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Hallucinogens and consciousness expansion – some of it "real"?

Posted Nov. 7, 2010 by Jchand in Community Groups

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commented on Jan. 27, 2015
by Imagination



I've only done LSD once in my life, back in 1997, and I don't plan on using ANY drugs anymore (and haven't since 1997, other than alcohol sometimes), but I have heard many reports from people who have used hallucinogens who claim to have had unusual abilities when under the influence of such drugs. For me, the one time I did acid, I didn't notice any strange stuff - it was just mind-blowing. But I have read reports from people who claim to have had experiences such as shared consciousness and telepathy, while using a hallucinogen. Though I don't use any drugs anymore, i have a fascination w/ the topic that just won't go away.

There is this girl named Krystle Cole, for example (aka The Neurosoup girl – her website is www.neurosoup.com); she was involved w/ two of the largest LSD chemists in the world, and tried many forms of hallucinogens with them, and she wrote a book about her experiences called Lysergic. In part of her book, she mentions telekenesis with her boyfriend, and she seems like a very sane, intelligent person, and personally, I do not doubt that this happened to her. I also had friends in the past who have done drugs such as LSD, who seem to have certain "abilities" after using such drugs – they seem to be able to KNOW MORE about people – like, someone would walk up to them and introduce themselves, and they would just KNOW THINGS about the person that didn't have anything to do w/ the senses. My pet theory is that drugs such as LSD "amp up" consciousness so profoundly that what you are experiencing while tripping isn't totally inside your own head. In other words, imho, some aspects of your "consciousness expansion" are real.

Hallucinogens CAN be extremely inspiring and useful in life (and perhaps actually elevate consciousness so that certain interesting things happen), but you can also lose your mind as a result of hallucinogens. I know a few people who were never the same after a bad trip. One thing I DO recall about my past drug use (which was only LSD one time and marijuana MANY times), was that POT seemed to have some strange consciousness-related effect on me. For example, when I was smoking pot regularly back in college, sometimes I would go out to dinner w/ my father (though I was never high when I did), and, in some conversations we had, it was as if I just KNEW things I could not have known – like in a conversation we were having about World War II (I have studied World War II back in high school, though, I kind of flunked that part of the class I was taking becuase I wasn't all that interested) – he would ask me questions and it was as if I just "pulled the answers out of the air." I didn't really know much at all about the war, because I never paid much attention. And there were other such things that happened at this time in my life, and it just happened to correspond with the time I was smoking pot. So I suppose even drugs like marijuana (which technically IS a hallucinogen, sort of) could perhaps "amp up" consciousness in the same way that true hallucinogens do for some people. Have any of you known someone, even yourself, you has had "amped up" consciousness from the use of hallucinogens?

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    Imagination Jan 27, 2015

    Hallucinogens and consciousness expansion – some of it "real"? There are rare testimonials (neurology) about FDA approved brain-mind medicines which work for a few persons with epilepsy and Inattentive ADHD. With epilepsy medicines, brain-mind connections can be temporarily reduced; with Inattentive ADHD, brain-mind connections can be temporarily increased. X-ref: paying attention, concentration, focus, working memory, sustained attention, slightly increased imagination, slightly stronger neuronal connections, slightly improved executive function, etc. Hallucinogens (2015) can be a kind of taboo topic (due to political correctness) for many. X-ref: Albert Hofmann; Limitless (2011) - movie (nootropic). Standardized model for thinking = concept of executive functions, effectively using a written annual calendar planner.

  • F_Alexander Oct 09, 2011

    Wow chrismayers, those sound like very vivid and shocking times! Your account of what you've experienced has been very helpful to me in my study of these things, as it illustrates in a specific manner concepts and lifeforms which I have otherwise only read of in general terms. If you'd like to hear an organized perspective on your experiences and some additional context for them, you can send me an e-mail and I'll gather some of the relevant information together.

