The 'Dark Side' of the Vesica Piscis

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Modern Science will refer to this as "Dark Energy" and "Dark Matter", implying that "dark" means veiled, beyond comprehension or sensation or simply unknown.

Matter - as we understand it - is a harmonious collection of vibrations clumped together by a mysterious "Force" (Dark Matter). The tip of this 'iceberg' of vibration is what we can sense and experience with our 5 senses. Matter can be considered the 'vessel' or 'chalise' that contains these clumps of energy (visible matter) and Dark Matter is the vessel that contains the 'potentiality' for the energy contained within it to be or not to be visible matter (to clump together). This can be envisioned as a Russian Doll because Dark Matter is simply an extension of the exact same matter producing energy (visible matter) but of a different frequency (larger doll). The higher the concentration of energy, the denser the matter appears, obviously. This is like a doll with 500 smaller dolls inside where most of the universe is a single doll, empty with nothing but potentiality.

Dark Matter makes up one half of the Vesica Piscis. The other half is Dark Energy. To understand either, you must understand both. Dark Energy, basically, is the opposing force to Dark Matter. This can be easily likened to the Alchemical term Spirit as Spirit is the opposition of Matter. Spirit, or energy, is the Male polarity and Matter, the vessel, is the Female polarity. This easily paints a picture of the Vesia Piscis as never understood before - with modern scientific understanding.

Dark Matter or gravity is the unifying Force of the Universe. This is the Force that seeks to return to one, the eternal call "home", the Divine Feminine. It reminds us that what goes up must come down, the universe must remain in balance. This is the Force that allows us to experience this 'physical' world in a way similar to cupping water in your hands. In the respect of all things, this force is both life giver and life taker, yet is ever passive and transparent.

Dark Energy, on the other hand, is the separating Force of the universe. It is the Force that repels union, the eternal desire to be 'free', the Divine Masculine. It reminds us that without movement or action the 'physical world' would disappear, life requires a spark. This Force also allows us to experience the 'physical world' by metaphorically opening the eyelid of the Vesica Piscis.

Dark Matter seeks to unite all energy into it's natural state, as one. Dark Energy Seeks to separate all energy infinitely. This is the left and right hand 'spin'. Matter seeks union with Spirit and Spirit seeks freedom from Matter. The experience of "life" is the very dynamic relationship between these Forces - the eye of the Vesica Piscis being held open by Dark Energy and closed at the same time by Dark Matter.

The very core essence of these forces can be experienced within each of us at any moment. Imagine the eye closes and is reopened again - death and rebirth of 'life' itself - in between each breath. If breath stops, life stops. If the spark of life did not rekindle itself time and time again there would be no experience of 'life'. It is the same with the heart, one beat pulls blood from the body into the heart to be refueled by the breath of life and the other beat repels it back into the body. If the heart stops, the body stops.

The final experience is found within the mind, more specifically, the brain. Within the brain is the key to these Forces. The 'third eye' is literally your Vesica Piscis. The Pineal Gland is tuned to these higher frequencies that represent the 95% of the 'real world' that our physical senses are limited from experiencing. Finding the horizon between Dark Matter and Dark Energy, the balance between active and passive, uniting and dividing, left brain and right brain, inhale and exhale, the single point of concentration that sustains this perfect harmony will open this eye.

This is called lifting the 'Veil of Isis'. You will understand the 'Mona Lisa Smile' and hear the 'Mountain Stream'.

  • gvince1 Jul 17, 2012


    A. That they have a fractal device not a special motor that makes them fly.
    B. How to construct a fractal device:
    1. You must have 18’000 to 21’000 volts to create a sphere around the craft.
    2. The coils are designed a special way and there is a reason for it ok: Electricity travels at light speed.
    3. The coils are wound 8, 7, 6, totaling 21 turns.
    4. 21 turns divided by 6 equals 3.5 volts.
    5. The sphere can be inflated so you well not crash into anything but be ware of cables.
    6. The design is a polygon take a quarter and one hundred twenty six pennies and arrange them evenly around the quarter the quarter is the hub with a six bolt pattern for a dual bolt able disks the first is to magnetically short the coils to create a pulse discharge the second is to shield you from the magnetic field radiation created by the device. You make six coils per rod.
    7. On the opposite side you make two coils per rod and activate one two or three 12volt batteries.
    8. The key is in the Vesica Piscis in trinity: The Vesica Piscis has 21 octaves and by only charging 21 frequencies creates a sphere the extra energy is diverted to the pulse coils for propulsion.
    9. This is a 0.energy system.
    10. There are 4 types of Plasma/ Dark Matter, solid, liquid, gas, and this is the 4th magnetic. You can never run out of fuel.
    11. I am not very smart but after being a pilot you learn things and you see things I hope this helps humanity advance.
    12. Please English is not my first language I am sure you can figure out the rest.

  • frequencytuner Mar 28, 2012

    Lilith represents the Serpent, the Dragon, the Owl, the Night, Darkness, the Unknown, the Repressed, the Feared, The Subconscious, the Moon, the Mysteries, the Divine Feminine, Dark Matter, Yin. All Female metaphors, myths, analogies and characters throughout time and space allude to her. These include (in no particular order) Inanna, Ishtar, Demeter, Dionysis, Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis, Selene, Isis, Nut, Mary, Venus, Sirius, Moon, Cow/calf, Kali, Anima/Animus, Mona Lisa, Madonna, Yoni, Womb and the list goes on and on and on.

