ONLY "ONE" big bang???? That is ridiculous IDEA is it not?

Posted Feb. 2, 2011 by Larry Davis in Open

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commented on March 28, 2011
by EthanT



IS this the only BIG BANG?

NOT ONE.... BUT MANY times before.... and more going on every .00001 of a second OR faster.....

I would like to OPEN your minds by asking you a question.

Is this the only creation that is real ? Is our solar system, from the big bang till now, the only one?

I have a new concept of the IDEA of the BIG BANG THEORY!

This creation we live in is only one of many worlds that are beyond our reach as humans.
If we put away people, places and things and just sit down and look inside your self, you can imagine a tiny little super, super HIGH density speck in front of you.

Now if you are a GOD, as I propose, and we are all GODS , then we can create our own big bang..................think that over....

Now if each of us has our own speck of high density energy to create a big bang from, how many big bangs are going to happen?

Conclusion ....go now and BE what you will BE in your own big bang.
Create your vision of yourself in the future doing what you desire and that will be your first big bang...
TRY IT!!!!!!!!

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    EthanT Mar 28, 2011

    Believe it or not there actually ideas like this in physics. The craziest one I remember from when I was getting my physics degree, is the Many Worlds Formulation of Quantum Mechanics. Folks that were bothered by the probabilistic description of the Universe came up with it to assuage their discomfort with that notion.

    Basically, it says everything that can happen does happen and, in reality, there is no probabilistic nature to the Universe. But, here's the catch - it happens in a parallel Universe somewhere. For example, if there are two statistical outcomes to a scenario, each outcome will happen, in separate Universes.

    So, when I bought a lottery ticket the other day, 80 million parallel Universes spawned, and in of them .... I won!! Too bad it wasn't this one ;-)

    Anyhow, this implies there have been many Big Bangs.

    Another one that allows a seemingly infinte number of Big Bangs, which has been popular but is now losing support, is eternal inflation.

  • DyckDyck Mar 28, 2011

    May I suggest that 'muscles' held too tightly and long restricts blood flow.

  • Fallensoul Feb 17, 2011

    Big bloom....hmmm. "We are all God", well thats just ridiculous. There can be only one Supreme Being that no-one is equal to or greater than, and well....it aint you! God is always God. He doesnt have to realise He's God at some point... or spend time posting messages on this forum. :)

  • Larry Davis Feb 13, 2011


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    Qually Feb 05, 2011

    What you have intuited is what is called Multiverse Theory, which is gaining rapid acceptance in the astrophysics and cosmology community. Basically, as many theorize, the Big Bang is what's on the other side of a Black Hole. Here's a link that explains it by Dr. Michio Kaku:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZiROWO6iVs In respect to all of us being Gods, that is a bit presumptuous, don't you think? I prefer to think that we are all connected to a God conscience that permeate this and other universes.

  • RedDog Feb 04, 2011

    Maybe a better question which is smaller, is "only one version of humans existed on this planet"???
    Why not human development 1 million or more ago? Plate tectonics would have wiped out all evidence
    of them, except in deep lore. Aliens = humans? who knows.

  • mysticmuse Feb 04, 2011

    Everything in nature is cyclic, so likely the "big bang" is as well, meaning as you suggest, more than one.

    But the phrase "Big bang" does a semantic disservice to the nature of the universe because in our experience explosions relate to chaos.

    A bang by any other will harmonize as well?

    Someone suggested an alternate phrase "Big Bloom."

    Speaking of the "ridiculous" The "Big Bang," or whatever we name it, set in motion all results which include this sentence.

    Best Thoughts,


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