    Once again, thanks for sharing with us :-)

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    chrismayers Oct 07, 2011

    I had some powerful experiences with LSD and psilocybin including: sensing spirits, telekinesis, and telepathy. One of the first few times with LSD, I experienced powerful energy coming up through the earth into my body. And just when I wondered whether I could use this energy, aka "the force", I felt it project through my forhead and watched my friend stumble backwards several feet. He immediately looked at me in shock and asked, "was that you?" I unwittingly began sensing invisible spirits on psilocybin, some benign and some otherwise. Upon having these wild experiences I began looking into reiki, and underwent a reiki attunement. That night, after having consumed alcohol and smoking a very small amount of weed, I had some invisible spirit trying to come in through my crown chakra, which I resisted and had to fight off all night. Not fun let me tell you. I experienced telepathy on LSD and ayahuasca. Hard to explain, but durig the yage trip, I was being tested somehow by the spirits and had to just give in to them. But I really wanted something in return, and each time my logical mind took a stand and asked what was occurring, the guy next to me vomited violently. After this happening a few times, he turned to me and said, "Chris I can't go through that anymore." ? Not sure what to make of that one. I truly believe hallucinogens can open parts of our mind and psyche, that we my or may not be ready for. They defy predictability. I have been searching for answers to why these things happened with me, and what am I to do with it. I don't know if it was a blessing or curse, but it has been a most interesting and unique journey.

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    wbilly3814 Oct 07, 2011

    It is well established in both American (north, mid, and south America) and Eastern (African, Indian, Malaysian, Australian) Shamanism that hallucinogens have been used since pre-Homo sapiens for 'expanding consciousness' and religious experiences. There are so many reputable papers and books on this topic they can't be listed here.

    LSD is merely a synthetic analog of LSA, which occurs in nature.

    For resources on these Shamanistic practices look into the subject of EthnoBotany.

  • F_Alexander Oct 02, 2011

    Lol, yeah, I remember Robert Anton Wilson echoing just what you said wellnessworks. He was sure that in this materialistic society there was at least one sure conspiracy, a conspiracy of the shallow and unenlightened to keep a nation of consumers shallow and unenlightened. When someone starts to grow out of the infatuation with material things that's bad for business. Plus if you're citizens start feeling too empowered then it's harder to rule them. On a side note though, I think that magics of many kinds have been kept hidden from the public perception over the centuries partially by a benevolent group as well. It has often been explained by such people that it is a tool far too dangerous for mass dissemination, and they attempt to keep the most powerful tools well within their walls.
    Not to put a whole BOOGA! BOOGA! conspiracy vibe on things. :-)

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    wellnessworks1209 Jun 09, 2011

    After 8 hours of tripping, on our very first LSD experience, my boyfriend and I knew we were hungry, but we couldn't figure out how to "get" food. We knew we could pick up the phone and ask for some, but we didn't remember the words to say to get people to bring us food. So we went and knocked on the neighbor's door. I remember chatting with her, and then literally "planting" the idea in her head to offer us food, which she did immediately. Even more strange was the next day, (by then perfectly straight) when I went to a job interview, I "planted" the idea that I was the right one for the job. I got it. This job took me from Boston to San Diego, - a great move, a great job, and a very powerful piece of evidence that focused consciousness will influence other people. Since then I've used various mind-expanders on and off all my life. Haven't used them to manipulate others' behavior, but rather I find I get tremendously useful insights this way. I consider them sacramental and would love to see their use legalized, but in a context of growth, healing and spiritual development. I'm convinced they are illegal because they show you things outside the normative consciousness. Magic cannot be tolerated in a reductionist, materialist, fear-based society.

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    wbilly3814 Jun 09, 2011

    This is a section from one chapter of ‘Eight Years Four Months,’ this chapter was regarding Strassman’s work with DMT. I’ll send a copy free to any IONS member, email me at wbilly3814@yahoo.com with Eight Years Four Months in the subject and specify pdf, epub, or kindle – just promise to read the whole thing and if you love or hate it, look it up on amazon and write a review. I am a Physicist who has spent over 20 years in Neuroscience Research and Development.

