What are examples of your extended human capacities?

Posted Oct. 4, 2010 by IONS Staff in Big Questions

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commented on March 10, 2015
by Imagination



Extended Human Capacities

What are examples of your extended human capacities?

One of the main areas of research at IONS is Extended Human Capacities. Research projects in this area investigate how consciousness interacts with the physical world, including studies of human capacities that appear to extend beyond the conventional boundaries of space and time.

This month we're asking how you have experienced mind-matter interaction. Have you had premonitions that have later come true? Are there ways you’ve experienced your intention or attention influencing something in the physical world? What else does this mean to you?

Our big question for the month of October: "What are examples of your extended human capacities?"

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    Imagination Mar 10, 2015

    What are examples of your extended human capacities? I am the result of a non-normal, three day birth. As a result, I became aware of how my consciousness level/alertness level can change. For example, I can look at a Snellen Eye Chart and I am aware as to how my perception can positively change. Usually I am comfortable with only a certain sized, regular reading print; however, I became aware I can occasionally see (and this is predictable) a much smaller sized print size (a different in two lines on the Snellen Eye Chart). I can see, read, and comprehend this smaller sized print; it is all clear for me and today (2015) I know why. X-ref: acuity of vision, sustained attention, processing, memory span, attention span, working memory, sensory integration, etc. I am very aware of the order behind of everything. My thinking endorses what Thomas Edison said: I know this world is ruled by infinite intelligence. Everything that surrounds us- everything that exists - proves that there are infinite laws behind it. There can be no denying this fact. It is mathematical in its precision. - Thomas A. Edison

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    Keanan McArthur Nov 15, 2014

    Every second or third day I dream of an event and it usually happens in a few weeks then.

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    GailN Aug 08, 2013

    I was once a very good psychic with a loyal following. Could be still if I were to take it up again. In one reading, I ran across what I call a Schrodinger split. I saw two futures - each with equal 100% certainty. I'd never heard of Schrodinger at the time so I was dumbfounded. I only understood what happened after I gave up giving readings.

    I call my kitty to me with thought.

    I think that cloud sculpting is fun. (use thought to change the shape of clouds into predetermined shapes)

    I find lost things by inviting them to tell me where they are.

    I have used the power of peace to protect me in an imminent death situation and again in an imminent rape situation. In both cases, the aggressor turned around and walked away - in the instance of the rapist, he locked the door behind him.

    I can learn things far more quickly than I could when I was younger. I can learn a piece of piano music without touching the keyboard because I practice in my mind first. It is far easier that way and the piece is mastered by the time I sit in front of the piano.

    I manifest whatever I want when I can't find it elsewhere. I haven't failed yet. (Most recent, a wall sculpture to use as a screen for a pass through. It had to be 21.625 inches by 48 inches. Imagine finding something perfect at exactly 21 5/8 inches high the next day.)

    Now I'm wondering if I can use thought to move things (other than clouds). Haven't started practicing yet, but I'm pretty sure I can. when I'm 100% sure, I'll start practicing.

    I experience geometric patterns within thoughts - with latent potentials attached.

    Might be more. I love exploring my mind and its potentials.

    I see tree auras. I've only seen one people aura - she was pregnant. But tree auras are there - especially on an overcast day. They they are almost iridescent.

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    NewtTrino Jul 30, 2013

    RE: Angela's response to:

    "The greatest human capacity we possess is the ability to function as a single unified whole. All we have to do is harmonize with a common vision." (frequencytuner)


    "How can you harmonize or create a common vision if you are critical of others posting in this discussion?"

    I would respectfully suggest that there will always be positive and negative energy projected and assimilated by the collective. We will elevate or descend in our spiritual journeys based on our intent and the power of the messages we receive. The art and the discipline is to find peace amid the turmoil.

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    NewtTrino Jul 30, 2013

    RE:" When I walk into a room, the circular clocks go back one, and sometimes two!

    For real! Always have! ("puo" relativity)

    It's just my nonlinear math brain reminding linearity to sloooow down! :)"

    So why is we've never heard of you? How is it that you claim to have all these gifts yet to have been acknowledged by anyone of accreditation? I don't know why I bother...'you are obviously insane or conflicted with various mental delusions. It is my hope that you will find enough feedback here to take this crap elsewhere.

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    RealityOverScience Jul 30, 2013

    When I walk into a room, the circular clocks go back one, and sometimes two!

    For real! Always have! ("puo" relativity)

    It's just my nonlinear math brain reminding linearity to sloooow down! :)

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    Turgilsa Jun 18, 2013

    I think I once experienced a kind of time travel.

    I have to go back to about 1972. I was living in Lakewood, California, and finishing my Master's Degree at Cal State Long Beach. I had a wife and two babies and about as much interest in spiritual matters as I did in religion--virtually none. I wasn't an atheist, I just figured there were things we could never find out so why bother. Well, one night about midnight, I suddenly woke up for no apparent reason and felt like I was being watched. You know, the funny feeling you get on the nape of your neck when someone is staring at you. I glanced over at my wife and she was dead to the world. Finally, feeling really anxious, I got up and checked on the kids, looked around the house, checked all the doors. Nothing was there! But I still felt like I was being watched. I went back to bed and couldn't sleep right away--I was annoyed and puzzled. At last, I just thought to myself "This is ridiculous! Whatever it is, go away." Then I finally fell back asleep.

    A couple of weeks later, I saw an ad in the local paper by a woman who said she gave life readings "like Edgar Cayce." I had seen the ad before and dismissed it as a come on for the gullible. This time, however, I felt curious and made an appointment to see her. It was mostly a lot of unprovable stuff about my past lives and I just mostly shrugged it off, but the woman seemed genuine and I liked her. So I got some books at the library on Edgar Cayce and, before I knew what hit me, I was totally engrossed in the whole area of psychic phenomena and reincarnation, etc. My whole life started going in a new direction.

    Okay, now we move forward to late 1978. I was living in Visalia, CA, teaching at the college, divorced, a single "mom" and a frequent meditator (I had studied Transcendental Meditation). One afternoon, I was in my bedroom sitting comfortably in a chair and focusing on my mantra when, suddenly, I felt myself starting to float. This startled me, but I didn't want to open my eyes to check it out for fear of losing a really great experience. I felt like I had floated up to the ceiling, near the corner of the room, and was hovering there. At first, it was totally dark and I could see nothing. Gradually, I became aware of being in my bedroom back at the house in Lakewood. I could see myself wake up, I could see my now ex-wife sleeping beside me, and I could see myself get up and walk through the house and checking all the rooms. I thought, "You are not going in the right direction former self. You need to become more spiritually oriented.” Then BLAM! I was back in my chair in Visalia and about an hour had passed.

    Sure, it's crazy. But I think I went back in time and influenced myself. You could make a logical case for me just making all that up based on my memory of what happened to me in Lakewood and that would be fine. But that is not the only crazy experience I've had, so I accept it (without judgment) as just what I think it is.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 17, 2013

    In "Numerology and The Divine Triangle," as my path of destiny number, I'm given the number 7. This means that I psychically separate the true from the false and can discover and reveal some of the mysteries of life to a waiting world. I see the government as a bigger threat to U.S. citizens than international terrorists.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 17, 2013

    I'd like to offer my services to IONS on Extended Human Capabilities. After an astrologer told me who I was I became who I was. More lately, I read in the Gospels what I did, with the result that my dream came true.

    I seriously doubt that IONS would be interested. My life does not fit the mold of how to make your dream come true. Just the opposite. My life is how to end on the rocks. .

  • Joseph Smith Jun 17, 2013

    I'd delighted to know that others see in their minds "intricate and beautiful mandalas." I, too, see them when I'm waking up in the morning, even after I open my eyes.

    I'm into bigger than life things. The first thing in the morning, I write my thoughts, which I think come to me from the universe.

  • bestearth Jun 12, 2013

    I have experienced holographic type visions, not so much now but they started about 11 years ago when my spiritual enquiry began after illness.
    I'll describe the types.

    Lucid interactive internal vision: I have seen intricate and beautiful mandalas that look like fine mosaics of warm colours. These types occur in the early hours before sunrise. I say lucid because even though still in bed I am on the cusp of awake and light sleep, it is possible to send thought to the mandalas and make them rotate one way or the other. The experience seem mostly contained by the skull boundary but can be seen even if my eyes were open. I guess they are projected in the pineal. The personal cinema I call it.

    Contained external hologram type vision: In this one the image appears to be outside the skull in a small area in front of the face but can also be seen whether the eyes are open or closed. eg.Once I saw a marble bust of a greek philosopher in profile talking in a deep discussion with someone else outside the region of view. In another one I saw part of a gum tree with beautiful variety of warm coloured leaves and I could actually reach out into it and feel the smooth leaves with my fingers. It felt like plastic. Later in the day I walked around the property (8000acres) and saw it in an actual gum tree, a mistletoe with the same colours and everything.

    Total holographic immersion: In this type your actually within the hologram surrounded by it ,part of it. At this same property I was staying I woke to find the room full of water to the ceiling and I lying at the bottom still on a foam matress on the concrete floor. A shallow irredescent ocean with sun rays streaming in. Dolphins were playing doing flips , I heard their sonar clicks in the water and could see the bubbles streaming off their bodies as they speared back in the water. And the ripping sound as their body spears the water surface. I saw huge grey whales lumbering slowly above me and could hear their whalesong. It was an exquisite experience I'll never forget it.

    All these experiences seem to occur in the early hours before sunrise. Alot of them were in the country far away from towns and cities but not all of them. In Australia the aborigines describe places called 'songlines' ,regions where strong 'dreaming' occurs. After these experiences I understood better why indigenous cultures like aboriginal and native american have such a strong visionary element to their lives. they have experienced these hologram visions quite frequently. Probably not as much these days but before white man came. I heard a Scietist called Dan Winter call these songlines, 'lines of magnetic compression'. He teaches sacred geometry. I went to a workshop once , he showed us a map of these lines over NSW, Australia and one of them passed where i was staying where some of these experiences i described hapenned.
    I thought wow there's probably a connection there.

