How has a transformational experience changed your life?

Posted Nov. 5, 2010 by IONS Staff in Big Questions

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by Nicole



Transformational Experience

How has a transformational experience changed your life?

On his return trip from the moon, astronaut Edgar Mitchell looked at planet earth and experienced a profound shift in consciousness. He understood the nature of the universe and his place in it in a new way, and that experience led him to change direction in his life and to found the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Numerous research studies are finding that contemplative practices such as meditation affect the actual structures of our brains and can trigger changes in behavior and perspective. Have you experienced this?

Our big question for the month of November: "How has a transformational experience changed your life?"

Please join this discussion by sharing your response to this question in the comment space below.

This video features Marilyn Schlitz, IONS President/CEO, Dean Radin, IONS Senior Scientist and Cassandra Vieten, IONS Director of Research as they explore the role of Transformation in our lives and the influence it has on our culture.

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    Nicole Nov 10, 2013


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    dontkno Nov 05, 2013

    Not sure what precipitated it but at some point I realized what I know pales in comparison to what I don't know, resulting in an openness to possibilities I had not previously considered. The burning question in my mind is how to share this realization with others, everything else is a "nobrainer". Reason is obvious. No! What is is obvious.Too simple?

  • bestearth Jul 22, 2013

    Are perceptions automatically created by the brain and therefore pure? Does intepretation of experiences come from the conceptual part of the mind which takes the raw perception and then manipulates it? Using archetypes buried in the subconscios from a persons specific cultural demographic?

    Some of the experiences Mitchell mentions like meetings with beings etc may be this. But nonetheless can't be dismissed as useless because they often result in an improvement in understanding of the organising principle and people experience awe and reverence. The surest way to drop out of what has been described as samadhi, the pure witness state of extatics is to lose the qualities of wonder, reverence, awe, gratitude. I don't know how science could explain these using purely classical analysis other than saying there has to be a biochemical explanation to it all. And maybe there is. But each new discovery does not bring the horizon closer. It reveals there is so much more to know.

  • bestearth Jul 15, 2013

    Very interesting vid.Thanks.

    The difference he described between the experiencing self and the memory self is precisely the difference between unconditioned and conditioned awareness described by the Buddha. Daniel is basically saying that people who spend the majority of their time in the experiencing self are happier, but maybe the experiencing self has no real concept of what happy is but the effect on the persons mind and life is beneficial because they don't form as many judgements which become memory which become their story that they keep alive. he is saying the story is what makes people miserable. I think he's right.

    In terms of the experiences that I and others describe they can't be dismissed simply because they become memory. In a short presentation he could only touch on the extremes of pleasure and pain, but the middle ground was not mentioned and that's where these types of experiences may go. Most have found the epiphany type for example pleasurable, sometimes intoxicatingly. That's why I used the phrase' burned into my memory'. Unlike a vacation these experiences are not anything like a vacation or the memory of one. A vacation is unlikely to shake you to the core and totally rearrange your interests. A vacation won't inspire you to set up an organisation dedicated to the scientific study of intuition. E. Mitchell's 'experience' is the reason we are here at all discussing these things. And that's why I said 'experience is everthing' but i didn't mean nothing else is important but it is primary I believe.

    I have never done drugs. My experiences I've described in other threads. I mentioned they mostly, occur in the early morning. For whatever reason amongst 'experiencers' it is called 'the window', around 3am. They ocurr while awake but in a deeply relaxed state where the judgemental, expectant, attatched and belief driven mentals states for some reason are out of the way. i would say that with the judge unplugged, the mind falls into a receptive state where the best of both hemishperes are free to work together, that's why the memory of them is clear and does not fade like ordinary dream state. If you don't write down an ordinary dream you will forget its content but the other types I mention don't have to be written down because they stand out strong against all else as unusual and as real as anything from the everyday. The experiences are free of the conceptual mind, it is suspended for some reason during them.

    Traditionally shamans have employed entheogens to artificially achieve this state by unplugging the judge chemically, with mixed results. Bad experiences occur because the situation is forced and the person is not ready. They take into it negativity and expectation of something to happen and it distorts things, maybe even put them out of balance long term. Maybe they had a goal 'to experience' something and that's where it comes undone-attatchment.

    I never had any goal to experience these.

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    dustproduction Jul 14, 2013

    Re: "The experience is everything."

    Perhaps. My question is always "How much of the experience were you aware of, how present are you on any experience?"
    What we believe to be the experience can also be our perception of an experience. But in the end, we are left with the memory of the experience, and those are two very different things as Daniel Kahneman points out.


  • bestearth Jul 14, 2013

    The experience is everything. The most vast database of relevant information is human experience. If a framework is to be made it's foundation is experience. Maybe some people hallucinate when under influence like LSD trips. The problem with points of view is that if a person is convinced of them they want to convince everyone else to. Till an experience comes to them these words remain only words and the concepts they describe. The words and concepts are not the experience. Experience is not entirely subjective as you claim. If someone sticks a pin in your hand the experience passes but a memory is created. There is nothing subjective about the physical pain. If the pain goes and becomes a memory. The memory can't be put into prehistory which then becomes the same as myth. So faded that people regard it as someones imagination. That goes for these subtle experiences also. There is seemingly a totally different set of laws we are trying to understand. When new experiences defy current categories we need to invent words to enable it to be described to others.

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    dustproduction Jul 07, 2013

    Re: The event is burned into my mind forever and was the first experience i had that indicated there is much more to reality.

    see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hallucination

  • Joseph Smith Jun 15, 2013

    These discussion groups prove a lack of direction. Consequently, at the present time in America the people don't know who to fear the most, international terrorists or our own government.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 15, 2013

    On Feb 5, 2011, KTI777: "The Ancient Mysteries, indigenous prophecies and the mystical/esoteric sides of religion speak of a time of transformation....

    That comment shut down the discussion until Mar 19, 2012.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 15, 2013

    Furthermore, brain doctor and quantum physicist Evan Harris Walker, in "The Physics of Consciousness: The Quantum Mind and the Meaning of Life," under "A God for Tomorrow," "but this trinity of man, mind and God is not the full realization of the fabric of reality...The tests of Bell's theorem have shown us that objective reality as it has been conceived (the classical physics view and I take it IONS view) is not the true fabric of reality. Walker proved Bell's theorem mathematically using the Pythagorean theorem. Pythagoras, and astrologer, held that the universe can be reduced to numbers, as to events, human characteristics, and as to the aspects of matter.

    The old school of science says Walker is trying to smuggle God into physics. That stands to reason. The establishment has always moved forward kicking and screaming.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 15, 2013

    Speaking of transformation, "in earth as it is in heaven....But seek ye first the kingdom of God, as far as you and I are concerned, to me, this that Jesus said connects you and I to earth and the heavens, and as one, conscious.

    From Noetic Sciences we learn that "at worst" the field of parapsychology is lumped together with astrology. Someone is wrong. All I can say is that I'll take astrology. All my dreams came true. Can all of you say that? Was it the luck of the draw that my life is good?

  • Joseph Smith Jun 15, 2013

    As to a person's own free will and desire to change, I left my old life with a bigger than life cause. I was David, out to slay Goliath, in my case, the IRS. Actually, I did beat the IRS, for all the good it did. I was the only one that benefitted.

    As life went on—I kept a written record—events began to connect. A neighbor, a good Christian, told me that I was a secular humanist. I looked the term up. I’m someone who promotes human values without specific allusion to religious doctrines. That’s me for sure. Astrology says I’m so far ahead of my time that people have difficulty understanding me.