    From Wikipedia:

    A hallucination, in the broadest sense of the word, is a perception in the absence of a stimulus. In a stricter sense, hallucinations are defined as perceptions in a conscious and awake state in the absence of external stimuli which have qualities of real perception, in that they are vivid, substantial, and located in external objective space. The latter definition distinguishes hallucinations from the related phenomena of dreaming, which does not involve wakefulness; illusion, which involves distorted or misinterpreted real perception; imagery, which does not mimic real perception and is under voluntary control; and pseudohallucination, which does not mimic real perception, but is not under voluntary control. Hallucinations also differ from "delusional perceptions", in which a correctly sensed and interpreted genuine perception is given some additional (and typically bizarre) significance.
    The key phrase i.e., 'in the lack of an external stimuli,' meaning, (not referring to drugs) the absence of some palpable 'real' object or things or people, etc., which we can all agree are actually present.
    If we all see the same thing, which is tangible, but have a slightly different interpretation regarding what we see or experience, such as the details of a traffic accident as described by multiple witnesses, we often refer to this as one's 'version' of the observed thing.

    If we all see the same event or thing, and it is slightly less tangible, such as a UFO, and have different descriptions of it, the definitions become blurry, ranging from 'mass hysteria' to unexplainable, phenomenon, etc.
    If we all see the same thing, and it is totally tangible, such as a red ball; and report something so entirely different from each and every other witness; variations such as a box, a horse, a misty fog, yellow, the number 7, anger, an ice cream cone, etc., there is no definition for this phenomenon, and unlike the first two examples, there is no report of this happening.
    However, if there is nothing there that can be observed by all witnesses, but can only be observed by a particular subset of witnesses under the same conditions, regardless of what that condition set is, and the subset describes exactly the same thing, which has no tangible reference in human experience – what is the definition?

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    wbilly3814 Jun 09, 2011

    Also, it is important to reiterate here that the drug in question is produced by the brain itself, and is therefore endogenous to the brain and influence of the drug is therefore a natural part of the human experience. Thus, if we use the term hallucination then we must consider that since there is always some level of endogenous DMT in the human brain then we are all typically hallucinating at least to some degree – all the time. If we claim the DMT experience is a hallucination, then we are all hallucinating to some degree at all times – that is a requirement in order to apply the word hallucination here.
    This leaves us with two options: 1) we all have some level of endogenous DMT in our brains at all times, the level may vary throughout our waking sleeping cycle, and are therefore hallucinating at least to some degree at all times, OR 2) the environments which are not within the reported human experience observed by DMT subjects do not qualify as a hallucination.
    If it does not qualify as a hallucination then we are left with – real. OR – we are all hallucinating at least to some degree at all times, because of some level of endogenous DMT in our brains.
    I might also consider 'OR' to 'AND/OR:' If it does not qualify as a hallucination then we are left with – real. AND/OR – we are all hallucinating at least to some degree at all times, because of some level of endogenous DMT in our brains.

    A shift in perception:
    What Strassman has initiated is a condition where subjects under rigorous clinical controls are injected with DMT, which is produced naturally by the brain, and we don't actually have a number or quantity regarding how much DMT the brain actually produces, when, and why, and report observing places and events (environments), identical across the test subjects, but unobservable by (not drugged) witnesses such as the clinical staff who, although they have naturally occurring DMT in their brain at the time, do not have as much DMT in their brain at that time, and the test subjects report observing beings and places and events (environments) not within the human realm of experience, but identical between subjects, and unobservable to the clinical staff, who merely have less DMT in their brains at the time.
    The only vocabulary words that fit this anomaly would be a shift in perception. But the definition of perception implies awareness of an environment which is by some standard – real. And if two persons undergo a shift in perception by any means, chemically induced or otherwise, and perceive the same thing, which has no reference in our human experience, then the thing they are perceiving must therefore be considered – real, and does not fit the definition of a hallucination.