  • Joseph Smith May 13, 2013

    From a life in ruins, came my psychophysiological interconnectedness, including nondual awareness, intuition, and presentiment; the effects of intention and attention; that is, to take the IRS to court, and attention to my God-given rights spelled out in the Constitution—my extended human capacities, if you will. They commenced to work on the day in 1975 that Christians commemorate as the day Christ was crucified. And to think, I was not a Christian, nor am I now. It kind of indicates that Jesus was for everyone.

    In fact, Jesus wasn’t a Christian. Furthermore, he had nothing good to say about his Jewish authorities. I guess you could say Jesus was not religious. Jesus did not tell us to pray to a god somewhere out there, a supernatural god only the authorities know. He told us to look within for God. I looked at my Constitution, heard voices from the past, found my bigger than life calling, and all my dreams came true. Billions of people disagree with me. There is no supernatural God out there we can’t know. Without being religious, I can say that Jesus is my savior and redeemer. I wonder what the poor folks are going today.

  • Joseph Smith May 13, 2013

    Speaking of calamity and renewed hope there are signs, to mention two, 9-11 and the Boston Bombing. "Distinguish the ages, and the Scriptures harmonize," said Augustine. He was referring to astrological ages. We are currently leaving the Age of Pisces, whose symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions, an age when people have looked for external answers.

    We are entering the Age of Aquarius, whose symbol is the water-bearer. People in the new age, looking internally for their answers, see themselves as their brother's keeper. This comes from ancient star gazers. In Luke 21, we read Jesus saying, there will be signs in the sun, moon and stars, and distress in the nations. When we see these things, said Jesus, the kingdom of God will be on hand. He said to look up.

    When we look up, we see lots of UFOs. People don't make the connection.

  • Joseph Smith May 13, 2013

    Legend, from the Phoenix, a bird that immolated itself on a pyre and from the ashes lived another period of years, it is an emblem of renewed hope in one's life, after a calamity. My life was in ruins in 1975. I blamed it on the government. I studied the Constitution with the thought of taking legal action against the IRS. From the Constitution, I heard voices of the past. I received a bigger than life calling.

    In late August 1976, I was sailing with three friends from Nassau to Palm Beach, Florida on my sloop Bold Venture. We entered tropical storm Dottie. God's hand was on my wheel. My friends called it a miracle that we were saved from a watery grave. I believe I've been saved for a purpose. I've recorded my experiences in a book I've named "In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012: an Explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation."

  • Joseph Smith May 13, 2013

    Ion's "Healing Voice" caught my attention, the presenter, Jill Purce. A way to balance your mind and body, and ultimately achieve enlightenment, says Jill.

    One of the main reasons my life is good in the twilight of life is that I create music. I didn't start in earnest until I was in my eighties, and then without a lesson. Music is a natural with me. I had a keyboard. My daughter gave me her old guitar. Then I bought an Apple computer with a feature called Garage Band, a built-in eight track recording studio, which I didn't even know was there. I found that I could record other bands and play along and/or sing with them. My wife gave me a banjo a year ago. I'm a one-man band. An amazing thing happened. Somehow, with other bands I immediately started playing and singing much better. It has to be psychic phenomena. No other way could this be possible. You can hear me perform at http://joesgarageband1.bandcamp.com.

  • Gary Eby May 12, 2013

    After my accident last year, I heard a still, quiet voice reassure me that "it wasn't my time to die yet." More recently as I prepared for meditation I saw a beautiful angel. In addition, when having a tough personal challenge I felt Spirit grip my hand. I believe we feel at One when we share these experiences. I have started an online discussion group called Heaven on Earth to keep the sharing going.Would anybody like more info about this?

  • Joseph Smith May 12, 2013

    In May 2001, retired and nothing better to do with my time, I decided to write my memoirs. The events of my life began to form a picture, at least to me. I've lived an incredible life. My book of memoirs was reviewed. I was informed that the thoughts were not connected and it had no discernible conclusion.

    I've continued to write down my thoughts first think in the morning and post them on the Internet. It does not matter if I make sense to others. I'm doing what I've been called to do, and I've been rewarded.

  • Joseph Smith May 12, 2013

    The next scientific revolution, of which Marilyn Schlitz speaks, I can tell you is the changing of the ages. For the past 2,000 years, we've been living through an authoritarian age. It is now in its death throes. It began with the birth of Jesus Christ, who was crucified for calling his authorities hypocrites and wolves in sheep's clothing. This dying age has for its symbol two attached fish swimming in opposite directions. This I mention was written thousands of years ago.

    Jesus spoke of his second coming in Luke 21. He said there would be signs in the sun, moon, and stars. We are moving into an age when we become our brother's keeper, the symbol of which is the water-bearer. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

  • Joseph Smith May 12, 2013

    From whence comes our source of power? In 1975, with my life in ruins, and blaming it on oppressive government, I studied the Constitution with the thought of taking the IRS to court. I've not spent one day in the formal study of the law. The Constitution gave me the feeling that voices of the past were speaking to me. I think this was because of my intent. Lawyers practice law for personal profit. I practiced law for personal principle. It was personally empowering.

    I began a new life with a bigger than life calling. When you would have thought everything would have gone wrong for me, challenging the powerful IRS is not the thing to do, everything started going right for me. The IRS hung itself with its own rope. Those voices of the past stayed with me. I've lived a charmed life. My dreams have all come true. Now in the twilight of life at age 87, I'm counting my blessings. These are the best years of my life.

  • Fallensoul Apr 21, 2013

    rach: ask the folks at http://forum.mind-energy.net/ or facebook afterlife (skeptic? spiritual?) forum

    >or if I should even want to?
    Ofcourse, you would want to get a clear understanding of the implications from those who have this ability before going forward. Certainly mediums are helpful to give people grieving a sense of comfort and help them expand their consciousness, Yet the afterlife picture offered by most afterlife proponents are at best vague and I would be careful in what you accept as true, since most of them speak as authority. For example, in what form does God, the source of all these powers, exist and our what's our relationship with Him is mostly ignored or considered unimportant. But until we become clear on these fundamental things, it will be difficult to know with a reasonable certainty if what you're getting into is actually beneficial to you and others in a universal sense. What is really good, demands that we have a clear picture of who we are and whats reality all about. Ofcourse that is applicable to your life right now without the added powers!

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    rachaelbecca Apr 16, 2013

    I used to have precognition and deja vu all the time until my dad died when I was 21. It always scared me. I would "see" things coming and try to do something that felt "wrong" to change the deja vu feeling and change the pattern. I didn't know what was going to happen, only that I knew it was bad, so I would deliberately "break the cycle." The night before my father died, I was picking up some things at his house, where I had just moved out of, and he was sleeping on the couch where he had fallen asleep watching TV. I didn't wake him up. On my way to my new apartment, I got a terrible feeling that I would never see him again. I started to turn the car around, but then glanced into the back seat where my baby son was sleeping and decided that it was too late for melodrama and turned back toward my apartment. I got a call the next morning that my father got up and had a heart attack in the shower at around 6 a.m. Since that time, I no longer have premonitions or deja vu. I think I blocked out my ability, maybe due to guilt or fear? I don't even know if that can happen, but since it is part of the psyche, I assume it can from traumatic events. I have actually tried to get back my premonition ability, but I cannot. The only thing I have now for the past almost 20 years is frequent vivid dreaming and a kind of sensitivity to what I think of as ghosts or spirits maybe? I can also feel if a place is "good" or "bad," I can sense things about people, like I always could. But nothing very specific. Does anyone have any advice on how to recapture my precognitive abilities, or if I should even want to?

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    SumOne Mar 26, 2013

    Because Guideline 5 states that all comments become the SOLE property of IONS, I'm not going to get into any details here because it's part of my autobiography. I don't mind giving IONS permission to use my comments, but sole ownership of my written records, sheez...really? I've had prescient dreams and a kind of lucid dream/prewakening in which I "woke up" without opening my eyes and saw around me, but also saw what I describe as the universal umbilicus, a normally invisible connective "tissue" between all living beings (or at least humans, not sure of the limits here) at the navel, and could also hear numerous conversations in apartments around me (not normally experienced). One prescient dream was literal in providing a view into the near future (the next day). What I like about this experience is that I had never been to the location in the dream before, the reason for going wasn't revealed to me until after I awoke, and I was aware that the image in the dream was approaching as its elements grew near. Another prescient dream led to me typing up as much as I could recall, which I later thought of as six chapters in a (truly) surreal short story. Five years later I realized the dream was full of metaphors and that each chapter represented a year in my life and I was half-way thru the dream. What I liked about this example is that I then knew I would encounter a gunman in the fifth year/chapter, but that I would survive unharmed and so when I was faced with a gunman two years later I was entirely unafraid, which may have helped save my life by reacting so...the gunman became afraid (of why I wasn't afraid?) and ran off when I walked up and around him angrily. I may have caused an unset alarm clock to go off. I once had a perfect basketball game without my glasses on, which rendered me nearly blind. I could see the basket, but not clearly. Here I believe that my other senses, particularly my mental image of the basket, were free from the usually dominating visual sense to inform me better than seeing thru glasses does so that although I didn't have a clear visual picture of the basket I had a hyperclear mental/subconscious image of the basket. I didn't miss a single shot and even stole the ball behind me while looking in the opposite direction. I even made a 3-point sky hook. My mind-body connection was crisp and I played "unconsciously" as announcers like to say. There's a lot more too, but those are the highlights. Well, there were some other odd events, but that's enough for now.

  • Metaphysicist2 Mar 14, 2013

    I’m a little over two years late in responding to this, because I only recently re-joined the discussions here at IONS.

