open

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commented on April 7, 2011
by goldenwings



Problem: One word: communication. It can be broken down into a magnitude of constituent parts but I am only focusing on one, internal communication. The biggest barrier is that people don't want to open up. This means both the mouth, to speak their inner voice, and their ears, to hear it. There is a barrier here that seems insurmountable. Every answer to every question exists, every solution to every problem, and they are all at arms reach but humanity is unable to see it. Even when some of us do, we don't know how to communicate it to the rest in a way that they will understand. It is a problem of both being ready to hear and being able to speak. Solution: ?

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    goldenwings Apr 07, 2011

    We have difficulty being real with each other, speaking the truth and hearing it, because of fear. We don't communicate properly because we are afraid. Afraid of hurting people's feelings, of looking foolish, etc. We're afraid because we've been conditioned. If we look at our conditioning and get real with ourselves, then we can start to communicate honestly in the moment.

  • frequencytuner Apr 06, 2011

    There is an internal disconnect, a breakdown in internal communication within each of us and therefore must be reconciled from within. True change begins from within. Once I understand, you will understand and once you understand, I will understand. The circuit must be completed just as if I was one wire and you were the other on a light switch, regardless of which one makes the connection - the light will turn on.

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    Kerian Apr 05, 2011

    It is not that simple. People have alienated from their true nature and I think that that is the major problem. The majority of people do not think functionally. They are conditioned by an alienated industry. The first objective should be to "humanize" industry. All production should stand in the sign of what is good for the collective and not in the sign of quick profits. In the long run it will show to be more profitable anyway.

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    EthanT Mar 20, 2011

    "The first step was that we needed to recognize and respect the beings inside each of us"

    I have always viewed that as the fundamental challenge the world faces today.

    If we can figure that out, globally, everything else will fall in place.

    I think that's what Jesus meant heree in Matthew 22-37:40

    37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
    38 This is the first and great commandment.
    39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
    40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

  • Jen_Zen Mar 20, 2011

    Your question reminds me of a real-life situation. My boss at work conducted a meeting with seven of his direct reports and said "We have a communication problem. Everything comes down to just one thing; communication, which is why we have been having problems." We had been having problems, but I knew that those problems had been communicated and either they were not understood, or were disregarded because they were not believed, even though they were true. I remember thinking that if we just had mutual respect or the capability to embrace the benefits and knowledge of the other members of our group, we could honestly start to solve the problems. It seemed that communication was just a second step. The first step was that we needed to recognize and respect the beings inside each of us, and only then would we be able to really grasp the essence of what each other was really trying to communicate. Others in the world do have the answers we seek, but they need to trust us and we need to trust them.

  • frequencytuner Mar 20, 2011

    The solution to one problem is the cause of the other. With this in mind, how is either able to be greater than the other - other than inside our own minds? The goal is not to create change, but rather to embrace it.

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    EthanT Mar 20, 2011

    We could also look at it from the perspective that there are NO problems. And, that everything is playing out just as it is supposed to. Perhaps, the only reason we see a problem is because we WANT the world to change NOW, for what we define as better for the world. But, if we could step back like say, a Boddhisatva, and view the world with complete non-attachment, and not from the perspective of a "self", we would see that the world as it is.

    It's like a dream a man had, where he saw his life up on screens. He was viewing it with an old wise man, and he started to realize with the help of the old man that everything fit together perfectly in his life - the good and the bad. And so, he started to say "I wish I could have known, and I wish I hadn't of worried so much .....". And the old man put a finger to the man's lips and said, "No, the worrying was perfect too". In retrospect, there were no problems. Everything played out in the man's life as it was supposed to - or, as it only could have.

    And, so with the world.

  • ewaweel Mar 19, 2011

    You think correctly : one first need to focus on oneself, to control the powers one has inside him. The question is then what should we focus on exactly.

    Humanity’s biggest problem, the original title of this post, is not the lack of communication but the lack of real communication between knowledge and power.

    We then come back to the original question of this message : are we ready to “hear” and are we “able” to talk about it. Can we really be open minded with regards to so called paranormal powers ? Are we ready to start talking about these powers openly ?

    Some need to focus on opening our minds and some need to focus on taking control of the powers.

    To bring people together, as you say, we need to start looking for events happening with synchronicities. Events that happen at he same time, not at the same place and events that make different minds meet in real time, like if it could break the time barrier between minds. Internet makes this possible.

    E.W. Aweel

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    Ralphie A Burcke Mar 19, 2011

    There is an additional problem. There are many people out there, who think alike. But the web is so vast, that it is difiicult to bring likeminded people together in one spot, because they are in too many different groups. What we need is focus, I think?!

  • ewaweel Mar 18, 2011


    One cannot have both problems at the same time.
    If one is ready to hear, as you say, it means that his mind is open like the mind of a child. Only an empty glass can be filled with water. This state of mind is very difficult to reach according to zen masters.

    To be able to speak, as you say, one has to know the power of words. This means he has integrated knowledge into his life. This is also difficult to attain, according to many masters.

    You ask for a solution to this problem. What exactly do you mean? Do you want to be able to listen even without words or do you want to be able to express yourself using words that can reach the mind?

    There is, as you say, an answer to every question and a solution to every problem. Your question, as it stands, needs to be reformulated because what you really want is lost in words.

    E.W. Aweel

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