A life changing experience that not only changed me, but could also change the world

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I posted this in answer to the IONS question "How a transformational experience changed your life?" as a comment. But as I had to divide the comment, I felt I should post it in the Open Discussions section in order to throw it open to feedback. I really do want to know what you think.

My experience with my laying face-down over the site of Golgotha in the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem at 3:00 pm April 4th 1994 with Craig kneeling by my side. My body racked with sobs was vibrating with pulsating energy. This was the energetic return of the Universal Christ or the first part of the Second Coming. You may be asking “How such an earth-shaking event is only coming to light now, almost 17 years later?” The answer is that it has taken nearly 17 years to reveal the reason for the Universal Christ's return in secret or like a thief in the night. First, we needed to understand that the Divine Feminine also returned at this time, plus the energy and consciousness from all of history's great teachers. All of this Divine energy and consciousness went into the world and connected with 777,000 recipients that had been born to receive it. The 777,000 individuals are the Body the New Testament speaks of, which has been interpreted to mean the Christian Church. However, our nearly 17-year guided search, resulting in four Books and a thousand-page thesis has revealed that the individuals of the Body are from every country, religion and walk of life.
In 2008 our mission changed with the launch of the first stage Reason in the Know Thyself Initiative, an online esoteric school. The Initiative incorporates the ancient Mysteries, together with the science of quantum physics and the new science of Noetics and works from the premise that we can change our reality, by changing the way we think.
Most people think that overpopulation can only be solved by global disasters removing large numbers from the earth. But what if there is another answer; there is. The Ancient Mysteries, indigenous prophecies and the mystical/esoteric sides of religions speak of a time of transformation at the Fullness of Time. Traditionally, this is seen as the Rapture, where large numbers of the faithful are transferred to heaven. But this is only seen as applying to Christians; what of the rest of the world? My on-going transformational experience showed me there is a Divine plan for all of Humanity if we can only take advantage of the opportunity. The Divine Plan for the world is that we choose the future and come together and utilize the energies released December 21st 2012. By coming together and focusing on the future instead of the past we create a shift in consciousness and open a door to the next level in Spiritual Evolution.
Obviously, as divided as the world is it is doubtful that individuals in the same country and religion could come together, let alone people from different religions and countries. This is the truly beautiful part of the Divine Plan; only 777,000 individuals that are connected to the Jerusalem event in 1994 are needed to create a critical mass. These individuals carry a specific frequency, so that when they shift their consciousness and change the way they think it becomes the impetus for the awakening consciousness that expands exponentially. At the right time on December 21st 2012 this critical mass will connect with Tortion Field/wave that David Wilcock speaks of and open the door that transfers 2/3rds of the world’s population to the New Earth. If this sounds familiar, it is the Initiative uses the teachings of Eckhart Tolle in its 3rd Stage Intuition. Unlike the traditional belief that those left behind will experience great tribulation, when the 2/3rds have transferred, this earth will be also changed for the better.
I realize that this probably sounds fantastic and most people will dismiss it as delusional. Believe me there have been times over the past seventeen years that both Craig and I have questioned our sanity. But in truth, there has been just too much evidence for us to ignore it. For instance, we learned that Nostradamus' Plate 66 Prelude to the Light of the Great Sun of the New Millennium and Humanity's Rebirth is an archetypal representation of what happened 3:00pm April 4th 1994 in Jerusalem.
This was and has continued to be such a profound experience that my husband Craig and I have sacrificed everything. For us, if there is just the slightest chance that what we experienced nearly 17-years ago was the first part of the expected Second Coming and all the information gathered since that day, resulting in the Know Thyself Initiative is part of a Divine Plan to solve the world's problems how could we ignore it; could you?

  • frequencytuner Feb 05, 2011

    Solve et Coagula
    Image of the alchemical process, Solve et Coagula, or "solution and coagulation." This motto of Resolve Mediation Services, Inc., derives from Alchemy. At Resolve we put a twist on these medieval Alchemical concepts, where solve or solutio refers to the breaking down of elements and coaguala refers to their coming together, in the process of transmuting base metal into gold or arriving at the Philosopher’s stone. Here, we use solve to refer to the dissolving of hardened positions, resulting from analysis of the parties’ best and worst alternatives to a negotiated agreement and through exchanging of perspectives between parties to the mediation. Coagula refers to the healing of relationships and the "coagulation" of interests and options into an integrated agreement, representing the resolution of the parties’ dispute. Arriving at a workable resolution of an acrimonious dispute is, indeed, like transmuting lead into gold.


  • frequencytuner Feb 05, 2011

    Interestingly enough, my wife and I met Easter weekend 2007 and started a relationship July 7 2007 and married July 2 2010. I was a Sagittarius and she a Libra. Now after the processional shift (Sidereal zodiac) I am now Libra and she Virgo.

    I am interested in your interpretation of a few Tarot cards pertaining to my wife and I. The High Priestess and the Moon together and the Tower and the Emperor together. This came from a spread I did days before my wife left. When she was gone I did another one and the Wheel of Fortune and the World were together and the Devil and Death were together. Any thoughts 777?

  • frequencytuner Feb 05, 2011

    I've been waiting for you. Can we speak. What of the Divine Feminine? I have encountered what Carl Jung calls "The Shadow". I have left my wife and kids and entire family behind and am now studying in isolation - with my dog as a companion - to become a carpenter. I was, prior to this new path, an infantry soldier fighting in Afghanistan. I have drank and eaten with my so called enemies and learned that no matter where in the world one is at any given moment in time there are others who resonate with you. Now I have removed the veil completely so to see what Buddhists call the "Wheel of Dharma". I try to stop it but it is going too fast and has too much force to be stopped. My wife has also lifted her heavy veil and we, together though living on opposite ends of the country - by choice, are undergoing what Alchemists call Solve Et Coagula. She played me

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7RLcq4Kn3Y&feature=related (WATCH THESE VIDEOS THEY ARE VERY IMPORTANT)

    the day she left home in search of her own self in response to me playing for her.


    Our symbol is the Yin Yang. We are complete opposites and want to become whole again. This process is the hardest thing I've ever encountered.


    These videos are massively symbolic. I cannot understand how to do this.

    Her mother is trying to steal her first born son (who is not mine but looks to me as a father) away from us and trying desperately and deceitfully to separate us, like Romeo and Juliette. To balance the energy of the mother, my mother has agreed to councel, befriend and shelter my wife and both kids while they are away from me, even though my wife's ex is going to take her back to court - with her mother's backing and a pack of lies - to steal custody away from her son if she goes there. I am troubled by the lack of control I have over this volatile situation. Her father was letting her borrow his spare car day to day unless she was staying with my mother - she was not allowed to take it at all. My father's girlfriend - who is ironically a woman of the very race my father hates - bought us a car for my wife to use.

    I am sure you are able to detect the archetypes in this situation and I need some guidance. All I feel is this:



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