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Posted Feb. 9, 2011 by frequencytuner in Open

commented on Feb. 16, 2011
by DyckDyck



There are theories and ideas abound on this site on how to fix the problems with the world. Here is one I bet nobody will like.

Fact #1: You cannot change anything or anybody except yourself.

This means that you - individually, personally - have to stop looking outside yourself for answers. You have to realize that the problems you see outside yourself are reflections of the problems inside yourself. You have the problems, not the world. If something bothers you it is because you are out of balance and the thing that is bothering you is resonating with the imbalance. These things are your tuning forks, your mirror. Use them to help yourself.

Fact #2: Death is part of Life.

You, me and everything in the physical world is dying. This includes the planet itself. Marianas Trench, for example, the deepest trench on earth, is a massive conveyor belt that literally eats the old ocean floor and spits out a new one. This is a continual process of death and regeneration, the same process we witness with every breath we take and every beat of our heart. Accepting this fact is the hardest thing we have to face. Not just us as individuals, but our way of life, our society, it is all going to die. Think of every past civilization and the wisdom they handed down to us. This message rings loud and clear but we continue to try and paraphrase it to a way that suits our fear of death. We try so hard to become immune to sickness and old age, to defy death, to 'play God" and to live outside of nature. This cannot go on eternally and we all know it. If the world - I mean the warring nations, the starving countries etc. - are killing each other and dying apparently needlessly you have to stop and think - this is the way it is for a reason: one door has to close for the next to open.

Fact #3: Mind over matter. Interpret this a different way. Being ignorant to reality is one thing, but acknowledging it and seeing it for what it is leaves you with a choice. The choice is to mind it - acknowledge and accept it - or make it matter - try to control or change it. Mind without matter, mind over matter, mind it without letting it matter because truly nothing is wrong. The only thing wrong is the way we view the world. We think it is wrong, people are dying and suffering, wars, crime, corruption etc etc. but there is nothing wrong with them until you decide to make it matter to you - personally - and call it wrong - or call it right. Everything is as it should be. Nature will take it's course no matter what we do. Either we flow with it and mind it - observe - or oppose it and make it matter which will inevitably cause us suffering because there is nothing we can do outside of the way we perceive it. It's all in your head.

Everything you oppose in this world as well as everything you defend are aspect of yourself that are out of balance. You are evolving, you are changing and therefore everything you perceive in the world reflects this. Embrace the change. We have the power to be God inside us, but the story of Lucifer should remind us that "God's Will" is truly the course of nature and "our will" must align with it or we become the very devil we were taught about as children. To change the world, let it be as it is.

This is a journal entry I wrote to myself. If you don't believe me or care it doesn't bother me. This is the truth.

  • DyckDyck Feb 16, 2011

    I like this conversation. I feel how it engages me with its words and subtle intentions. And then I think how satisfying to be acknowledged, maybe even affirmed by another. Who is this stranger in me that uses words as though they are the actual thing they represent, one who slyly implies knowing or wisdom? Maybe its not about words or even the subject, but about a human need- my need, for affirmation and love, and innocently unconsciously wanting to shed the myself of incessant me.

  • frequencytuner Feb 13, 2011

    You saw right through it like a pane of glass. I am struggling with the fixed and volatile. The fixed is the ever dominant drive to move forward, to progress, to achieve, to evolve (linear). The volatile seems to be the switching station on the railroad track rerouting the course. You could call it Karma, Inertia or whatever you like, but the momentum of the constant forward drive is very hard to redirect. I think of the woman taming the lion on the Strength card in Tarot.

    I feel sometimes like a rubber band attached to a wheel on a track. The track has changed course, the wheel is going the other direction, but I am stretched out, still fighting to keep going the same direction, unsure of how to redirect my energy and become free from fixation, letting myself flow with nature as it does - ever changing, volatile - instead of trying to harness and control it to go in the direction I desire. This is about active vs passive, force vs grace, fixed vs volatile. I know the answer is somewhere in between, this is my attempt to find it.

  • Neon1 Feb 13, 2011

    A personal journal is our own sounding board--like a mirror. Sometimes we feel the necessity to make this sounding board bigger so it plays our thoughts back to ourselves with greater volume; we increase the size of the mirror so it reflects our own image more clearly. Posting our thoughts in a forum like this is a method of communicating with our self, which, because it is increasing in popularity every day, indicates our desire to be more congruent.

    I might imagine that my purpose is to teach my insights to others but it is actually myself who I am hoping to persuade. I might worry that the reader will reject my thoughts but in reality the reader and I are one. If I anticipate rejection I might dismiss the rejection even before it has been made, as you have done, forgetting that you are simply talking to yourself.

    Since you are essentially talking to one part of yourself, and you are anticipating that another part of yourself will reject what you have just said, and have sharply told it that if it rejects these “truths” it is simply not ready to accept them, then there is some deeper work you must do in order to bring these opposing facets of your personality into greater balance.

    Don't feel embarrassed, we're all struggling for greater congruency. After all, I am simply talking to myself right now, aren’t I?

  • frequencytuner Feb 09, 2011

    If this is rejected, which I know it will be it is because I am saying to you "look here, this is a beautiful tree" as I point to the speck of dirt where the seed is planted. You are not ready to see this yet.

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