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what's this?

Posted Aug. 17, 2011 by dontkno in Community Groups

commented on Oct. 15, 2011
by ProtectiveAngel



Sometimes the sound of a persons voice will cause a feeling not unlike the effect of narcotics ie very soothing ,hypnotic and intense. I can't help but wonder if this state might be very therapeutic physically and emotionally or spiritually. It appears to be related to my need to know.It is far beyond any drug I have ever taken. This just seems a very significant event in my quest.

  • ProtectiveAngel Oct 15, 2011

    It's sounds like your just starting your journey. More significant happens will appear as you travel your road. Always be on look out, as you may not realize at the time you have an event. The main thing that works for me is to keep you mind focused on what is happening.

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    typo Oct 10, 2011

    oops, heh misread that and thought you said, you hear a persons voice. My bad.
    I can do that. So I reform my answer, and am a bit embarrased, but my new answer is yes, vocal communications can be very healing actually.
    Just liek a cat purring is very healing.
    Again, sorry about the previous answer, I read quickly. But maybe the other answer can be of use to soemone else's question.
    Heh, silly me.

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    typo Oct 10, 2011

    In asking such things its good to be more thorough in your descriptions.
    One could say, for instace I feel a sensation of warmth and well being that almost seems to blow like a warm breese that is not superficial.
    As for voices, try giving a descreition of the situation and describe the qualities of the voice. Is it as heard or spoken, or a silent knowing, or an insight or somewhere in between.
    In the end, it is only for ourselves to find out. They can be actual spiritual events or at the other end as the mind can be subtle. In such context is always good.
    Certainly i have experienced similar things and that they are not abnormal to human experience and have known many who have.
    Also have seen variants that are self created by the unconscious, but again. Both to me are realities in human experience.
    Life can be sorta neat and we always grow. Impossible not to.
    Hope that is of some help...

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