    My example of “extended human capacities” were the result of the natural uprising of kundalini, which brought about a tremendous transcendental experience. As the divine energy rose up my spine from the muladhara chakra* at the base of the spine I began hearing the OM being sounded forth by the Logos. The enormity of the sound was such that as far as I could tell it filled the whole universe. I consciously experienced the divine nature (within everyone) of my multi-dimensional higher self in the 5th dimension (heaven world), and realized that my consciousness was immersed within the consciousness of the One sounding the OM. The ensuing mystical experience was extremely divine, enlightening, and wonderfully long. I experienced clairaudience of the 5th dimension and the essence of the Biblical statement "in Him we live and move and have our being." I was in a state of ecstasy/bliss, but with a sharpness and clarity of intellect that is impossible to describe. I had partial etheric & astral vision, and saw a lavender/rose colored haze, the movement of which was barely perceptible. There was instant recognition and memory of having already experienced this before this lifetime, which was extremely empowering to say the least. An expansion of consciousness occurred that enabled me to understand many things that I couldn’t before. The peak experience lasted for about an hour before it began to subside. It diminished imperceptibly, and about six hours later I could still hear the OM and feel the divine energy of the 5th dimension. I was in a very heightened state of awareness, and didn’t go to bed until the following evening. I was 35 years old then and had never heard of kundalini or the Cosmic Logos (in this lifetime that is).

    Sincerely yours,
    Dean Sloan – theosophical metaphysicist

    * http://www.yoga-age.com/modern/kun4.html#_VPID_45

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    Shadowed-Sun Feb 26, 2013

    For me i can bend the energy around to do virtually anything I want, and with enough of that energy in one spot I have moved things with my mind.
    I learned that i could do this by accident when i moved the flame in a candle from several feet away.

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    iamonesoru Jun 11, 2012

    The answer to these questions are so complex and comprehensive that they cannot possibly be conveyed in any meaningful way in a three thousand character limited post.

    We are creators. We create the things that we desire by focusing our attention, intention, and will, to manifest thought, which is meta-physical (somewhere between physical and non-physical), into our physical world.

    Whether we call it invention, construction, manufacture, artistic creativity, musical composition, technological advancements, or manifestation, it is all a production that begins with the processing of thought.

    We don’t really have a complete understanding of our thought processes and how they not only influence, but are responsible for the creation of everything in our world, including the way that each of us experiences the world around us.

    Thought, by its very nature, is creative precisely because everything that appears to be real or physical, and even meta-physical, is made up of a kind of kinetic electro-magnetic energy that is in reality consciousness or intelligence projected in the form of thought.

    It is what the Bible calls “The Word”.

    This kinetic electro-magnetic energy that we take for granted as “thought” is projected from an infinite well of potential energy we have been taught to misunderstand as “God”.

    This post is itself an example of extended human capacities. How do we open ourselves to the extended capacities of the 90 to 95% power of the human brain we don’t normally use except through consciousness awareness expanded as a result of integral inner healing?

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    joaosilva Dec 06, 2011

    who can see the future in dreams?

  • F_Alexander Dec 05, 2011

    I'd like to say a little "Amen!" to that last post, at least to the degree that one simply needs a certain level of confidence, purity, and creative imagination in order to make their brain whatever they wish it to be! I can happily say that now I possess direct physical sight that passes through many things that were once opaque. Obtaining this was only a matter of finding methods that worked for me, visualizing microscopic changes in my eyes and concentrating on that in my case.
    I figure it illustrates the same principal that causes key brain areas to grow or shrink when one meditates mindfully, and it shows just how much we can customize our brain's potential in response to our higher will. If one wants to become more patient or more observant, concentrate on that image of your behavior and even speak out loud your intention. If one wants to have faster reflexes or enhanced senses, imagine your synapses adapting to your higher wishes and concentrate on such images in your imagination. These are just a few ways one might enhance themselves. Extended human capacities, whether quantum or more classical, whether psychic or self-actualizing, are all within one's reach. :-D

  • Jim Kupczyk Nov 26, 2011

    If your vibrations are in alignment with the universe, anything and everything is possible. After time, the unexpected is expected; cultivating confidence (is that the proper use of the semi-colon? .. ha!). I believe everyone has extended human capacities- one's "gift" is not the ability, but his/her level of: imagination, confidence and purity.

  • Ronald Marriott Nov 23, 2011

    I have changed the out come of emergencies involving physical injuries. Forcing your "vision" on the situation powered by love has changed the outcome and delivered a different result than expected. By allowing to the situation to unfold as an observer....things maintain there path. But when an additional influence is added....mind....the result is changed

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    thoromli Nov 23, 2011

    Sunday 8 may 2011: "my" first breath of love.
    I had just understand" that consciousness communicate with it self thru me, that after a lot of communication with "myself". Then a pain in the chest occur, a known pain from earlier, I felt it like a lot of love need to come out, my body took a big breath and the feeling was like a breath full of love... and it took all the pain with it out, I breathed out the pain.

    After that I had my first and so far only oneness experience: I had just take away a lot of pain with a breath of what I call love, all that love comes now back thru me. I was driving a bus and felt how consciousness took control over all the actions for a few seconds, everything melted together, specially the trees outside, the road, the steering wheel and my body, everything went one, a wonderful oneness that want to be shared - that´s the loving consciousness "secrets".

  • arielburns Nov 22, 2011

    I don't know why the interdimensionals just don't come out and ask us how we (the crop) are coming along. I mean, why the pretending. (heh, heh)

    As the Schumann rises I hear more and more talking about precognition. At one time my third eye was manic (probably with me, lol) and I saw a portal open, which could have been some kind of hallucination - as a mental health nurse who has maintained a life of skepticism; I'm not sold it was a hallucination. At that time I was astral projecting and lucid dreaming, with also some strange hypnogogic experiences I believe were me starting to astral project, and some dark figure would always try and jump in the tether to my cord at the navel as I was leaving. In the astral plane, I knew what it was but not upon waking. That was around the time many other bizarre things were happening one could ascribe to mania but I never took meds nor was I treated for that, and have always maintained my life. Both grandmothers were highly intuitive and had precognition to the point of predicting accurately the death of a family member the night before the death occured (in an infant, to sudden crib death no less - entirely unpredictable with no previous apnea or events!). Now in a very normal family, imagine trying to process that kind of thing. I 'typically' have precognition to the point of regularly dreaming the next day. Whew, when is that Schumann gonna stop because my DNA is the Cheshire cat.

  • Sharon Tenney Nov 22, 2011

    I have mediumship, and I have a sister, who also has it. Interestingly, she had seizures as a kid, and I was tested years ago with an EEG where they discovered that I basically walk around in Alpha, although I’m actually hyper. The very few “genuine” mediums I have met have also had some weird brain thing – one very good medium in the UK had been tested (same as me) and discovered that she spent much waking time in Theta – thus, she is a good trance medium. For me, I can only think that maybe being a premature baby in the 1940s and spending a lot of time in an incubator may have done something to my brain.

    I am not a famous person, and the last 45 years I have spent working full-time at more menial jobs. I have had a lot of phenomena (of which I am not afraid, and I actually enjoy). I think it is fascinating and although I am a skeptic by nature, this strange ability makes me think that there is more to life than that which we are currently living. I feel sad that when I read for people that they cannot hear, see or feel what I do. I can only use words to describe it to them.

    Now that I am older and psychic matters are so all over the place, I feel a responsibility to share with others, as I know my time is limited. I am frustrated at scam artists and wannabes who do not have a true ability, and yet people clutch onto them. I have met too many frauds, and it is disturbing to see how people believe them. I know for a fact about one “famous” “psychic,” who is not a genuine psychic – my daughter’s guitar teacher was married to this person’s best friend – and told me all about what was going on – total fraud from the get-go, but very, very wealthy now. This “psychic” makes fun of those who buy the books and get the readings. I think that is awful and although I do not expose this individual, it just infuriates me when I learn of people who have gone to this individual and are shaken of all their money, hopes and dreams. If one does not truly have the gift, then it is very hard to assess between a liar and a genuine medium, so someone like that carries on and laughs all the way to the bank.

    So, my extended (maybe just more available) capability is mediumship. It has been a fascinating journey to have had so many interesting and explicit experiences.

    I have an on-line blog, although I’m not sure we are allowed to post such things, and it gives many of my experiences.

    My daughter has precognitive dreams and that is not something I think I would want – although her dreams have actually protected her, but it’s still weird to me to know that she sees the future in advance. That is a strange and an extended capability to me, but it still doesn’t seem “normal.” But it is normal to her.

    I know that people have capabilities beyond what we think is normal – but if we have them, then it is normal at the time. So what is abnormal? What is truly an extended capability? To me, those are things I often think about.

  • amybyrne Jul 24, 2011

    I appear to be able to give voice/sound to energy that is with a person for the benefit of their healing. I can't do it on cue. I work as a kinesiologist so it often happens spontaneously when I'm working with someone, but sometimes it also happens just when I find myself talking to someone and they are telling me what is going on for them. It starts with a buzzy, goose-pimple type feeling, and then I feel pulled into the energy like it's a magnetic force. My breathing changes, my hands and my body move with the energy as well as feeling like I'm being guided to move the energy of the person I'm working with. Then sounds come through. Sometimes they're deep repetitive chants, sometimes it's speaking in tongues, sometimes it's tones and sometimes song. Sometimes it also changes very dramatically between different sounds and energies. Sometimes it ends with a very clear spoken message. Sometimes it's a clear understanding of the knowing behind what just occured and released. Sometimes I just have a sense of what happened but no detail. Sometimes the person I'm working with has a very intense release such as sobbing, screaming, wailing. Sometimes they see a lot of colour. Sometimes they describe old and past life memories in great detail and where in the body they've been holding them and where they've released from. Sometimes they simply say to me "I just went somewhere. . . " and I say, "that's ok, I understand, sometimes there are no words". Sometimes they ask me what that language was I was speaking because it's so familiar to them and sometimes they speak in that language too. Everytime I've had to say that I have never heard it before and I think it is actually something related to them and nothing to do with me. I feel I am working with other entities and/or spirits, maybe the "guides" or "soul group" of the person I'm with, but I feel these words offer merely diluted shadows of the truth of what it going on here which I cannot even faintly understand from the conscious level of my mind/brain. The one commonality I always feel is that there is a reconnection/reintegration occuring between the marrying of the Spirit and the Body.

