Seeing your world with new eyes: altering the senses.

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Hello folks, I thought I'd go ahead and share my nifty little experience with altering one's perception. Afterwords maybe other people can share there own interesting tales of atypical cognition or perception, and even just moments where you've had your mind misinterpret things fantastically and fool you would make interesting side stories.

So I've been making a particular practice of increasing the range of wavelengths that my eyes can process for at least a couple months now, probably three. Now it has finally reached a point of markedly transcending what my eyes could see through before, making the world look just a little different. I'll be surprised sometimes when I look at someone's face and notice gnarly veins running around their temple or cheeks (the veins always appear as a luminous blue color which I actually find more pretty than creepy). Then a few nights ago I switched pillow cases to a thin white one and it was effectively see-through now, leaving the striped pillow beneath in plain sight. Then when I received an application packet the other day I was able to read through the envelope. Because I always practice by looking through my own skin, how much of my anatomy I can see serves as a great indicator of my progress. But noticing it in these other moments really drives home the fact that one's perception is changing.
So there's a cool little project going on in my world, how are other folks seeing the world differently?

  • KYRANI Nov 26, 2011

    Now there is one more thing and that involves the direct changes to the offender's blueprint! No one can affect another person's blueprint at will. However when a person commits a crime, and depending on the seriousness of that crime, they unavoidably create "parameters" (or directives or whatever we may call them) within their own blueprint that can be used against them. This is the meaning, I think of the common understanding that if you do a crime against another person you incur a debt. That debt is payable and it cannot be avoided. The victim has an absolute right to collect whenever they wish, save that they know it and know how. So a part of the mental prescription has to do with this action because one needs to take the action that stops the offenders from continuing to offend. We have an absolute right to self defence and this is best done in the mind. This is not about someone doing some wrong action that one ought to forgive. This is about needing to stop evil people from continuing to attack or from attacking at all. After all the intention to do a crime is a crime so one can stop them right there.

    So to sum up we can say that all bodily reactivity comes about as a result of changes in the blueprint even though it doesn't appear that way in everyday life, in the macroscopic world. So causing a person to react is in a very real way causing them to make the changes in their blueprint. But when they know that they can stop reacting and reverse the damage. Indeed one can instruct one's mind to keep the newer healthy cells in front of the older ones when reducing the mass so that the organ can be rejuvenated in the process.
    And we can also say that where there are conditions pending in another person's blueprint that are there owing to criminal behaviour we can effect the changes overriding them because they have in a sense forfeited their free-will in doing the crime and creating the adverse circumstances that can be used against them, themselves.

  • KYRANI Nov 26, 2011

    No the blueprint cannot be affected by any other person or forces in nature, but with one exception. Before I say anything about that let me say that you are right about the body reacting to hostile influences. There is a lot to say on the subject but very briefly the victim is made fearful and mainly for two reasons. One is that fear is a significant charge up of the body's metabolism. The other is to cause the person to become highly perceptive and mental perception is of course included in that. Indeed without direct mental perception inside of close relationship (ie ESP) the foul games can't be played. The emotion of anger is commonly also ignited to cause the person to become hostile or aggressive. They use general statements as can be created using the person's ordinary every day experience. For instance I had a veranda re-furbished and to do that I had to have the wood removed so they tried to use the idea of "it's been gutted", which says something about the veranda floor but it is also a general statement, not specific to the wooden floor. They also need to cause the organ or tissues targeted by the malicious ideas to be in an active state. Emotion is used and it is done to cause the person to believe that there is something wrong by erroneously attributing something to the activity of the organ in question. So for instance if they are to attack the person's bowels or the lungs they use sadnees and despair if possible. They try to adversely affect the person's life so as to be able to cause them to feel these emotions. Then they pose the ideas of "it's been gutted" and the hate video depicting the victim being hacked in the abdomen with an ice pick for instance. An unsuspecting person will react and that means their body will react. They will try to block the images, which is counter productive because they do away with the info they need to decipher what is going on. They will unconsciously react and it is through the action of mirror neurons that the action that they mentally perceive (unconsciously) will feel as if it is happening in the body. Their immune system will be unable to detect the offending forces so that it can't attack. The only thing the person can do is to try and resist and set up a barrier to block the action or contain it. This is done by stem cells and the more the person fights, the more aggressively they fight the offenders, who they feel in the body, the more they grow tissue masses and of course that is cancer. To reverse the situation one needs knowledge of what is done and by whom. The most important thing is to halt the aggression, realizing that the theatre of war is in the mind and not in the body (physical realm). Once that happens the body stops growing the masses. One can then give a set of instructions in the mind to one's blueprint or morphic field as you pointed out in Sheldrake's work, and the whole thing can be reversed, it is as easy as 1,2,3!

