What mind-body practices have had the most beneficial effect on your well being?

Posted Aug. 10, 2010 by IONS Staff in Consciousness & Healing

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by Imagination



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What mind-body practices have had the most beneficial effect on your well being?

There are numerous programs and practices designed to help people improve their health and well being and even achieve deep inner transformation. Many of them embody what is called “integrative healing” while some are spiritually based. Research is now underway at IONS and elsewhere to begin to shed light on which ones are the most effective and why.

What are your experiences with these kinds of programs in helping you achieve your objectives of optimal health and personal growth? Join the discussion below.

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    Imagination Jan 26, 2015

    What mind-body practices have had the most beneficial effect on your well being? Being introduced to some of the ideas about Spiritual Metaphysics/Practical Christianity where God is defined as Divine Love. Also, for some persons part of the answer can be found in the field of neurology (epilepsy, ADHD, narcolepsy, prosopagnosia, etc.) due to the fact that a few persons have written positive testimonials about the temporary benefits of a few brain-mind medicines to their ability to sustain attention and use working memory a little easier (rare stories). A good starting line for the previous items is the concept of organic nutrition.

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    dustproduction Nov 02, 2014

    May I ask why you believe someone here can answer this question?

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    ruth14 Nov 02, 2014

    I have this problem that I have no idea of the causes.One side of my ear feel blocked all the time,I get a lot of dreams as if I am awake,one side of the brain feels funny and heavy.
    I want to ask if anyone out there knows what could be causing all these please.

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    Jonesboy Jan 26, 2014

    I would suggest aypsite.com it is a free highly effective system of Yoga that includes all eight limbs of Yoga. It truly is a life changing set of teachings. On the mindfulness side of things is Michael Browns The Presence Process. The book is an amazing 10 wk course of meditation, learning to be with and how to integrate your emotions.

    If you don't have a twice daily practice or if you do and would like to try something new please check it out.

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    Robert Johnston Jan 25, 2014

    I experience writing integral free verse such as below most healing.


    Omnipresent Anima-Animus Co-Source of all,
    This is my 'working hypothesis and knowledge' about you.
    Transparent and formless you are, and yet,
    Though a reason one can only imagine,
    You bring forth magnificent
    Physical temporary forms within yourself;
    You bring them forth, and
    Then withdraw them into your
    Imperceptible 'oceanic' Anima-Animus Self.

    Anima, feminine principle, equally important to Animus, masculine principle,
    Complementary in form and function, you are Co-Sources of all creative evolution
    Throughout the infinite 'ocean' of transparent Mind-Spirit.
    You are the common denomination of infinite cosmic darkness and light,

    You permeate the known fundamental
    Principles of the Omniverse: Mind-Spirit,
    Electricity, Quantum , Gravitation,
    The weak and strong nuclear forces,
    Filling the known infinite cosmos.
    You are in and around our planet Earth,
    You are in and around the oceans,
    You are in and around the fire,
    You are in and around the air,
    You are in and around the moon,
    You are in and around the sun,
    You are in and around the planets,
    You are in and around the Milky Way galaxy,
    You are in and around the universe,
    You are in and around all universes,
    You are in and around the Omniverse,
    You are in and around me.

    You are the Co-Source of All:
    The experimental creator and evolver,
    Through Anima and Animus, Yin and Yang, of All!
    You are in and around woman,
    You are in and around man,
    You are in and around the boy,
    You are in and around the girl,
    You are in and around the older man,
    You are in and around the older woman,
    You are in and around the prostitutes,
    You are in and around the gigolos
    You are in and around the caregivers
    You are in and around the black with green back humming birds,
    You are in and around the black and white skunks,
    You are in and around the streaking dolphins,
    You are in and around the sting rays,
    You are in and around the mosquitoes,
    You are in and around the slime in the pond,
    You are in and around the sewage,
    You are in and around the tiniest of ubiquitous atomic particles (quarks?),
    You are in and around all of us,
    You are in and around me.
    You are called by many
    Collective unconscious,
    Others who love you call you
    Co-conscious, co-self-manager,
    Representative of our
    Infinite ageless Androgynous Self.
    Co-Source of All,
    Infinite transparent ocean of Androgynous Mind,

    In and around all, you face everywhere.
    You are in and around the loving beautiful benevolent,
    You are in and around the fearsome ugly malevolent,
    You are in and around the sun, the thunder cloud,
    The seasons, the seas.
    You are in and around all of us,
    You are in and around me.

    Robert Wayne Johnston
    Inspired by daily discourse with Omnipresent Anima and Animus Co-Source of All

    Original edition 1995; Latest 2014

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    wbilly3814 Dec 05, 2013

    I have a text which describes a unique definition for consciousness that I am making avilable to all IONS members for free. It is 800 pages of Quantum Theory, the history of it, most particularly where and how the idea that consciousness plays a role in 'painting the universe into being' came from, and how it got lost along the way, bringing about speculative approaches to Quantum Physics that exclude consciousness from the equations altogether, even mocking the idea.

    It is a great history lesson in Quantum Theory and Physics mellowed down to the lay reader's ability to fully grasp.

    The second half of the text puts this unique defintion back into Quantum Theory, and describes the physics as the founders had saught to do, but didn't live to do, because they could not find this definition for cosnsciousness suitable within the framework of Quantum Physics, the Religions and Philosophies of Man.

    If you would like a copy (free) email me at wbilly3814@yahoo.com, put IONS Memebr in the subject line, and let me know if you would like a pdf, kindle, or epub.

    thank you

    william joseph bray

  • Drdawood2014 Nov 02, 2013

    When I get concerned with the mind-body practice,I think having good idea, and working for own and others benefit,achieving good results at work, and a picnic to the north with family and friends for refreshment is good.

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    GailN Aug 08, 2013

    When I became confident in my manifesting abilities, stress and fear disappeared.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 11, 2013

    I see that I commented under the name "inlink 2010" on August 27, 2010. It has been a long time and much has taken place since in the world, and for the worse. Not much has changed in my life. My life could not be better. I must have done something right. What could that have been?
    I've been looking within from my answers.

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    psychologist Nov 24, 2012

    I was very ill (I have addisons disease) , I was in a state of crisis. The things I saw in my "minds eye" fascinate and beguile me. This incident was over two years ago. I lost three weeks of my life after a doctor made a mistake with my medication and I had a massive epileptic fit. I've tried to study it, I know people see vivid, distorted colour and experience things which are not actually happening on this level of existance. I'm baffled and confused, I want to put my memories down to the illness, but it really seems more than that. I'm in my 50's and I live in England and yet, I was a child lonley and afraid, living in Australia. Am I mad?
    On my arrival home I was as fragile as glass, the only way to comprehend and address my experience was to gather as much infomation as I could, and try to understand it. Only my family dont like to talk about it, they are frightened I will be "ill" again. Only my second son has told me little bits about my state of concousness and I've got to admit it makes me cry. But are the tears just fear of the unknown. Our primitive self? How I would benefit from knowledge.

  • karencandance Oct 25, 2012

    I had no specific program, but I went from a terrified, angry young child to a peaceful, content, self confident elder by making myself a "top priority project." I followed my Spirit from teen years, kept an open mind, read many self help books and went to many helpful workshops, then put down the books, stopped workshops and put into living practice all I had read and learned which included giving up expectations and anticipations, accepting everything as it is, detaching from everything, putting ego to sleep, giving up desires, hopes, dreams, doing things I feared most like joining Toastmasters and speaking in front of others. Recognizing/realizing my true Self, loving that, meditating all day long as I go about my day, Being present in my skin as much as possible, realizing my past is a story...just thoughts and my future is a projected story....more thoughts, falling into NOW as much as possible....few thoughts, loving others unconditionally, caring for my body as if it was a temple of a Holy Spirit, eating organic food, taking supplements that the food doesn't contain, walking about three days a week, stretching, being grateful and thankful for all I have....food, shelter, clothes, friends etc. Never gossiping, watching my intentions, being of service to others, playing with children, spending time talking with homeless folks and other seniors. Life keeps getting more wonderful as I age.

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    dustproduction Oct 15, 2012


    Comment *** Insert here my not find another suitable space (not mastered the forum structure IONS), but has to do with the circumstances we live in our bodies and in our minds, at the level of physical and mental health.
    *** I want to share my experiences on how morphogenetic fields in Mind and in the human body. How we influence us and we condition ourselves to one another through emotional channels are created between family members, friends, colleagues, ...
    *** To work in Spanish and in an organized way on this topic, I have opened a social network with the following web address: http://campomorfico.ning.com/
    I would appreciate your comments *** about the possibilities of developing here in this forum, exchanging experiences on the subject.
    *** Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
    *** A hug to everyone from Seville, Spain.
    Angel Baña

  • Angel Baña Ruiz Oct 13, 2012

    * * * Inserto aquí mi Comentario por no hallar otro espacio más idóneo (no domino la estructura de foro de IONS), aunque tiene que ver con las circunstancias que vivimos en nuestro Cuerpo y en nuestra Mente, a nivel de Salud física y psíquica.
    * * * Deseo compartir mis experiencias en cómo funcionan los campos morfogenéticos en la Mente y en el Cuerpo humano. Cómo nos influenciamos y nos condicionamos unos a otros a través de los canales emocionales que se crean entre los miembros de una familia, entre amigos, compañeros,…
    * * * Para trabajar en habla hispana y de forma organizada sobre este Tema, he abierto una Red social con la siguiente dirección web: http://campomorfico.ning.com/
    * * * Agradeceré Comentarios vuestros sobre las posibilidades de desarrollar aquí, en este Foro, intercambio de experiencias sobre el particular.
    * * * Gracias de antemano por vuestra colaboración.
    * * * Un abrazo a todos desde Sevilla, España.
    Angel Baña

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    Skytwig Sep 14, 2012

    Reiki, EFT, Acupuncture and experiencing a wonderful Sacred Fire tended by witches & Fire Keepers have been my most profound mind/body experiences. I must also include animals - dogs have been especially delightful in helping me connect to my/the Truth.

