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Cosmos made conscious

Posted Aug. 25, 2011 by Thedeafening in Community Groups

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commented on Oct. 23, 2011
by jcinpv



I have always liked the idea of consciousness being a building block in the universe and I see it as a necessity. But how can we go on about measuring them. Could it be possible for us to predict how much of it is in our galaxy. And if it can coexist with photons and quantum atomic origin. I do not know if there are any tools to measure these but it would interesting if we can get close enough to discover how much a role it really has.

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    jcinpv Oct 23, 2011

    Rather than repeating what I have written in other places, I refer you to my comments on "War of the Worldviews: Science vs. Spirituality" (see: http://noetic.org/noetic/issue-fifteen-october/war-of-the-worldviews/#comment_3317).

    From the perspective of science, I'm sure that even the proof of the existence of the Higgs Boson will not come close to answering your question.

    The only way to conclude that intelligence is inherent in energy is to find a way to start with the basic building blocks of energy, create the basic ingredients for life from those building blocks, and then nurture that life to a full blown human entity who then declares it's uniqueness in the universe having a soul.

    Or, you can take my word for it.

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    EthanT Sep 22, 2011

    Rupert Sheldrake is also interesting. Although he doesn't have a model quite as worked out as Hameroff/Penrose, he has some interesting ideas about consciousness, psychic ability, etc. It all ties to something he calls morphic fields, which is somewhat similar to the proto-consciousness "field" that Hameroff talks about.

    Here's his web page:


    But, I highly recommend doing a YouTube and Google search as well. There are some interesting clips out there on him. seems like he had a good interview on Sceptico radio, as well.

  • F_Alexander Sep 21, 2011

    Thanks for the Hameroff article. So far I've mostly just been following the work that Dean Radin has been doing, and hearing what Goswami and Hammeroff have had to say, but if you know of any other experimenters or theoretical researchers leading the field some links would be great :-)

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    EthanT Aug 29, 2011

    From the article:

    "I would say that protoconsciousness is everywhere—that there’s a field, if you will, or the very fine structure of the universe, which is everywhere and which is holographic, repeating at different scales, nonlocally. Consciousness is a fundamental property built into that. It’s not everything because there’s also mass, spin, or charge, which may not be consciousness. Still, intrinsic to the universe, everywhere you go, are the raw precursors of consciousness." - Hameroff

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    EthanT Aug 29, 2011

    Did you see this article, currently on the front page of IONs.


    Stuart Hammeroff and Roger Penrose haven an interesting idea about consciousness you might like. He talks about some of it there.

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    Thedeafening Aug 29, 2011

    Physics is now looking at the details as to why consciousness is a part of everything. As I heard it from a source, rather than thinking of consciousness as a paranormal element that came to be we see it as a something that has existed along all particles and time.
    So I think it's safe to say we know consciousness has a role in the universe.

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