Meditation increasingly acknowledged by science, and more widely disseminated.

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commented on April 3, 2015
by Androgeny



Here's a link showing a small feature on meditation that ABC News did yesterday, on Nov 22.
The fact that such practicing actually increases the mass of beneficial brain regions while shrinking maladaptive ones is a good example of "as above, so below." Or to paraphrase, it shows the physical systems of the brain adapting to the "demands for expression" coming from new quantum patterns.


  • Androgeny Apr 03, 2015

    Psychologists have been hesitant to become involved (openly) with advocating the benefits of meditation or what they call "mindfulness." Yet I have noticed a shift over the last few decades. Starting in 1998, the concept of "positive psychology" has emerged as a model that sits side by side with a medical model. Martin Seligman chose it as the theme for his term as president of the American Psychological Association back then.

    Positive psychology tools aim to make a healthy person healthier. Medical model psychology aims to make a sick person well. Now that this subtle shift has taken place, talks about meditation in the psychological community are more common. The Los Angeles Psychological Association now has a Mindfullness SIG. As I accumulate continuing education credits for this license renewal cycle I noticed and took CEU classes on mindfulness. During a one day class a few months ago, the presenter pointed out published research on this topic. So yes, I would say that meditation is gaining support in professional healing professions and published literature. Psychologists were less hesitant to go there after the encouragement of Martin Seligman.


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    Imagination Mar 12, 2015

    (...scientificamerican.com/article/neuroscientists-dalai-lama-swap-insights-meditation/...)(June 6, 2013)

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    dustproduction May 17, 2012

    What is meditation really? Is there such a thing as quieting the mind? Science now shows us that there is actually more activity going on in the brain when its at rest, including meditation, then when it is awake and engage.

    What is "attention blindness"?
    Author Cathy Davidson wants learning to be a verb when it is too often a noun. And she advocates for the importance of unlearning, which may in fact be harder than learning yet is necessary to prepare us for future possibilities.


  • Saoirse Dec 11, 2011

    Kyrani -- I've been away for a bit, so I apologize for the delayed response. Thanks for the advice! I'll give it a try!

  • KYRANI Dec 06, 2011

    I missed saying something clearly. In the initial stage where the blood build-up occurs, the person's reaction to ideas is responsible but it is not just the ideas. The person is put into low level danger so as to cause them to run some fear, but without info about the danger so they only know that they feel hot. This fear reaction certainly makes them more perceptive but it also means the body is in a higher than normal state of excitation. It is this excitation that gives the ideas credibility and hence causes the immune response to be erroneously ignited. The person in other words attributes their body's excitation to the ideas presented such as brains being cooked AND the idea of course pinpoints a location. And another note too, from my own observations there are changes in the morphic field or what I call a blueprint before the action, any action takes place in the body. It is hard to appreciate sometimes because our normal observations make us believe we live in a mechanistic world but really it is a quantum world. But in fact before anything can happen there are changes in the non-physical aspect of reality first and then the action, event, reaction, whatever it is takes place. This is not obvious in ordinary consciousness because we live in too much comfort zone which is mental fuzz. If you develop meditational skills then you have expanded your level of consciousness to begin to overlap more of Pure Awareness, which is of course infinite. Then you can apply them in ordinary life as naturally as you walk or talk etc. Then you do see this or at least get glimpses of this happening. One skill in developing cellular (and I am told also molecular) level sight is to see in the mind the mental events or selections that take place and even before they take place. Developing this skill is a very useful defense becaue an evil person has to first try to influence you through suggestion before they can cause you to react. Those suggestion can be sometimes made subliminally but if you can see the selection events in mind then you can arrest the process at the point of selection and negate it. And I can see the effort made in trying to make suggestions that I have an overriding say. I reject their suggestions because they imply other says as well. I have the ONLY say. Thus the point of selection of changes to the morphic field is totally controlled by me, when it comes to me and my property.
    And of course that is true of everyone, with one exception. Those that do evil deeds make foolish changes to their morphic fields often without realizing it. These changes are what we might call the creation of a debt when a crime is intended or done. These changes can be used by the person targeted to counter attack the evil person and with deadly force. This I believe is the new level of warfare. And it means that only the humane can win.