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    Timka Sep 14, 2012

    I generally find the process of seeing worlds in grains of sands and heavens in wild flowers very helpful. Once i tried to hold infinity in the palm of my hand, alas, it slipped through my fingers. :)

  • jediknight Sep 06, 2012

    The martial arts as a way of life along with meditation has had a very positive effect on my life.. having a positive outlook and not letting negativity have any control on what i do or how I do it.. eliminating negative thoughts and emotions effects the very fabric of the space around me, changing my personal energy field.. of course, there will be negativity that is unavoidable but the key is not to let it grab hold of consciousness.. our thoughts have a direct, physical effect on our bodies.. also, having an open mind.. my grandmother has said to me many times, "open your mind.. it's the only way stuff can get in"

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    dustproduction Aug 14, 2012

    Eating. What we eat, how we eat, when we eat, even where we eat and who we eat with has influence on us.
    Sadly this is overlooked as a mind -body practice.

  • Yoga Wine Movie Aug 07, 2012

    Yoga has been extremely beneficial in my life!

  • A I Jul 10, 2012

    I find a walk in nature hits the spot.

  • parker Apr 05, 2012

    Seemingly limitless intelligence resides equally within each of us. That innate wisdom is the sum of compounding by several billion times, the intelligence of each cell. Since each cell is sufficiently intelligent to replicate the entire human construct, living intelligence and all, that is a truly grand total amount of intelligence within each of us.

    By means of specifically organized patterns of energy, all things are expressed by this intelligence. We are an expression of that energy. Consciousness is also a specific construct and expression of that same energy. If the original energy is not intelligence, then the energy itself is sufficiently intelligent to express itself as all things.

    Learning to commune with this limitless intelligence within, brings inner peace, joy and fulfillment, which enables the body to experience a harmonically balanced energy field as it was perfectly designed to do, promoting near perfect health and well being.

    I do not know what to call this body-mind practice, aside from communion with self. The elusive "power" that humans erroneously seek to heal themselves with, is not found within their puny little minds, it is found already existing within the intelligence of each tiny little cell. Thus learning to commune with this source of virtually unlimited knowledge is key, and quite simple actually.

    Without any input from us, and quite frankly, in spite of us, our cells commune with each other consistently in order to maintain and facilitate us. We, whatever we perceive ourselves to be, are the result of the communal efforts of each of these tiny cells within us. They communicate with each other extremely efficiently and they yearn to commune with us, as effectively, both for our sake and theirs. They are not far, we need only ask of them.

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    dustproduction Apr 01, 2012


  • CAHare Apr 01, 2012

    I have found that there are of course so many different methods & techniques, and I always advocate that no particular method or technique is right for everyone. That we must learn to find the one, or even various ones that speak to us personally. With that said, I think that any time you are mindful of all 3 aspects of physical, mental & internal & when you can bring those 3 aspects into unity, again when its done mindfully & with awareness, then the better your practice or training will be.
    In fact, I would go as far as to say that you enhance EVERYTHING when you aligned in this way. It doesn't matter if you're sitting down for meditation, or if you're just conducting your daily activities, because when the physical & mental are aligned in unity, you "touch" the internal, the true SELF.

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    Aligned Dec 29, 2011

    The potencey of allignment, is not intensified by the method but by the result itself, so no matter what your practise of "onenes", is. Your portal/avenue of connectivity is simmilar to practising a musical instrument, its not the practise, but the experiences you have that matter and they are limitless. But the one true paradox is that, every felt-experience is perfect, for any notion that it was imperfect would mean that it was not an experience but only practise.
    There is need for practise, but no use for experimentation.
    It is not the how, but the being

  • Jim Kupczyk Nov 26, 2011

    close your eyes and go within.

  • KYRANI Nov 17, 2011

    The method I use for healing and with 100% satisfaction, are mental prescriptions. Ideas can be formulated as to have powerful effects. However I do not believe that ideas of themselves have some mysterious effect on the body. Rather I found that ideas act as directives to the body. So a mental prescription is about setting forth instructions to the body to undergo certain tasks. Sickness as I have discovered is all about stress, which is nothing more than the movement of the body away from rest. And such movement often involves conflicting conditions that cause organs to try and work in two conflicting ways. Hence a variety of problems may arise. Once the somatic conditions are resolved and the body is brought back to rest it is healed.

  • jimdun9241 Nov 15, 2011

    to saoirse and others about fertilized chicken eggs and laminine. No, there are no embryos at the point of extraction. They extract the nutrients before it starts to become a chicken.

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    seeingstars Nov 10, 2011

    "You all bother about physical consciousness. When someone says, I am conscious about my rights. It is related to state and society. When you are in a family you just obey family tradions or values. These days people are fighting for equal sex rights. This also a kind of consciousness. But I do not accept such way of thinking. For me consciousness is knowing one self. Socretes said, `know thyself'. This is really great philosophy. So I appeal to all to think about it."

    Does our consciousness have a size? Why are some people able to be aware of themselves and of society.

    Perhaps true understanding begins with the self and then through the lens of our own self awareness we are able to perceive the humanity in government and social movements.

    If the universe is holographic then these systems reflect aspects of ourselves and it is by seeing ourselves out there that we are able to recognize the circumstances in a way that deepens our conscious connection with the universe.

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    pantaneiro Nov 10, 2011

    Oi a tempo pesquiso sozinho nesta area posso me comunicar em qual quer dimessão
    com outras galaxias com ir ao encontro dela tbm
    não existe fronteiras

  • Saoirse Nov 06, 2011

    So... basically they get it by killing chicken embryos? Isn't that a little creepy? I know... I usually come from a scientific standpoint, but when I went to the website I got too creeped out by the method to get to the science part.

  • jimdun9241 Nov 06, 2011

    I have held back on writing about my latest discovery because it is not directly related to consciousness, but it has helped to make my meditations more profound, and I feel an energy that I only feel from a higher consciousness state. I guess when the body is at an optimum state the spirit soars. That is what I am experiencing.

    My discovery is about amazing nutrients in a capsule. The nutrients give the body what it needs to heal anything, even reverse brain damage, and give great stamina and energy. It was discovered by a dr in 1929. He had success with cancer patients using it, but the establishment blocked him. His research was lost until now. University of Colorado did double blind placebo clinical trials with great results. That is what convinced me to try it.

    I was feeling sleep deprived and worn out from caregiving 80 hours a week. I was also having a big problem with my eyes after cataract surgery. The 2nd day of taking the nutrients, my eye problem went away and I felt great. People say I look great.

    One of the main things I was hoping for was an improvement in my running. I was having to drag myself thru my weekly runs. After one week I had the joy of running again. I cut 4 minutes off my running speed. The greatest thing was my recovery. I have never recovered so fast or so completely the same day.

    Other people have experienced physical/emotional healings of everything you can imagine. The most common comment is I have never slept so well. The nutrients increase serotonin and cut cortisol in half.

    Here is a link to some information http://www.laminines.com/avian/

    This link is like a course in nutrition http://www.laminines.com/avian/laminine-science.shtml


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    divinepoet Oct 01, 2011

    You all bother about physical consciousness. When someone says, I am conscious about my rights. It is related to state and society. When you are in a family you just obey family tradions or values. These days people are fighting for equal sex rights. This also a kind of consciousness. But I do not accept such way of thinking. For me consciousness is knowing one self. Socretes said, `know thyself'. This is really great philosophy. So I appeal to all to think about it.

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    dontkno Sep 28, 2011

    I asked about this experience in another forum and got no response,but I feel like there is much more to this,but don't know how to pursue it.
    Often when listening to someone talk I will connect(empathy or some such thing)and my mind quiets I seem to become totally relaxed almost like I'm vibrating at some new frequency.It's never in a situation where I can explore the experience,but it seems like there is a tremendous energy at work and I'm only getting a glimpse of it.Someone must have some idea what this is.Thank you.

  • Saoirse Sep 26, 2011

    Deveron, I have to say, I'm totally on board with that! I'm a totally different person when I'm out in the desert or the woods. I don't have an organization or a retreat center, but I often take people out with me to meet rattlesnakes, and I think it changes the way they look at the world, and their place in it.

  • DeveronL Sep 26, 2011

    The routines of our daily lives are characterized by roles, tasks, and behaviors that fragment our wholeness as humans. We work at the office, we unwind at home, we care for our bodies at the gym, and we tend to our spirit at church or during meditation. Everything is divided, compartmentalized. It is so easy to lose ourselves in the rush, the stress, and the consumerism. So when do we find our true meaning and the purpose that we bring to this life? If I were to suggest one practice to help ourselves regain wholeness, it would be to spend time in nature. I hold free monthly nature retreats for this purpose (during these retreats I have the opportunity to provide meditation and qigong activities, which also assist in the cultivation of wholeness). Many great wisdom traditions suggest that once we transcend the illusion of separateness, the resulting unity and interdependence with all things—living and nonliving—can help us heal ourselves and our world.
    Deveron Long

  • Saoirse Sep 25, 2011

    So far, I've yet to find one that has any beneficial effect for me, though I've either deliberately tried, or been exposed to, most of them in the course of a search to find a way to deal with stress and nightmares. I have learned that I can't be hypnotized, either by professionals or working alone with taped instructions. I know people swear by the Silva Method, but I tried that too, and they just use same standard hypnosis induction that everyone else uses, except that the woman on the tapes simply will not stop talking for 2 seconds to let you relax, so I couldn't listen to it for long. About 3/4 of the way through the first session, I tore off the headphones, saying, "For God's sake, SHUT UP!!" -- and then felt silly for yelling at a tape that couldn't hear me! I've tried all sorts of meditation types, with teachers and without, but the only effect is that for some reason, I find the whole thing incredibly annoying, and get progressively more wound up until I have to call it off or it screws up my whole day. So it's generally better not to even start. This has led some teachers to suggest that I try EFT (I think that's what the tapping thing was called) and the Sedona Method. But they both seemed very silly when I tried them, and had no effect whatsoever. I've had people ask to be allowed to do reiki or other energy healing methods on me, which I've allowed, because it can't do me any harm, and seemed to make them happy, but I feel nothing when they do it, and the conditions they're supposedly healing have never been affected. I've taken lucid dreaming classes and dream play classes, but there seemed to be nothing to them other than games of pretend, where you were supposed to imagine yourself back in the location of the dream. Since I don't have a lot of imagination, that didn't work out so well for me. So I've pretty much given up on the mind-body thing, and now I stick to hanging out with rattlesnakes. They're good company, and I have to be relaxed and focused to be around them. I know it makes some people think I'm crazy, but it works better for me than tapping myself on the nose.