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    wbilly3814 Jun 09, 2011

    I have to put this in sections

    The best figure I can get for endogenous DMT is actually from CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) collected via the lumbar and in humans the maximum reported is 100 micrograms per liter of CSF. [Smythies J.R., Morin R.D., Brown G.B. (June 1979). "Identification of dimethyltryptamine and O-methylbufotenin in human cerebrospinal fluid by combined gas chromatography/mass spectrometry". Biological Psychiatry 14 (3): 549–56]. The body contains roughly 150 milliliters CSF at any one time. An injected dose of DMT capable of producing a psychedelic experience so intense the subject is incapable of perceiving the room is about 10 milligrams. There are roughly 5 liters of blood in the human body. This reduces the injected dose to about 2 milligrams per liter of blood. Assuming 100% blood-brain barrier penetration (it is actually much lower) this would result in 300 micrograms reaching the brain. This means that the lumbar measurement sited above indicates that an individual is about 5% on their way to a psychedelic experience so intense they can not perceive the room they are in, as an endogenous state of the human body's own metabolism. The number could be as low as 1%, however, I am certain the blood-brain barrier penetration is poor and 5% is in the ball park. This is a very crude approximation based on a vital lack of Pharmako-kinetic data for endogenous DMT in humans.
    5% on your way to a psychedelic experience so intense you can't see the room you are in, right now. And the level is proposed as a result of increasing precursors during sleep as rising above that level throughout your sleep cycle.
    If DMT facilitates a shift in perception to alternate truly palpable realities, then either you are 5% on your way there now, AND/OR the shift is – to here now.
    I believe this is the reason DMT is endogenous to the mammal brain.

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    Jim Centi Jun 02, 2011


    Two good posts! Tim Leary’s advice to “turn on and tune out” in the sixties was grossly misplayed, in that many ingested these sacraments and watched cartoons; unfortunately, this practice continues to exists today. Fortunately, in addition to the ignorant, many adult groups secretly exist today where these mystical substances are used to access the spiritual dimension beyond space and time.......Jim

  • Theoldman Jun 01, 2011

    Carlos Castaneda was and still is a good FICTION! It was a timely story that many of use have read and some have thought authentic. It provoked an entire generation of altered reality seekers. The use of true organic hallucinogenics such as, Amanita muscaria, peyote, ahyausca, San Pedro, Salvia Divenorum and others, when used in ceremony and not experimenting to find yourself - produce outcomes that are very different. The central theme to these medicines and ceremonies the world over is to walk in the "field" of unity - not separate - nor lost in the wonder of it. You are not looking for something that you already are, you tend to be busy doing other things in this state of consciousness. The opportunity to be part of that field and being aware of your place and effect in that field opens a very different cosmic view to creation and consciousness. Many mind altering drugs will give you a brief glimpse. The danger is; are you trying to get away from where or who you are - because it is a cyclical journey where you have to turn that inquiry inwardly and reconcile your center of being in the cosmos. We can navigate in this "see" of consciousness when these medicines are done correctly in the exact proportions for your body size and metabolism, and combined with knowledge of harmonics and elemental forces. What we are as human beings is so far beyond the drug state awareness that most fail to realize these medicines are but windows to our "see of being". I say window which implies you are still only looking upon this cosmic view and not a part of it. The study and practice of traditional ceremony takes you to the step after your death and these drugs have been used - combined with an induced ecstatic ceremonial state by one of the fundamental elements - fire , earth , air, water, ether. This is a conscious choice to step over the physical boundary of death and not die. That is why some call drug usage for any other reason - a small death!
    Due care - as you are precious and life is Sacred. Eamonn

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    ladygrinningsoul May 30, 2011

    After having a spiritual awakening experience (satori?), it brought to mind the clarity and focus which "mind-altering" drugs brought me in the past. I believe the constant stream of incessant thinking (as described by Eckhart Tolle) which distorts our day to day reality is halted temporarily and all that is left is our inner being. It depends on the dose of the drug and the mindset you are in when you take them and what kinds of thoughts you are prone to have entering your mind. The return of negative thoughts and the perception of the mind rather than the soul would dictate the outcome of the trip. I have not used drugs for many years now and never would again. All I had to do was read The Power of Now and I had my awakening, if I hadn't had the past experience of drug-taking to rely on to make sense of what was happening to me my mind might have convinced me it was me going "mad". My boyfriend and I while taking psilocybin had a noetic experience and I believe it was real.