    The more I wrote, the more I connected my life with the Bible. In 2010, I asked my wife for a new Bible for Christmas. Her Bible had gotten wet and the pages were sticking together. She gave me a leather bound Scofield Reference Bible with large print. I became interested in the Gospels, and discovered that Jesus had been with me ever since my departure from my old life in 1975, not that I became religious.

    Under “The return of the Lord in glory,” in Luke 21:25, “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of the nations,” this sounds like astrology. Astrology says we are leaving the Age of Pisces, a time when people tend to be weak willed and easily influenced by external factors. We are entering a time when we become our brother’s keeper.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 15, 2013

    Bestearth: “My view is that the only authentic change in a person is when it comes from their own volition, free of compulsion, threat, deception and force. Of course everyone can be influenced but they can only allow that influence to change them by their own free will and desire to change.”

    Bestearth, what you say fits like a hand in a glove. I come from a good Christian family, the kind of people we Americans call the salt of the earth. I cut out, went on my own, discovered who I really was, and turned my life around. This should blow your mind. The day I left my old life is the day Christians commemorate as the day Jesus was hung from a cross. I arrived in Miami, Florida on Easter Sunday for the first day of my new life, a vagabond seeking truth and justice. To my family, I was a black sheep. I deserved whatever my fate would be.

    Life was very hard for me at first. But things began to change. In my old life, if anything could go wrong it did. In my new life, inexplicably, when things should have gone wrong, things started going right. It wasn’t because Jesus came into my life. I was anti-religious. Whatever good or bad befell me, it was my doing.

  • bestearth Jun 15, 2013

    Fallensoul: I agree with you. It's not meant to be a way of life. I never said that. Another example of denial in action may be the 'pollyanna' type person. Have you met one?

    This person is so positive about everything that it borders on annoying. We can say that this person is not very spiritually mature because they refuse to acknowledge the dark side of life as if it doesn't exist. I have met such people and my feeling about them is that they can't be changed. You could use the most eloquent argument to convince them of another view but it would likely have the opposite effect. My view is that the only authentic change in a person is when it comes from their own volition, free of compulsion, threat, deception and force. Of course everyone can be influenced but they can only allow that influence to change them by their own free will and desire to change.

    In another post I listed 7 temperaments. The diversity of thought in the human family is what renders us able to adapt, without that diversity, life would become homogenous, dull and we would be rendered not able to adapt to future circumstances. I agree that we can happier if we simply align ourselves with reality. Norbu's teaching is really that. That we are the mirror and not the objects that appear in it. If the mirror is distorted then all that stands before it will 'appear' distorted. Then we'd have to argue all day about who is seeing straight.;)

    I also desire to work on this problem at it's root cause as you say. I call it the 'basement'. That where the fire is. I tried being politically active in one of my stages, waved placards went to protests but ti wasn't for me, but I don't deny that it isn't effective. It is effective. Sometimes I think all that's required is for people to be pointed back to their authentic self which is defined by their own set of highest values. i think many people may be operating with values that are not truly their own but have adopted them under compulsion of some kind. It usually takes an event to shatter the untrue values, that's what happened in my case through both physical and mental illness. They sparked the transformation which is always ongoing. I have found that the self is the only place I ever belonged. This process took the best part of 10years from no idea who i was to now being in touch with my real interests. It took alot of work, meditation, exploring all religions, a tonne of therapies, travelling, dancing, reading, trying things to find out what I was not. I was not one of these people that always knew what they wanted or what they stood for. It was almost like a process of elimination to be left with what I am and what I am here for.

  • Fallensoul Jun 14, 2013

    bestearth: Thanks for the post. I'm challenging this idea that one can alleviate suffering simply by a mental adjustment. You argue that, that's what works for the person. That's fine, although for how long if its on an artificial platform. We can't whisk away the inherent sufferings of this world simply by closing our eyes to it. That may help for some time, but then there's reality. If you walk off a cliff, you're going to fall down, no amount of relative mental adjustment is going to alleviate that suffering. The idea is to stop walking towards the cliff and face reality.

    Now how a person wishes to do that, is up to them. I agree, it will vary, but the point should be clear: The closer you live your life aligned with reality, the happier is will be. That demands us to understand the nature of this world with some seriousness, not that I think everything's a game here and I can play as I like, because in a moment I can make it all good. I certainly dont mean to discourage anyone's efforts at staying away from depression and fear etc, because it should be on a platform thats solves the root cause of our problem. The majority of us are in ignorance of our true spiritual self and unless we become clear on that, we will continue to be victimized by material fear and misery. Yet there is unlimited hope and light for one who sincerely trying to spiritualize their life within the framework of reality. There's death, there's reincarnation, there's karma. Our actions now affect our future now and in the next life. One has to be responsible for that. You claim that denial can help alleviate suffering. How does denial free you from repeated deaths? This attitude of denial is like saying to yourself, "I'm not going to die. Everything is fine." Well this sort of thinking isnt going to help you really, especially since there so much after death that depends on what you're doing right now. And thats reality!

    Unfortunately due to lack of clarity with reality, we don't even have any perception that we have to repeatedly die and take rebirth. Therefore we think, so many things are 'okay'. Such transformational experiences, become obstacles in our progressive spiritual path.

  • bestearth Jun 13, 2013

    A line from the movie 'American Beauty'.
    Ricky Fitz " Never underestimate the power of denial"

    I think no one approach works for everyone because everyone has a different thinking style. For some people what looks like denial is actually a beneficial practice for them because it simply 'works'. That is it has the effect in their mind of alleviating uneccessary suffering. It's up to them if some day it stops working and then they have to think again.

    Some buddhist practices actually use denial as a 'method' for the purpose of reducing suffering. Nargajuna's tetra lemma for example, it's a fact, it's not a fact, it's neither a fact nor not a fact. If a bomb goes off in front of you ,you can choose one of the lemmas for example 'The bomb didn't go off, what bomb? You can pretend that nothing happened and thereby not suffer, of course the bomb is just an example and assumes you were no where near it to get hurt and that no one else was hurt either. It's just a method. You can apply it to 'my last marriage was a disaster' so you can choose between "My last marriage was a disaster", " My last marriage was not a disaster", "My last marriage was neither a disaster nor not a disaster".

    Some western scholars think that Nargajuna's ideas are an elaborate form of nihilism an denial and they are right, but it's for the specific purpose of alleviating uneccesary suffering. It does not mean that you stop feeling or that you stop experiencing deep emotions or that you become a machine or start thinking there is no such thing as a problem.

    The other thing about Nargajuna's idea is that it re-establishes the middle ground where subtlety is. And tempering this Aristotlian type logic of fact or not fact which has no middle ground. This causes problems with people making assumptions , misinterpretations, judgements, labels and encourages a hyper fixation on the appearance of things and people which causes people to generally notice differences more than

    Here's an example of this go/no go logic that is still predominant in the world.

    A person says " I like watermelons" . Someone answers then " So, you don't like paw paws? the first person " No, all I said was'I like watermelons'" Oh right so watermelons are your favourite then?" ..." No, I didn't say that all I said was "I like watermelons"...." But you didn't say you like apples, so you don't like apples then?'..."NO! I DIDN'T SAY THAT , All I said was " I like watermelons"."

    This causes people to not see each other as they are but with the distortion that this hard logic causes. Like a mirror that's bent distorts all objects that stand before it. Like those amusement parks , the hall of mirrors that make you look wider than you are, shorter than you are, thinner than you are.

