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Looking for sitters for psychical research

Posted March 14, 2011 by QuantumOcean in Community Groups

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We are looking for a few more participants to be sitters for psychic medium "interviews" to collect research data to be the basis of an upcoming book.

The sitter's deceased close relatives or friends must have been religious or of a unique philosophical background.

We have enough sitters with christian relatives, thus we are looking for buddhist, hindu, muslim, etc. OR, if someone has a deceased christian priest/nun in their family tree, that would be interesting too. DO YOU FIT THIS BILL?

Interviews to be done locally in the Puget Sound area, or beyond via Skype.

Send an email to express your interest in participating. Contact info at: http://www.spiritualexploration.com/contactus.html

This request expires June 1, 2011.


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