  • YARAru May 09, 2011

    I had an experience with LSD about two years ago.
    And my opinion about this experience is that almost all the sensations experienced are not insanity or trivial breach of the brain. What I experienced is definitely real.
    I think this is the most important event in my life)))

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    mongoluvsu Apr 13, 2011

    So called 'hallucinogenic' agents (implying a distortion of reality) are, in the right setting and state, 'theogenic' agents (facilitating an expansion of reality). In his book "Cleansing the Doors of Perception," Huston Smith shares studies which indicate theogenic agents induce in most people an experience similar to the spiritual ephiphanies reported by saints and sages throughout human history. Of course, chartering a helicopter that will land you on top of a Himalayan peak is not the same as climbing that peak. Great LSD and forty years of consistent study and effort will yield more than forty years of study and effort or LSD alone will.
    That said, one of my most memorable experiences was on Psilocybin mushrooms. As the mushrooms began to work their magic all seemed a fountain of energy. Consciousness now seemed to extend back to something like the headwaters of existence, where manifest existence seemed to spring from the unmanifest. The uprush of this fountain felt like ecstasy, birth, regeneration, but as this fountain fell back on itself it felt like death, degeneration, decomposition. "I" was neither dead nor alive but dead and alive simultaneously--"I" was being born and dying in every moment. The vortex created by the intersection of these two forces seemed the template of all sense of self, or what the Buddhists refer to as 'codependent origination' (which just means there is no intrinsic self, just a sense of self dependent on the confluence of converging forces). This vortex seemed the very essence of Buddha. From this vantage point all existence seems both art and artifice. 'Here' you feel the tremendous suffering of existence, a suffering rooted in an attempt to 'cling' to something that is intrinsically ephemeral--a ghost with phantom limbs trying to hug itself. The more "I" try to solidify that 'artifice,' the ephemeral, the more "I" suffer.
    I did not feel "high." In fact I experienced, for the first time, true sobriety. I still moved through a world that felt very real--a world I now appreciated as never before, as I sensed the supreme 'art' of existence. The image that came to me was one I'd seen in Reno, Nevada--a neon sign that created the illusion of a cowboy taking off his hat and putting it back on by simply turning on and off tiny bulbs placed just so--but now the sign was a magicians hand perpetually reaching into a magicians hat and pulling out a rabbit.
    "I" felt both an infinitesimal bit of temporal existence and the dynamic energy of the whole in which that existence is simultaneously unfolded and ennfolded--the Tao.
    It's said we're in a crises of 'meaning,' but magic can't be trapped in or harnessed by concepts like 'natural' or 'supernatural,' 'self' or 'other.' If it could be dissected and understood, it wouldn't be magic.

  • desertrose Apr 13, 2011

    I have never done drugs but I know some people who do and have had these experiences and even "Vision Quests" as one of them calls it. I somehow think certain drugs alters or opens up parts of the brain possibly parts we do not use and this can lead to these type of encounters. Many high holy people have been know to use these modalities to gain spiritual insight.