    I became familiar with these ideas by reading Namkhai Norbu and also "The End of Suffering", Targ/Hurtak

  • Fallensoul Jun 12, 2013

    ButOnlyAlways: Its true on one level we, as spirit souls cannot be harmed by any material force:

    Bhagavad Gita iluminates: "Neither he who thinks the living entity the slayer nor he who thinks it slain is in knowledge, for the self slays not nor is slain. For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain. The soul can never be cut to pieces by any weapon, nor burned by fire, nor moistened by water, nor withered by the wind. This individual soul is unbreakable and insoluble, and can be neither burned nor dried. He is everlasting, present everywhere, unchangeable, immovable and eternally the same." etc etc.

    But having said that, it doesn't mean this "everything is all good" attitude is very realistic. Its somewhat of an illusion to try to deal with the world. Not a very practical one. Death, disease, old-age, and nowdays so many crazy people are miseries born of the nature of this world, that we cannot whisk away with a mental adjustment. Its artificial really. In order to really alleviate fear, we have to move away in real terms from material consciousness to spiritual consciousness that will allow us to act on the spiritual platform.

    That's a gradual process of developing your self, your knowledge and learning and taking guidance from spiritual teachers and books of knowledge. That means you can't just be living life and think, "Well everything's just great, even though all this crap is going on. I'm fine" The problem of material consciousness is a very real one, that demands very real action to elevate oneself to perceive that reality.

    You've sort of generated your own philosophical comfort zone to deal with harsh reality. The're a goal to the game of life, Progress to the next level and complete the game, why stay at level 1, eating the mushrooms and smiling and say everything is okay. That mentality will still keep you cycling of happiness and frustration, and even if it did produce longer lasting happiness, you'd still be playing on level 1.

  • ButOnlyAlways Jun 08, 2013

    I've had many transformational experiences. I suspect that I will continue to have them throughout life. All of them had to do with overcoming bone chilling fear and terror. All of them had to do with my feeling trapped, hopeless, helpless. All of the transformations came when I surrendered to the fear, made peace with the fear. I knew that no matter what happened to me, I was safe. alright, okay. If the cancer killed me, if an abuser killed me or my family or my animals--it was out of my hands. At times I feel bullet proof. At times I get terrorized again over stupid stuff like, "What must they think of me?" Eventually, I remember that I am fine no matter what. I can continue to rendevouz with the "bullies", or create the illnesses to prove my invulnerability to myself, or I can skip all that drama and just feel my own okay-ness as often as I can. It's all just a game to me now. Life is sort of like going to an amusement park and choosing the scariest ride you can stand or stopping to watch the fireworks, eating a corny dog while holding the hand of your favorite person. Both are contrasting experiences giving value to the other.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 07, 2013

    The way of this explorer is told in my book "In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012: an explanation for the underlying mechanism of creation," a life changing experience you have never before heard.

  • bestearth Jun 05, 2013

    My spiritual enquiry began after getting ill with guillain barre syndrome. I was paralysed and in hospital, the experiece was like being physically tortured everyday , the pain incredible. One day I had a seizure in hospital, it seemed to last about 15-20 seconds. I was fully alert inside but my body froze. I saw ghouls, yes that's right, ghouls around my bed. Black short smudges of beings milling around my bed giggling hideously. They were slapping their black arms up around my body as I lay there and pulling me forcably down into the bed. I saw everything clearly. They surrounded me. I went to scream out 'help' to a nurse that I saw walk in to my room but my face was frozen mouth open and one of them slapped it's big black hand over my mouth. The event is burned into my mind forever and was the first experience i had that indicated there is much more to reality. People can easily dismiss these things by their favorite , I call them' explain-away-tions' like 'biochemical anomoly' for example or 'drug induced states.'

    I think these types of experiences are the basis of why we have descriptions of them in our languages. Fairies, goblins, trolls, ghouls, gnomes, pixies, dragons etc are not somebody's imagination , they have been seen in the adjacent dimensions and the words were created to describe them.

    I had many more types of experiences in the subsequent years , became interested in meditation etc. to seek answers why I was having them. I've been rational all life. I was a pilot and aircraft mechanic but now I'm an artist and philosopher. Sometimes shattering experiences like illness and accidents are needed to break our armour so we can open up to something else.

  • Jeanine Broderick Jan 24, 2013

    I would have to write an entire novel.
    I left fear behind.
    I love so much more and love unconditionally. Sometimes in my meditations I extend my love to the entire planet and can feel it deeply and profoundly. I am working on bringing this into my daily experience so that I am Love when I am in the world.
    I changed from a successful executive position to follow my passion and have found answers that I believe solve most of the problems the world is struggling with.
    I learned how to love as is described in Corintians.
    The old poem that I used to love--by Mother Theresa--I decided the opinion of others it describes sees people as less than they are; as less than their potential.
    I no longer judge others.
    I believe everyone in the world is good at the core of who they are.
    I believe everyone has vast potential.
    I have friends around the world - too many countries to count and of so many varieties. At 27 I had only one friend; now I have hundreds who know and love me and that I love and many more who know of me and me of them and have good feelings towards one another as well as agape love.
    Deep insights.
    No worries.

    Today I love. I love my life. I love the people in my life - from my partner to the cashier at Wal-mart to the mailman. I love the potential in myself and others. I love, love, love.
    ♡ Jeanine

  • mrmathew1963 Jan 17, 2013

    G’day IONS

    In my mid-teens I could ask any question & get a correct answer back all the time. The knowledge first felt it was Earthly & came quite slowly but when the answers came immediately it felt like the answers came from some inter-dimensional reality or something.

    Did this change my life for ever? Yes it did but after a while of being connected to this knowledge I turned my back on the whole process & began to live a normal life but it certainly changed my perception of things, it made me more aware & open to all possibilities.


  • Anonymous Icon

    dbs Jan 17, 2013

    I am one of those people who has had an experience that I found so unbelievable at the time that I kept it to myself for years. It was a transformational experience that gave me a new focus in my life and changed my worldview. My experience involved hearing telepathic words-- actual non-spoken communication-- while involved in long-term psychotherapy.

    In the mid-seventies, at 26 years of age, I ran into a serious depression, found work terribly difficult, and began to seek out help. I eventually found a psychotherapist who did Saturday morning groups along with individual sessions and who seemed to grasp my situation well.

    But what happened was that after eleven years in therapy, and thirteen years of working evening and weekend hours, I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my job as the company I was with sold out to a competitor. I could not find other work, and to make things worse, I had just purchased a house nine months earlier.

    Being single and under extreme financial stress, I continued to go to my therapy group every week during my job search, in spite of the fact that I was unemployed with major financial problems. I began to experience some words popping into my head “out of nowhere,” that I soon realized made sense if they were coming from my therapist, or, a few times, from others in the group. Being a materialist at heart, and someone who at that time (1992) had not even run across the word “telepathy,” you can imagine that I wasn’t out telling the world about it, as I knew almost everyone would consider it automatically a symptom of psychosis!

    To make a long story short, I was able to do a lot of reading in parapsychology, go back to school for a Masters Degree, and discover some reliable resources to depend on (like the Noetic Institute website!)

    I also found a few people here in the Twin Cites who were engaged in group discussions on related topics, and had personally met individuals such as Stan Grof, Richard Tarnas, and Chris Bache.