  • Youngbear Roth, RYT/CYT Jul 22, 2011

    "Consciousness... is the phenomenon whereby the universe's very existence is made known."
    - Roger Penrose, 'The Emperor's New Mind'

    Yoga cannot expand your inner consciousness. While certain Vedanta scriptures, that evolved as an expression of Samkhya philosophy, do perceive existence in dualistic terms (such as "inner" and "outer"), yoga philosophy, strictly speaking, does not buy into a universe of duality. Yoga teaches The Great Chain of Causation in which an element of existence is what it is only in that it is a part of everything – infinite; and everything - infinity - is a part of 'any element of existence'. This wholistic rather than dualistic perception is expressed most obviously in the Zen Buddhist school of yoga as it became the bedrock of Buddha's enlightenment and soon thereafter his teaching known as the 'Flower Sermon'.

    However, if consciousness is a journey taken, yoga can certainly be a valid vehicle aiding in such a journey. Whether one is practicing seated meditation or moving meditation - asana - these yoga experiences, evolving out of and expressing a meditative state of mind, tend to naturally develop greater control over the practitioner's mental focus givien time and proper training. Although, only one consciousness exists as the yogin journeys, that consciousness is infinite and must exist simultaneously as owned by the yogin (a finite aspect of the infinite) and the infinite (a well-spring of the finite). Yoga can help us to see both aspects of the one consciousness by making possible a meditative state where we let go of our limited body-mind association and realize that consciousness is not expanding but our intuitive understanding of the conscious experience is broadening and more profoundly felt by the yogin who is in all moments an aspect of infinite consciousness.

    Another way of expressing this in words is to write that yoga is transcendental in its process. It teaches us to use the finite mind and body aspect of consciousness to transcend itself and experience more than just being mind and body. This is much like climbing a ladder to reach our roof. Eventually the ladder has aided us in reaching the roof and we leave the ladder behind to perceive ourselves standing on the roof. With practice, the finite consciousness ladder of yoga, which certainly does exist, can be transcended so that we have an infinite consciousness experience. In the end we experience the whole of the one consciousness, finite and infinite, where the universe's very existence is made known.

    As I stress in most of my writings on the subject of yoga, just going through the physical motions of a yoga position is not a transcendental or genuine yoga experience. The practicioner of yoga is learned in expressing the balance of body, mind, and spirit through the physical asana. Without this training specific to yoga meditative states one can be staring at a ladder and not understand how to use it.

  • scramptondavis Jul 14, 2011

    I recently blogged about one of my experiences (http://awakeningworks.blogspot.com/2011/07/making-sense.html) but in short, I've had a few experiences recently were the veil of consciousness allowed me to understand and grasp a sense of knowing that was beyond any description of my five senses, really. In this example, I was able to feel the "energetic" connections of Spirit Gods (helpers) that provided me with clarity of my life's purpose: I am here to learn and heal, so I may teach others how to heal.

    I returned to the same practitioner recently with a question about my business. For a split millisecond - I was transported to the time of my husband's death - because there is really no space and time - and received a message that he was here, at this time, to ensure that I would build a healing center. Again, the practitioner shared was she experienced and our accounts were almost identical.

    When we "extend" our human capacity that we identify with our human cognition and our five senses, we are really doing nothing more than lifting the veil of consciousness that is available to everyone. Often, it is just the mind that gets in the way.

  • Corleone Jul 14, 2011

    Fascinated by reading about Noetic sciences i got to this discussions page just to be fascinated again.Now i dont know is this good example of extended human capacities but i'll anyway write about things i've gone through.Ever since my childhood started (and i hope it will never end) i had a dreams that would be fulfilled in future.Most of the times i would dream about whole events.I would remember whole dream the next day and then i would just live the same event i dreamed in rough period of maximum two months after the dream actually happened.
    Once while i still was at elementary school.I dreamed about war.And how one of my friends is going to die.Now in dream he also appears again in the end.Saying that he survived though we did made funeral...So i was afraid what could happen and when it will actually happen.I told him about dream and how they come true eventually and knowing that there isnt going to be any war,i knew something metaphorical will happen.Finally after acting like an older brother to him whole day,we finally found out what is the event that was metaphorically connected to be my dream.
    Teacher from science class asked him a few very lethal question in front of a blackboard and he didn't knew any of the answers...Later that day on one other class he just shined and show his truly face of a geek.He sighed with relief and told me. " I survived."
    So it wasn't a grenade that killed him in a war but a pair of questions that was almost lethal as bullets coming out of mouth of one hard teacher.I had many more experiences before but like i already said it was just dreams and then something different happened.
    I was tired one day.I sit on my chair and put my head on arms that i previously arranged on table to provide my headache with a little comfort.
    I closed my eyes just for a couple of minutes and suddenly i had again a "dream" effect.But this time it was different because i wasnt actually dreaming.I was pretty much awake.I just kept my eyes closed.I heard voices in my head.A conversation and i am sure only my mother was in room doing the dishes.I didn't heard the water, i heard a group of people doing some funny conversation.I soon recognized the voices.My family and two family friends.About three months later i was at the dining table in same pose but actually really listening to the same conversation.I just lifted my head with a great content smile.
    So tell me,is this something that is called extended human capacity and is there actually someone who read what i wrote? x)

  • Anonymous Icon

    DrBingo Jul 13, 2011

    I have seven grandchildren, and am a lucid dreamer. While dreaming I can see thru the eyes of my future family members and experience what they experience in the future. This ability started about 20 years ago when i was able to see myself in a certain future place and time, and curiously it happened exactly as i foresaw, even though my doctors said i had only two months to live. I would like to hear from others who have this ability.

  • Youngbear Roth, RYT/CYT Jul 12, 2011

    Shikantaza style Zazen meditation. With enough practice one is able to experience "being" as self-illuminating mind, clear and infinite. Traditionally this state is called The Great Void and is said to be empty of independent self but flowing with co-originating subtle energy.

  • Youngbear Roth, RYT/CYT Jul 12, 2011

    Dreaming in vivid details about natural disasters three days before they happen.

  • Anonymous Icon

    2CB4itHappens Jul 10, 2011

    I have to share a recurring - albeit wonderful - experience. When I told my brother about it, he adamantly (almost condescendingly) tried to explain it away. Here goes... Since I was a child, I've had experiences while in a state between consciousness and dreaming; a sort of "ethereal" place where I really believe we are more attuned to a fundamental, or universal, consciousness. Anyway, my experiences have to do with hearing things in that "ethereal" state a split-second before they actually occur in "reality." Example: many times in my life - including recently - I've heard noises (such as a car backfiring) while in that "in-between" state, only to awaken from the sound, and THEN hear it happen. I've always been fascinated by how this could occur, and - being very analytical by nature - have tried to find a "logical" explanation. I can't help but now believe that there IS a logical explanation. It's just that we, as Westernized people - senses blunted by a cacophony of carnival-barkers and chintzy ideas - have a tendency to delegitimize that which is quite true, if only because it is subtle, or otherwise doesn't conform. Anyway, I've always appreciated this ability to, at times, experience the future before it arrives! Oh, and another neat story... I used to drive home from work (in the Coast Guard) across Highway 37. For those who aren't familiar with the Bay Area, this road has about a 10 mile stretch between Sears Point and Vallejo that is absolutely beautiful. You can see Mount Tamalpais, Mount Diablo, parts of the Bay, and all the marshes. Anyway, I used to make a point of turning off the radio and going on "auto pilot" while traversing this stretch of road. And many times when I did this, the sky would somehow appear just a little bit bluer and a little bit crisper. It's hard to describe, but I always knew, in a subtle way, that I was "there," as though I was "pushed up a peg" in consciousness. Anyway, on one particular day, driving in that state, mind just meandering, I got a sudden flash in my mind's eye of - of all things - the History Channel logo. You know, that big yellow "H" inside of a red box? And then I thought, "Hmm, I haven't gotten my bill from the History Channel yet." That was it. Then my mind wandered again. Then I had a thought about my son (who was only three or four at the time). I thought, "Huh, Jimmy hasn't been sick in a really long time." Ok, you can probably see where this is going... Once I exited off of the highway, I came back to that "usual" state of consciousness. About ten minutes later, I got home. When I opened my mailbox, there was the bill from the History Channel. And when I went inside, there was a message on my voice mail. Can anyone guess what it was about? Yep, it was my son's daycare, calling to let me know that my son had a fever and I needed to pick him up. I have plenty more stories, similar in nature to the ones I just mentioned, but I'll spare everyone from reading a novel all in one sitting!

  • Anonymous Icon

    derek32 Jul 07, 2011

    I was dreaming about my wife telling me her car was broke -like a small child would talk-then I was wakened by her calling to me that the car wouldn't start. I got out of bed and started the car-forget now but it was something simple. Had lots of this sort of dream. I was napping one day and started to feel the vibrations and paralysis lots of people talk about. I knew it was the start of an out of body experience. Usually it has scared me so that the sequence is stopped but this time the vibs were delicious sort of like lying in the sun naked and feeling the delicious warmth. So I thought if it feels good I'll just go with it. I felt my body separate until what I felt was me-not the physical lying on the bed but the other body-was vertical but still connected by the heads. I tried to get free but the vibs started to diminish. A half dozen times I've seen what I thought was a friend but upon getting closer realized it wasn't them but within a minute or so there was the real friend and we talked. Happened again just the other day. Connected minds? Why is it someone you are close to emotionally you run into everywhere but someone you feel negatively about you don't see each other?

  • Anonymous Icon

    samcrespi Jul 03, 2011

    I think we all have 'extended capacities' and they were stronger in hunter gatherer times. In essence, I think we'ree returning to a 'hunter gatherer' global society; i.e. in what Teillard de Chardin described as the Noosphere. The planet has formed a strong 'web' of consciousness and those who have or are learning to tap into this are downloading consciousness and inputting their own. I believe we draw strength from this and the gestalt of this ongoing event is creating a global mind shift. Currently, the challenge is the polarity between consciousness and the desperate clinging to old systems, beliefs and attempting to drag ourselves backward.
    As to specific incidents, I've had many - from manifesting airline tickets, a car, the current home I live in, to dollars that arrive as checks or cash. I've manifested jobs, raises and new titles (as an executive). I've also manifested some things I was wallowing in and could have done without! Perhaps, as I was a single mom with a strong link to my daughter - we both raised each other - some of the incidents that interest me the most are the ones that are linked to her. There's no doubt in my mind that love and compassion are important to building a powerful foundation for manifesting, healing, and creativity.
    Sam's extended capacity events:
    1) remote viewing of my daughter. She sometimes calls and asks what I see around her. I'm usually very accurate.
    2) Intuitive connection w/daughter: Had me doing a u-turn in heavy traffic away from a business appt. to home, for no apparent reason. I arrived in time to see she had turned blue (severe asthmatic attack). The ER docs said if I'd brought her in 5 minutes later, she would have been dead.
    3) Healing my own body: Scenario - work morning and needed material at my house, 45 minutes from the work location. I had a 105 degree fever, the sweats, nausea, vomiting, and could barely stand. Went into my daughter's room, laid down on the bed, and began to imagine waves of magenta, blue and mauve bathing my body. Within 20 minutes I was on my feet and ready to go.

    ps I love what you do at IONS!