  • F_Alexander Nov 19, 2011

    Splendid! Thank you very, very much for all of that. I think I can now grasp a faint conception of what this mode of inner sight is like. And all you have had to say about cancer development is wonderfully timely information for me to hear, as I had recently had many quandaries about this. The "blue-print" that you have sensed sounds like the etheric body, or the body's "morphogenetic field" as Biologist Rupert Sheldrake began to theorize some decades ago, so perhaps those key words can aid you in further inquiry into other peoples' studies. I am happy to hear once again of your intent to publish your theories and findings for all to read.
    I wonder if the stem cell development seen in caner is perhaps a result of detrimental fields made of the same matter as this "blueprint." Perhaps there is a system of homeostasis in our body which keeps such "rogue fields" from effecting our own cellular growth, and perhaps this system can be impaired or penetrated when it is weakened (or taxed by too many ill influences, like those from hostile people as you mentioned). So I wonder if cancer is a case of one's own body reacting incorrectly to hostile influences, or if it is a result of those hostile influences directly overriding the body's blueprint with malicious or chaotic intent. I propose this theory because of Bruce Lipton's observations that different environmental influences will decide the shape of stem-cells when they are not part of a larger body.
    But anyways, I hope this train of thought may be useful to your own thinking, and thanks again!

  • KYRANI Nov 18, 2011

    @ F_Alexander
    When you know how something eventuates you are coming from a very different position to when you are ignorant and trying to make some positive affirmations. Knowledge means that your directions to your body are made with confidence and unshakeable certainty. Cancer is 100% reversible and it is easy when you understand what is involved. This is a big subject and I have written a great deal about it. I am preparing to publish it on a website as soon as I put into webpage format. One thing I can say here is that ideas act as directives to the body when they are made in confidence. So one part of a mental prescription is simply to set forth instructions for your body. So for instance to state, in your own voice and as if the task is already done, say that all barrier, resistance and superior combative cells (what doctors call cancer cells) now revert back to fully functional, fully specialized cells of whatever tissues or organs that they belong to, eg bowel, bone, skin etc., and all excesses to be removed rapidly by apoptosis. I also make one more stipulation there that older cells be removed in preference to newer cells, ie those stem cells that had become barrier cells and now reverted back to normal cells of the tissue /organ in question. I do that because it means you can take advantage of the situation and regenerate those body tissues/organs. However you can also make changes by changing what I think of as the “blue-print”. It appears that there exists in the non-physical realm “chosen conditions” that have given rise to the physical form. These can be changed. And part of my prescriptions addresses this aspect too. Lastly one can use the emotions to effect changes in the body too.

  • KYRANI Nov 18, 2011

    @ F_Alexander
    I'm sorry it has taken me a while to answer you. So first the insightfulness and looking inside your own body. I had learnt this technique from a Burmese Buddhist master. He had us take a 20 foot line and aim to walk it in no less than 2 hours. It is extremely difficult in the beginning to walk it in less than 10 minutes. And while I made little progress during the retreats, it was only later when I made more progress. The aim in the beginning is just to observe the whole body but most particularly the legs. You observe but not with your eyes. You look ahead as you would in ordinary meditation. At first you simply observe the pressure of your foot on the ground, how the leg feels lighter and lighter as you lift it up, how the knee feels as it is bent, how your balance shifts as your put your weight on the other leg and so on. Once you can be steadfast in this meditational level you move to the next level. In that level you focus on the muscle in the back of your leg, the calf muscle and you begin by observing the tension and relaxation of the entire muscle. In the next level you begin to “see” in the mind some muscle tissue, any area within the calf muscle and you focus your attention on that and experience with the tissue cells how they contract and expand. You then move to individual cells and finally to sub-cellular areas. And I am told you can even go down to the sub-atomic level. I did get to the tissue and on some occasions to the cellular level but I must admit that I must have developed this technique in some other lifetime because as a very young child I could see in my mind the cells of the skin on the top of my head. I had noticed dense masses in their interior and it was only years after that when I began to learn biology did I recognize what I had seen as the cell nuclei.
    Necessity is also a driving force. I had discontinued this type of meditation after I moved away from Buddhism and had joined a Sufi group. However some years after that I had developed some problems with my heart and I had also had diabetes (type 2). It was then that I was motivated to begin the practice again but this time I did it in seated meditation. I was able to observe the problems and resolve them. I had not at that time used what I call mental prescriptions. It was again some years after that when I had developed cancer that I realized I could formulate and use mental prescriptions. Some years later I developed cancer, which I recognized is really about stem-cell mediated immunity.. erroneously ignited in the body. It is a person’s reactivity to malicious ideas presented by very harmful people under danger/fear conditions. During cell division it appeared that stem cells do not go on to become specialized but stop their development and become what I call barrier /resistance cells but in some cases they do specialize but in a different way to normal cells and become superior combative cells.

  • F_Alexander Nov 17, 2011

    Indeed I'm sure such remarkable sight doesn't involve the eyes at all. I'm most interested in knowing what it is like to experience that kind of non-optical sight!
    Testing extended eyesight in a laboratory seems beautiful in its simplicity, but indeed, trying to then figure out the "how" does seem daunting 0_o. I don't think I'd be willing to part with some of my eye tissue, not even for the sake of science. I'm not up on the possible tools for studying cellular morphology though, so hopefully we have less invasive tools at our disposal now :-)

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    EthanT Nov 11, 2011

    It would be interesting to see studies done on folks who claim to have extended the wavelength detection range of their eyes.