    This is the Kaleidoscope, the "Veil of Isis". To lift it is to see through the "Nexus".

  • slowlygetnthar Mar 28, 2012

    Earth to Frequencytuner, come in, please!

  • frequencytuner Mar 28, 2012

    Lilith is your Dark Side.

  • frequencytuner Mar 28, 2012

    The final experience is with a neural chemical we are all very unfamiliarly familiar with: DMT (where dreams come from). The Horizon is the Sphinx in Egypt. The Gate is the Pineal Gland. Mona Lisa is the Divine Feminine of her creator, just like Lilith and Adam in the garden of Eden or Orpheus and Eurydice, Isis and Osiris and the famous Romeo and Juliette.

    Matter seeks union with Spirit implies the nature of Matter is likened to Gravity, it is the form, manifestation and relative physical appearance of Spirit. It is like a single frequency on a radio band, it is not necessarily condensed, but rather filtered by our senses and place on the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Matter is the apparent existence of Spirit. Spirit is, by nature, unmanifest, infinite and eternal.

  • slowlygetnthar Mar 27, 2012

    RIGHT ON, KYRANI! The New Age proposition that the Jews somehow, on a soul level, "agreed" to participate in the Holocaust is BARN-CARPETING. It somehow promotes the notion that victims are victims because they want to be. What ABSOLUTE HORSE POO! (I'm being polite, here.)

    What is it Elie Weisel said: If the victims are forgotten, it will be our fault. The first death was the killers' crime; the second would be our fault, and that should not be...

    How we bear witness to what happened matters, even decades after the event. P-UH-LEASE! Let's not pretend the Holocaust was just players acting out their parts or that anyone persecuted by the Nazis was somehow just a complacent and cooperative part of "what was supposed to happen." Don't insult the intelligence of humanity. Don't allow yourself to believe it, either.

  • KYRANI Mar 26, 2012

    @Brenda nelson. I do not see that dark energy and dark matter have anything to do with your blog, at least not as they are mean here. You are using New Age views of some Divine Female and a Dark male of the intellect, which IMO are not even valid concepts. The female has really always been identified with the womb and creation and this is not The Divine Presence within, which is formless and Void. You sound like so many in the New Age movement people who seem to put a whole lot of terms in a barrel, give it a spin and whatever comes out!

    Just to give one example out of your blog, that quite frankly makes me want to vomit.

    You write: quote “The Universe sends us whatever we think about the most--consciously or unconsciously. This is called "The Law of Attraction."
    NOT understanding this law allows us to think that other's have power over us.
    EG. The Jews had a "victim" mindset for a very long time before the holocaust (and since). However, in point of fact, Germany and the Jews CO-CREATED the holocaust together--one as perpetrator and one as victim.” end quote

    This sounds to me like anti-Semitism all dolled up for a new age! The universe sends us whatever we think about the most! Yeah? Who said? And then you call it the Law of Attraction. So did the Jews think “want be gassed.. want to be gassed.. want to be gassed.. what? a couple thousand times.. more? and the universe said “right let ‘em have it”. Oh yeah I forgot, why of course conveniently there were Nazis.. they must have also had thoughts of “wanna gas those Jews.. wanna gas those Jews” I take it they thought this, at least as many times as the Jews so the Law of Attraction could get to do it’s thing. This is sick. Dark energy all right!

    Thoughts of themselves have NO power. CHOICE is involved therein lies the power. And make no mistake that power is not vested in the illusory ego self. The power is vested in the universe but it is of God, the Nameless One within. The power is with God. That is why those that are non-toxic have power and why the narcissist and psychopaths.. the evil people in other words have no power. Evil people are impotent and rely on using deception and treachery to get past another person’s free will. The Nazis sold a load of political garbage to the German people, who were then deceived as to what happened to train loads of Jews. And the Jews too, were lied to as to why they were being dispossessed and to where they were being taken. It has nothing to do with no Law of Attraction, even if such a law exists. It is capital crime and nothing else.

  • KYRANI Mar 26, 2012

    @ Frequencytuner I think you are stretching the concept of Dark Energy and Dark Matter a hell of a long way. In modern physics these terms basically are attempts to describe something thought to be there because they see that there is a deficit that they cannot explain some other way.

    You say “Matter seeks union with Spirit and Spirit seeks freedom from Matter”, I don’t agree with you. I see energy as the oscillation between the known and the unknown and its most condensed form is matter. But I don’t see that this has some desire or even the ability to seek union with Spirit. Spirit is forever free. Matter is contained in Spirit or Emptiness (The Void) but not the other way around. Spirit is not contained in matter/ creation.

    From the Gita/ BG 7.12: Know that all states of being — be they of goodness, passion or ignorance — are manifested by My energy. I am, in one sense, everything, but I am independent. I am not under the modes of material nature, for they, on the contrary, are within Me. Basically what it is saying is “They are all contained in Me, but I am not in them.”

    I would like to say you have chosen and interesting topic but have made this discussion too broad. May I suggest you pick out sections, so that bit by bit we can discuss them all.

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    Hestiabhn Mar 25, 2012

    Shavez: I think my blog post dated March 25, 2012 may answer your question. Go to http://www.vesica-piscis-allowing-everything.blogspot.com Blessings, Brenda nelson

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    Shavez Feb 28, 2011

    What's the application of this understanding? What is the purpose of "lifting the Veil of Isis"? Once you understand Dark Matter and Dark Energy, what do each of these forces do, when do we see/experience them, and how can we use them in a practical everyday sense?

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