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Glocal Memory

Posted June 25, 2014 by dustproduction in Community Groups

commented on July 31, 2014
by NoetPoet



I'm alway astounded by the amount of crap that gets posted in these discussions. After all, INOS employees a scientific rigor in its pursuit of establishing the existence of Psi, and like most here that are deemed "naysayers" I actually would love to find some real proof of its existence.
Instead we are left to draw the thin line in the sand between scientific evidence and subjective BELIEF.

So what is "glocal memory?"
Ben Goertzels work speaks for its self. Those interested can google him and visit his website. (To say the guy is smart is a bit of an understatement.) Glocal memory is his concept and one can read this paper to see how it pertains to Psi.

"In this brief accompanying essay I present a more speculative possible application of the glocal memory concept: to provide an alternative to existing “filter models of mind” as a conceptual explanation for apparent psi phenomena such as precognition, telepathy, and remote viewing."


My point is that if you are not bringing this type of material to the discussions what are we discussing besides "subjective narrative?"

  • NoetPoet Jul 31, 2014

    I read the article, The general concept of glocality sounds interesting (albeit vague), although I don't think it is necessary or desirable to invoke quantum physics to flesh it out. I think we can go a long way to explaining alleged psi phenomena by appreciating that alot of our ideas and thought patterns etc are inherited from the community in which we live, and that our minds aren't as unpredictable and "free-willed" as we like to think.

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    dustproduction Jul 24, 2014

    Here is the issue at IONS.
    When a topic with merit is posted, one that pertains to Psi, no one comments.

    Is this because the reading is too difficult?
    Or, is it because many of the discussions here on these boards are about personal subjective narratives?

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