Rinaldo Brutoco

Rinaldo Brutoco

Founder & President of the World Business Academy Rinaldo S. Brutoco, J.D., is a leading international executive, writer and keynote speaker for over twenty five years. Mr. Brutoco is widely recognized as a practical visionary, change agent and futurist. He uniquely combines theory and practice to assist executives and organizations in adapting to change through the analysis and application of "breakthrough" ideas.

An expert in emerging technologies and industries, Mr. Brutoco was co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the nation's first pay cable television operation, Optical Systems Corporation, as well as founder and Chief Executive Officer of one of the first companies to offer over-the-air television transmissions of major motion pictures, Universal Subscription Television. For 13 years, Mr. Brutoco also served as the Chairman of Logical Data Management, which pioneered distributed data processing transfers.

Mr. Brutoco has served on the board of The Men's Wearhouse, a $2 billion-dollar New York Stock Exchange company, for sixteen years from its initial IPO to the present time. During that same time period, Mr. Brutoco was founder, CEO and Chairman of the Red Rose Collection, which was named for three consecutive years to INC Magazine's 500 fastest growing privately held companies. Among many other distinctions garnered by the company and its commonly controlled merchant bank, Dorason Corporation, served for the last twelve years of Mother Teresa's life as the sole distributor of her personally endorsed biographical motion picture.

In 1986 Mr. Brutoco founded, and currently serves as President and CEO of, the World Business Academy, a collaborative network of mindful individuals collectively exploring the leading edge of business and a pre-eminent publisher of new paradigm business literature. He has also served on numerous non-profit boards including The Gorbachev Foundation, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, State of the World Forum, the Center for Earth Concerns, Omega Point Institute and the Brutoco Family Foundation, adding to his ability to transform companies through a multi-disciplinary approach.

In 1999 he formed the ShangriLa Group, a consulting firm and commercial group of companies with numerous investments in various enterprises and commercial real estate. He continues to serve as the Principal and CEO of the ShangriLa Group. In 2003 he guided a group of high school students through an entrepreneurial course which resulted in the formation of Seven Oaks Ranch, Inc. Seven Oaks Ranch is a sustainably designed, values driven enterprise which manufactures and distributes organic food products in over 4500 U.S. retail outlets. The flagship product is known widely as “Garlic Gold” ®

Mr. Brutoco is the co-author of Freedom from Mid-East Oil , a book with practical steps on how to move past our addiction to oil, co-author of Profiles in Power: The Antinuclear Movement and the Dawn of the Solar Age (1997), a book on nuclear energy published by Simon & Schuster in 1997, and has been the contributor to, or principal author resource for, several other books including Winning the Innovation Game and New Paradigms in Business. He has also been the author o/instituteofnoeticf numerous articles and a featured speaker at senior-level executive meetings throughout the world for more than two decades.

Mr. Brutoco graduated with majors in both Economics and Philosophy from Santa Clara University, and received a Juris Doctorate, Order of the Coif, from UCLA School of Law in 1971.

Mr. Brutoco enjoys sailing, swimming, scuba diving, organic farming, walking, the simple pleasures of a great conversation, and reading as much as time allows on an extremely broad range of subjects. He and his wife, Lalla Shanna, share three daughters and one son and homes on the Big Island of Hawaii and in Ojai, California.