  • Anonymous Icon

    linwx Jul 01, 2011

    I think we should distinguish such capabilities as “extended by training” or “extended by nature”. By nature, it is just normal. Some people could have better eye sight than the others and some people could have better sense of hearing. If it is up normally better, then, it is extended capability. Such as, in the nature, some animals are having better capabilities than the others, say, if a dog can climb a tree, then, it is having an extended capability among the other dogs; while it is just normal for a monkey. In contrast, if a monkey can smell a recognized person miles away, it is having an extended capability than the other monkeys, but for a dog, this is just normal. So, there are always some people have up normal capabilities than the others by born with, by nature.

    If we refer it by training, it is about man can or can not be trained to have this or that type of up normal capabilities. Can a man be trained to look through a wall and see people’s activities in side the room? Can a man be trained to smell an escaped prisoner ten miles away? Or to some extreme, can a man be trained to read the others mind and use his sense to control the others’ mind of thinking? If so, what is the training method? Yoga, Buddha, Taoist, Christian prayer or science equipment, drug or so? This is the BIG question.

  • benjamin villars Jun 15, 2011

    Hello, my name is Benjamin Villars and I am an avid reader of the occult and psi sciences. "The Noetic Universe" is all the proof there is to convince anyone it exists, but I have more obvious evidence to add through my own abilities and the writings of great men who had them prior to me. Not only are there personal letters for any to see but within the actual works themselves, Friedrich Nietzsche and Ralph Waldo Emerson have stated numerous times that their greatest emotions have had a very literal physical affect on their immediate environment.

    In my book "Nietzsche As Antichrist" I explain in detail my experiences, and include Nietzsche and Emerson's text which heavily elaborate on their affect on lighting and the breeze.


    check out my YouToube channel as well for tons of vids on this topic.



  • Anonymous Icon

    Lissa May 04, 2011

    Regarding to the comment of Alaska, It happens to me, sometimes the same situation, but it is only dreams, between the space when you are going to sleep but you still awak or on the contrary. And sometimes it is very clear the idea and the face of the people. I have been always be very telepathic in dreams and it is very funny that sometimes I catch something from the TV when this is turn off.
    In my particular case I don´t have any kind of precognitions dreams, so far, but, indeed they are very telepathic and I have been checked them with friends or people who I dreamt.
    Nowadays as I commented, practicing meditation I have telepathic thoughts in "The real Life", not in dreams, I can´t see the face or the situation but sudenly I feel like a Deja Vu, and in the very moment I receive some information, that can be possible?
    It is amazing when you star to work in your inner world and clean all your ideas, concepts, your ego and you can reach higher states of conciousness.
    It will be amazing to colaborate with the Institue some day in some research projec of telepathy!!!

  • cprize Apr 19, 2011

    Acting preemptively on what we foresee. Acting constructively on creative suggestions our dreams provide (Einstein, Edison, Tesla, Mozart, Grieg, Handel and countless writers etc).

  • PonsAnimus Apr 17, 2011

    Hi, your post almost sounds like an "excuse". ;) - You should not feel bad or unnormal for having such experiences. Many people have them. The problem for all of them is that our society only accepts things, which can be shown on a scientific instrument. But even most of the blind close minded skeptics use to say: "I love you" to their partner. hehe, I would love to see an instrument to show how deep love is :D. Although there is no scientific paramenter for that feeling you can still check with a polygraph whether they lie when they say "I love you" or not. Some would even offer their life for their love...for an uncountable pure feeling...now i call THAT weird, not ? :p
    There are many other things we use in daily life, like magnetism. The known intruments only show the "effect", but not the quality of the force itself.
    Just be happy that you are sensitive enough to feel more, but do not loose yourself. Try to keep a foot in the said "reality" and keep a smile within you whenever you "feel" something.

  • Anonymous Icon

    alaska1971 Apr 16, 2011



  • Anonymous Icon

    Freakmonkey1 Jan 10, 2011

    I'm new to all this and am not even sure if my "experience" fits in this catagory. Something happened when I was 18 that I've never understood. I was shooting pool with my uncle at a local bar when I had this "vision". I was sitting at a table at the end of the pool table drinking a beer. I envisioned the cue-ball jumping off of the table when my uncle broke. The cue-ball came flying right at my face and broke my nose. Seconds later my uncle broke and the cue-ball came flying directly toward my face. I reached up and grabbed the cue-ball before it could hit me. It had happened so fast that people around me looked at me like I wasn't normal. Stuff like this happens to me quite a bit, and yet I can't explain it or even put it into words that make sense. Any ideas or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Abhijith Nov 02, 2010

    Mind matter relationship, i came across it for the first time when i was 14 years of age. It was an inspirational writer , Robin Sharma, who told me through his book "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" about the immense power of words and thoughts, to influence my physical self. I believed it , and am thankful to my consciousness for making me doing so. It was the story of a lawyer,who was a millionaire, who turned out to be a yogi. He taught me to picture myself what i really wanted to become and to recite loud my commitment to accomplish that goal.Both in physical and spiritual spheres, i did as he asked and i was fascinated by the results, the accomplishments i made in my body, and my character. Undoubtedly i believe in the Power of Mind, ..I always wanted to have a healthy body which i was not having at that age. I was a skinny , lean person like a beanpole. But as i believed that i could be whatever i wanted to be in life and pictured the result in my mind, dormant forces started to play inside me and after only 6 or 7 months i got what i dreamed of . Not just physically but in all spheres of my life.
    The realization of the true power of mind had helped me in shaping myself, spiritually and physically.
    Now at IONS i am watching its scientific proofs, from dean Radin's experiments on "Crystal formation and mental influences " and the " 9-11' GCP.
    I believe am in the right path. The world needs a reminder, and its the beginning.
    Lets walk back to the age of sages. Count me in.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Holt Oct 26, 2010

    My journey started a couple of years ago at a psychic reading I attended out of curiosity. I have had several instances of feeling 'energy' over the years but at this reading I was swamped by it. I have since discovered that I can read images from objects & have precognative experiences, its almost like a door was opened or a switch thrown.
    I am fairly inexperienced in this kind of thing but I am convinced that there is a guiding hand in all of this, my discovery of Reiki has opened up new doors too. All my experiences & discoveries have sprung from gut feelings/ intuition & a series of interconnected events that seem to lead ever onward.
    Reading the posts here so far I'm guessing that finding this site is just another step. Thank you

  • Anonymous Icon

    SLH Oct 25, 2010

    Many thanks Gretchen on your kind words and warm welcome.

    Sarah xx

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Oct 24, 2010

    Dear SLH, welcome to this conscious community and there is no part of your understanding
    that is wrong!! Congratulations on already carrying the knowledge that the Divine wants
    everyone to REMEMBER and harness immediately! Motherly love IS a powerful form of unconditional
    love and LOVE is the greatest force in the Universe! Just imagine what our planet
    will be like when everyone FINALLY embraces all that lives with this pure energy!
    much love to you, Gretchen Dreisbach of St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.

  • Anonymous Icon

    SLH Oct 24, 2010

    This may sound a tad simplistic, or perhaps an already-given, but the power of genuine love (or hate, but I don't want to use that as my example) can change another physically, but that manifests itself as an emotional change. Similar to a faith healer channelling one's energies, to be capable of pure, genuine, unconditional love can transform the health and well being of the receiver. The wonderful difference being that it does the same for the giver too. In my personal case, it is that of my children. Perhaps the reason I am so in awe of its power is because I haven't had it before, not growing up or since, therefore it is a power I have never been able to take for granted.
    Sadly it is not only the ability to give it purely, but the ability to allow it in that is essential for humankind to really heal their minds enough to allow true enlightenment to flow. I don't think that can be found in solitude.
    I am writing with some reluctance and embarrassment of being "wrong", as this is my first post and I do feel like an enthusiastic beginner stepping into a seasoned graduate class!, so please bear with me patiently....!!!
    But I know that through the love for and of my children, I have a new force within me that can and will, with a little guidance from the likes of the research IONS does, discover at least some of the true potential I have within me. xxx

  • herbybell Oct 23, 2010

    I have had a surfing practice for many years. Something has "developed" wherein I can reproduce the act of imaging a wave and have the wave manifest or be drawn to a "takeoff gate", as I call them, for the optimal position to ride the wave. Years ago, I began to move my hands and arms rather unconsciously in the lineup like an orchestra conductor but less deliberately. I have become more "unconsciously competent at this and have begun to position my hands and fingers as if I am identifying two points on a grid matrix. One point slightly higher than the other as I decide, intend, desire the wave to break right or left – and then see "it" and draw Her to me or me to Her. It makes perfect sense to me that being part and parcel of the foundation of existence, I should/am able to communicate with the macro-medium I'm floating in. This, along with suffusing the experience with pure bliss – no, joy – no, ecstasy, is apparently a successful recipe for this magnificent spiritual technology. The movement seems to have something to do with this "extended human capacity", although I'd rather think of it as recovered awareness. The activity seems to be directly related to my intention of entering the sea in gratitude which seems as natural as breath.

    The outcome assessment is that I ride more waves than most in the lineup, and just seem to "be" in the right place and the right time. I believe I'm have an abiding, loving, madly romantic relationship with this "extended human capacity", and She likes it.