    Last April I was able to attend a conference in Wisconsin that I had heard about through your website. Its focus was on the near-death experience, and I found myself in a discussion group that included Marilyn Schlitz and Eben Alexander! I tried talking a little about what occurred, but even with a sympathetic audience I realized I was still not ready to reveal much of it, as it was an experience that lasted for a long time and was very involved.

    I have encountered in my reading many experiences that are harder for me to comprehend-- such as knowing the future, connecting with the afterlife, and moving physical objects with the mind. But I have yet to find a record of sustained and meaningful telepathic contact using words between two unrelated people! Any comments, suggested readings, or new resources would be welcome! I am currently trying to get my experience down in written form.

    I can be reached at dan@telepathy.cc.

    Dan from Minnesota

  • Anonymous Icon

    thoromli Nov 27, 2012

    Sunday 8 may 2011:

    After a lot of communication with "myself" one understood that consciousness communicate with itself thru “me”. Suddenly a pain in the chest occurs, a known pain from earlier and one felt like a lot of something needed to come out. So, one's body took a deep breath and... The feeling was like “a breath of love”, a breath that went thru the body and took all pain among its way out of the body; one was breathed out the pain.

    Short after that breath experience one had an oneness experience:
    One had just take away a lot of pain with “a breath of love” and all that love comes now back in a moment of now.

    One was driving a vehicle and felt how consciousness for a while took control over all actions. The road and trees went one with the steering wheel and everything melted together with one’s body. It was a wonderful feeling and the first reaction was that “I” had experience the intelligence of love. A few seconds later one understood that it was an oneness experience; one had experience the "secrets" of consciousness.

    One’s life is not the same since that day and that “secret” has been explored ever since. Now one feels that one have the answers on that experience, an experience that wants to be shared. Find out "my" answers on www.credos.se


  • walk-away Nov 25, 2012

    Thank you for the opportunity and third force (enabling factor) to further examine and understand this life called me and hopefully to reciprocate by presenting some of what I've been given.

    Prior to writing this comment, I'd been under the impression that I'd gone through only one “Life Transforming” experience. Delving deeper, I now realize that actually there are three such events in my life.

    #1 I don't remember much about whatever happened at age four. I've outlined what I believe may be involved in Needles & the House on Maple Street (at my website). But, said briefly, something occurred at that early age causing me to begin saying to myself (and to others whenever asked) that I'd never have kids. I've never had kids, I'm now 62 years old. Whatever happened back then — it had a long-lasting effect.

    #2 I was twenty years old and after ingesting LSD for the first time, I became entangled in a powerful, vivid and most memorable bad trip.

    In my search for understanding about what had happened, I happened upon the book The Fourth Way, which on page 4 mentions, "that generally you do not remember yourself".

    Upon reading this, I realized that I'd finally found something to help me to understand what had happened that night.

    But more significantly, the psychological system of the Fourth Way provided me with a seemingly complete body of knowledge to help in understanding how a human being actually "works".

    Coupled with efforts to be aware of myself in the present moment, the simple method of working to avoid expression of the eight primary obstacles to self awareness has been my life-long practice.

    #3 The decision in 2007 to leave the U.S. A variety of assorted shocks actually helped and I was able to sell and let go of virtually all of my material possessions and simply walk-away.

    In the five intervening years, I've read extensively, adding greatly to my understanding that the world is not what it seems.

    In combination, the two previous transformative events and much research and contemplation have led me to a controversial viewpoint which I intuitively feel strongly about and rationally try to explain — the greatest sin is unconscious procreation, the greatest myth is "go forth and multiply"

    A more detailed version of this comment is at:

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    Stiggy7 Jun 04, 2012

    So much for promises. Sorry about that. Actually, I would only be repeating myself if I tell it all again here. But in short. I was knocked down by a car and very nearly killed. The reality of the fact it did change my life has really only become apparent in the last twenty years or so. I think that it was there afterward but seemed so natural I literally didn't notice. It was when some dreams occured that were followed by events that were the exact dreams that I really began to accept what was happening. I am trying to find out what is going on and that is why I'm here. I would like to know what my Brain is doing and how it is doing it. So far I am getting some good discussion from people and have found you as a result. I think this site is really good for me in terms of being able to talk freely and without fear of ridicule. I expect to get somewhere here based on my experiences so far.
    This may not go down to well with the more religious types but I am not religious and have no real belief system so I may be a little less than delicate about how I see things but honestly, it's just clumsiness not intended nastiness. So if I step on toes about anything just say and I'll be more than happy to adjust. I'll leave it there for tonight as I really am tired but will check in to see how the conversation develops. I've still a few posts to read here to. See you at some point over the next few days. There, thats better than making promises I can't keep. LOL!!! Soon.

  • Anonymous Icon

    iamonesoru Jun 01, 2012

    I received what I call a “gift” of Divine Grace because I prayed for the ability to forgive, at a time in my life when every atom of my body seemed to cry out for revenge. My prayers were answered with the weight of the world being lifted off my shoulders so that I was enabled to forgive. As a result I was given an experience of what some have called Nirvana.

    This extremely profound and personal experience totally changed me, and my view of “reality”. I learned that I had no way to quantify this other worldly experience except through my own personal worldly experience.

    I used the memory of this experience to give me the courage to face the fears generated by the error thoughts and false beliefs of my Southern Baptist indoctrination, although it took me almost twenty years of meditational practice to do so, and achieve a balance of mental and emotional stability that has resulted in a state of mental clarity that I have used to gain insight into the nature of existence.

    Approximately four years ago, I began to spontaneously download information and data from the universe. At first it came in the form of geometries that I did not understand. I had no ability to translate this data into what we call human language, however, after a few days I would suddenly realize that I knew things I had not been aware of knowing before.

    Rather than denying the “reality” of this experience, I removed myself from my usual mundane experience of the world in order to work with this process rather than against it.

    I began writing a book that turned out to be a process of defining and re-defining myself, as if the book were actually writing me rather than the other way around. As a result of this process I achieved a state of balance and an understanding of Unity that triggered certain genetic sequencing codes that have opened new pathways of communication between the left and right hemispheres of my brain.

    Along with the opening of these new pathways came an ability to translate downloaded information and data into human language, as well as a developing ability to directly cognize the energy behind the symbols we call words.

    Over the past four years I have learned, or maybe more accurately remembered, many new and incredible things. For instance, I learned that the reason we only use 5-10% of the brain is because of the way we are using it, which may be described as linearly.

    We are fast approaching an apex, or zenith point in the evolution of the brain, and in order for it to continue evolving we must learn to process thought beyond the “boundaries” of time and space in a more simultaneous fashion.

    We have barely scratched the surface of the brains power to process thought because of our belief that everything is finite. We process thought in a straight line, point A to point B, linear, finite way that is not conducive to understanding the fractal like spiraling infinity of multi-verses of unlimited potential experience.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Stiggy7 May 31, 2012

    Hello. New to this discussion but I am having the same one elsewhere in this forum. Just saw this discussion. I would answer your question directly by saying that If I understood that I'd tell you. It's very odd. I will leave it there because it's late but I'll get back to you. I have left accounts of my experiences in other discussions like Your life psth Free will or Destiny. and EVP Electronic Voice Phenomena. And another whos title escapes me at the moment. Been a busy day. Promise tomorrow.

