If human creativity, inventiveness, and productivity are the real source of monetary value. And our possibilities for this are essentially unlimited. Why do we remain so attached to the notion of a limited monetary supply?

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commented on Feb. 6, 2011
by frequencytuner



Our greater reality is that we already have both the human resources and natural resources to create far more whole earth sustainable abundance and prosperity, than we currently realize. It could be said that the main limiting factor is a dated notion that we are tied to a limited monetary supply, promulgated by what amounts to an elitist controlled banking system. What is your vision to help mankind transcend this idea that there is not enough buying power to help motivate everyone, to have the yes we can pay for power necessary to help create, invent and produce, what could be paradise? Within which everyone including the currently wealthy, would be far more prosperous and abundant in every way, than we are today. My own sense is that finding ways to resolve this issue, is central to the creation way more conscious ways of living together. How do we put ever more buying power, in the hands of an ever growing creative, inventive, productive many? And please, don't offer up the old failed notions of state controlled communism, of even ever larger centralized government. What we require is a vision that is entirely new, one that will help empower everyone, at the grass roots we the people, level. To feel we have the freedom to be as creatively, inventive, productive as is humanly possible.

  • frequencytuner Feb 06, 2011

    As Dr. Lipton pointed out, a cell is either in defense mode or growth mode. It cannot grow when it is defending itself (living in fear) and it cannot defend itself when it is growing (love). The entire world must lay down their guns, drop their defenses and reach out to each other. This process starts within each individual as equally as it is propagated outward by the society in which the individuals exist. It is a catch 22 in a sense, but truly where it begins or ends does not matter. The global shift must steer back to eco-logy and away from eco-nomy. These two simple words and the values placed upon them by individuals and societies are the ultimate determining factor in this entire thing. The self must be known to all, and that is the earth. We are but cells of the earth body and currently acting like a cancer.

    Accepting that all bodies die and transform is what is needed. We must destroy ourselves in order to be reborn. All things must die. We must cast our old ways into the fire of resurrection so that we can rise from the ashes like the Phoenix. Accepting death is the first step to life.

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    Qually Feb 05, 2011

    That is the question, indeed. Interesting that I just signed up here half an hour ago and my first encounter is with a Dr. Quantum. My user name is Qually, a hybrid of Quantum Anomaly -- and a character in a feature screenplay I have just completed called "Invasion of the Unknown Love." IONS is in complete synchronicity with the story. To your point, it is my hope that the consciousness of IONS and other harmonious "thought energies" will conspire and coalesce on a planetary level via the internet -- the highest energy being love. From that energy, all solutions will emerge. The authoritative structures in place now consisting not only of the industrial military machine, but structural archetypes in the mind, will not easily come down. But when the collective love consciousness reaches critical mass, it will disperse as a dandelion in the wind. We must now learn how to navigate these "mind fields" in such a way that we can disarm them, the iconic image of the peace flower inside a gun barrel. Saying that, there are very dangerous forces in the world today so the country I live in, America, must remain strong in the military sense, to allow time for the "love-elution" to grow and expand. The perfect fertile opportunity did come when the Founding Fathers tried valiantly to create a society that would protect us from ourselves, yet the old archetypes are persistent weeds. How do we help the poor in the other countries when money and food is stolen? Same goes for this country. As the Oracle says in The Matrix, "It's a pickle."

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