    It all makes me think it takes a certain personality type to make the mind-body stuff work, and I obviously don't seem to have it.

  • heartsong Sep 24, 2011

    I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 10 years old, and because the side-effects of the meds were worse than the illness my pediatrician(yes, western med guy) taught me biofeedback. If I ever feel symptoms coming on, I really focus on that part of my body, control my breathing and gain control of the spasticity. If you do it right, your palms will sweat. It took some practice, but it really works. I guess it is a kind of meditation, but you don't have to be in a quiet space to do it. I have also used this technique when I have been in pain from injury and labor. I don't think most people really realize the power of their own mind, it truly is a powerful organ.

  • truthseeker999 Sep 16, 2011

    I personally find the methods of Infosomatics to be the most effective among all the thing I found (reiki, energy healing, EFT and others). However, the best defense - is no defense. Thus the right worldview is the only right way to be healthy for life. As to healing others: it is better to teach one how to fish other than just give fish. If you know how to really use your brain, you follow the laws of Nature and your own spirit, then health, success in business and relationships are just side effects...

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    Sky Walker Sep 07, 2011

    Heart Centered meditation .. Balanced breathing meditation .. Being in the physical presence of a realized being ...

  • Anonymous Icon

    conrussert Sep 07, 2011

    (1) Channeling,
    (2) Allowing my Energy Bubble to Expand,
    (3) Having Compassion for Myself and Others, and
    (3) Automatic Writing

  • Kishi10 Aug 11, 2011

    Laughter, funny enough. Although don't get enough of it, so I also learned autogenics. It's great to learn to breathe again!

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    gusalavan Aug 10, 2011

    I personally don't think that there is one true modality of healing that works. As souls, we are so diverse, that what affects one positively may not work with another. I believe if one has the intention to heal, the right modality will pass us on the journey, and if we look we may learn to use it. I feel making peace with your live/lives (past), is core to any healing that takes place...so go within, and find peace with all you have been, are and will be (whatever it is), and your body should find it easier to return to health. Remember though some of our most important, positive ,life-changing events have been due to suffering a form of illness. (as it was for me). There are no accident, and all that you need in your journey will cross your path, so keep your eyes, ears, mind and hearts open to all possibilities.

  • capt_infinity Aug 09, 2011

    I have looked through all the comments on this topic and the common denominator is meditation. Some do not specifically use the word but activities that quiet the mind are a form of meditation.

    I did not see one comment about prayer and I will assume that some of those commenting are religious. If no else has thought of that the fact is when you meditate you let God or the universe talk to you. When you pray for yourself you are talking not listening. It is my belief that prayer only works when we pray for others. Interesting place for some research

    I too found my inner strength using meditation. I found a lot more but that is for another topic.

    The reason meditation is so important is it is the only way to get in touch with one's spirit and that is the single most important thing anyone can do with their life.

    Allowing your spirit to control your conscious mind results in healing of the body and mind but more importantly, it allows compassion and intuition into your life.

    I would love to see a study comparing the actions of those who are in touch with their spirit to those who are not. I think most of know what the results would be but the study is still important.

    It is my belief that anyone who is attuned to their spirit is incapable of horrific deeds. The Dalai Lama and his followers are perfect examples and are the only proof anyone should need that we need to seriously study how spirit changes peoples lives.

    Meditation and connecting to our spirit has the most beneficial effect on our well being.

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    LorenC Aug 07, 2011

    For me, the most beneficial practice that I use in my daily life is "walking meditation". Sitting meditation is wonderful, but meditating while hiking, gardening, working (carpentry in my case), cooking etc. allows me to remain connected to my inner being throughout most of each day. It takes some getting used to. It is all bout being present within each moment, finding our own rhythm for the activity and flowing with it. Daily tasks become more effortless as our awareness increases. My enjoyment of each day increases as I am able to be in the moment more often.

  • Metaphysicist2 Aug 04, 2011

    Raja yoga¹ and the Noble Eight-Fold Path (right living),² along with a relatively meat-free diet and exercise (including the Five Tibetans³), have been key for me in achieving a happy, peaceful, daily existence.
    ¹ http://www.theosophy.org.uk/article.asp?ArticleId=66
    ² http://www.thebigview.com/buddhism/eightfoldpath.html
    ³ http://lifeevents.org/5-tibetans-energy-rejuvenation-exercises.htm

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    lpnatmu Aug 04, 2011

    I am extremely new to noetic science but what I have read is very intruiging. I suffered from frequent migraines in my 30's and learned biofeedback and it changed my life. Any time I am stressed I begin my routine of deep breathing and visualization and I can feel my muscles loosens and my shoulders are no longer up around my ears. I am very interested in learning more about IONS.

  • Leigh Aug 01, 2011

    My daily three-mile hike-runs in my park keep my mind and body connected with Earth, weather of all seasons, coyotes, deer, red-tailed hawks, Western tanagers, bears, bull snakes, mockingbirds, a scarce number of people, and once, a mountain lion.

    For 26 years I have observed nature's evolution—scarcity and proliferation, my own freedom and fear. To deeply breathe and smile, to talk to myself and my Lab, to greet people or know their intense concentration in their workout and allow them space, all balance the things I must do in my own captivity at home, my workplace, my sanctuary.

    Ahh! Life.

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    zbgosia3 Jul 26, 2011

    For me it is Zero Balancing (ZB), a body-mind hands-on bodywork therapy that balances the relationship of energy and structure within the bones and tissues of the body. It is an integrative, holistic technique that bridges Western medical science with the wisdom of Eastern energy healing traditions into a simple, elegant, and practical bodywork skill.
    Zero Balancing was developed by Dr. Fritz Smith whose training in osteopathy, acupuncture, rolfing, Siddha Yoga and other Eastern practices led to the development of Zero Balancing. In ZB we focus on bone-held energy with conscious attention in our hands, our fingertips. We place fulcrums (defined in ZB as a complicated geometric form which, when held stationary, becomes a point around which a person can re-orient) to create clearer, stronger fields of energy within the body-mind. We work with expanded states of consciousness, induced through INTERFACE touch. In an expanded state, a person is less connected to who they "think" they are (thoughts, belief systems, early childhood conditioning), and more connected to who they truly are - their true nature.
    In the years that I have been studying, receiving and practicing Zero Balancing I have felt better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I progressively feel more connected within myself and within the greater whole. Zero Balancing is like an internal feng shui -it helps to organize the internal energy fields which then have a direct effect on one's experience in the external environment. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone in it had the experience of deep internal organization and connection!!!!

  • Anonymous Icon

    Notname_Notform Jul 21, 2011

    yes I would certainly echo the profound value of metta practices in healing and spiritual opening. After shifting from 30 years of Zen practices to Vipassana in more recent years I also found great value and internal guidance from the 32 body parts meditations. This really helps to point mind away from the addiction to body as the only reality of Me, Mine & Self.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Kannan Srinivasan Jul 19, 2011

    I have found a very direct connection between practising "Loving kindness meditation" - or giving "metta" or wishing deeply for well being of all sentient beings - and health and well being.

    I had a really miraculous experience once when I was praying very deeply for well being of a child - the first new born in our family after a long time. I had warts on my fingers which were resistant to all medication. These just disappeared by the next day. One can never be sure whether there was cause and effect here, but still it left a profound impact on me in terms of power of such deep compassion.

  • Youngbear Roth, RYT/CYT Jul 12, 2011


    Yoga 'asanas' (poses) are about developing greater mental, emotional, and physical health. Yoga balances, in particular, demand all three areas be used simultaneously working with a bridge from the limbic to cerebelar brain. To achieve a proper Yoga balance asana, the practitioner must dig deeply into his or her mental, emotional, and physical resources. Learning to access these resources improves Cerebellar synaptic responses of the brain and fine-tunes the orders given by the brain's neurotransmitters to the neuromuscular system.

    Because of brain chemistry responses, the symptoms of long-term clinical depression, such as walking difficulties, eyesight, and appetite response are improved and more effective response to less medicine is experienced with a regular Yoga balances practice.

    With mental, emotional, and physical elements working together, the Yoga practitioner's ability for focus is increased. With increased focus, a contemplative state of bringing the infinite to bear upon the human finite aspect brings one's life new meaning in the broadest sense. Balance asanas are the strongest direct type of work to draw this finite-infinite integration into one's worldview.

    Viewing our lives as integrated, we sense confidence and do not view our condition as victimization of time and place. We feel the 'Great Chain of Causation', and realize we make choices to live in harmony with this chain, thus avoiding much suffering along our journey.

    The final balance is not as important as the envisioning process (subtle energy manipulation) of getting there. Practicing the correct process is how we pull together the mental, emotional, and physical focus to eventually reach a spiritual contemplation and outlook upon our lives.

  • Youngbear Roth, RYT/CYT Jul 11, 2011

    Integral Yoga - fifty years of private practice & twenty years teaching and counseling others.

  • Anonymous Icon

    samcrespi Jul 03, 2011

    Meditation, diet, yoga, gardening... group 'events' that bring in those practices.

  • Anonymous Icon

    jerasmiles Jun 14, 2011

    Living solely in the present moment point, that point through which all my power and energy comes at each & every moment. If I feel out-of-sorts I simply reaffirm that my mind, body, and spirit are in perfect working order then I turn my attention away from whatever ails me to something new, different and uplifting and in a moment or so I feel better. To be or feel any other way is boring, depressing, and it doesn't feel good. I make sure that I never listen to drug commercials or listen to ill health statements from doctors or public officials, I mute the TV or turn down the radio. I do not subscribe to health magazines or medical websites. When a doctor gets within 100 feet of me, though not a Catholic, I make the sign of the cross and walk away in the opposite direction. I was taught as a child that I was created in an image of God. So I have to ask the question, "Does God get sick?" My answer is no. What's yours?