  • OlgaCasado May 29, 2012

    In fact is changing, but certainly there was a beginning.
    I was in India four years ago. I needed solitude and I travelled on my own. I remember I just asked for responses to my inside queries in a moment I could not understand life. A moment that I was starting to feel separated instead of one with all other human beings... I knew India wasn’t the more secure place for a woman on her own, but I felt it so much inside that I sort of accepted the evidence that it was my place somehow. And that it was alone.
    The thing was that in my journey what I found was the most astonishing experience of solitude I could have imagined. I was kidnaped for 24 hours by a weird taxi driver, a muslim man who talked about God and said I had been given to him as his spiritual wife in that voyage... What I lived in that cab was TOTALITY. The transformation inside that I have been experiencing since then, started when I realized that the only thing I couldn’t experience was fear to live or die or being in the hands of that eerie man. It was 24 really transformational hours! All my past and present came to me with a real understanding, forgiveness and LOVE.
    It’s been a long journey since then. It was there that I experienced connection with something much bigger than me, than us, than this man’s intentions whatever those were. I didn’t know anything about quantics, healing, or any other revelations of what we actually are. In fact, when I came back home, it brought to me the idea of a first novel that is coming out in a few days... But the magic is... Writing was my DREAM since I was a kid. A dream I had let aside.
    Now I just keep going, talk to others, feel the light and consciousness all around... and keep opened to this Universe’s messages.
    Light and Love from Madrid, Spain.

  • EvaRose Apr 25, 2012

    My life was transformed about two years ago and began with recurring lucid dreams. Almost every night for three years as I slept I was being chased. First spiders then snakes relentlessly pursued me. Waking visions also haunted me and I fought to balance my growing fear and confusion with the certainty that these occurrences were very real and happening for a reason. The experiences within these dreams intensified over time as they came closer and closer until the night I was finally bitten.

    It was true that this awakening had tried to happen at other times in my life. Two separate near death experiences at the ages of four and eight had both permitted an opening for me to glimpse the truth behind the veil. But both times I had somehow managed to close the door again, just in time to ignore the message that Spirit was sharing.

    Thirty years later, surrendering to a higher plan was still not anywhere on my agenda. But it was becoming painfully obvious that something beyond my conscious comprehension was still trying to get my attention again. I attempted to ignore it again, endeavoring to squeeze myself back into that box. I even popped out two ribs during this time period. Talk about your body manifesting what your mind isn’t ready to wrap itself around! My chiropractor was even flummoxed, finally suggesting that perhaps an adjustment in my life was needed instead to bring me into alignment. I now understand that my ribs were just a reminder of how I would feel if I decided to climb back in that box I had outgrown. It was like they were saying to me: “You want to stick to your plan? Okay, but it’s going be pretty uncomfortable from this point forth.”

    Shortly after the crescendo of being bitten in my recurring dream, I learned that my aunt, whom I was very close with, passed away unexpectedly. The shock from the news knocked the wind out of me for the last time. I had no more strength left to fight or deny it. I released my resistance and in an instant, I was being carried over from the ordinary into the extraordinary. A series of miraculous events began to unfold and I soon came to realize that I was being divinely guided in preparation for a major life shift.

    We are all living in a period of global spiritual evolution, when great numbers of people are also seeking knowledge on how to accelerate and magnify their evolvement personally. Yet, transformation can only last when it is practiced in human form. It has been two years since my spiritual transformation and my life looks completely different. Today, thanks to this transformation that was beyond my control, I am living my dreams out loud. I learned that when one is graced by the light from beyond there is no going back to sleep.

  • parker Mar 26, 2012

    I was, and I will be, yet I still am, un-transformed.

    I have accepted, and I will with all humility, continue to accept from the limitless intelligence that resides within us, whatsoever little knowledge that from time to time I am blessed with being able to comprehend, as my just sustenance while on this transformational journey.

    The fullness of the peace and of the joy inherent with such acceptance is beyond expectation. The wonder of sharing holds the promise of increase even more gratifying. I continue to seek and I hope will continue to find and to share.

  • jmatt4lifehoe Mar 19, 2012

    The following link recounts my life changing experience.


  • KTI777 Feb 05, 2011

    How a transformational experience changed my life continued...

    Most people think that overpopulation can only be solved by global disasters removing large numbers from the earth. But what if there is another answer; there is. The Ancient Mysteries, indigenous prophecies and the mystical/esoteric sides of religions speak of a time of transformation at the Fullness of Time. Traditionally, this is seen as the Rapture, where large numbers of the faithful are transferred to heaven. But this is only seen as applying to Christians; what of the rest of the world? My on-going transformational experience showed me there is a Divine plan for all of Humanity if we can only take advantage of the opportunity. The Divine Plan for the world is that we choose the future and come together and utilize the energies released December 21st 2012. By coming together and focusing on the future instead of the past we create a shift in consciousness and open a door to the next level in Spiritual Evolution.
    Obviously, as divided as the world is it is doubtful that individuals in the same country and religion could come together, let alone people from different religions and countries. This is the truly beautiful part of the Divine Plan; only 777,000 individuals that are connected to the Jerusalem event in 1994 are needed to create a critical mass. These individuals carry a specific frequency, so that when they shift their consciousness and change the way they think it becomes the impetus for the awakening consciousness that expands exponentially. At the right time on December 21st 2012 this critical mass will connect with Tortion Field/wave that David Wilcock speaks of and open the door that transfers 2/3rds of the world’s population to the New Earth. If this sounds familiar, it is the Initiative uses the teachings of Eckhart Tolle in its 3rd Stage Intuition. Unlike the traditional belief that those left behind will experience great tribulation, when the 2/3rds have transferred, this earth will be also changed for the better.
    I realize that this probably sounds fantastic and most people will dismiss it as delusional. Believe me there have been times over the past seventeen years that both Craig and I have questioned our sanity. But in truth, there has been just too much evidence for us to ignore it. For instance, we learned that Nostradamus' Plate 66 Prelude to the Light of the Great Sun of the New Millennium and Humanity's Rebirth is an archetypal representation of what happened 3:00pm April 4th 1994 in Jerusalem.
    This was and has continued to be such a profound experience that my husband Craig and I have sacrificed everything. For us, if there is just the slightest chance that what we experienced nearly 17-years ago was the first part of the expected Second Coming and all the information gathered since that day, resulting in the Know Thyself Initiative is part of a Divine Plan to solve the world's problems how could we ignore it; could you?

  • KTI777 Feb 05, 2011

    How a transformational experience changed my life.

    I lay face-down over the site of Golgotha in the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem at 3:00 pm April 4th 1994 with Craig kneeling by my side. My body racked with sobs was vibrating with pulsating energy. This was the energetic return of the Universal Christ or the first part of the Second Coming. You may be asking “How such an earth-shaking event is only coming to light now, almost 17 years later?” The answer is that it has taken nearly 17 years to reveal the reason for the Universal Christ's return in secret or like a thief in the night. First, we needed to understand that the Divine Feminine also returned at this time, plus the energy and consciousness from all of history's great teachers. All of this Divine energy and consciousness went into the world and connected with 777,000 recipients that had been born to receive it. The 777,000 individuals are the Body the New Testament speaks of, which has been interpreted to mean the Christian Church. However, our nearly 17-year guided search, resulting in four Books and a thousand-page thesis has revealed that the individuals of the Body are from every country, religion and walk of life.
    In 2008 our mission changed with the launch of the first stage Reason in the Know Thyself Initiative, an online esoteric school. The Initiative incorporates the ancient Mysteries, together with the science of quantum physics and the new science of Noetics and works from the premise that we can change our reality, by changing the way we think.

