Synthesis and human sustainability

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What is meant by “human sustainability”? It calls to mind how grandmother would make pea soup and we would all be full for some time after eating it. But human sustainability? More context To get to grips with the concept we must learn to think in a larger time context. Sustainable thinking and behaviour must be applied in all spheres of our lives. We cannot expect to overcome and solve every problem of human society in one generation; rather, we must recognise that our life and our generation can only make a contribution – we are the seedbed for the next generation. This endeavour is sustainable and intended to improve the wellbeing and future of human society. Thus sustainability is what we can achieve in our actions and dealings with one another, based on empathy and a willingness to create a synthesis between My reality and Your reality. There are many alternatives and views. Accordingly, the mantra cannot be: "In your opinion we can all be of your opinion...". To achieve real change we must learn to communicate according to the principles of creation: Just as procreation between two beings creates something new, a third, living being, by striving for a new third alternative we create new, untravelled paths and possibilities for sustainable communication. And what does this mean for communication between us people, for example? We learn to listen and acknowledge that every view has evolved from a subjective experience and is also valid. We observe and ask questions and change our outlook in order to develop new, alternative perspectives. We constantly strive for the third alternative that enables us to make progress. Life is a process, a constantly developing story. We learn to offer and deploy our capabilities and talents for the good of the whole and with lasting effect. Through compassion we learn to put ourselves in the position of others. We make a commitment to a sustainable communication in which the objective is always the third alternative or synthesis. In principle this universal approach applies to all areas of human life – sustainability has no limits: New medicine New physics New economic systems New politics New types of society New education New ecology New life partnerships (this list can be expanded!) Sustainability in human existence always supports change to an integrative synthesis of alternative perspectives. Words are mere bubbles of water but deeds are drops of gold. (Chinese proverb) Roland

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  • frequencytuner Sep 25, 2010

    A man named Nikola Tesla lived before our time and brought wisdom the world was unprepared for. His wisdom was echoed by other of his time as well, namely Carl Jung, G.I. Gurdjieff and H.P.Blavatsky. Their collective wisdom would unlock the mind and the earth's true powers, harmonize with nature, synthesize science and spirituality, east and west, past and future, esoteric and exoteric. This is the only answer because it collapses all perspectives into one, unifying everything to a single conclusion.

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