  • KYRANI Dec 06, 2011

    Anyway, a month ago they had another serious attempt but the interesting thing was that this time they could not cause me to react as to create the initial blood build up. I’ve had a lot of practice but knowing what’s going on means you can instruct your body not to react to the ideas presented. So this time though they tried to stress me for > 1 hr and then brought the worst kind of criminals into my vicinity (for a 48hour period) so that I was pretty badly stressed, they failed because there was no blood build-up in the brain. And this time they did not want to rely on fear. The imagery presented was of my body being carved up so that massive blood loss was being indicated. This has been done before and I’ve seen that the liver and spleen discharge extra blood into the circulation, possibly to make up for blood loss from the body. However if there is no blood loss and it is just a reaction, it has the effect of forcing the blood pressure up even though the metabolism may not be accelerated. Knowing this I stopped the process from happening. So once again I survived unscathed. Ideas are potent weapons because they act as directives to the body, to cause it to react in some way. And together with ideas they look to create general statements. These create an open door in a sense because the targeted person holds some condition in mind as true. So for instance “it’s being cooked”. If you are already cooking then this statement seems logical and true. However it can be applied to anything if the person is unsuspecting. It may be the steak on the grills being cooked but it can be anything else being cooked as well. It is important to recognize that we don’t give ourselves a running commentary in mind of what we are doing. When you see ideas arise that depict what you are doing or seeing or hearing etc in you environment you can bet your bottom dollar it’s a presentation being made to you by someone in relationship. Knowing all these things helps to reduce your risk of modern day serious diseases to zero. This is the great value of the experiments done by lay people. Yes they will face danger and it doesn’t have to be to the degree that I am facing. And they do have to be unsuspecting of the danger they face to begin with but once debriefed and having seen other put through the same ordeals they gain an enormous advantage. It puts people in the driver’s seat. They regain full control over their lives. Furthermore when good people begin to network then a very strong foundation is created in which even the weakest person can be supported. I am alone here since years ago they drove away my good friends and relatives and those that didn’t scare off they killed (by the usual methods). Even so I am standing against an incredible number of seriously criminal people and survive and I have been able to protect my two dogs as well. That has shown me that one can protect their children and anyone in their charge.

  • KYRANI Dec 06, 2011

    The first very serious attempt came after innumerable previous lesser attempts and the destruction of 2 of my 3 cats by strokes at the time. I can't say where I was but I will give you an analogous situation. Let's say I was cooking out of doors. I began to feel unusually hot rather suddenly and I knew this was due to fear even though I didn't feel fearful. I have seen on many occasions that unless the external evidence is clear or the ideas are perceived regarding danger we do not identify the charge up of the body as fear. Their aim was to make me highly perceptive, which is a part of the fear reaction. I was preoccupied with what I was doing but I did become aware of images, -eg as brains cooking- but I did not see the significance of that. After about 10 or 20 mins I began to feel unwell and I had a degree of light headedness and nausea. Then there was a strong idea of "this is it" or “that’s it” and I had the perception of a finger on a trigger ready to fire. I know they have high powered weaponry. However I did not get afraid and that shock them, but surprised me too. They have reduced my personal life to rubble thus my work was and is all that’s important. So my reaction was “what about the work”? “If I die who’s going do this work”? So instead of fear I worried, which lowers the metabolism. I had a strong sense that someone was most unhappy with my response. I walked away from the situation unharmed. I did not appreciate that I had walked away with a lethal condition in my brain and only because they had failed to terrify me that it remained undisturbed. In meditation soon after I noted a massive build up of blood in a top area and towards the back of my brain. Then I realized the significance of the imagery that they had presented, we’ll say “of brains being cooked”. I had reacted to that image through the action of mirror neurons. I was focused on the cooking so I didn’t appreciate that my immune system had gone into action, as it would if there was real burning of brain tissues. Thus the build up of fluids mainly blood took place in my brain and fairly quickly. I used mental prescriptions and about half of it cleared away in 4-5 hours and the rest within 24 hours. So I realized then and from many subsequent attempts that this kind of stroke is caused in 2 stages. First the massive blood build-up is created by the targeted person’s reaction to hateful images presented through ESP under mild fear and then subsequently that mass is moved when the person is presented with terrifying danger. Fear and terror both raise the metabolism rapidly and to the max. It means the blood pressure goes very high very quickly so any blood masses are moved. They call this “pooling” the person. And where much smaller blood build up is created, they call these “plugs” and the later stage as “the unplugging”. It shows their hate.