  • miltonius Jan 27, 2011

    My transformational experience was perhaps a common one for someone coming of age in the sixties. It was an LSD trip. I was living with a friend in NYC and we dropped acid. Then she left, and I was alone. I happened to have a copy of the Alpert, Leary, and Metzner book, The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. I was tripping hard and opened the book and read the words: O nobly born: Behold the dawning of the Clear Light of the Void. The words began to pulse in continuous waves of text off the page toward me. Then my perception of the room changed. Although I could perfectly well see table, chairs, and other objects, I at the same time saw a voidness within them. And somehow the room seemed to encapsulate the whole universe. Although I had been raised Catholic, by about 15 I was a confirmed atheist. The LSD experience did not make me a theist, but it rekindled a sense of the miraculous and mysterious nature of existence for me, which I have never since lost.

  • mysticmuse Jan 09, 2011

    It came to me unifying, communicating, manifesting in sound. I might say it was “music” or “notes,” as that is an analog my brain understands. It played the power through centers in my head, ringing changes through the ascending body-of-light-sound that seemed “I.”

    It showed something of what and why I was in the deep infinite of life, and something of what they are, and something of what all life is. It radiated pure meaning that came as chords of music.

    The waves were infinite in variety and beauty; each strand of musical-meaning sparkled with countless seeds of future life, my life and all life. The essence of the future was there, and worlds of instruction lived in each chord. With all perceptions altered, brightened immeasurably, I was grounded at last in reality. My subsequent life, in so far as it is meaningful, is nothing but the translation into action of this music.

    The sounds continue in the background of my best thoughts. In greatly muted from it weaves magic through all the days of my life—thank heavens for the muted notes, for fully sustained they would burn your my body to ashes. I can see now where the obscurations are, where the notes failed to penetrate. But it is only a matter of time before this gift without name redeems everything.


  • Anonymous Icon

    normbnm Dec 31, 2010

    Aah, this is hard to say, especially on an open forum, but here it goes. I was drafted in 1966, put in the Marines and sent to vietnam, this is something i always think about but never discuss till now even with the fact it change my whole life. I think of it as "the Gate".
    A Marine was passing threw an opening in a fence a few feet in front of me , suddenly time went into slow motion, I could see his foot about to step on a mine, i could see the mine buried in the ground and its connection to a bomb....the next moment of awareness hard to put into words. I was immersed in grayness, yet no sense of body or me. No connection to anything yet part of everything. Grayness, even and forever,yet the sense of knots of gray moving or existing in "infinity". My only thought was if this was "heaven" a lot of people are going to be disappointed But it was not a thought, it was not a place, it was , i don't know what it was.
    That is the end of it. i do not remember what happened after but have never not felt it in me. years later i read one and a bridge across tomorow which triggered a feeling of knowing. It happened again when reading the description of being in an emersion tank in the lost symbols. norm

  • Anonymous Icon

    purebliss Dec 21, 2010

    How has a transformational experience changed my life?

    First I want to pay tribute to Neon's transformation in his perspective of viewing beliefs (see below). I agree. But so do many others. Marty Lefko (Shift in Action audio) helps people lose unhelpful beliefs. My experience is similar to Neon's: beliefs can keep us stuck, and a minute change in perspective can be instantly transformational: we see things with new eyes, a fresh perspective, just as real as the previous one. As a sociologist, I trained in searching for multiple perspectives to get a more complete understanding. As a psychologist I learned how the mind grabs 'schemas', a simplified version of 'truth', so we free up our minds for other activites - basically this is 'lazy thinking' or 'limited thinking'.

    Regarding transformation here are a few 'beliefs' of my own! Nothing is static or permanent, so change or transformation is our only constant in this life. Also what one focuses on, delivers transformational results. I used to have a sauna each week - the experiences became more intense as I learned to listen and perceive subtle body energies, delivered either by high heat, intense cold, or deep relaxation. Saunas transformed my ability to experience my body.

    Ditto with sustained exercise (once I achieved a certain level of fitness where discomfort and breathlessness stopped masking what was going on in my body, soul and mind). Some running sessions I was physically weak, next day strong and powerful. Some days I disappeared into a meditative state and it was a spiritual experience. Other times I saw the landscape, or felt my breathing.

    From a mental perspective, living in Italy, Germany and France (I am an anglophone), were all transformational. Dislodged from my cultural and linguistic 'patterning', I transformed in different ways. Not speaking a word of those languages initially made me alert to non-verbal communication. As I learned each language, I came to it fresh and virgin: no words had good or bad connotations for me. Our perceptions are coloured by experience, so words like sex, money, peace, etc become tangled in our web of individual experiences.

    Watching Whirling Dervishes dance near Khartoum caused an immediate out of body experience. So did listening to Sadhguru (his amazing Shift in Action audios). Those felt powerful - attention grabbing - because they were unexplainable and unfamiliar to my conscious mind. They reached a place in me that is non-verbal so I can't express it, but I sure did feel it.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Ha123 Dec 19, 2010

    My transformational experience changed my life through a realization and quest to explore that.

    I was sick (burned out type A) , alone and broke living at the Oakland Ca YMCA. I experienced and out of body insight of why we were here and what it was about. I knew the insight was from a higher vibration and much would be lost once I returned to my body. Yep, all i remember was it was about Yin and Yang.

    In 1978 the only literature available on that subject in the Bay area was Alan Watts Taoism.

    Thirty two year later a revelation in Haleakala Crater quest came that we are here as a self aware , conscious expression of a higher energy experiencing itself through our vibration. Yin Yang vibrations are the components providing duality so that we might exercise our free will. Our goal is to balance the Yin Yang energies creating a synergy which then becomes the key to immersing ourselves in a oneness as free willed self aware entity with out attachments.

    The above is just my opinion based on 81 years of experiential living. Hell of a good time.
    Aloha -- Namaste

  • Anonymous Icon

    ameliorate Dec 11, 2010

    My most transformative experience came in my early 20's; (I'm now in my early 60's and the effect has lasted).
    I came very close to drowning (undercurrents in the Mediterranean). Surviving saw me questioning the big life questions, i.e. why we're here,
    what should I pursue. I wasn't attracted to the conventional path - career, marriage, house/mortgage, family. NONE of that appealled!
    I saw through it as being unimportant/superficial. I wasn't yet clear what it was that I did want. Gradually I found "my people", i.e. those
    that are spiritual. A lot of people call themselves spiritual yet seem quite materialistic to me - I guess there are degrees/levels.

    What works for me is being celibate (a natural state for me - I favour loving platonically), being materialistically minimalist, constantly
    doing acts of random kindness, being a free thinker (indeed, being truly spiritual puts you out of the mainstream of society anyway),
    constantly improving/learning/developing. The legacy of that experience has meant I am ALWAYS grateful to be alive ... daily.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Ha123 Dec 01, 2010

    In 1978 I was a burned out businessman down to my last $200.00 and a garbage bag of belongings; living in Oakland , Ca YMCA.

    In a out of body experience the purpose of our earthly experience was totally explained.
    Regaining consciousness because of our grosser vibration I lost most of the insight received. All that remained was Yin/Yang

    After 32 years of intentional transformation focus I fully got it.