  • Anonymous Icon

    taichirich Jun 14, 2011

    Meditation, Visioning, Tai Chi.

  • E. R. Jun 10, 2011

    I have found that, instead of keeping a humdrum journal, writing letters to Jesus/God/Holy Spirit at the end of a day, in which concerns and joys are expressed, it has greatly improved my well-being and others that also keep this practice.

  • Slowpoke Jun 02, 2011

    What mind-body practices have had the most beneficial effect on my well being?

    Utilizing my thoughts referencing the most important truths of my life, then, directing them at personal/earthy social issues/areas. I've found that the best immediate sounding board to gauge results is my emotional/psychological state and ambient sounds. Make no mistake: there is no substitute for a clear conscious. Trying to sidestep that only leads to disaster.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Consciousfess May 29, 2011

    Meditating on the earth being a whole, focusing on all the weather systems working in unison to create our atmosphere, and focusing my personal energy output into the earth so that I may recieve the physiological needs that this earth provides such as; oxygen, water, food, and shelter..always prepares me for the day and any challenges I may face throughout.

  • Anonymous Icon

    PathofDivineLife May 03, 2011

    Siddha Healing from Siddham Tradition: It is very powerful and brings numerous benefits. The healer gets connected to higher relams of energy. The attunement is done by accomplished Siddhas of the Siddha Tradition. Following features and benefits have been recorded from the feedback of various practitioners.

    >Very simple and easy to learn and apply. Anyone above 12 yrs of age can learn it.
    >Can be used on humans, animals, trees, farms, crops and also non-living objects.
    >The Subject (receiver) can be healed from distance.
    >Child related issues such as lack of interest in studies, disobeying the elders, naughtiness, low memory and concentration power, low appetite etc can be addressed.
    >Result in material progress by removing obstacles in business and profession.
    >Turn home into heaven by tackling and removing family problems.
    >Checking and removal of Vaastudosha (negative energy) of house, factory, shop, office etc.
    >Activate and balancing of energy centers (chakras) for improved physical and mental health.
    >Helps in growth of divine qualities such as positive thinking, courage, Unconditional Love, Creativity, Honesty, Humbleness, Co-operation etc required for spiritual progress.
    >One can do service to the Nation by using Siddha healing praying for its all-round development and progress.
    >No need for self cure. Healer receives automatic benefits while healing others.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Shankar Narayan May 02, 2011

    Living, Just being, Not trying to become. Meditating.

  • Anonymous Icon

    WendyAnn Apr 27, 2011

    Ronna Herman's Archangel Michael Teachings and Tyberron's Archangel Metatron's Teachings. My lineage is angelic and so I resonated with those teachings.

  • PonsAnimus Apr 27, 2011

    @techy1966 Hi,
    what you describe sounds a bit like bioresonance therapy. ( http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/Cancer/bioresonance.html ) . I would be VERY VERY carefull to talk about healing cancer with that kind of machines. I own that kind of machine for about 15 years and the only (for ME) thing where it seems to be really nice is in the treatment of allergies, as long as it is a small molecule like Cl (chlorine), which is often used to clean swimming pools. A lot of people develop allergic reactions, if they come into contact with Cl treated water.
    The funny thing is that there are even "Reiki-masters" over here using it. Well, that just causes a smile in me. The BEST machine for bioenergetic exchange is the human "bio-machine" itself and that should be more than true for someone calling himself 'master' of energy flow....not ?
    Anyway, I do not use the bioresonance device much these days. One thing is for sure, if you use a mechanical/electronical machine emitting "vibrations", it will also have side effects, which we might not even understand or connect to that therapy. When ever you read there is NO negative effect there might be something wrong, as there is no rule without exception ! Things that cure can also harm, if you do not know EXACTLY what ya doing. That is the law of nature !

  • Anonymous Icon

    Techy1966 Apr 26, 2011

    My father built a device he learned about from a a group in CA. i would like to know if anyone has heard of, seen this device or knows the name of this device. It was made with a Testler Coil, set of car points amd hooked to 2 concentric copper "shields the one was conductor and the other reflector. It is based on cell vibration and used to heal among other things cancer. The basis of the device is that each cell type in our bodies vibrate at a normal rate and when not normal will vibrate slower or higher. You would set the set of car points to match the vibration and lay between the copper plates which would then "correct" the vibration and bring them to normal thus "killing" the abnormal cells. the Testler coli acted as an accelerant to take ordinary house current and convert to a concentrated current. If anyone has heard of this type of device, i would like to hear from you.

  • PonsAnimus Apr 20, 2011

    @doctorA ever tried 5 finger meditation ? It is so damn easy and you can even use it to get a diagnostic overview, the latter is a bit more difficult though.
    Doing this "gym", you get a body-mind connection without knowing anything about it. No need for breathing in a certain matter or sit and meditate. Ofc it can be tuned by knowing which finger activates what and give it a more specific way to work. E.g. connecting thump and the little finger of both hands at the same time for a minute, 3-4 times a day is a real nice feature for many who suffer from certain kinds of rheumatic deseases. It does not cure it but it takes some "pressure" out of the body and have them reduce chemical painkillers. BUT those should not touch the other fingers !!! Just those 2. Maybe a few weeks later they can go for the full "gym".
    A while ago I put a little video on you tube for a patient of mine living in the US, as he had no idea of what I am talking of and his next therapy trip to germany was too far ahead to wait ..heheh.
    You find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cA-cbVkys4
    It is almost too easy to believe, but it works even if you have no idea of what you are doing there. Maybe you have another easy method for body-mind gymnastics, which you would like to share here. This way we get a bit more out of theoretical discussions.

  • DoctorA Apr 19, 2011

    My 25 year practice as a medical doctor dedicated to explore and implement real integrative medicine showed me that the best way is to start from the surface - muscles and spine, and then to take those, more prepared, to the deeper levels of body-mind integration.

    Real integrative approach is the activation of the mechanisms of self-regulation and self-healing. Unfortunately it is still very poorely explored by medical and biological science. We need to build transltion tools between medical language and language of traditional healing systems.
    I have some insights and would be glad to share them with those who are into it.

    I also would be glad if someone shared with me any links to doctors and scientists focusing on studying principles and mechanisms of self-healing.

  • cprize Apr 19, 2011

    Recalling my dreams for the many beneficial, healthful and creative suggestions they make via the analogies and metaphors they contain. Nothing else comes close.

  • desertrose Mar 14, 2011

    Prayer, Meditation and Reiki.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Kerian Mar 13, 2011

    Strangely enough skydiving performed the biggest change in my being. By jumping out of an airplane 13000 ft above the ground you learn to appreciate different things in life, as if every day is your last day. By 'jumping' one looses fear for many things and fear is often a treshold witholding one from living. It should be the basis for many healing practices.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Faith Mar 08, 2011

    Just recently found that going to theta is where one can be with Source (much like meditation) and opening oneself to a greater consciousness. I also love surrendering to Source, which leaves me open to expand and come to a different level than my human understanding.

  • Anonymous Icon

    longshorts Mar 02, 2011

    In the "information age" we are inundated in, I find that my anxiety disorder becomes dominant. Information overload, constant unnatural ambient noise, adversarial personal relationships, many people talking at once - each trying to dominate conversations with uninformed views, the constant battering of commercials on TV and Radio enticing you to buy things you do not need, and cannot afford, All these things bury your personal identity, confuse the mind, and overstress the body.
    I remove myself from these things by going outside to a chosen place that is filled with the sounds of our natural world and listen quietly until I can enter a light trance. Then I explore my mind to settle the anxiety, and calm the body. At times I find myself transported to other places on our Earth with the natural beauty exposed to me, some places I have been before, other places I have never experienced but see very clearly. I am not trained in the capabilities of the human mind, but unconsciously have learned to do these things. I am here now to learn more.

  • Anonymous Icon

    KaylaGagnon11 Mar 02, 2011


  • DyckDyck Feb 16, 2011

    Has anyone had experience with the Placebo effect? Aren't each of these, concrete examples of the mind-body connection?
    Please also contribute to my discussion about Placebo in 'Open' category.

  • Anonymous Icon

    DancinOwl Jan 21, 2011

    The most beneficial mind-body practices for me are dance (ballet, jazz, and tap), yoga and meditation using a mantra and mudra. All three practices require that one be completely in the present moment.

  • Melvin Redfern, PhD Jan 04, 2011

    I am a Reiki Master, practitioner and teacher.In addition, I use Pranic healing. I am a retired psychotherapist.
    I would say that I use eclectic approaches. I am interested in ufology and have written a book entitled, "Assessment and Treatment of UFO Witnesses and Experiencers," published by Lulu.com.

  • Anonymous Icon

    delriousvisioons Dec 23, 2010

    I have MS and such bad anxiety. well for the MS I have been seeing a hypnotherapist who has been helping my mind do the healing and it helped clear up the ataxia I had in my left hand completely and for the anxiety I have been learning how to say peace in various languages.. I have learned 14 so far. Whenever I get anxious I say those words to myself and it works. I also have not been sick in over a year because I dojust tell myself that I am not sick. I \never realized there is a science that study the mind's ability to do this

  • Abhijith Dec 13, 2010

    I've already told about my experiences in experimenting with my mind and soul ,in the extended human capabilities discussion forum.I'd like to elaborate it here.
    When Robin Sharma told me through his book, about the power of mind, i had the feeling that this is something really marvelous to try out. And i did ,as he said ,with full dedication for about a couple of months .
    I noted all my goals including my spiritual, social, economic and physical ones. And i visualized them in my mind's eye. Just like I've achieved all of them . How would i behave after accomplishing those goals , how will i interact with people, how will i spend my life..I visualized all of them in my mind's eye.EVERYDAY , early in the morning(just after i woke up) and before i went to sleep. Unbelievable! That's what has happened to me in a few weeks. I've transformed immensely. Myself was a really lazy person , but after starting this technique something inside me always made me to be engaged and always busy and that too in one way or the other contributed in accomplishing my goals. Now i realize, those were the powers generated by my mind to achieve what it had desired a lot.
    Now at IONS i am watching its scientific proofs, from dean Radin's experiments on "Crystal formation and mental influences " and the " 9-11' GCP.
    I believe am in the right path. The world needs a reminder, and its the beginning.
    Lets walk back to the age of sages. Count me in.