  • KYRANI Dec 06, 2011

    Yes I have answered some briefly before. The subject is huge since I have learnt an enormous amount as my life is being challenged to the max for 11yrs now. I developed cancers, temporary heart problems, heart failure was tried on at least half a dozen occasions and innumerable attempts to create strokes etc. I explain all of the mechanisms of these diseases from the type of stress suffered as soon as I can on a website. Regardless of the foul play, it is the person's own reaction that causes the stress/disease, so any damage cleared away by the body and all can be avoided. Mental prescriptions make changes to the morphic field. Two of the hemorrhagic strokes they tried to create are worth a mention from the mind/body problem point of view. I had to make it 3 posts to fit.

  • F_Alexander Dec 05, 2011

    KYRANI answered those questions quite a bit in the thread: "Seeing your world with new eyes: altering the senses."

    It's probably two or three entries below this one in the "community groups" section.

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    EthanT Dec 05, 2011


    I know it's kind of a personal question but, if you didn't mind sharing, I would be very interested in what kind of health problems, how you detected them, and what was done to resolve them.

    I'm real interested in the whole mind/body and energy medicine ideas. Short of the inventon of the tricorder, as seen in Star Trek, I don't see much other hope for an improvement in the state of modern-day medicince ;-)

  • KYRANI Dec 05, 2011

    The practice of meditation is generally the same for both types BUT for general beneficial effects/health one only needs to meditate a short period every day, say 1/2 to 1 hour. If you are interested in spiritual attainment, which includes obtaining "higher powers" you are looking at a great deal more. 2 hours daily is really only "mind maintenance". I used to meditate a great deal more than that. Also one way of getting more benefit is to do meditation retreats. Zen Buddhist meditation are most intensive but only last 7 days. I had on a few occassions built up from the minimum compulsory, which was 14 hours (but you were expected to remain in a meditative state during the morning, after lunch and afternoon breaks & all meal were ceremonies and hence meditation as well), to the max, ie 24 hours/day in the last two days. Once you get through the end of the sesshin and begin to interact with the outside world then you experience a fabulous high of your life and it last upto five days. It is not possible to sleep in the first day afterwards because your body doesn't require sleep. Only if you do some of these retreats I do not recommend doing anything strenuous after wards. On one occassion myself and a few other went hiking up a mountain and it was easy but you soon loose the high. If you don't do anything strenuous then the high lasts for days. For me on one occassion it lasted five days.
    If you do Tibetan Buddhist or Burmese Buddhist retreats (1 month) the onus is on you how much you participate but if you put in the hours you get good training. I also did walking meditation and developed some very special skills with Insight meditation. You can learn to observe the organs and tissues in your body. I got down to the cellular level on a few occassions but I met one guy who said he was able to go down to the sub-cellular level and observe cells organelles function. I was able to use these skills many years later to gain an understanding of health problems I had and resolve them. It is well worth putting in the extra effort. And of course the ultimate goal is the mystical/ enlightenment experiences. They are beyond words to describe.

  • F_Alexander Dec 04, 2011

    I like what you said there: "Meditation is about being attentive but also with intensity, with the kind of intensity that is found in curiosity and interest." It relates at least to some experiences I've had. I also have to echo what Saoirse said towards the bottom of the page about the word "meditation" being used so generically in many contexts. I do see that most of those techniques which are so often lumped together in this term by the public are often different paths towards a similar "mindful" state.
    Yet as meditation becomes increasingly expanded as a topic in the domestic and therapeutic spheres, I feel it would be helpful to at least delineate between two categories I've noticed: Those mindful practices geared towards general beneficial effects, and those types of meditation which develop specific faculties for those who REALLY SHOULD know what they are doing.

  • KYRANI Dec 03, 2011

    Yeah I see what you mean. Meditation is about being attentive but also with intensity, with the kind of intensity that is found in curiosity and interest. And that is what you are finding with the snakes from what I read in your posts. This is meditation. The fact that the snakes are fairly relaxed in your presence means you do not hold any ill will against them or fear and they will sense that and be at ease. This also indicates you have presence of mind and are in a good place. Maybe you could use your field experience to do the same in some other activity like gardening or a hobby. You know what it is like because you have it with the snakes. So maybe you can get more time at it in some other activity. If you do it will then affect more and more of your life so that you live your life in the moment and that is really a wonderful place to be.