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    Jchand Dec 18, 2010

    I just got stoned today for the first time in about 4 or 5 years! A friend of mine had a dime-bag of weed, and a one-hitter. It was interesting, and fun, and made me rather cheerful. It's an interesting drug. Not all good all the time though - you can get wierd stuff from it. I think...looking back on my experiences today and what I have come to realize in general about the effects of marijuana (which really IS a minor form of a hallucinogen), is that the biggest effect it has is to "skew emotions" and thought. It's almost as if (just from what i've noticed in myself and others) someone took a magnet and applied it to your emotions - it's like..you experience your emotions "skewed". do any of you know what I mean? If you are having a good time, this will MANIFEST itself as experiencing things more, being more mellow and "cool" in some way, etc. I can always tell when someone is stoned, often. Sometimes it feels like you have a secret - like you've discovered some great tool of thought. But it can be wierd too - I rarely go through a session of being stoned withOUT noticing some wierd stuff. Usually it's not all that bad, and you realize that it IS infact wierd stuff, but sometimes it can be pretty freakin' wierd! Like not being able to follow your own thoughts from second to second, or NOT being able to figure out how to make a pot of coffee. Consciousness seems to be experienced differently, almost in a "schiozphrenic" manner. What you experience can have layers of meaning, or it can be fragmented and strange. Anyway, if used ONCE in a while, I find it to be a interesting drug - especially with FOOD! I had THE most amazing time today, at a local grocery store, tasting samples of chip dip (this was gourmet stuff, too!). It's increadible that a drug like THC can make things so damned amazing! I ate some herbal sort of chip dip, and it was as if it was another DIMENSION in itself. It was very like..SPECIFIC and strong. I just find it strange that THC can work like that! But, as always, there was wierd stuff too. Marijuana highs aren't all just fun and games. There can be wierd stuff. That's why I don't do it too much. I've read that chronic marijuana users can get actual SCHIZOPHRENIA just from their use of pot. Probably, no doubt, becuase such drugs as pot and the hallucinogens WORK the same as mental illnesses (to a degree) - both involve overexcitation of the nuerons, which can cuase wierd stuff. with drugs like pot, it's more specific - you might get some wierd stuff, but it's also the fact that you are exciting the cannabinoind system in your brain that gives you what you experience. Anyway, I just might like to start doing this again - once in a while. Maybe even just once a month. IF I can get a job that doesn't do drug tests. No way in hell I'll ever become a pothead, though.

  • KnowEthics Dec 11, 2010

    There has been a lot of information about how psychdelics affect our conciosness. Best ones I ever read where Carlos Castaneda's books, but even then he didn't need them after a while because he was able to shift his focus naturally through constant practice. I got to about the 5th or 6th book and it seemed that he would never get to the ultimate truth, just another version of relativity. i've met people who take so much acid that it's an everyday thing, all day, way more than what most people would be willing to try. Probably because like most other things we build up a tolerance and we're never really satisfied. Another one is DMT, some people will just smoke and smoke and smoke that gear, trying desperately to find inner peace out of the intensly trippy paranormal experiences associated with it. Then there are those who will take acid, mescaline and then smoke DMT, certainly not for the faint hearted, but after the experience wheres off they are still faced with the inevitable - that one day they will die, probably because of the ill affects these drugs put on the body. There is scriptures that talk of those enlightned individuals, who through pure living and meditation who have totally merged their conciousness into the transcendent, far more trippy than any trip an individual could take before their head explodes. If higher conciousness was such a cheap thing, then personnaly I would be disappointed.

  • Robert Stek Nov 29, 2010

    I met Stan Grof back in 1971 at a weekend seminar where he told of his research experiences with LSD psycholytic therapy. In particular he recalled how he had given a 90 minute lecture in India where a number of advanced meditators attended. Due to his limited time, he naturally had to condense a lot of material. After the lecture, several of the advanced meditators spoke with him and remarked that while he had spoken about experiences "A" "C" and "E" he surely had left out "B" "D" and "F" And indeed he had; they knew from their own meditation that the experiences he described had occurred 'naturally' to them without LSD. Some of these experiences involved 'siddhis' - what we would consider paranormal or psychic.

    Personally I took LSD less than a dozen times back in the '70's. Only once did I have an experience that I had directly 'shared consciousness' (telepathy) with someone else. Yet to this day I cannot recall the content of that shared experience!

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    jwalters Nov 25, 2010

    Hi guys. I found Noetic Science because I started reading Brown's book,

    As usual I think I have an original idea only to find a zillion people included in my "original thought" . . .

    Makes this "awareness" factor a bit tricky to me though. I AM means not much IMO until we can see, say and believe WE ARE. No hero's here, just varying stages of experience and growth.