  • Piercarla Nov 29, 2010

    Sedona Method/Release Technique, EFT

  • Heartland Nov 10, 2010

    Jiddu Krishnamurti described meditation as the highest of the arts. "It has no technique. It cannot be taught." he said. Meditation is therefore not an effort, but a naturalness beyond condition or concept. This naturalness, once one is familiar with it, has a spontaneous, "active" aspect which
    "makes space" within consciousness, the same way a gentle breeze clears the mist on a sunny morning. In my 30 year's work in Somatic Education and a lifetime of Dzogchen practice, it has been clear to me how method and identification with knowledge has the effect of taking us further away from the natural state. I have seen the word "presence" here and in many writings, and while I agree with its great importance,
    I feel we must be carful in our associations and beliefs surrounding words. Our unconditioned naturalness itself is the highest wisdom available to us, and cannot be reasoned, approached with logic or indeed, taught. Absent of "how," we are left with its sacred immanence, and the responsibility to release and dis-identify ourselves with all we know.

  • Anonymous Icon

    schulte42 Oct 31, 2010

    Divine enthusiast (Oct 8th) said ".."Living in the 'Present'"

    Yes I to am involved in Engineering and Construction and see/hear/feel this to be the FIRST and most Important Tool of any Health and Safety Program. It not only IS fundamental to Safety "pure Alertness" and Health but for productivity as well.

    This is very well presented in Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now", "Stillness Speaks" and "A New Earth." Only One of these references requires basic review to see why he is so effective at coveting the Power of Presence ( no strings attached either) ...and the Author is himself a glowing example of the "Living in the Present" something VERY VERY few Authors of Consciousness have in any Quantity.

    Hopefully IONs will get the opportunity to interview Tolle some time and have him contribute to their Topic here.

  • Tdrulard Oct 22, 2010

    Mushrooms!!!! j/k

  • Anonymous Icon

    Divine_enthusiast Oct 12, 2010

    Understood. Thanks for the clarification.

  • frequencytuner Oct 11, 2010

    Divine_enthusiast: yes and no. Not Keter, Da'at. We cannot speak of Keter.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Divine_enthusiast Oct 11, 2010

    Thank you both, Frequencytuner & yusheng for your feedback. A question for Frequencytuner, were you speaking of the first three seferet of the Kabbalah (not including the very first...Keter)? Lineally speaking.

  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Oct 09, 2010

    A simple example is this:
    Wisdom:mama always said 'don't touch a hot stove or you'll get burned'. (you were told and you just 'know' mama's word is correct; and it is not your wisdom)
    Knowledge: temperature affects things. (you begin to reason)
    Understanding: I touched the hot stove and I burned my hand. (now you "feel", now you get wisdom)

  • frequencytuner Oct 09, 2010

    Divine enthusiast - My suggestion as a gateway for you would be to study sacred geometry. The endeavor in itself - as an end in itself - will give you what you seek, even though yo have already found it.

    In contrast to what you think, 'understanding of this subject' is not something that can be learned through reading or studying. It comes only in those moments when you are 'present'.

    Do not put yourself below - or above - anybody else. Nobody understands it and anyone who claims so is a liar. What the human mind CAN understand are merely reflections.

    From the Tree of Life and Vesica Piscis (Sacred Geometry) Wisdom (innate 'knowing') and Understanding (learned 'knowing') give birth to true "Knowledge".

    A simple example is this:
    Wisdom: temperature affects things. (you just 'know')
    Understanding: mama always said 'don't touch a hot stove or you'll get burned'. (you were told but don't really 'know')
    Knowledge: I touched the hot stove and I burned my hand. (now you "know")

  • cameronjcw Oct 08, 2010

    For me it has to be reiki and well something else don't know what I would call it.

    I have a really horrible physical condition which I think is aggrivated by sickness of my psyche but I think I have partially allowed that to happen by letting negative energy affect me. I'm sure I can turn it around and think I have already started. I'm not sure how much in the long run it will help my physical condition but if it helps to make my soul/essence stronger then I am happy with that!

    Maybe to some this may sound crazy but I feel inside it is the right thing for me!

    This is my physical condition http://inthefringes.wordpress.com/eds/ in someone elses words my own are here in my online diary www.hypermobile.co.uk

    Recently I do feel some kind of internal healing energy! Weird but I'm willing to go with it and work with it!

    TCx Carolyn

  • Anonymous Icon

    Divine_enthusiast Oct 08, 2010

    Being a Project Manager in the Construction Industry, I find that when I am engaged in a task that demands full concentration of my efforts, I find I am the most "Stress Free" at that moment (Once I have had the opportunity to reflect on that moment). For me, and some of you may not think this is very spiritual, my body and mind feel extremely alert, pain free, and buoyant when I am fully in the present. However, it is the moment of my realization that I have been..."Living in the 'Present'" that I feel closest to God, which in turn increases that feeling even more. The same goes for when I am spending time with my wife and 3 year old son and not worrying about bills, deadlines, safety mishaps, etc.

    Also, I have found those same feelings when I consciously thank the Divine for the gifts that have been given to me, knowing full well that at any given moment one or all of those gifts could be taken away. Especially if I am in the midst of some turmoil that is causing an expanding pit of anxiety in my stomach, the mere acknowledgement of my present situation seems to relieve my stress.

    Not having access to research tools limits me from having quantifiable data to prove my feelings of how this mind-body practice benefits me, personally, but I hope the research being done at IONS can provide a conclusion of long term benefit or detriment. Preferably sooner than later. If I am doing something wrong I want to be able to correct it now!

    My knowledge of spirituality has only recently become truly experiential instead of just theoretical, although I have read many books and scriptures from various schools of thought. Having a “Construction Workers” mindset probably puts me at a much lower understanding of this subject than most, if not all of you. Your posts have allowed me to consider aspects I have not thought about before. Thank you.

  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Oct 05, 2010

    record the EEG and biological changes when meditation and knitting to see there is any difference, record the physical field changes when meditation and kniting to see there is any difference; do the same when in the different levels of meditations. the experimental data will tell you which kind of mindbody practice is more efficient.

    i was intending to translate a general reactions from mind and body in the different levels of meditaiton, now it seems not necessary.

    in Buddhism, purely concentrating one thing is called "heart solo", "only walking", "only reading" can be metaphor to describe a monk obtaining or entering such state. maybe that is what Sandstone's saying..

  • Fallensoul Sep 28, 2010

    Mantra Meditation

  • Sandstone Sep 25, 2010

    Just being quiet. Knitting, baking cookies, walking in the woods... those all seem to work too. But really, those are just more ways of being quiet.

  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Sep 22, 2010

    Step three:Desirous Cease
    Persisting in practice,then he enters step three,at step two,his mind needs inspecting to contain,when enter"Desirous Cease",his mind can cease automatically,consciousness ceases during the meditation then he can practise meditation or Ding all day long without feeling tired.
    The above three steps are not Zen Ding,though they are called"Ding".
    Step four:Future Zen
    Persisting in practice,then he is ready to enter real Zen Ding,so the step four is named"Future Zen",saying that he in approaching true Zen Ding.At step four,when he is in the meditation,and at one time loses the feeling of his body and his consciousness,such feeling is obtained only during the meditation.When he feels that his body will never be ill.So a practicer of meditation has to enter the step four to be ill-free.
    Note that,one may be sleepy and befuddled during the meditation and may get the same feeling of losing body and mind,it is not attaining Future Zen,it is loosing mind.So he wants to get Future Zen,he must pass through the previous steps,one crucial indication is step three,his mind ceases without restraining and such state lasts long.
    Now we can enter real Zen Ding after above four steps.
    To be continued

  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Sep 22, 2010

    The level of the Zen meditation

    Zen Ding(Dhyana)means stabilization,smoothness,and steadiness in body and mind,generally is classified into four stages:the first,the second,the third,and the fourth.These four stages are not only possessed by Buddhism,meditation in other religions will also pass these four stages to access the higher.Thus,the descriptions of these four stages will be seen in the other systems of meditations too.Based on these four stages,Buddhists can then begin to pursue higher stages of Zen Ding.There are four higher stages and a final stage,then total nine stages.
    Buddhism says there are three worlds:desirous world,in which we live,full of desires and unstable;"physical world and nonphysical world"which are accessible through Zen Ding.That means different levels of Zen Ding indicating different world.The first stage belongs to"physical world"so that we have to practise Ding in our Desirous world to get the first stage.
    There are four steps to enter the first stage:
    Step one:Coarse Cease
    Coarse Cease,when one first to learn to practise meditation,his mind is loose,his body is crooked;he can not persist long;if someone can stretch and keep his body straight because he pays attention on controlling his body position.At this step,he has to focus on something to cease his mind,like counting breath,thinking some special part of the body.After times of practice,his boyd keeps to balance,his mind ceases to loose,his breath comes to calm.Then he attained"Coarse Cease"step,where his mind is subtle,but still haunting around six base elements:eye,ear,nose,tongue,body and consciousness.
    Step two:Circumspect Cease
    Persisting in practice,one then enter step two,Circumspect Cease,where his body balance and adjusts itself naturally and automatically so that he can sit there for half an hour,one hour or more without feeling body hurt or tired,if he still feels then he still at step one;where his mind is more subtle that he can inspect his mind running and stop it though the stop is not so long.
    The main difference between step one and step two is force,at step one,he has to use some power to contain body and mind,but at step two,the body and mind is tamed,then no much force is needed,it is natural.If one still endeavor to stop loose mind,he still at step one.