  • Saoirse Dec 02, 2011

    I photograph them in the wild... which is really just an excuse to hang out with them, although I do get some good photos. There's something really relaxing for me in sitting on a den with the snakes around me. That's only spring and fall though. In the summer they're out foraging and I have to go looking for individual snakes and in the winter, they're hibernating. As far as extending the time I'm with them, I wasn't quite sure whether you meant seasonally, or with an individual snake. Nothing I can do seasonally, since they hibernate in winter, but by knowing how to behave around them, I can easily spend quite a lot of time with most rattlesnakes I find. I try not to, though, except on a den, because I don't want to disrupt the snakes' normal foraging patterns. At the dens, they're very relaxed, and not doing much beyond sunning. But a snake who's been approached by a human in the open has a bit of a dilemma. He can leave -- but that means stretching out with his back to the human, which is a really vulnerable position. If he's already stretched out in the open and moving, he'll just hustle up and keep moving (unless you do something that frightens him into coiling), but if he's been resting in a coil, and now there's a human there, chances are he won't leave until you do, because he doesn't want to turn his back on you. So if a snake is really relaxed, I'll stick around. If he's unhappy and rattling, I'll leave. If he's tolerating me, but not really relaxing, then I know he's not too worried, but he's waiting for me to leave, so I'll take a few photos and move on, so that he's not "trapped" there for too long by my presence.

  • KYRANI Dec 02, 2011

    Yes if there is just you and the snake then that is your form of meditation. It means your focused, there are no stray thoughts that "hook" you and you have to concentrate to do the job properly and be protected. What do you do with the snakes? Can you extend the time that you are with them?

  • Saoirse Dec 01, 2011

    Thanks Kyrani! I think I sort of use rattlesnakes that way. I've tried a lot of meditation type things, but they don't work for me, nor can I be hypnotized. But when I'm working around rattlesnakes, I'm very relaxed and focused, because if I'm not, the snake will get nervous and leave. So there's a sort of "zone" where there's nothing but me and the snake & it's very relaxing restful and relaxing.

  • KYRANI Dec 01, 2011

    You have hit on a very important point Saoirse. A lot of people think that finding rest is all about relaxing but that is not the case. There a state which has been described by some in the metaphor "having the projector switched on and running but there is no film in it". One has to be focused alright otherwise you end up either daydreaming or going to sleep and that is easy enough to do when your tired. To be focused on needs to concentrate and be present. Some people use a prop to do this until it comes naturally and they don't need the prop any more. The easiest and best prop is to place your concentration on the breath. Breathing is a continuous and natural process so you can use it anywhere you happen to be. Just being away of your situation and the environment is also used. It is a more subtle prop that the breath so it is not as good for beginners but that also depends on the person. You can also use a guided meditation but it is usually used for specific purposes. If you want to use a moving meditation Tai Chi is good because if you loose concentration you loose the movement so you are forced to keep concentrating on the movements. The rest you find is not like lazying on a couch and daydreaming. It is a profound state of peace, a kind of "loud quiet". You have to go there yourself and find it to understand.

  • Saoirse Nov 30, 2011

    How do they define what, exactly, is and is not meditation? I've heard a lot or serious practitioners say that it is not about relaxing or daydreaming, but about being focused and present in the moment. Yet, there are all these "meditation" tapes that are nothing more than guided day dreams, and many of them are sold or recommended by the same folks who say that meditation is about being focused on being present in the moment. And, of course, there are dozens of forms of meditation, which are vastly different from each other. I'd guess that anything that reduces stress is going to promote health, but I'm not sure it's possible to generalize too much as far as the effects of meditation, when the forms are so varied.

  • KYRANI Nov 30, 2011

    Meditation is really about finding rest, not just inactivity but the ultimate way the body works without modifications of any sort. From my experience this is important because it helps transcend and more than that erase, what a lot of psychologists, psychiatrists and medicos in general see as normal, that is the personal self or ego. The ego is a bias. With various ideas and especially through relationships (more particularly those that lack equality), there is reactivity and that reactivity is in the body. So circuits (or neural pathways) in the brain are created that together form the bias or ego. With meditation these can be changed. It is not the only way that such changes can be effected but it is a very powerful means because each time the ideas that had created neural pathways in the past arise the practice is to notice them but let them go and not react to them. Bit by bit the neural pathways are erased. This helps lead to the mystical experience. In most people it does have a profoundly good effect but I don't see that that is true across the board. I know several people of a religious tradition, which included meditation, who were in fact imposters. And one of them had risen to become a teacher. He and the others certainly looked good and even "wore" an ethereal garb so to speak. However in the end I heard that the teacher, with the help of some of his students and others, murdered his wife. So years of meditation in this case, if it was indeed genuine -they may have just gone through the motions and only there because it afforded them a position of power over other trusting souls- amounted to no change of demons into humane people.

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