    I am a true believer in the "change must come from within first" philosophy therefore I signed on to this site for a look see, but I also realize individual awareness ultimately creates a prophet . . . just what the world needs (NOT) is another prophet!

    I once lived in the streets of Portland Ore. (69-71) Drugs were huge in those days. For me It was usually pot daily and LSD on weekends. I have taken many trips along the yellow brick road, sometimes alone in a darkened room studying the creature in the mirror, sometimes tripping through the rain on Mt Tabor with my girl friend. I've seen people freak out and end up in jail or hospitalized. I've seen others in complete ecstasy. I have never though, seen anyone NOT experience change of some sort after taking the drug.

    In 69 I entered Portland on the run carrying a huge amount of excess baggage. Angry, frustrated and somehow knowing this was the last straw stop for me. I met up with an ex army buddy and dropped acid the first day. I got really, really stoned. He took me to a local wino bar and told me just to sit and watch. I did. What I saw I can never fully explain. . . . These guys were living and breathing and yet they seemed deader to me than the first dead guy I ever saw melting away in a creek bed with half chewed ribs sticking through his rotting shirt.

    Wake up call!

    Acid completely changed my life . . . aware? . . . I don't know but I quit drinking and started thinking that day. I found a new appreciation for music and I began to paint and sculpt and created pretty things. I developed a new appreciation for women. . . . The earth shed her mantel of grays and began revealing herself to me in Cinemascope. ....... everything began having meaning and purpose. . . .

    Then I got busted and bored. I left the city and returned to Ohio where I gave up the drugs (well at least the acid) and have lived happily ever after . . . :-)

    Was it the acid? Was it just time? Who knows, but man I am so glad it happened.

    Today I have only one rule. Be kind to everybody I come in contact with. (Even the guy who just cut me off on the highway because that quick glance of rage may be the only moment in your lives where you will make eye contact) I don't go out looking for a cause as I'd rather walk the woods and hills alone, but it seems without looking I have plenty of people close up and personal who can use a smile and a kind word.......... anyways.

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    etmoore108 Nov 23, 2010

    First off, can we really call these drugs hallucinogens? who's to say what we're seeing/feeling is a hallucination? :)
    indigenous medicines often look to a transcendental experience aided by a "drug" for healing. (brazillian amazons and ayahuasca, native americans and peyote). It is believed that taking them can allow you to experience a higher reality from which you can extract knowledge. I think this is true to varying degrees with other psychotropic drugs, ie LSD and psilocybin mushrooms. For example, I've used the words "one with nature" to describe the way I felt on these drugs before. Poor description for sure, but now I can look back and say that I experienced a truer reality. The borders between my body and the world around me faded away. Thing is, they were never really there in the first place. Pretty cool.

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    Blydys Nov 16, 2010

    CRAP! i just wrote a bunch and it didn't let me comment and it erased all of it. Just, look into aura/chakras, Universal mind, and enviroment familiarity. But marijuana intensifies things we'll say 10x as much as being sober. LSD is just like being high, now when i say that anyone who has done LSD says NO WAY IT'S NOT, but it intensifies things up 100x stronger. So to answer your first questions yes it does "amp up" some abilities but these abilities can be trained without beig under the influence. Hopefully i'll come back to explain more but it was a lot to write.

  • Jerry Kays Nov 10, 2010

    Part 3 of 3 ... (Sorry, two many words, this was the only way I couldmake it work)

    All in all ... it has been suggested, and I tend to agree based upon my own experiences, that there is a relationship between the drug tripping and the "Natural Trip" ... I think that the possibility exists that the drug induced experiences probably do rearrange brain receptors ... but more importantly, they open the mind to new expanded potentials ... giving one a degree of willingness to experience "altered states" without the Fear that results in "bad trips" ... or that just builds "walls" between one and GOD ...

    I am ever so thankful that I can now truly consider my present state as a "Gift of GOD" ... rather than something due directly to drugs ... the latter thinking would eventuate, it seems to me, in some serious mental pathologies ... the Natural instead, giving one The Truth that Sets Them Free !!!