  • MysticalSadhu Sep 21, 2010

    When I was a kid, spontaneous visionquests were the most captivating, attention grabbing and fulfilling that took me into subtler realms of being. With the more homeostatically optimized health childhood brings, this worked as a singular whole without differentiation of body and mind practices.

    When I got older, certainly tantra yogic practices, attaining samadhi within less than three years of initiation, and through this first post-initiation samadhi was able to witness many major moments in childhood when magnificent thresholds of subtlies had been reached and saw how high my kundalini had risen each time such occured.

    At the time I acheived this first post-initiation samadhi I had also been fasting on vegetable juices for weeks, was relying upon a homeopath for effective solutions, and had begun chi kung practices with a magnificent instructor.

  • frequencytuner Sep 15, 2010

    Schumann Resonance is the frequency that our existence harmonizes with as geomagnetic female energy from below and ionic electrical male energy from above.

    In laymans terms, immersing your individual self in this frequency - in the purset form possible - will harmonize you with the greater self, the earth. This opens the upper (Crown) and lower (Root) gateways for - what is known as - Kundalini or Chi - or whatever you personally refer to it as - to flow through you.

  • Harvey Austin Sep 13, 2010

    The est Training in 1975 made the most impact on my health and well being.

    Until then I had done it 'right'... the American Way. I had lockstepped through high school, college and medical school. I was married, had a terrific practice and had become a pillar of the community. Yes, had done it right. And it all felt wrong. I had all the symbols of success but none of the experience of it.

    After the two weekends of the est experience, I was completely altered. Most dramatic was the discovery that I was O.K. My fear level instantly fell from, say, a level of 100 to about a 5. I was so hidden, so protected, so BUSY protecting myself that I hadn't even know that anyone else was frightened. Being a doctor was a great place to hide... After all, who could find out that I felt like a nothing?

    I brought that life to a complete close and began life again. At 40. That new life became consistent with who I truly am. The intervening 35 years have been great years of accomplishment, of personal development and growth... of becoming fully and completely human. And my fear level hovers around zero. I love my life. I am so grateful.

  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Sep 12, 2010

    I have translate one of the dialogue in a Chinese BBS:

    I have a question to ask profess Shen:What is the difference between so call "Somatic Science" and "Human Science" ? Because i saw the Chinese human body Science Research Magazine is translated into " Chinese Journal of Somatic Science", but i think Human Science is also suitable. (the magazines report research in Human strange functions, including parapsychology ).

    I don't think these two translations are proper; profess Chen shouliang from Peking University deems that the present research of human strange functions is not about human body only. The term "Somatic Science" was first said by Qian xuesen though he explained that he had to use this words before better one is found. From my understanding, the core element that we now studying is unknown "combination of energy and information" , which has a series of strange characters, and has a profound relations with human (not only human) consciousness, which can exert strong substantial effects on living or nonliving things physically, chemically, and biologically........
    Human consciousness is a high level movement of material, containing energy and information, thus the research should not be limited to human body. The research should be an exploration of unknown energy and its unknown characters, of which the sub-effects could be the changes which we know by physical, chemical, biological parameters. As a matter of fact, its characters beyond four basic forces characters, there are lots of guesses, such as " Torsion Field", "Zero-point Energy", "Dark Matter & Dark Energy", "Super string theory", "multidimensional space", but no one systematically fits.
    So i think the present research is data collecting, and phenomena recording for the subjects such as " consciousness, a carrier of energy and information", "Substantial futures of consciousness", "human, universe holographic unit". Then if let me to name the project, i will call it “psycho-quantum energy research", or " Super energy research", because it is ubiquitous, out of time and space. Maybe finally, we can prove some of the guesses and establish a theory, but now we cannot, what we can do is to accumulate evidence and assay the ancient recordings.

  • MikeNelsonPedde Sep 11, 2010

    T'ai chi works well for me as well, as does simply BEing, especially in natural areas.


  • Anonymous Icon

    31craw Sep 11, 2010

    Seeds planted while one is a child...yes saying prayers at bedtime...then 50 years later stopping in mid Tai Chi practice with the relization that I am doing this practice just for me ie, this is special time that is just for me... then 70 years into life,experiencing, "Oneness." while leading a group in the Tai Chi Chih practice. Now at age 81 as an elderly person, adjusting to this phase of letting go with gratefulness .
    Body, mind and spirit, Gene

  • Anonymous Icon

    Mike48 Sep 10, 2010

    Each step I take is but a step to where I can choose to go next

    Smile, it is good for our health

  • Anonymous Icon

    31craw Sep 10, 2010

    Tai Chi Chih, Yoga, visits to Esalen, Optimum Health Institute, all bring me to a deeper awareness and centered peaceful being.
    Love is where it is. G

  • Anonymous Icon

    grannimaui Sep 10, 2010

    Over forty years ago I came in contact with a teacher, Sydney Banks, who had a spiritual experience. The teaching and truth I found within myself, from listening to his Truth from his inner self, taught me to live in the moment and always respond with love. This sounds too simple, but I know any situation or thought that passes through me is the result of my own thinking. I created it by my thought process. Thought creates. Period. And thought can be uncreated. I CHOOSE to drop or ignore thoughts I create if they do not come from love. Is it just my imagination at work? Are the thoughts real or imagined? If my feeling or experience from the thought or action is negative or not nice, its a clear sign I am in trouble. I am in control of my state of being and happiness. This gives me inner peace. Learn to see how the mind operates and work with it. And a Quiet Mind is where the answers to life are. Sandra

  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Sep 09, 2010

    One of the most dangerous enemies of human being’s wellbeing is aging.
    The Taoism regards there is something behind our flesh or body, which I name A, and there is something behind our consciousness, which I name B. if we obtain A, then we can control our body, stop aging, prevent illness; if we attain B, then we obtain the abilities which we can see in parapsychology. However, A and B are only two aspects of C, like two faces of one coin, which is something more high and beyond my ken to discuss. The relationship between A and B will take a chapter to expatiate theoretically and practically. Similar dissertations can also been seen in Buddhist classical sutra though Buddhism pay much attention on C.
    In this way, the question such as “ is mind has power to heal” is not a real question.
    I attached a Chinese Taoist article which was written on around A.D.880, describing how to get A and B, then let A and B coalesce to C, describing too the body and mind changing and reacting during the process.
    Next time maybe i interpret it into English, though very difficult due to background knowledge and cultural understanding.

  • Anonymous Icon

    TreeSpirit Sep 07, 2010

    For many years I had severe tension in my throat/chest area - felt like a rock and raised my voice pitch significantly. Standard ways of stress relief/exercise/relaxing didn't touch it. I stumbled into a weekend class in overtone chanting at Esalen, given by Jill Purce. By the end of the weekend the knot of stress was gone, and occasional chanting was enough to maintain the healing. That opening she helped me create changed everything...

  • KimberleyJones Sep 07, 2010

    For me conscious breathing was the most transformational practice. It continues to be so. I began conscious breathwork as part of a Re-birthing Apprenticeship about 10 years ago. I no longer engage in full re-birthing 'sessions' but the breathing release it catalysed has served me every day since.

    This approach made me conscious of my enhanced sensory relationship with the energy of emotions & thought within my body. So with this awareness & directed breathing into my bio-field I can transform physical sensations, emotions & 'stuck' thought patterns. I sense & 'see' the energy change colour & return to the is-ness field. I experience the coalesced energy/memory patterns/programmes within my 'pain body' dissipating & returning to the unified field of possibilities from whence they came. Very cool!

    This on-going daily practice & awareness has helped me to ground a dramatic first stage psychic awakening from 12 years ago. As this awakening has stabilised over the years I maintain an expanded state of consciousness in my every day life. It helps me manage stress & emotion as well as remain connected with my soul energy & its ground of being in the unified field of pure 'being'.

    Blessings to you all,
    Kimberley ♥

  • brotherpaco Sep 02, 2010

    How about this for a new reative practice to share with the world?

    English version / please follow link to see web page


  • Ashok Malhotra Aug 31, 2010

    I am sorry that refernece was incomplete. It should be http://someitemshave.blogspot.com. I could not locate any way to preview, edit or delete the earlier comment so this errata has become necessary. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  • Ashok Malhotra Aug 31, 2010

    Communing with Nature and mindful breathing are some of the techniques I have found most useful for a positive transformation. Meditation on ones inner core has been a useful practice for me as well. I agree with rickmoss that we are influenced by our stored emotions and memories in the subconscious mind. I have been writing and discussing these matters with friends in my blog at http://someitemshave.com. One of them pointed me to noetic.org and I am delighted that this organisation is doing such wonderful work. I became a member today.

  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Aug 30, 2010

    "The integration of human and nature" is a basic domain in Chinese philosophy, also can seen in ancient India philosophy, such as in Buddhist classicals. it is not difficult to understand, after all, human is the most exquisite creation of the nature, or the creature of the "God", meaning that our body can not seperate from the nature,they share the same laws, then the human body , including the consciousness, inherit or possesses all the nature's characters, one of them is "ability to automatically develop", for instance, an infant grows into a child, no strong artificial intervention should applied during the process.

    That is why we can do "pure meditation" to get some thing. the ancient people believe if we get ourself away the compulsory control of our
    body and mind, then our body and mind will "automatically develop" into an altered state which may different from the one we are very familiar with.

    In this way i totally agree Mr. Pvdwngrd, he says that"Just Trancendental Meditation. Nothing else is needed...". it seems Mr. Pvdwngrd inherits some ancient philosophy. however, should individual voluntary volition intervene during such kind of development, and how? this debate has been there for long time since the day the meditation appeared.

    In chinese religion history, one branch of buddhism , Zen strictly forbid the artificial intervention, but Taoist thinks in the beginning of the meditation, special kind of volition, or modern name thoughtfulness, is necessary.

    There are other theories about how to use the volition , to balance the artificial and unartificial, according the reactions during the meditation.

