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Watershed Training Solutions, founded by Wendy Woods in 2003, has grown into a dynamic training and coaching company.  Prior to Watershed, Wendy worked for such leading organizations as Dynamic Mutual Funds, Richardson Greenshields, and RBC Dominion Securities where she provided marketing expertise to investment advisors. However, she soon realized her true passion was to help individuals take action to accomplish their goals.  Inevitably, Watershed was born, its origin stemming from the meaning "a change of course or action".

Today, Wendy's mission is to empower professional teams and leaders to develop innovative strategies for increased engagement and productivity.  She executes this via workshops on Emotional Intelligence, Productivity and Leadership as well as One-on-One coaching.  Wendy's long-term commitment to learning, coupled with her Honours B.A. in Psychology, an M.B.A., a Certificate in Adult Education, a Certificate in Applied Mindfulness Meditation as well as her license in Emotional Intelligence (MHS) and Emotional Power (Connective Intelligence), have been recognized by a wide range of international clients.  Examples of those that have benefited from these services include Ernst & Young, Johnson & Johnson, and TD Bank Financial Group.

Ultimately, the impact that Watershed has had on Making the Workplace Flow can perhaps best be exhibited by its presence on popular media such as CTV News, CBC Radio, Breakfast Television, Rogers Daytime, Classical 96.3, Entertainment Tonight Canada, andCanadian Business Online.

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  • Meditating at Work: A New Approach to Managing Overload Feb 10, 2012

    Thank you for so many great comments. There is such a need for greater mindfulness is all workplaces and for today's over programmed children as well. In terms of how this is will be measured, I believe there is a shift, albeit slow, to increased consciousness at work so I hope that the measurements will reflect that.

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