    PS So did all of you

  • Heidi Fuller Nov 30, 2010

    Cameronjcw, I completely agree with your perspective about seeing negative and positive experiences as a balance to the whole. Just considering what appear to be imbalances in the welfare of other people and nations, it's clear this is the whole life, the full intentional experience. It's what we get to deal with as we pass through. How we respond is part of that delicate balance. Transformation can begin by awakening to our place and purpose where ever we find ourselves in the continuum and then responding with the heart. We hope for fairness, but there is no such thing. Defined, fairness conveys a 50-50 even deal. But to seek it is to imply that one side deserves more of what they want than the other. There are no even deals. There is just opportunity to give more where it is needed. And to want less.

  • Anonymous Icon

    7yrMysticalsojourn Nov 27, 2010

    I am a 52 yr old Earth Scientist that began a Journey of Enlightenment in April 2004 following a sequence of synchronistics events that began with a very powerful dream. The dream was followed by series of synchronistics events that inspired me to began researching and documenting a wide range of experiences, observations and phenomena. In short I learned how to interface and interact with the Universal Consciousness and the highlights of my 6.5 year long journey are summarized on my web site (http://web.mac.com/mmgarner).
    I hope the information can be if value to other folks on their own Journey. Solutions to help humanity are here if we just look in the right places.
    Peace and Joy to the world!
    Sincerely, Mark M Garner

  • joyclough Nov 23, 2010

    Yes! I wrote about my most extraordinary transformational experience in my blog.
    Please see: http://rootedinrangeley.com/more-places-and-people/come-and-meet-those-dancin-feet-part-one/
    and follow the links to my three-part story that has continued to unfold.

  • cameronjcw Nov 18, 2010

    Heidi I can completely understand what you mean. I think from day one I was always different or a bit odd and just continued to be that way.

    For years I had many what would be considered bad or negative experiences and its only been recently that I realize just how important those bad and negative experiences have actually been the best opportunities for growth for me. I have a perspective that only I could have having experienced the life I have so far and in fact now I welcome the "negative" and "bad" experiences they have helped me grow so much more than the positive ones although the positive ones have also helped me grow, love and accept myself and the positive aspects of life and my own feelings and emotions to life and other people who are in it. I think we definitely need the negative and the positive to be able to grow, you cant have one without the other and I think that if you have too much of either then it can throw you off balance.

    I kind of wished that there were some things I had realized earlier in my life but I know that everything happened at the right time and in the right way. I feel very grateful to have had my recent realizations because many people don't get that opportunity until its too late or even never at all. Some people just always "know"

    I started out feeling very not much part of anything and never fitted in at all and now all of a sudden I know I am part of everything and I fit in everywhere. I think if you think you don't belong or shouldn't be here you are very wrong, everybody has a part to play and a reason for being here and without you there would be gaps where your energy is supposed to be, flowing and exisiting. Everybody touches something in their lives that makes them an important part of the universe no matter how small these little touches are, if you were not here they wouldn't happen for that reason everyone is special and everyone matters. Its a shame when people lose sight of that and I know I have felt like I don't matter or that there's no point of me being here in the past but now I realize that we are all special in our own way and we all do matter in the greater scheme of things no matter how insignificant we may feel at times.

  • Heidi Fuller Nov 17, 2010

    It's fascinating how everyone's transformation is expressed so differently. Quite, loud. Subtle, dramatic. Active, passive. I'm moved by such genuine self-awareness and insight. I think my whole life has been a series of transformation, starting with recognizing my difference and living with a sense of loneliness and loss. I was born on my father's birthday (six weeks after my mother's due date), but he passed three years later. To everyone else, I was different, But I knew he was my likeness and felt untethered from what I was supposed to know about myself. When I was 15, I had an out-of-body experience that I hid away. When my spiritual voice asked for a new tone, I kept it quiet. Eventually I was old enough to find my own way. And then I began to tentatively put my attention to those aspects that had been labeled "different," but which I eventually came to recognize as "distinct." I listened to new teachers, mentors, and leaders. I created space for new ideas and life choices. Differences I came to welcome instead of fear. When tragedy struck, I leaped at risk and held my breath. And then learned that coming through it made me more whole than when I felt safe on the other side. I was in my late 40s before I began to accept all of these openings as passages to a new way of knowing. I'm still learning, accepting, and discovering, but now I move along the passages with awareness and intention.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Zella Nov 15, 2010

    The practice of Qi-Gong changed my life, because it enabled me to experience, stimulate and control the chi/qi coursing from the earth and the ether throughout my body. The study and treatments of Shiatsu massage quantified and affirmed this experience, as it gave a physical, mental, emotional, universal, and cosmic integrative experience to the theoretic, physical and energetic studies of these systems. When we learn to live our lives in a meditative state of awareness, we are better able to "get" the significance of individual moments, that is to say, we are relaxed enough to recognize and enjoy them.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dragon57 Nov 13, 2010

    Transformational experiences...hmmm, seems they can be small, such as realising that rocks have life in the form of molecular vibration, and does such vibration have its own consciousness, and what is consciousness or awareness? Or they can be huge, such as having the great good fortune to run smack bang into an alien at the age of 11 or 12...certainly challenged many of the beliefs that society was seeking to teach me at the time! With every choice I make I am transforming my manifestation of source and hence the world in a micro kind of way, I truly am transformed from moment to moment. Cheers.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dragon57 Nov 13, 2010

    Hi Neon,
    it sounds as if you have "discovered" yoga of the christ, ( I know the name Christ has so many meanings and associations that it isn't a great choice here as it leads almost automatically to beliefs, but stay with me!) Yoga of the Christ is the name given to a practise described by one Murdo MacDonald-Bayne to clear the mind of beliefs and ideas. He was taught this in Tibet by buddhists, and the Christ bit is really just about the state of divine conscious contact. You can down load his books, Beyond the Himalayas and Yoga of the Christ online for free, they appear very simple but are a wonderful tool that each time you read them it carries you to a deeper knowing. Murdo wrote quite a few books and gave lectures all over the world in the 1940's and 50's, he urges one not to blindly believe his words but to seek to know. Thought it might interest you, blessings!

  • cameronjcw Nov 10, 2010

    lol Heartland I started reading your post thinking I was going to disagree with everything you said but your last sentence said it all!

    You don't need a teacher, or self improvement! My own transformational experience came to me of its own accord! It was a bit like trying to learn something for years and never being able to understand what you are being taught then one day in a split second it just all becomes clear, the penny drops so to speak and you realize that you knew all along you just didn't realize!

    I think even if someone had came and told me what I realized of my own accord I wouldn't have "got it" either!! Sure you can read some things, study things, speak to people, meditate all you want but you cant force that kind of experience it just "is" as everything just "is" of its own accord!

  • Heartland Nov 10, 2010

    "Transformational..." Hmm... I used to think that word held meaning for me, now I feel not. Why? Because what has "transformed" is not permanent or absolute. For example, when I was four, I had a series of remarkable dreams, which repeated themselves every day for over
    six weeks. They were deeply embedded in my heart and memory, and initiated a study of Tibet, Buddhism and finally Dzogchen. It was
    in the ancient writings of the Great Perfection, that I discovered the dreams were actually memories of after-death practices in Dzogchen.
    This led me to Lama Geshe Gyeltsen in Los Angeles, who was the Dalai Lama's philosophy teacher. I shared with him all that had happened, and he confirmed its reality. Then he said, "So what? Big deal!" and laughed. "Don't be special with this, just keep your practice pure!" Indeed.
    Today, I can say "I am a changed man," but what it really means is that "transformation" is actually the dropping of one's identity as thought, conditioning and self. Finally, there are no techniques, methods or teachers who can give you "the answer." After all, how can we become what we already are?