  • Theoldman Aug 28, 2010

    When I was a young man a very strange event occurred in my life; and event outside of my understanding and known physical laws. This event sent me on a life long journey of both deep inner healing and discovery. The journey took me from Eastern Siberia, China, the deserts of the USA and Mexico and the jungles Central America, to visit traditional medicine and holy people. I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in ceremonies and venture into realms still beyond my understanding. What I found throughout this journey was that each culture, like spokes on a wheel, had their own path and view of the "same " knowing.

    I see us as children sitting around a fire - the fire of creation. Each of us has our own way of seeing the center and the fire from our unique perspective. The journey to "oneness" is an opportunity for each free thinking soul - the gift of life - to see creation from - the first person perspective. The numerous ceremonies and opportunities to see the "ether" or "cosmic field" and to dissolve persona into the "see of souls", or to experience and give healing, all pale - in the smiling eyes of a new born child - or to wake in a tropical jungle on the edge of an azure ocean.

    The personal ceremony out of all I have experienced that is profoundly useful in personal transformation is the sweat lodge. When a lodge is properly constructed, it is aligned in relationship to the polar star. The ribs of the bent willow and where they cross, not only identify the location of celestial bodies in this solar system, they also open you to other realms. When the ceremony is conducted "in culture" with a clear understanding of the meanings of the chants and the rhythms of drum, the journey of separateness stops. The sweat lodge is its own form of alchemy combining the elements to open our hearts so our eyes can see the gift of life all around us. The sweat lodge has many forms around the world but is used for the same purpose every where - health and help - and must always be free to those who find themselves bent over under those willow arms.

    Mitakuaye Oyasin
    Ta Canku Luta (His Road is Red)

  • Anonymous Icon

    pvdwngrd Aug 28, 2010

    Just Trancendental Meditation. Nothing else is needed...

  • Anonymous Icon

    inlink2010 Aug 27, 2010

    Knowing who I am and what I’m about began in the spring of 1975. At age 49, my business enterprise was on the rocks and my second wife was divorcing me. Forced to start over, I cut from the herd, went strictly on my own. It didn’t set well with any who knew me, but the broken record that had been in control of my life ended. My determination to be myself paid off.
    I ended with enough money to buy a sailboat. For two years, I sailed the South Atlantic, during which time I became extremely sensitive to nature. On one occasion, I sensed people in dire need of help. I scanned the water with my field glasses and saw no one, but sailed in the direction I sensed I was needed. After 30 minutes, I spotted three heads bobbing in the water. They belonged to young people who had been snorkeling over a reef. They got caught in an ocean current. They had been carried miles by the current.
    During my time at sea, I overcame all that nature threw my way. God’s hand was on my wheel. When everything could easily have gone wrong, everything went right, pretty convincing that I had a bigger than life purpose. . I’m now 85. My life is good.
    In the spring of 2001, retired and nothing better to do with my time, I decided to write my memoirs. One morning, first thing, I sat down with a yellow pad and wrote what was on my mind, and continued every morning. After a few days, I typed what I’d written into my word processor and moved sentences and paragraphs around to create a flow of thoughts. A word picture of me began to form. Events started connecting. I’ve been at it seven years.
    Shortly after my 1975 departure (not planned), I met an astrologer who created my astrological chart. It didn’t fit me. The present me fits my chart. In 1975, by going it alone, I found my path of destiny. We have no idea of the power that lies within us. Capable of intercommunication with universal consciousness, by writing my thoughts first thing in the morning, before being distracted, my spiritual guides have given me the picture of who I was and what I’ve become. My task now is to pass on what I’ve learned.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Speranza Aug 27, 2010

    I stumbled upon a contemplative practice years ago that transformed my life and opened my perceptions and energies. I was walking through a used book store when, literally, a tiny book that was hanging off the shelf bumped into my head. It was the Cloud of Unknowing. I read it, and some deep part of me recognized it and "got it". I did the practice as described and within two weeks "the doors of perception" opened. I now continue that practice in its modern form as promoted by Father Thomas Keating. I highly recommend Centering Prayer and the Contemplative Outreach folks to anyone who feels they resonate!

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Aug 23, 2010

    As long as our souls are taking up residence in a human body it is our responsibilty to care for that body.
    If any part of the body-mind-spirit triangle is out of balance it will deplete the energies of the other parts.
    I too have healed with a great amount of work and no meds. It is quite possible indeed!
    I even had psychogenic seizures in my sleep all of my life, due to the built up excessive energy of repeated traumas.
    I have had over 600 therapy appointments with almost 100 EMDR sessions in the past eight years, to build an entirely new brainmap.
    Along with meditation it is very important to exercise the body, eat whole foods close to the earth, and release
    excess energy in any of the ways people have mentioned, (even literally shaking it out and sending it back into the earth
    or the Universe). Some shaman will actually whisk it out or "suck" it out even...Master Lin at Spring Forest Qigong teaches
    people to heal themselves and others by using "sword fingers" to break up the trapped energy that is causing illness.
    I'm with the "all life is joy and wonder" frame of mind, we create our own realities with our thoughtforms.
    When we have done our own healing work it then becomes about how we can give back to others.
    be well all!

  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Aug 23, 2010

    In Taoist mind body practice, there are differences between man and woman due to different physiological base between man and woman though under the same principle of meditation or under same philosophy. and also there are difference between ages or levels of health. thus, the methods of meditation is closely linked with body condiitons. and behind it there are knowledge of mind body relationship. sometimes i hope here we can discusee such knowledge and testimoney as i can in Chinese forum of meditation.

  • Anonymous Icon

    susancraig Aug 22, 2010

    I think it will always be a combination of techniques and daily practices that result in a transformation of any kind. My experience as a cousellor and regression therapist is that we need to begin by releasing the negative patterns and beliefs from our past, starting with our chidhood and this life, and then sometimes even into past lives where some large emotional event was never resolved. Once we start freeing ourselves from these limiting patterns, we are more able to introduce a daily spiritual practice, as well as "filling the void" with positive affirmations. The daily meditative practive serves to listen initially to our own unresolved issues, and feel them, and allow them to resolve. After many years we finally clear the unconscoous mind to a point where we can hear the still small voice of our higher consciousness - the part of us connected to the divine. At this point, we start living our lives from a point of wisdom, in harmony with all that is, rather than from our ego mind, or the ramblings of the unresolved unconscious.
    So its a combination - clearing the past, positive affirmation, and daily meditation. Daily exercise is also required to maintain health and strength which keeps the mind grounded. It's hard work, required discipline, but it definitely results in transformation!

  • hallie Aug 21, 2010

    I join the positivism-wave ;o)

    Forcing my mind to focus on positive things - creating a new positive truth for me about me and my surroundings has almost cured me of an anxiety-problem that not too many are healed from :o) At the moment I'm on my sixth month of no medication, no panic attacks, and only very little anxiety generally - and that is all because of positivism and constant striving for being completely authentic :o)

  • iloveangels Aug 20, 2010

    Going outdoors and photographing Mother Natures beauty has brought me a lof of inner peace and healing :-)

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Aug 18, 2010

    They asked us what mind-body practices have had the most benefit on our well being. I have studied many things throughout my life,
    including Taoism. I was raised in the church against my will. I am still finding my own true authentic self. I do meditate, just in my own way.
    I must be making progress because I get a light burst in my head when I close my eyes.. Planet Earth is where souls come to grow and learn.
    They have free will. What if there was only one type of University on the whole planet in which to study knowledge? It is very important to my soul's
    growth that I stay on my own path, which includes honoring and merging with nature. Is BLISS really a "feeling"? Is true love only an
    "emotion"? I don't even practice Tai Chi or Qigong but my chakras are so open and strong that they make a pendulum go
    SWOOP! ...... I am crawlng towards the light, not away from it.

  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Aug 17, 2010

    When i was teenage, my drillmaster taught me the world view which is depicted in the classical religions and which is regarded as obtained from deep meditations. My drillmaster also taught me the relationship between body and mind, how body affect the mind and how mind control the body, of course the relationship is not as same as the modern physiology, and such knowledge are too obtained by deep meditations. For instance, only meditation can help you to feel the functions of the channel (meridian) of human body. Such knowledge was tested for thousands of years, based on their working and their recording, that we then find out what are the more efficient methods to get into some superior states physically or mentally.
    In Chinese meditation is only a fraction of systematic mind-body practice, and far from the whole. Meditation is a way to change oneself and after certain time of practicing meditation, one will experience extraordinary burst of emotions or feelings, some of which may indicate some changes, some of them may pure fancy like a dream. So how to deal with the reactions from our brain and body is very important aspect in meditation or mind-body practicing.
    Any emotion any feeling is the results of brain activities, if we indulge in such experience, how can we use our heart to test the inner and deep mechanism which give us the power and ability to feel?
    In the classical Buddhist theory, the “seventh heart” (manas) can not be attained until one discard the previous 6 hearts, of which feeling is one. If one is floating in ones’ feeling, or so called love, how can he make progress to deep consciousness? So let alone the eighth.
    Philosophically, if everyone loves everyone, can you tell the difference from love and un-love? The category or domain of “Existence and non-existence depends upon each other” is usually applied during the progress of meditation. Please leave your feeling behind though they have offered you some beautiful experience, there is a more splendid prospect waiting for you, maybe which will soon be left too.
    I know it is not easy to discuss with western practicer about mind body relations due to cultural and philosophical reasons, also due to traditional knowledge. As for tai ji, which is a tool originally exercised by Taoists, if you learn to play the tai ji, even you can combine your breath and thinking with the movements, but without the basic and genuine knowledge of Taoism, what really can you get from tai ji, a floating feeling?

