Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor, Ph.D., Director of Educational Programs and Founder of the Center for Meditation Science, Inc. and is an accomplished expert in the fields of nutritional biochemistry and meditation. Her work brings forth an entirely new understanding of our health and individual healing processes. A true pioneer in the field of mind body medicine with over 25 years of experience and research, she founded the Center for Meditation Science in 1996 to advance our traditional knowledge of meditation. Her work across the nation is devoted to transforming our understanding of health and healing.

Dr. Taylor is the author and producer of the Healing Power of Meditation and The Vital Energy audio programs, and the forthcoming book, Secrets to a Well-Nourished Brain. Taylor is the creator and teacher of the Meditation Specialist Certification Training for health care professionals an ANCC-accredited Nursing Skills Competency Program.

She holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry at Case Western Reserve Medical School and a MS in Human Nutrition with Columbia Medical School. Her focus on health care extends further to include certifications in Yoga and Meditation training. With significant contributions in the fields of health and healing, Susan’s published work, audio programs, national training seminars, lectures, and workshops include: The Secrets to a Well Nourished Brain, The Healing Power of Meditation Series: Guided Meditations to Heal, Nourish, and Transform Your Life, Meditations for Weight loss, Meditations for Restful Sleep, Meditations for Pregnancy, Meditations for Menopause, The Vital Energy Program:: Mastering Subtle Energies for Optimal Health, The Meditation Specialist™ Certification Training, Center Axis Meditation: Tapping Your Core Energy to Achieve Balance, Personal Nutrition Provider, and Sexual Radiance: A 21-Day Program for Vitality and Sensuality.

Her research appears in the scientific journals Analytical Biochemistry and The American Journal of Physiology. A member of the American Society of Nutritional Sciences and the American Society of Nutritional Clinical Nutrition, Susan has been profiled in many national publications including: Nursing Spectrum, Healthy Living, Fit Magazine, New Age Journal, Mademoiselle, Country Living, and Cosmopolitan.