  • Tdrulard Oct 22, 2010

    I do not believe humans have any ability other than that with which they are organically provided. That being said, I also believe that every human being is organically provided with the ability to do things some would consider "superhuman".

    If you don't believe you have these abilities, than how can you ever expect to utilize them?

  • Anonymous Icon

    gerabene Oct 17, 2010

    Human does not have any capacity's
    Life happens!!
    Life is a singular movement from light and sound.
    There is only an individual in the mind, not in life.

  • tlvdg Oct 16, 2010

    Everyone of us is born with certain "capacities" or skills. Now that I am in my 'middle years' I am just realizing the depth of my 'capacities'/skills. I have been a massage therapist for over 25 years and have always loved what I do, but now I realize it is also my passion and that I have been blessed with very specific 'capacities'. Last year I began working with a Hospice in south Florida as an Integrated Therapist, which means we combine massage modalities (Reflexology, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, etc.) to bring comfort to the terminally ill. Many reading this will think that the work I do is sad and will skip on to the next comment, but I love what I do and am making the deepest interpersonal connections of my life with my patients, however brief our time is together. Frequently I work with people who no longer have the capacity to speak, which for the other members on our team (doctor, nurse,chaplain, social worker) is difficult as verbal communication is important to what they do. However, I am finding that as soon as I touch the patient I know/understand/assess what the patient needs from me without the need for words and I am able to work the area/s with wonderful results. With my cancer patients who can still communicate and are open to discussions of 'energy' I am able to assess their tumor or tumors and ask for feedback. I have found that tumors have personalities - angry, sad, confused, etc. I typically don't mention this to my patients or any of my team members for that matter, but I do ask the patients questions about their tumors/disease. I ask them questions like, "if you were to label your tumor/disease with a personality, what would it be?" I compare their answers to what I am 'feeling'/assessing from their bodies and I am finding that I am correct about 90% of the time. I have no idea what any of it means, except that it does afford me greater capacity to bring comfort to my patients. That is my sole reason for being with them. I love working with my patients and am honored to be able to help them in my small, yet heartfelt way. I continue to study about energy, particularly 'healing energy' to figure out what physiological processes or 'extended capacities' are taking place when I work. I am not comfortable with this skill/capacity yet and am trying to keep my mind open as I work and 'listen' to what the patient's body is telling me. I find my 'capacity' humbling, frightening, confusing, exciting and fascinating all at the same time. Is it just that I just have highly tuned assessment/observational skills or is there something else going on? I still have my doubts about my 'capacities', but those doubts are not stopping me from what I am doing. All I have to do at the end of a treatment is to look at my patient and see the smile their face to know that I am on the right track. For me that is enough, just to know that I have helped with whatever skills/capacities that I have, whether they be extended or not.

  • Theoldman Oct 15, 2010

    PLEASE - continue everyone ... to share those events that allowed you to step beyond doubt. Those are the moments beyond conceived human capabilities...When you do, I will feel comfortable about a story that I have never written....but it is why I came here.........(con't)

  • Anonymous Icon

    Inquisitivegirl Oct 15, 2010

    This is just a short but straightforward example of a precognitive dream, although I have had other types of experiences as well. Since I can remember I have always had vivid, often lucid (if I choose) dreams. When I was 8 I had a dream that I was looking out the front door of my house and a few houses down my dog was standing in the middle of the yard looking back at me. That was it, a short dream. The next day I came home from school and my dog (who was always kept either inside, or outside within fenced area or on a leash) was no where to be found. I asked my mother who sadly told me that he got loose when she returned from work and she could not find him. I remembered my dream and told her, then I looked outside to the same neighbor's yard...and there he was, looking right back at me. I called him back, and he came right home. Because this dream was so short,direct, and predictive, it was the turning point that made me believe in extended abilities.

  • frequencytuner Oct 12, 2010

    What are yo doing to activate? If you don't mind sharing?

  • frequencytuner Oct 12, 2010

    It is unfortunate. I sympathize with you cliffskater. I noticed that the Shift in Action site is a branch of IONS. I would greatly appreciate to be involved in this. Keep in mind that I have only my self to contribute. I have to sign up for the website etc. because I was unaware of it's existence until now.

    I found a nice quote on the internet by Lama Thubten Yeshe: "...each one of us is a union of all universal energy. Everything that we need in order to be complete is within us right at this very moment. It is simply a matter of being able to recognize it."

    Perhaps studies and practice in these areas are not intended for the general masses. I attracted attention to myself with the very same intention and result. It is not the first time in history this has happened. Moving on...

    I had a 'surge' the other day and posted it on here ("A New Model of the Universe - Only You Can Figure It Out"). It is mathematical concepts and formulas etc. describing how to create the universe. I will restate that for emphasis: how to create the universe. The Pineal gland - in the equation - is a sort of harmonic energy amplifier that enables - what I named - "Crystal Vision". It sounds, to me, very similar to your "Human Laser". What I find most interesting about your laser is that it uses Nitrogen - an abundant, naturally occuring, inert element - and the primary creative element that is associated with the 7 chakras (endocrine CSF).

    Regarding flouride and DMT: Consider the effects of flouride in conjunction with the thyroid as it regulates calcium homeostasis and is controlled by the Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland. Consider those 2 glands and the Pineal as an "Endocrine Trinity": in other words all functioning as one unit. This unit is the "Master Control Center" of the body. DMT is essentially the "reality producer". The flow of energy in and out from the other 2 glands 'reacts' with the DMT to give a perception of 'reality' --> when DMT production is altered, perception of reality conversely alters as well.

    I hope that gives you something to ponder. I will help any way I can.

  • CliffSkater Oct 12, 2010

    I was sure identifying the source of the Sri Yantra, having an amazing Kundalini activation and firing up the Human Laser would have attracted some attention but these blogs and comments don't seem to get the attention of any "Luminaries" except Angela and a few regulars. I understand the squeamishness of the org to give credence to any activity as dangerous as my undertaking was but to ignore it completely is pretty sad, especially when the founder is a proponent of the holographic universe concept. I don't know if he is even aware of my blog since, as I said, Luminaries (and most others) don't comment. Here it is if anyone gives a damn: http://www.shiftinaction.com/node/9902

  • frequencytuner Oct 12, 2010

    Like the old Zen training technique where the teacher hits the student in the head to get his attention: Thank you Oldman. I now understand what you mean: "BE THAT PERSON NOW - and your part of the world will change."

  • Phoenix Oct 11, 2010

    So I am brand new to all this and admittingly was introduced to it only by Dan Browns new book, which I am assuming might be considered a tarnishment to this community, but it is was it is and regardless it has led me to a place that privately knowing myself and the thoughts and happenings in my life, I feel I belonged all along.

    The reason for my post is an example from my mind of something I am capable of but more so a question to you all as to any insight or information I can learn about it. And by no means do I think I am the only one who has this happen to them and I believe even the level of "premonition" I suppose you can say is not of any grand scale either.

    Anyhow quickly and simply I used to dream a lot every night like most I'm sure and every so often maybe 3 to 5 times a year I would have a dream which I would not remember until an undetermined point in the future where what I dreamed became a reality. It would be usually for a total of about 10 seconds roughly but out of no where immediately it would hit me like a ton of bricks to my mind that I felt beyond a doubt that I had lived this exact point in time before. The place, the people, the words if spoken every exact detail I knew and would feel that i had been in that exact situation once before. You could say like a dejavu as far as my understanding of that phenomena is.

    And like I said earlier when I used to dreAm. Which is another concern I have. For at least two years now I rarely have a dream. People tell me I dream and just don't remember but I feel I really just simply am not dreaming. I will have one maybe every few months and the past few I have had, have been horrible nightmares which I have woken up deathly afraid. And just recently about a week ago now I did have my last "dejavu" experience while out on a date at The Edison in Downtown Los Angeles

    Any and all thoughts and comments are welcome and looked forward to. Thanks!

  • Theoldman Oct 11, 2010

    This is reminiscent of a story by the elders about correct action. The elders met once a month at the same time, room, and building to sit in a sharing circle. They would talk and openly discuss about community, culture, and issues of concern to all. A young child broke into the circle that all present knew from the community. He was once again at issue with his need to glean attention to compensate for events that occurred in his formative years. He ran around the inside of the elders circle, skipping over their legs and feet, jumping and calling out - "See me, hear me, RIGHT NOW! Watch me, listen to me, pay attention to me." This persisted for a number of minutes, stopping the discourse in the Circle, as the child buzzed around jumping up and down calling for attention - "Watch me, hear me, I am important!"

    One of the elder women, a relative of the young boy, knowing this behavior and what caused it, lifted her left foot slightly as the child rounded the inner circle calling out - Watch me, listen to me! Not seeing the subtle change, the child tripped over the elders foot, landing on his face and skidded across the floor. The child was quite remiss, as he gathered himself up, turning he glared at the elder Grandmother, and said, "How could you do something like that ?" The elder quietly responded - "Watch me and listen to me -

    you have two ears - one mouth - so that you can listen twice as much as you speak.
    you have two eyes - yet think of only one vision - your point of view,
    you have two ears and only hear one voice - your own.
    Yet you blame me for YOU not seeing my foot." - and she asked the young boy - "Just what kind of a "trip" are you on." The child left to room without a word, and the circle continued - no further words were needed.

    Perhaps some may think this a harsh way - especially the child - well that too is life. It is not about the "trip" but how you pick yourself up and move on. The topic here speaks for itself and is not about someone tripping over themselves in public, while blaming others for their lack of foresight or that they called this attention to themselves in the first place. My suggestion is that you use the OPEN discussion forum and honestly ask for help rather than intentionally soliciting your needs through ridicule of others and blatant self righteousness.

    You call yourself "the defibrillator" come to jump start our hearts - how presumptuous and disrespectful of you to think our hearts have stopped or that we cannot hear your heart - or that we do not have the wisdom to show you how to listen to your own heart.
    Blessings - each step a heart beat - every breath a prayer.

