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commented on March 12, 2015
by Imagination



Could it be that we tend to be self-delusional? Do we envision the life we want and imagine being there without the process involved? Are we sold by authorities. Just follow their leads and we will soon be on Easy Street.

How much does our awareness have to do with the events in our lives? I came to realize when I wrote my memoirs that my awareness played a big role in events. The big event in my life was when I cut from the herd and went on my own. I was the pioneer seeking to find my true identity. Once I found it, I began to change into the person I was meant to be. The events in my life changed for the better, but it wasn't easy. It was very hard at first.

Looking back, I started out in my youth taking the path of least resistance and ended with my life in ruins.

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    Imagination Mar 12, 2015

    Self-awareness - Do you have a vision statement for your life? A mission statement? A monthly goals statement? What are your values? Have you read names like W. Clement Stone, N. Hill, and Bob Proctor? X-ref: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Spiritual Metaphysics, New Thought, Charles Fillmore, Myrtle Fillmore, Joseph Campbell: Follow your bliss.; Bolles - What Color Is Your Parachute? etc.

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    dustproduction Sep 09, 2013

    re: The more Conscious one is,

    "In the eternal struggle between order and chaos, we openly hope for individuation to triumph, but secretly plot mutiny with the forces within, drawn by the irresistible lure of deindividuation. Phillip Zimbardo

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    dustproduction Sep 07, 2013

    This is what I was expressing in my previous comment, but Graziano says it much better than I did

    "In the attention schema theory, awareness is a description, one might say a model or a simulation, constructed by specialized systems in the brain. It is a cartoonish, somewhat inaccurate model of something real. The real item is attention. Attention is a data-handling trick. Incoming signals compete, some signals win the competition, and as a result the processing power of the brain is focused on those select, winning signals. Attention is a way of focusing the computing resources. "Awareness, in the theory, is the brain's own fuzzy description of attention. A brain attends to thing X; the brain constructs the description, "I am aware of thing X." By having some rough knowledge about its own attention, the brain can predict and partially control its own functioning. One of the key lines of evidence is that awareness and attention are closely related and yet are not the same thing. They can be separated. Like all models constructed by the brain, this one can slip and become inaccurate in certain threshold circumstances. Awareness is not attention; it is the brain's schematic and somewhat error-prone model of attention."


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    dustproduction Aug 08, 2013

    Re: the more freedom one has from unconscious determination

    This is an arguable point. in that consciousness in the broader sense includes the "un" or "sub," as well as "non" elements of consciousness.
    To say that we need to be more conscious merely purports a sense that the other elements are insufficient. Rather it should be argued the awareness and attention are key to being conscious in a more purposeful way.

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    RealityOverScience Aug 08, 2013


    (But then again, there are iPad keyboards with a mind of their own, as well!)

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    RealityOverScience Aug 08, 2013

    The physics taking place at the Universal Core determine what sentients do, as well as everything else going on in the world.

    Without Consciousness of those physics, people are vulnerable to being unwittingly pushed and pulled by those processes, like it or not.

    The more Conscious one is, the more the mathematics of those processes are altered, and hence, the more freedom one has from unconscious determination and external dpendency.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 06, 2013

    It seems that if we but knew what life is about we would know the answers to questions that are never answered. I see our lives as a process of connections--desiring to bring harmony, truth and justice into balance, a step in the natural process of moving from self to selflessness. In the twilight of life, and living in the tall timber, I experience nature's harmony. Strangely, I've become a musician. My music is on the Internet at http://joesgarageband1.bandcamp.com.

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