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Sue Steele, MA is a psychotherapist and a grandmother.  As a clinical supervisor of the Integrative Medicine and Spirituality program at the Institute for Health and Healing, she worked with many patients adjusting their self-concept due to illness. Sue has been a vision quest guide and led both groups and individuals on their wilderness experiences at times of life changes.  She is a member of the San Francisco End of Life group and is a board member of Compassion and Choices of Northern California.


  • Conscious Aging course (class 3 of 8)

    Developing Self-Compassion, with Sue Steele


    Week 3 of the course Conscious Aging.

    The featured presenter for this class is Sue Steele of Compassion and Choices. In this class, elements of compassion are explored, including self kindness, how our suffering connects us to our human family rather than divides and separates us, and how mindfulness practices can help reduce critical self-talk when facing issues of aging.

    • Conscious Aging
    • 2012-02-01
    • 01:19:57
  • "A New Vision of Aging" with Tom Pinkson and Sue Steele

    Join Psychologist Tom Pinkson and Psychotherapist Sue Steele as they explore how issues of conscious aging impact their lives and their work with clients.  They lay the foundation for some of the essential tasks of our later years, such as:

    • Creating a healthy relationship with our mortality that enlivens our ...

    • Teleseminars
    • 2011
    • 01:00:12

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