    Some studies have been done on monks showing that they may very well alter the structure of their grey matter by disciplined, consistent meditation.

    Would something similar be the case for the eyes? An observed change in the structure of the eye? Seems there would have to be. A measureable change is another question though, I guess.

    In addition, as Kyrani pointed out, seeing auras, and all the rest, doesn't have anything to do with physical eyes, as I have always understood it.

  • F_Alexander Nov 10, 2011

    Wow, too bad this really didn't take off ^_^
    It would be great to hear more people's stories, and I'd like to hear some more details from KYRANI if she/he thinks it would be possible to describe such a sensory experience. And if capt_infinity ever pops by again I'd like some theoretical details on why the eye should require greater energy in order to perceive smaller wavelengths.

  • F_Alexander Oct 16, 2011

    I very much diverted my efforts from other personal pursuits because seeing through objects is quite easily tested. Since my abilities are now undeniably noticeable, I have been practicing on the mail I receive. I see how much of the contents I can read through the closed package before I open it. When I open it, the words are very much just as they were, and one can easily follow a specific sentence as you slide paper out of the envelope and into conventional sight. This is not seen as a psychic ability by any of the mystery schools or their students, only a mere extension of physical sight due to neural plasticity under cognitive demands. Still, the parapsychologist could always argue that this is an observed case of presentiment-based hallucination. I am very much open to hearing precisely what you mean when you say "the human eye cannot produce enough energy" to support the processing of higher wavelengths of light.
    I should say however, that modern science is too quick to declare where the rules of nature lie, and my friends in biology hold up the taxonomic chart as a prime example of this : ) . And well heck, two or three years ago, my neuroscience class was teaching us "as established facts" that the brain has a limited number of neurons which do not grow back and which cannot be customized by cognitive demands. But now we treat the fact of adaptable neurology and the regular replenishment of neural tissue as if we had never been convinced otherwise (and of course we have not apologized to all those people who dared to imagine differently in the face of criticism.)
    So basically I don't think we should declare hard rules in realms which we are still learning soooooooo much about.
    So what measures or experiences lead you to believe you have a sensitivity bordering on a single photon, and what does that translate to as far as your visual experience?

  • capt_infinity Oct 15, 2011

    I am experiencing visual phenomena as a result of a surgical procedure and I understand how light works. To see through things requires energy. A lot more energy than the human eye is capable of producing. I don't question the fact you are seeing something. I also am seeing something I shouldn't be able to see. In your case you need an energy source that is not easily definable. In my case I have a sensitivity bordering on a single photon. The difference is we know the human eye can resolve a single photon of light. The problem in my case is can the brain resolve it?

    Every thought we have, whether it involves our senses or not, is an illusion until proven otherwise. Dreams are not real though many think they are and they come with a complete set of sensory responses. Until you and I can prove the phenomena we are experiencing it will remain an illusion no matter how real it is to us. All this talk of ESP means nothing if a person cannot demonstrate the effect. If anyone can I know the scientists here at IONS would love to talk to you. I can also direct anyone to at least three places where they can make a quick million dollars.

    I wish I could get someone to do the research but no one wants to spend the money to do it. I believe IONS is making a concerted effort to raise public awareness which is why I have become a member. i have done all the research I can. Fortunately my ability comes with heightened intuition and I am now focusing on that as a way of moving this kind of research forward.

  • F_Alexander Oct 13, 2011

    Well after reading some of your other posts and coming to understand what you mean by "mental prescriptions," I'd say that in the beginning I used something akin to that, only with much less average impact than you likely are capable of affecting. Basically I kept imagining the protein pockets in microtubles speeding up their rate of expansion or collapse when processing information. Or I'd picture the quantum components in the rods or cones of my eyes reacting to a higher range of incoming vibrations. In each case I'd picture a process like that, and then I'd imagine it spreading out to affect increasingly more molecules and increasingly more cells in vast expanses (which would equate to small amounts of tissue from our zoomed-out perspective).
    So it sounds like my particular mechanism for change was similar to the method you use in a "mental prescription," only my mind is probably not as well "tooled up" for affecting matter in that way, or perhaps I lack the self-confidence that would make it more effective.
    Your current level of skill with this kind of introspective exploration, diagnosis, and healing sounds like it would be a great asset to those wishing to research the full range of what the human consciousness can do.
    I know it is sometimes difficult to describe these things, but could you describe in further detail what the experience of looking inside yourself and administering a mental prescription is like? Including any sensations and visual experiences, along with how vague or clear they are, would be quite fascinating and informative!

  • KYRANI Oct 11, 2011

    How do you change the wavelength that your eyes can see? I can see inside of my body but I have not done anything to change my eye's seeing range. I have used ESP. I have been able to see down to the cellular level with reasonable ease and on some occassions to the sub-cellular level. Seeing organs and tissues and blood flow is not difficult. I have done this at times when I needed to check for organ function and structure due to reactivity and return that to a healthy condition. I use mental prescriptions exclusively to address all health matters and with spectacular results.

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