  • Jerry Kays Nov 10, 2010

    Part 2 of 3

    Years later, after the normal amount of alcohol type parties, getting older and running with wiser crowds, I became very introspective about life and eventually figured it was a depression stemming from what has since become called a "Mid Life Crisis" ... when one begins to wonder if and why there was not more rewards to life in general ... I had become relatively successful materialistically ... but there was something "missing" about my sense of self and it's place in this world ... it was, after the fact, called, the "Dark Night of the Soul" ... I found out when I eventually had a "Spontaneous Spiritual Awakening" ... which completely turned my life upside down ... or more accurately ... downside up !!!

    The point then being ... I then went on a many year STUDY of what had happened to me (as I had no prior inkling in mind of such possibilities) ... I read and read and read ... everything I could get my hands on at all related, even remotely, that could give me any insight on it all ...

    In reading I found that my "Experience" was rare, but not all that uncommon over the ages ... that it was in effect very much like the "Near-Death" experiences that I read of, as well as the "Rising of the Kundalini" in Hindu terms ... and so much more ... even approaching some of the LSD Drug tripping that some had had ... (I might add here, because it might be very important in truth, that I had recently, prior to my "Awakening", began Prozac in a very small dose, maybe 20 mg, if I remember correctly, for my depression) ... In fact, the idea that it was all attributable to the Prozac and not some "Spiritual Worthiness" haunted me for a while ... because through that whole episode I did come very very close to what I called then, God. (much later after finding out how most folks defined God I had to upgrade my concept to GOD) ...

    In short, the experiences that you mention in the article of those tripping on drugs ... are probably very related, in the most shallow way, relatively, to an actual full blown "Spiritual Experience" ... but the main thing, as you are, and should be, concerned about ... is how one looks at it and what it might take to value it as it should be, and what one then did in seeking a "repeat" performance ...

  • Jerry Kays Nov 10, 2010

    Part 1 of 2

    During the "hay days" of the "counter-culture" movement I was a serious "normal" person too busy schooling and traveling around half of the world in the US Navy to be involved in anything more than that ... of course "that" involved a lot of beer drinking ... but never any drugs. During my life in those days and before, there was little "soul searching", I was just a normal agnostic taking life as it came with only a bit above average planning for a future ...

    There did come a time later in my life (one must consider that I am now near 71) when I decided to "catch-up" on the hippie scene though ... just a little bit, more out of simple curiosity, and to do so,I went to a Rock Festival and spent the first night hanging out with the "folks" ... at which point I was offered a toke, or two, or three, and more ... my very first time !

    While I was sitting there on that grassy knoll in the middle of a farmers field, surrounded by smoky campfires and the brightly lit music stage at the base of the hill, the area full of tepees and people listening to the music, everything a shimmer of colors through the drifting smoke diffusment ... it was quite a scene ... for me, a newbie to it all !

    While very much enjoying it all, and getting a bit thirsty during that warm summer evening, the group that I was sitting with and them passing the joints around ... passed around and offered me some "Electric Cool-Aid" ... actually, they never said what it was, because everyone else seemed to know what it was ... but when one person asked out of the darkness, "is it electric?" ... I thought that they were asking about the old barbed wire farm fence behind us and just answered "no" ... never hearing, or thinking, of another answer ... or possibility.

    I had a most wonderful, and a bit strange it turned out, first time grass partaking ... for one thing, I became very paranoid later on, thinking that the cops were after me (there were none within a mile or so), it must have been some kind of a personal "guilt-trip" (double intender allowed) ...

    And it was not until the next day when I saw a person with a hand printed sign selling "Electric Cool-Aid", and only then was I able to connect the previous evening with the word Electric ... so I asked him what Electric meant in that case and he said ... "Laced with LSD" !!!

    In never taking anything like LSD ever again, I did often, actually, only a relatively few times, take in some grass, hoping to relive the very neat experience again ... but as much as I enjoyed those subsequent "trips", none ever approached the "first one" ...

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