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Uncertainty, New Physics, Universes and the Applicability of an Integral, Noetic Worldview

Posted April 5, 2012 by Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera in Community Groups

commented on April 7, 2012



Uncertainty, New Physics, Universes and the Applicability of an Integral, Noetic Worldview
Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera

Uncertainty is the information we cannot know under certain circumstances. Off course, it also defines what we can know under those same circumstances. In quantum physics, uncertainty is a quantitative and precisely defined factor. It allows the fluctuations giving rise to the vacuum energy and different degrees of uncertainty may generate different stable ‘vacua’, themselves inflating and sustaining different kinds of physical universes. If the manifestation of vacuum energy made of ‘virtual’ fields and particles (which according to Quantum Field Theory also accompanies stable, ‘real’ fields and particles) can be regulated by an informational basis such as the degree of uncertainty allowed, this would make information more fundamental even than space and time whose characteristics are said to originate in the physical vacuum.

Can this physical ‘vacuum’ (able to modify the characteristics of time, space, inertia and gravity) depend so much upon information as to really be a product of a mental substance from a higher hierachical level of reality? Why is quantitative quantum uncertainty so precisely defined and can it ultimately be regulated? I think so. Moreover, there might be different kinds of vacuum manifesting substances displaying various degrees of physicality and mental characteristics. If uncertainty can be modified, the degrees of freedom and the characteristics in each universe may be different. In Indian lore we find the concept of a 'universal substance' (Akasha) which can acquire physical, mental and spiritual characteristics, thus generating the three main physical, mental and spiritual realms, respective embodiments or 'shariras' and subdivisions thereof. While these substances primarily responding to physical, mental and spiritual causes are said to derive from a non dual Source they are also said to be able to interact and this latter characteristic would allow us to develop a scientific approach, in fact an iner-realm, 'inter dimensional' approach.

I think that the three main realms (which resonate with the idea of the existence of Body, Mind and Spirit principles in classical metaphysics) can combine or mingle in different proportions generating different kinds of experiential environments or ‘universes’ for information to be decoded and experienced by loci of consciousness. The holographic principle applies in here. Interactive emanationism and dualism can also apply to this emerging synthetic model, even if under the concept of an essential, unifying Reality (perhaps best explained under the banner of “Panentheism”). To make noetic, synthetic and integral ideas more applicable in today's world (after modernity and postmodernity) we need to develop this post, postmodern scientific view to update old spiritual truths with the requirements of new empirical credence. We need to be able to objectively explore 'realities' beyond the 3D biophysical one we are currently most embedded in. These knowledge will also help us to stimulate the development of aspects of our more complete human wherewithall transcending biologically programmed tendencies toward greed, status, fear and selfishness.

What is the 'substance' of this vacuum energy? Part of it is actual and part of it potential also in relation to other parts. Thus, it can be both simultaneously but either if in relation. The 'substance' is both those possibilities that can produce 'virtual' particles and the actualities that sustain 'real' particles, depending upon the situational relation we are observing under. Thus, the 'substance' transcends and includes distinctions and (as Arthur Koestler's and Ken Wilber's "holons") always be accompanied by an Interior, meaningful aspect. Similarly 'Akasha' is said to be accompanied by a consciousness in form...'Purusha'.

Demonstrating the principles, laws and processes of inter-realm interaction would be a boost for the Integral and Noetic Meta Philosophy humanity needs to be aware of at this stage of development in order to find common terms of agreement beyond the superficial ideological incompatibilities people generally adhere to. This ‘demonstration’ would not only be coherent but engineerable and hopefully ‘open our eyes’ and launch us into a more mature collective understanding that the biological inclinations given by our species programming in the physical world are but part of a vast set of possibilities open to experience. Instrumental Transcommunication, the new physics, ufology and parapsychological research may gradually develop the means to understand how interaction with other possible realities is actualized. Eventually being able to comfortably and harmoniously interact with the actualization of infinite possibilities may be the surest sign of spiritual maturity, Non Dual awareness.

  • KYRANI Apr 07, 2012

    I agree with parker, there is too much from different areas eg physics, philosophy, metaphysics and it is not very clear, so I also request you make some sub-topics because this is an interesting thread. Thanks.

  • parker Apr 07, 2012

    Seriously? Generally there is not much written that I am unable to eventually comprehend, but wow, you certainly found a lot of it!

    On my third reading, I'm able to grasp enough to get my curiosity up, but still feel inadequate to respond properly. Maybe you could use slightly easier language to break your information into two or three successively related sub-topics for me.

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