Suzanne Sterling

Suzanne Sterling

Suzanne Sterling is an ecstatic vocalist and composer whose devotional music has been called a "groove-loving and seductive journey into Spirit." She has received critical acclaim both as a performer and as a recording artist and her music has been commissioned for film, theatre, and DVD. She also recently completed the music for the bestselling yoga DVD "Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Seane Corn" produced by Gaiam Inc.

She performs and facilitates retreats and workshops in the U.S. and abroad, and brings a special blend of music, kirtan and sacred ceremony to events as far reaching as yoga retreats, emerging culture conferences, and music festivals - most recently as featured artist at several Yoga Journal Conferences, Esalen Institute and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Along with Hala Khouri, Seane Corn, Ashley Turner, and Julian Walker, Suzanne is also co-founder of The Yoga Groove Collective, a group of yoga teachers, musicians and activists dedicated to creating benefit classes and events that serve the yoga community and several other important causes.

Suzanne has performed and toured internationally both solo as well as with well-known electronic dance act Medicine Drum, innovative electronic dance act Alcyone(System Recordings NY)and acoustic trio Kali's Angels. She has enjoyed mainstage billing at festivals such as Earthdance, Burning Man, Reggae on the River and The World Festival of Sacred Music (hosted by the Dalai Lama).

Suzanne has also been a ritual designer and priestess for many years and has developed curriculums, teacher trainings and apprenticeship programs for numerous communities nationwide. At Earthdance 2005, Suzanne was a featured speaker and led the worlds largest Spiral Dance for 5000 people.

She is currently creating new albums and performing solo shows and kirtans across the country.