How have IONS Consciousness & Healing courses influenced your work and life?

Posted Nov. 1, 2011 by IONS Staff in Consciousness & Healing

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commented on Nov. 4, 2013
by RealityOverScience



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How have IONS Consciousness and Healing courses influenced you?

If you are a healing professional who has taken one or more of IONS' Consciousness and Healing courses, please share how have you integrated material from the courses into your professional work.

If you are not a healing professional, please share ways that these courses have impacted your life and how they have been useful for you.

Sharing your experiences and discussing what you've learned could help spark ideas and possibilities for others.

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    RealityOverScience Nov 04, 2013

    I would definitely suggest: Enlightened.

    If you realize how it all works, including within your own physics, reflectively, everything Nature-ally falls beautifully into place.

  • Drdawood2014 Nov 02, 2013

    How can these concepts be understood deeply?
    conscious, in one's senses; aware, mindful; rational, sober; attentive, heedful, advertent, careful; watchful, vigilant, wide-awake, alert, cautious, circumspect?
    Is there a uinque word can express the meaning of all of them? Not necessary to be used isted of each on.

  • Sibylle Hajostek Nov 27, 2011

    I did a concsiousness course with Cassi Vieten in Tuscany, Italy in September this year - I'm not a healing professional, I was there as a private person. It helped me back on my track in several points:
    First it reminded me of living consciously in the moment, of being aware of what you do when without that you allow your thoughts running away - e.g. if you eat, you eat and the chance is very high that you discover new impressions because you experience it more deeply. So focus on what you do.
    Secondly it helped me to integrate meditation as a daily practice into my life which increases my - mhmh - centredness and my contact to my Higher Self as I call it.
    So for me this was a very helpful and deep course with big impact for my life. Thanks, Cassi!

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