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Aug 17, 2010

    Thankyou for your kindness and graciousness Mariel. I salute you on all of the wonderful work that you are doing! You can see some samples of my
    paintings at www.mnartists.org/Gretchen_Dreisbach

    Please excuse my previous omission of a word, (I am so visual that I get confused when I have to use words). I meant to say that
    "when I am standing above the Mississippi River when her womb is full I fill myself with tree top energy". My tree friends have taught me so much about love that I have learned to harness it for use in the human realm...
    My maternal grandfather was from Italy and I have read how my ancestors believed in ancient times, that trees were Gods and Goddesses. They also knew that thoughts were matter in the astral realm.
    They knew that all that lives is masculine and feminine.
    What if we just do what the creatures do when they need healing? They lie on the earth
    to realign their heartbeat with their mother, (just like babies do with their mothers)...I am so in love with the river and I honor her because even though she is so polluted, (we can't even swim in her here), that she stills radiates healing love energy!!
    I have never been able to be empty, but I can enter portals, (which are quite full actually), and I also believe that desire is evolution at work,
    so I pay close attention to when I am being signaled on what work I am supposed to be doing! be well, and much love to you all! -we are all linked in the web of life for sure!!!!!!!

  • rainforest Aug 16, 2010

    I love the idea of positivism and the beautiful sceneries depicted Your words, "standing above the Mississippi River when her womb is full and filled with tree top energy," allow me to see this painting of nature that you are painting. It is very poetic. Thank you for the healing power of your wonderful imagery. I experience something similar in the Sonoran desert. I like to go for slow walks in silence and marvel with the beauty and intricacies of our mother.

    Yes, it is a beautiful time to be in this planet. It feels like we are surfing the pipe of quantum wave possibility. I like the idea of making a quilt of positive transformative experiences.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Aug 16, 2010

    I did only learn to practice meditation a few years ago, using guided meditations at first, (like those of Minneosta's own Master Chunyi Lin
    at Spring Forest Qigong). I also bought and used Belleruth Naparstek's cds, which are wonderful. It did help to slow down my trauma
    based hyper aware central nervous system. It takes a lot of work to quiet a mind that is screaming. But, throughout my life, it has always been about going to nature and filling up on the unconditional healing love that comes from our mother. It is a form of meditation for me to stand above the Mississippi River when her womb is full and fill with tree top energy. (Glory!) I also sleep in the Moon whenever I can. Even if I can just look at the sky or feel a memory in a light breeze on my face, I am doing mind/body healing. I can't do Tai Chi or Yoga because my stress hormonal damaged tissue tears too easily, but several Shamanic healings have been keeping my chakras open.
    I am so grateful to be on Planet Earth at this time where diversity also includes states of consciousness. Everyone is on their own path.
    There is no right or wrong way to connect to Bliss Awareness. Everyone has to find their own way of riding and connecting to the Quantum Wave.
    Why would Universe gives us so many beautiful options like dancing, drumming, making music or art, gardening, etc. etc. etc...if we weren't supposed to use them?
    When I create my art I merge into time-lessness and ego-lessness. I connect to infinity! I connect to SOURCE!
    I "see" pictures, my vibrations are visual.... When I take brief naps I get information on what to paint from the greater mind. My higher self is always at work on trying to heal my lower self, all I have to do is quietly open the door.......I also believe that true healing involves the whole circle of past/parallel lives and breaking the cycles that we keep repeating until we have the conscious awareness that WE are doing it!

  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Aug 15, 2010

    I found myself trapped into such a discussion or debate that has started two thousands years ago in China. what we need now is positivism. ok, let it be, after all any meditation, or so called mindfulness are good, thoght in different level.

  • rainforest Aug 15, 2010

    Colors, sounds, emotions, words, practices are specific vibrations of energy with a specific frequency like everything else in the quantum world. These can be fully experienced and appreciated though meditation, dream work, dancing, body movement and a wide variety of practices and modalities. Dancing and movement are effective forms of meditation and the mind-body practice that has the most beneficial effect on my well-being. They embraces mindfulness, heartfulness and soulfulness. These practices can be utilized to promote healing in self and others, and are very effective healing practices that also require practitiones to empty the brain. I inherit this practice from my ancestors.

    I also see the value of meditation and mindfulness. Mindfulness allows me to reach internal harmony in a different way. Emptying the brain while eating a slice of orange, for instance, allows me to fully experience the orange, mindful eating. Through this practice, I can appreciate a slice of orange, feel its bursting pulp and gamma of flavors, trace the invigorating juice of the earth as it travels within me, appreciate the journey of the orange from the fields to my mouth, experience gratitude for the many people that collaborated in the process of planting, growing, harvesting and transporting this sacred orange until it reached my mouth, experience the privilege that is to eat this orange and the process of transformation that occurs at cellular level as I ingest the juice of the earth and how this juice is incorporated into the community of cells comprising my being. Such meditation allows me to fully experience the moment with every single bite. It also reminds me with each deep mouthful of air that I am a point of contact in the vast web of life. It also makes me aware of all the interdependences occurring at any single instant and gives me a deep appreciation for the multiplicity of collaborations.

    Dancing or weaving moves is an act of will and has its role in this practice of mindfullness as well. It requires deep concentration. Tai Chi, for instance, allows me to empty my thoughts, experince my body to the fullest and circulate the energy within to those areas where I feel the need to eliminate blockages. Honoring the wide diversity of approaches and mind-body practices that allow beneficial effects on well-being and that allows us to experience oneness is very transformative.

  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Aug 15, 2010

    There are innumerable colors, what let you see them? there are thousands of sounds, what let you hear them? there are plenty of emotions, what let you feel them? also there are ample of theories, what let you understand them? there is something more deep hiding whihc help you to accomplish all these. this "primeval" is not easy to close until real concentration is made.
    Durmming and dancing may help you to approach it, but why not agree that there are other ways which more efficient and more direct? in factr, i see this site, the meditation is more important than drumming or other methods.
    I think we should discuss what the ture meditation is, how we deal with the mind and body reactions when meditation, and also discuss the feelings and emotions created duing meditation.

  • rainforest Aug 14, 2010

    Dancing and weaving moves to the beats of drums is a very powerful transformative experience for me. I have practiced this in Yoruba and wiccan circles for many years and among a wide diversity of groups. It started when I was a child. My father was a great timbal and conga player and everytime he played the drums, my feet wanted to dance at the beat. To dance to the orishas at the beat of drums is very powerful and healing. While dancing, it is easy to trance. It is a liberating practice that allows me to fully experience the moment in the presence of others. It generates a certain type of chemistry, breathing and intimacy that is very primeval. When I join a drumming ceremony and dance under the stars or the moon by a tall fire, I feel that drummers and dancers are members of my soul tribe. Our hearts beat in unison connected to the Earth, the cosmos, the web of life. It is a shamanic call to roots, ancestors and past lives. If I feel under the weather and I hear drums and dance, my energy immidiately changes. If a particular drummer or drummers align with me at a deeper level, a strong conversation between my body and the beats takes place, an alchemy of sorts that makes my body move until I no longer feel my body, only the energy vibrating to the beats. Thanks to all those drummers out there!

  • TrueInsights Aug 14, 2010

    Breathing. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • jimdun9241 Aug 14, 2010

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    Here is a link to a short video about Zero Point Energy.


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  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Aug 13, 2010

    tere is a grammar mistake, "every possibllities" should be ........
    in chinese traditional philosophy, utilization comes from emptiness, for instance, you have to take an empty cup to have a cup of coffee. so if one want to be reorganized or to be wellbeing, then the first step is to empty your mind and your body. some kind of meditation can help you accomplish that.
    then there is an ample of discussion of what is real emptiness.
    when mind and body begin to reorganize, there is also an ample of theories to direct practicers avoiding mistakes.

  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Aug 13, 2010

    I agree that drumning is kind of way to enter other state of consciousness, however in essence it is outside depending, no better than drug, not true free. there was an ancient chinese musician who played so well that even animals would like to listen, but one day he suddently discarded his Strings and began to hear his music in his heart.
    That why meditation is necessary, when the mind or brain is empty and the emptiness contains every possibilities that free us from one string and one tune.
    In China , meditation practicers borrow tools to enter brain emptiness, like small lamp, wooden clapper, but all these are helpers not results.

  • Jason K. Norris, PhD(c) Aug 13, 2010

    I find that hand drumming is a very grounding and powerful transformative practice--one that has been used for centuries, across cultures, in various spiritual traditions. Beating a drum feels akin to beating my chest and saying "I am here," exclaiming my presence to the world. In that sense, it is presence that gives me the most beneficial effect. Through drumming, breathing, listening, observing, etc., the act of being present, in this moment, at this time, helps to center me, relieve stress, and align myself with the sense of connection to the rest of the world.

  • daikaio Aug 13, 2010

    I have the notion that some ideas have a life on their own in human minds and can be very destructive without us knowing this. In other words they are hidden in subconsciousness and may spread. To stop these ideas from causing havoc in my mind I developed a mind control technique which operates with the mental picture of winnie pooh's piglet carrying a stop sign in order to stop certain ideas and/or subconscious processes. For me it is very helpful since I had a bad nervous breakdown recently (involving psychotic symptoms), but my mind feels clearer now. Maybe I should also try meditating to focus my mind on useful ideas, but I am still searching for a method which fits me.

  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Aug 12, 2010

    To get rid of desires in one's mind is one efficient way since our brain is also in the managing of our body's working, then a released brain can adjust our body in a good way. on the other hand, the body's working is also affacting our brain then some activities should be noticed.
    meditation is a kind of brain "gym", then in order to balance the body and brain, the detailed technology of meditation is necessary, then to obtain wellbeing fast, efficient, and un-degenrate.

  • rickmoss Aug 12, 2010

    It is my experience, in the 25 years that I have been involved with the transformation of the mind, that the subconscious is, for most of us, the source of our reality creation. For those who have reached an advanced level of "enlightening" their reality is generated not from the subconscious but from the super-conscious or Divine Mind. Within the subconscious are retained emotions that confer reality on limiting beliefs, leading to patterns that our conscious mind has no awareness of. These patterns lead to behaviors and reactions that are at best unrewarding and at worst detrimental and destructive. These limiting beliefs are from the past, yet, the subconscious has no time sense and so old experience seems like it is now in the subconscious. I have seen rapid and profound transformations occur when the emotions and the old beliefs are cleared out. You can get a sense of the work at my web site: essentialpathways.com or by experiencing my new ebook at:essentialpathways.com/ebook.

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