  • Theoldman Nov 09, 2010

    Blessings to you all. The transformational experience I am going to relate, I call power point 22. I was in my early 20's when a colleague challenged me by questioning the existence of paranormal reality. The story is long so I will cut to the chase. We spent 4 days on a walk-a-about during which one incident after another started to slowly open this scientists mind to the possibility of something beyond his understanding. On the 4th night at 22:22hrs on the 22nd of September we were making our way down a mountain, knowing that about 3/4 of the way down we had to make a turn in the path to avoid stepping off a sheer cliff face to the valley below. When we approached the point (night time with a full moon - no flashlights) we encountered an entity so hideous and overwhelming that we were faced with an impossible challenge. This entity blocked the only path down, we could not run away up hill, and the only other option - was YES - the cliff. I had already made up my mind, he had not seen it yet, as he turned he saw it, and then looked to me and asked what are we to do? I approached the edge of the cliff reached out my hand and told him - "Plant your staff firmly on the edge and hold my arm" - he too had realized that he could not confront what we both saw and had to find a way out. WE STEPPED OFF THE CLIFF - over 900 meters - We arrived on the forest floor about 1/4 of a mile away from the cliff - I was overcome with glee and amazement - I was alive! Not a scratch on me nor any sensation of the decent. My companion was in a state of panic and fled into the forest. I have no idea how I ran after him through the forest at night without a flashlight, yet in minutes I was upon him and tackled him to the ground - holding him until he collected himself......(much more happened but this is the EVENT) THIS EVENT transformed my entire life for after it happened I set out to understand what had happened that evening on that cliff. My journey took me to the Huichol in the deserts of Mexico, to the north of China to remote temples and into the NE corner of Siberia. My journey continues and events as spectacular and even more mind bended occurred throughout my life. We are so much more than we know - that few remember - those that do follow strict oral traditions to ensure the continuance of this knowledge - so they can answer when a person like me arrives and asks - WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED? Blessings Eamonn

  • Anonymous Icon

    gjohnd Nov 09, 2010

    When I was in my early twenties I moved to the mountains in Colorado. I took lsd and went for a short walk. While looking out at the panoramic
    view it just came to me. I was a part of everything and everything was a part of me. It was the ultimate broadband connection. It wasn't distortion of my normal mental functions. It was as clear as a bell and lasted for a brief moment. It's been 40 years since the experience and I am still trying to return to that place via meditation and other methods other than drugs. I want to live in that place .....

  • cameronjcw Nov 06, 2010

    lol I meant faster than the speed of light although the speed of life is just as fast really!

    A mere drop in the ocean but so much to do so little time. I used to wonder how I would manage to fill so many years and now I wonder how I will manage how to do everything I want to do and that this life and time I have are very precious and not to be wastedxx

    Best Wishes to you all and I hope you can have the same experience :)

  • cameronjcw Nov 06, 2010

    I had a transformational experience a few weeks ago, it wasn't anything physical or anywhere I went. It just sort of came to me internally like a sort of answer to everything! For me at the very least!

    I have never felt happier or more positive in my whole life since then and its been a few weeks and it just keeps getting better and better. I actually feel like the positive vibes that are coming from me since it are also returning more and more of the same. Kind of being stuck in a rut of positivity! :D

    I actually feel so lucky to have had this experience everything is just fantastic! My body's falling apart probably faster than the speed of life and my illness had turned my world upside down but everything is fantastic in spite of it all!


  • Neon1 Nov 06, 2010

    (continued from below) I have now come to think that another choice is available; the choice to consider that a belief, both in its individual occurrence, and in its aggregate form as a belief system, is a symptom of mental laziness and is not at all suited to the pace at which change is occurring on this planet.

    A belief prevents an individual from harvesting a progressive crop of constantly maturing thoughts, and prevents that individual from reaching full maturity. Writ large, a belief system prevents a culture, and then a society, and then a civilization from keeping pace with change as it is now occurring, thereby preventing humanity from progressing to full maturity. Ultimately, this persistence of Belief and the Faith that drives it may result in our own destruction. The irony, of course, is that neither Belief nor Faith is real. They are the evil and obsolete tendencies of a lazy mind that, if not dispensed with soon, may ultimately halt the very existence of the brain that had entertained them.

    Henceforth, I have no beliefs; only a thought process that produces a fresh crop of ideas every day from which I may view the progress of my own future as it approaches; a thought process that no longer judges the veracity of one belief against another.

    Henceforth, I will think that this, or that, might—or might not—be true. Even the tirade that I’ve just penned is nothing more than a figment of my active imagination.

  • Neon1 Nov 06, 2010

    On Sunday 10-10-10 I had a transformational experience, which in itself is insignificant compared to the effect it has had on my consciousness. The effect of this experience was to completely change, or ‘transform’ the way I think. Previous to this experience I was a believer in one thing or another, and now I am not.

    In an altered state of consciousness, I “experienced” healing energy pulsing from my fingertips and into my abdomen where forty-four sessions of radiation treatment had recently been completed to eliminate the presence of prostate cancer. The emotional intensity of the experience convinced me that it was real at the time, but by the next day I became convinced that it was not real at all. It was much like trying to remember a dream.

    Several days later, after reviewing all of the applicable rational, I came to a place in my journey where belief in anything is now foolish and unnecessary; nothing more than a lazy tendency of the mind. At best, a belief makes this polarized world more tolerable, and at worst, a belief makes this world a more intolerable place in which to live.

    A belief is not connected in any way to reality unless a person has the power to make that belief manifest. Once manifested, it has the ability to grow into a worldview. Thoughts, when coupled with the intense emotion of ‘faith’ have the power to create both great and terrible things. But, as can be reviewed in the archives of history, these manifestations have very often been exploitive toward all biological populations on this planet. While the resulting ‘things’ that are generated by belief can be said to be real—to have an independent reality—the original thoughts and emotions were never real in themselves. Nor were they real when they crossed the threshold into the realm of belief. But when charged by emotion, energized by faith, and manifested by persons in power, these thoughts—these beliefs—have become things.

    What makes the reality-creating process of emotionally charged beliefs so dangerous is that the thoughts that generate our personal beliefs are already junior members of an established belief system. The present paradigm was created by forward-looking philosophers, and religious zealots millennia ago. While we often speak of a contemporary paradigm or worldview, we rarely think that we are active contributors to an obsolete paradigm that now has humanity in its deadly grip. We exacerbate the effect of this now obsolete paradigm whenever we subscribe to one of its beliefs. We condemn ourselves to its ultimate unfolding by injecting it with the emotional energy of faith, and we rush even faster toward our own demise by our power to turn these obsolete thoughts into new things. Instead of guiding us on our journey into the future, our belief in an obsolete worldview acts as a drag on our progress as a species, and may even become responsible for our extinction.

  • RedDog Nov 05, 2010

    Edgar Mitchells ephiphany about his position in the universe while staring into the void is the most instructive example I've found and used to understand my place. I did not need to be out in the Void physically to understand what Edgar was talking about. He needed to move away from the deception of the creation which is around us here, to get the God perspective of where he really is in this short life.

    I can read the first paragraph in the Bible and get the same experience. Perspective is very important in understanding your own position.
    For example, most people when asked about being in the Void of the Universe, if they could see their own hand, would answer; No. It is dark. Never really understanding that the opposite is true. The Void is nothing but light, yet we are kept in the darkness by our own false perception.

    Mitchell saw beyond that, once in the Void, I've had this same experience by simply changing my perspective of myself.

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