  • frequencytuner Oct 11, 2010

    Regarding MS, I suggest beginning with an Inosine supplement and transgress to a placebo. This is an excellent opportunity to monitor chromosome 6 as well as the affected areas of the CNS with regard to epigenetics in the transition from Inosine to placebo. It should be - although I don't think I have to say it - noted that the patient has to 'believe' it will work.

    Ay, there's the rub, as Shakespeare said.

  • frequencytuner Oct 11, 2010

    Sharing and marketing are very different, I am well aware. I would like to offer a perspective. What I am doing is similar to defibrillation. The 'heartbeat' of humanity is grossly out of sync. Things I say may be shocking and that is the entire point. Old ways must die. When we speak of a 'new system' or new ways of being trust that it DOES NOT include any of these things. "Things" are a thing of the past, something to let go of and the longer we cling to old ways the more difficult it will be to finally see clearly. There is nothing outside of yourself that is needed. It is a simple change in perspective that resonates outward and changes attitudes, habits, beliefs, paradigms, systems, and the entire experience of 'life' as a whole. This process begins with ending the old ways. I am a catalyst - a defibrillator - if you will, that is here to shock the system back into sync - harmony.

  • Angela Murphy Oct 11, 2010

    Dear frequencytuner,
    In an earlier post you said, "The greatest human capacity we possess is the ability to function as a single unified whole. All we have to do is harmonize with a common vision."
    How can you harmonize or create a common vision if you are critical of others posting in this discussion?
    If someone finds a way of expressing their own extended human capacities utilizing a particular method or instrument, why is that wrong in your mind and is it in anyway helpful or harmonizing to condemn them for their discovery and sharing?
    Your comment, "...now I am beginning to see that everything here is a very deceptive way to reiterate the same old stuff..." is an unfortunate perception. If this is the 'same old stuff' to you, perhaps you can share your positive insights with others who are just learning about our abilities.

    I really liked your suggestion, "The question should be something like: how close have you been to human being?" One of our long-time members often brings up the question, 'are you a human being or a human doing?' Most of us are so busy doing, we don't have time to 'be' and experience the potentials of our being on this planet at this time.

    At IONS we are constantly conducting experiments to scientifically measure our Extended Human Capacities. Recently, I was invited to participate in an experiment and just the process of participating gave me greater insight into my own abilities and ways in which I might explore expanding those abilities. I'm sure we will be posting results after the experiment is concluded...(but these experiments take a long time).

    Part of the value of sharing our experiences in a discussion like this (and after the teleseminar calls during the Community Discussion time) is to realize we are not strange if we have had an unexplained experience. The sharing can offer strength and further exploration on our part, rather than dismissal and the feeling that our experiences are not valid.

    And thank you for the information you shared about your friend with MS... a family member has MS and I will certainly pass this on...it's important to explore all possible healing options.


  • Theoldman Oct 10, 2010

    The evidence of extended human capabilities is best realized in - the notion of tolerance. The topic asks us to speak of events that happen in our lives, beyond our understanding of physical laws or outside of any theosophy. The opportunity to speak to each other of these events in present time - is an ability - that 20 years ago was not conceivable. The concept of tolerance is best tested when you are truly faced with one of these events in your life. The tolerance I speak of here is - your belief systems - your notion of "being" right , or knowing what is or is not reality for one and all. This "notion" is shattered when one of these "events" occur in your life, or you realize you have experienced an extended human capability. Your belief systems fall in upon itself, and you have to seek a new paradigm of thinking - or pull your head into a shell or worse yet - ridicule other exploring these events, which would further show how deep you hide in the shell.

    Evidence of "extended" human capabilities is real in everyone's story. The opportunity to share and explore with others who have had these "events," only serves to further validate - the unimaginable - the exquisite nature of creation that each of us have within our grasp. Be the change you wish to see in this world and it will happen, no one person can hold all the knowledge of humanity or creation. What we speak of today would have had us locked in social prisons 50 years ago, had us hung 100 years ago, had us burned 300 years ago - and would have had us called Jesus 2000 years ago, or Buddha, or whomever - BE THAT PERSON NOW - and your part of the world will change.

    Thank you - Eamonn

  • manusmanumlavat Oct 10, 2010

    I was having some odd experiences with animals in my life. I met a stray cat while I was on a walk and starting petting it and bringing a can a food with me when I went walking. A few days after I saw him I woke up one morning to his dead body in front of my house and I was distraught. I then starting talking to friends half-joking about wanting a pet raccoon; not a tame one but one that would perhaps come to my back door occasionally for food. I spoke to my friends about this and woke up and found a dead raccoon in the same place as the dead cat... I have a friend who lives about 5 hours from me and we converse regularly so I had relayed all this information to her. One day I got a strange message from her on my phone. She said that she had met some lady at a health food store and they were just chatting about animals. She relayed my strange experiences to the lady and the lady said, "Your friend has a bad bacterial infection and needs to take a bath in milk and sugar". She relayed other directions for my recovery and I followed her advice. I am happy to report that after having severe allergies and being very sick for the past 10 years I finally feel better. I have tried many many many other remedies, of course, including traditional western medicine; none of which helped. This psychic lady who does not know me cured me for free and at no cost to me financially. Amazing

  • Neon1 Oct 10, 2010

    I was wondering how long it would take for this new IONS site to become infected. It took much less time than I thought. What a shame.

    It further convinces me that a metanoic shift to a higher stage of consciousness is the only hope for the survival of this species.

  • frequencytuner Oct 09, 2010

    Is Amega helping the eco disaster in the Danube by delivering clean water, food aid and health care? Does Amega give away free technology to poor countries and educate the uneducated on HOW they discovered "Zero Point Energy" so EVERYBODY can have it? Is Amega a Corporation? Does Amega sell products and gimmicks?

    Please humor us with a detailed description on exactly what "Zero Point Energy" IS and what it DOES, how it works and why you are trying to sell - solicit - market - products on this discussion page. Is buying an Amega product going to extend your human capacity?

    By the way, stress is NOT the major cause of sickness and disease. Anybody with any real knowledge knows this. Stress is an electrochemical hormonal cognitive reaction to perceived threats. Wearing a Gold ion magnetic bracelet may have a benefit but I will quote myself:

    "To make a long story short, this is one example of how conditions are perpetuated by ignorance with absolutely NO desire to find the root cause of the problem, only a way to mask it and market a product to make money off it it."

  • jimdun9241 Oct 09, 2010

    Here is the latest amazing testimonial for the wand from Amega. It is from an ICU nurse about "reincarnating" a dead dog. Amega's products have zero point energy which resets the cells to their pristine state. Here is the story from the nurse:

    “It was a sad moment when I looked out the window after hearing excitement on the street in front of the house. There was my neighbor’s tiny Daschund, lying motionless in the middle of the road after having been hit by a car.

    My neighbor ran out, and scooped the little fella up in her arms, and when I met her in her yard, she proclaimed him to be “gone”. As a former ICU nurse, it didn’t take me long to note the half closed eyes with the glazed and empty look, his bleeding eye, the tongue drooping and no sign of breathing, no limb movement – nothing!

    Nevertheless, I had my wand and of course immediately set to work, wanding the respective areas of the wee guy that could have been involved in the trauma. By the time I started this, he had not been breathing for at least a minute and a half. I persisted, and after 3 or 4 minutes further, there was a flicker in his one eye. Still no other movement. I sat down with him stretched out on my knees, and continued to wand furiously. I then noticed tiny movement in his lower abdomen – a sign of weak respirations. I simply kept at it – head, heart, lung area, neck. He soon opened his eyes and took a deep sigh, which could have been a last gasp, but by golly, it was a new beginning. He began to breathe deeper, and then began to cry.

    He still hadn’t moved a limb. I was worried that perhaps I had resuscitated a quadriplegic! I helped wrap him tightly in a towel to keep the spine from moving too much as the family roared off to the vet to make sure the dog had no internal injuries or skull fracture. There, attempts to encourage him to stand, failed until the last try, when the pup got up and walked to my neighbor!

    Although exhausted, and prone to deep napping, the dog came home and has been perfectly fine ever since. I have wanded him on subsequent days – just to be sure, but he is truly intact and very much alive! The dog goes nuts when he sees me now. He knows something. The neighbors and the vet are quite awestruck, but Not Me! I love my AMWand!”

    I love hearing these stories about the amazing things the wand is doing for people and animals. Our mission is to heal the world.

    That is why Amega people say, I love my life! The products are created by a scientific discovery called Zero Point Energy. Here is a link to a video about the products:



  • frequencytuner Oct 08, 2010

    Can we rephrase the question? Extended human capacities is an understatement. This implies that everything mentioned so far is super-human or meta-human - beyond human capacity. This is not true. The question should be something like: how close have you been to human being? I am having doubts about this Institute. At first I was inspired and joined every discussion, but now I am beginning to see that everything here is a very deceptive way to reiterate the same old stuff: just like Pepsi puts a new label on the same pop.

    A friend of mine was just diagnosed with MS. I told her to ask the doctors to do a blood and urine check for Uric Acid and other things because of MY personal research into the CAUSE of MS. The doctors gave her a synthetic drug with deadly side-effects and sent her on her way, stating that I did not have a degree in medicine or pharmacology and was not to be listened to because I was "uneducated". To make a long story short, this is one example of how conditions are perpetuated by ignorance with absolutely NO desire to find the root cause of the problem, only a way to mask it and market a product to make money off it it.

    We can sit here all day talking about these things with every answer to every problem known to mankind within reach. But that is where it will end. Will any of this result in something changing? Will these 'discussions' be seriously researched and root causes sought out? Or will we sit here and distract ourselves with each other while nothing gets done?

    The greatest human capacity we possess is the ability to function as a single unified whole. All we have to do is harmonize with a common vision.

  • Anonymous Icon

    tpauley Oct 08, 2010

    Several years ago my daughter were faced with a big problem. We were selling banner advertising (yes, a very long time ago) for a small technical website. The internet just beginning to commercialize. Owners and product managers were our prospects and getting them on the phone was extremely difficult. Because every one else with an "internet advertising opportunity" was also calling them.

    We'd each spend 30-40 hours a week leaving messages. If we talked to 3 prospects a week maybe we'd make one sale.

    We were barely paying the bills.

