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A small problem

Posted Aug. 5, 2011 by Thedeafening in Community Groups

commented on Nov. 27, 2011
by Saoirse



Hi I am new to this website but have become interested in the work y'all have done here. My problem is about a recent story my friends tell me, it is about illuminati and other shade organizations that have been some how controlling our lives for some grand goal. What I fear most is that I can't see a way to escape all of this coverup, its almost as if free will has a limitation and our consciousness is a tool for them to use. I could use some advice and help on this subject, please.

  • Saoirse Nov 27, 2011

    Exactly! That artist definitely said it better than I could!

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    EthanT Nov 24, 2011


    You're post reminded me of a comic somebody posted up at work.

    It was two scenes side-by-side.

    On the left, were guys like Paul Revere, George Washington, amongst others, looking brave, resolute and proclaiming: "Give me liberty, or give me death"

    On the right, was a large caricature of George Bush, towering over some cowering and mortified looking Americans, and yelling: "Give up your liberties, or we're all gonna die!"

  • Saoirse Nov 24, 2011

    James is spot-on with this one. Just because there's pressure to conform doesn't mean you have to. I was taught that one of the most important principles to keep in mind is that you must never let others make you react emotionally. The moment you do that, you've given them control over you. Look what happened in the US with the World Trade Center attacks. It cost the perpetrators about $150,000, which is pocket change on the world scale of things. We (as a country) could have chosen not to give them what they wanted. We could have buried the dead, taken a moment of silence and moved on. Instead, the country responded with fear, giving the terrorists years of free advertising and recruitment, tanking our economy, and giving up our way of life, our rights to free speech, freedom of movement, and privacy. Our president disavowed the Geneva convention and the UN ban on torture, taking us from the country with the best human rights record in the world to a country with a reputation for brutality. I'm not saying any of this a political statement. I'm just saying, all of it came about because there was a moment of decision -- react with fear and choose safety over freedom, or refuse to be controlled by fear, and continue (as we had done for over 2 centuries) to accept that freedom comes with risks, and go on living as we always had. America chose to allow an enemy to make it react emotionally and we're dealing with the escalating fallout.

    We have the same choice as individuals -- let others use our emotions to control us or recognize that we're responsible for our own emotions.

  • KYRANI Nov 22, 2011

    You are worried about the coverup but I can tell you that the coverup no matter how good they think it is has massive holes in it and essentially is just a house of cards. There are countless networks of evil people which are linked worldwide. These networks have no signed up membership nor leadership. They are groups of likeminded people and there are echelons of power. The reason they are networked is because they cannot play the foul games alone, ie games to gain power and influence over another person to manipulate and control them, to take revenge or simply to do harm for the fun of it. All of those people that they harm are people with whom they are in some sort of relationship (personal, work-related, social etc.)The damage they do is stress and disease, which in the last 50years have quadrupled in some cases but in all cases have increased exponentially. Very soon the true nature of these will be known and when that happens evil people will no longer be able to survive. They need to harm others to sustain themselves and when they can't harm others anymore they will die. Time is running out for them because there are a number of people working for their exposure and they will succeed despite the grand efforts that are made to stop them. So worry not, everything is unfolding as it should.

  • frequencytuner Oct 21, 2011

    You might actually find this interesting:



  • frequencytuner Oct 21, 2011

    This is a can of worms you may regret opening. Plato encoded (occult) the "Illuminati" and this very discussion into "The Allegory of the Cave".

    Hidden in plain sight:


    Here is something to ponder before you go too deep:


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    Thedeafening Oct 18, 2011

    ProtectiveAngel, I can't recover the actual paper I wrote about it, but I can recommend some books that helped me get an answer.
    Bloodlines of the illuminati, Fritz Springmeire. Angels and Demons, Dan Brown. There is also a commentary about the movie that has good info. THE ILLUMINATI AND THE COUNSEL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS.
    Other than these books, the rest I saw for my self throughout history.

  • ProtectiveAngel Oct 17, 2011

    Thanks and do you have a link on your info. I have not found that detailed of info.

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    Thedeafening Oct 17, 2011

    The masons are somewhat different from the illuminati. When I studied the illuminati I noticed that they were not a religious cult, but a secular pact of scientists hell bent to over throw the church and promote their studies.

  • ProtectiveAngel Oct 15, 2011

    Study and research the group. They were started in the USA in 1776. As shown on the back of the dollar in Roman numbers. The group also known as the Free Masons. Yes I said it. The Masons. Did you know they have their own calendar? In 4000 BC by our date, the Masons say God created the Earth. Why is this knowledge hidden from the world. The Masons were the first to create a banking system.
    The biggest question I have for Mason is,
    Are Masons the living decentants of the Nephilim?
    If they are, this world is in horrific trouble.

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    Thedeafening Aug 15, 2011

    Thank you for your help

  • Iya Ifalola Omobola Aug 11, 2011

    In addition, I would like to add that we might consider the notion that fear within itself is something that has outlived its usefulness. It has become the easy way out for the lazy and a tool for the manipulators. It is an antiquated tool gone awry. Once serving as a mechanism to alert us to danger, it has grown into a persona of its own that continually propagates negative thought forms which cloud the astral plane. It would be good to learn to transform it when it appears so the energy can once again be useful and practical.

    Community has proven to be key, as well, in order to find grounding and affirmation. Surround yourself by people who ascribe to the same principles as you.

    Much respect,
    Iya Ifalola

  • Fallensoul Aug 07, 2011

    I agree with James about focusing on the positive. We have little control of over these things. Besides that the very people who think they are controlling the world are themselves controlled by these higher laws. They themselves are controlled by greed, lust, envy and illusion. They, like us, are forced to die, succumb to old-age and disease and take rebirth. So whose the boss? You are right in saying this is a small problem, because we have bigger problems to solve. Focus some of your energy on solving these things -- then you can obtain true independence.

    We are certainly not fully independent in our free will, but we do have control over how we respond to the various influences in our life and therein lies the secret to success. The Supreme Person doesnt interfere with our free will, neither can anyone else subordinate to the Supreme. So Irrespective of the externals, positive or negative we can still maintain positive consciousness -- not artificially, but by taking shelter of the positive spiritual reality we can act on a spiritual platform. That is always our own choice.

  • mysticmuse Aug 07, 2011

    Best to think of yourself, and affirm yourself essentially and ultimately free. At the same time recognize that we're surrounded with all manner of group pressures and persuasions. We are born into them and they surround us. It's not just supposed shadowy groups or misnamed ones like "illuminati." The more pressing ones often have less glamorous sounding names but are quite profound in effects on us. They are things like family, church, political groups, and all manner of group-think. But do not fear pressures, rather use them as resistance against which to grow and as tests to developed and refine your discriminative powers.

    Best to recognize that good will ultimately triumph, and will in you as well. Ignore fear of cults and go forward with optimism, focusing your attention mainly on the good, the true, the beautiful.


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