    Then we tried something radically different. I had been reading about Quantum Field Theory and some practical applications, namely Remote Viewing. One story talked about how the subjects of remote viewing seemed to know the viewer was watching them. So, we decided to adapt these techniques to our work.

    We developed Quantum Selling (TM). Every day we spent our coffee break going into the Portal to find business.

    We started working only a few hours a day. Prospects we could not locate called us. We took the small website to the 37th largest internet business by income in one year. We now train others to have the same great success we had. Check out Quantum-Selling.com.

    This process is amazing.

    I had a massive stroke in 2009 and I used the Portal the attract a miracle healing. I say miracle because the doctors said I would never walk, talk, read write, feed myself or get out of bed ever again. I talk about that on BrainStrokeRecovery.com.

    I hope Ions decides to allow this comment.

    Thank you, Tom Pauley

  • cameronjcw Oct 08, 2010

    Another strange thing I was thinking of too. I am at the beginning stages of writing my own life story online and was thinking back the other day to my earliest memory which has always been so vivid but the weird thing is I see it from an outside point of view as if it was viewed in and out of body experience its so strange. I can see it from what it looked like in my own body at the time and also from an outside perspective.

    I lived with my gran for a few years and my mother had been away and had come back from me and I was trying to get away and hide from her under the kitchen sink cupboard and I remember it so well but also from the viewpoint of where my Gran was standing too!?

    I really cant fathom what this means or why I see this like this but would love to hear others feedback and advice!

  • cameronjcw Oct 08, 2010

    "some of us are evolving into Light Beings"

    I believe there is definitely evolution at work and its speeding up more and more!

    Its weird that you should mention the pictures where your body is missing. I'm having lots of strange experiences where parts of my body feel missing and in some ways I feel really disconnected from my body. I don't know if this is due to my physical condition having EDS and neurological experiences. I really have no idea.

    I was having some problems with some neighbors recently and felt that I was definitely feeling negative energy and negative empathic feelings from this and from my interactions with others too but since I started visualising myself in a huge protective bubble of bright healing light I feel as if my whole "being" has started to change more positively! I would love to see your work and will definitely read with great interest!



  • Lisa Rhyne Oct 08, 2010

    I've written about many on my blogs and writings on my websites: TheDreamMasters.org and on MySpace.com/LisaRhyne and on Facebook/thedreammasters. Lately the key thing I have notices is being able to hold multiple points of awareness on several levels of realities simultaneously and operating fully functional on all levels of those other realities/dimensions/universes (whatever you would like to call them). Instanteous transformations in clients I'm working with - whether in person or around the world - utilizing various modalities such as Matrix Energetics - tumors dissolving, patterns shifting, cancer disappearing, behaviors and habits instantly changing, etc.

    My intuition is ramping up. I reach for my phone before it rings and know when I have emails to check, know what's going on with friends and family remotely. I'm more "connected" to everyone and in tune. My work in the Dream Time is dealing more and more with what's coming with all the changes with the planet including humanity.

    Over Labor Day Weekend I had a Shamanic Journey experience at the Cahokia Mounds (near where I was born). My Guides had directed me to go back there for "a complete reboot and upgrade." So I found a quiet spot under a tree and immediately went into a trance for over an hour. Most of the information downloaded during the experience was about DNA transformation and not only for humans but for the entire planet involving Light, sound and what we perceive as fractals. It lasted over an hour and the download has continued ever since. Part of what I was told is that some of us are evolving into Light Beings (for lack of a better term). Some are not and will not survive what is coming. Interesting. I am writing about it and will publish the work soon.

    On the drive back home, my Guides told me - actually insisted - to take a photo of my left hand. So I got out my iPhone and took some 40 photos. My skin has started to shimmer like living crystal but what was captured in the 2nd photo is amazing. My hand is pure Light radiating. You can only make out the outline of my thumb. The photos have been posted on my Facebook and MySpace pages. There are other photos of various anomalies - light patterns, orbs, rainbows, etc. caught on film there as well such as a Polaroid of me where there are 3 of me and 3 of my friend but my body is missing....his is there but no explanation for why we are in triplicate. More photos and writings will be posted on The Dream Masters® website soon. The link to my home page is: http://thedreammasters.org/lisa/index.php where you can read more and find the photo galleries.

    Very interesting times indeed and getting more interesting by the minute! ~ Lisa Rhyne, President of The Dream Masters®

  • cameronjcw Oct 08, 2010

    I think as a result of being subject to a lot of negative experiences at the hands of other people I have turned it into a positive learning experience!

    I can't pretend to say I understand people completely but in some situations I think I can try and see things from different perspectives. In that respect I don't mind negative learning experiences they only make me stronger and more open minded to other possibilities.



  • Mindlink0 Oct 07, 2010

    Examples of my extended human capacities:
    On a sunny, summer day when my friend George and I were eleven years old, we slid down a steep grassy slope into the fascinating world of a junkyard and stepped out to explore. We had only moved a few steps when I heard a low guttural growl to the south of us and saw a mouthful of snarl-exposed teeth hurtling towards us on four legs. For an instant George and I were paralyzed with terror. Then i said, "Cross your arms, hold them tight against your body, and don't move!" Snarling and growling, the canine terror ran up to us and grabbed George's pant leg in his teeth. I could feel George's urge to scream, run, defend himself, and do anything to get way from this terrifying beast. "Don't move!" I exhorted. Attracted by my voice, the vicious dog let go of George's pant leg and came over to me. He jumped up and tried to grab my arm, but couldn't get his teeth around my elbow, which was clasped tightly to my side. With his teeth bared and his throat giving out horrible guttural growls, the dog circled around and around us, first me, then George, as we stood with our arms crossed, immobilized in our fear. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few minutes, the dog took a final sniff at us and headed back into the junkyard, towards the main gate. As soon as he was out of sight, George and I flew back up the grassy embankment like our lives depended on it, which we were sure they did.
    Where had the guidance to "Cross your arms and stand still" come from? Even when the dog jumped up on us, I knew that we must not move. If we had to stand there forever, we must not move. Did my strong emotion of fear trigger an intuitive access to some kind of data bank of information from which my mind could pick the information and wisdom required to cope with the situation?

  • frequencytuner Oct 07, 2010


  • Mindlink0 Oct 07, 2010

    Examples of my extended human capacities:
    Non-dual awareness:
    One morning, as I was jogging around Queen's Park in Toronto, I was feeling particularly at peace and in love with the Park when suddenly "I" am the universe! There is no time, no space, no me, no you, no subject, no object. There just IS! The feeling, the knowing, the being, is indescribable. I am not looking down at the world and all that is in it. "I" am the entire universe. There are no pieces of universe. There is just "I". This is not an arrogant or powerful experience. There are no feelings or emotioins. There is only a realization, a knowing. Then I felt my mind start to analyze and assess my feelings and instatnly I was back on the jogging path in Queen's Park. The experience may only have lasted for a fraction of a second in our current reckoning of the passage of time, but it was reemembered as an experience of infinite duration and it was an experience which influenced every other expereince in my life from that moment on.

  • Anonymous Icon

    granttaylor Oct 07, 2010

    So when people that have passed on talk to me to give messages to their loved ones, am I considered weird? My ability to find anyone simply by thinking of them and then driving/walking directly to them is strange? My ability to think of a friend and have them call is out there? I think it is all part of the energy we share as part of the wider universe.

  • Rusty Shores Oct 06, 2010

    Interesting article about human potential in China:

  • Anonymous Icon

    octavius Oct 06, 2010

    There are 11 Basic types of Intelligences on the Evolutionary ladder. One of them is Psychic Intelligence. This includes the ability to experience parapsychic phenomenon, like projections of your own Consciousness (ie OBEs), channeling, etc. During an OBE or channel you may meet, hear, intuit, etc all kinds on extra-physical entities. It's nothing strange. If the advice feels right, I would head it. There are three different types of entities (intruders, blind-guides and helpers) each with a variable level of evolution. "Angels" is a western religious word for the Helper category :-) It sounds like "watch and wait" is coming from a Helper.

    A good definition for "prayer" is "willful conscious intent." Sounds like you are all over it!

    Hope that helps Neon...

    Here are the 11 types of Evolutionary Intelligences. I talk more about this on my blog on Personal Evolution at MURFDIPITY.COM

    Corporal, Somatic

  • Lightfiend Oct 06, 2010

    Neon, thanks for sharing that wonderful story. I've never had experience with psychic phenomena, but I love listening to others talk about their experiences.

    "Was there actually a third party so intimately involved in this tiny little corner of my personal life? Or was I simply tapping into my own subconscious?"

    I don't think this question matters. Metaphysical thinking can get us trapped. The point is Duncan in some way or another exists, and he can help guide you. That is a real blessing.

  • Neon1 Oct 05, 2010

    During the travails of a recent relationship I intuited an influence; a third entity between myself and the woman I was struggling so hard to understand. So involved did this entity seem to be that I mentioned it to my would-be partner who jokingly gave it the name Duncan. Thereafter I would have conversations with Duncan; asking questions at times, which would often result in clear answers appearing in my mind. On one occasion, during an especially highly charged conversation with Duncan, I asked him what to do next. His clear reply was “watch and wait”. This advice was most appropriate. On another occasion I literally had five minutes to make an important decision concerning this relationship. I was leaning in a particular direction, but because I was unsure what to do, this time I told Duncan to intercede if he felt it necessary. Within two minutes the phone rang, I was called away to work with no possibility of proceeding with what I’d intended.

    Over the course of several months conversing with Duncan, I came not only to appreciate his attentiveness and his wisdom, but I also came to understand and appreciate the love of the cosmos more fully. Was there actually a third party so intimately involved in this tiny little corner of my personal life? Or was I simply tapping into my own subconscious?

    Who Duncan was doesn’t really matter. And as he seems not to be around since the relationship ended, the question is mute. But this ability to tap into the wisdom of a “guardian angel” seems to be a universal occurrence, especially in times of highly charged emotional crisis.

    While it is often referred to as prayer, and while many readers would consider it as nothing special, just because we have a name for it, and established religions have been built around it for thousands of years, doesn’t necessarilly take it out of the realm of an extended human capacity.

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