Kurt Smith

Kurt Smith

Kurt Smith is a PhD scientist specializing in biomedical engineering, who has created several companies in the medical industry. Two of these are owned now by Medtronic, Inc., the largest medical technology company in the world, which provides about 60-65 percent of all the cardiac devices that go into people’s bodies.

Near the end of Smith’s tenure with Medtronic, he was working on a study that led to the exploration of alternative, integrative and complementary medical care. Many of these centers were popping up in the U.S., and he became friends with many of the people running them. Smith noticed they were struggling because it was very difficult for them to evolve financially within the medical system and decided to do another start up, The Wild Divine Project, his sixth company. The Wild Divine Project is the company that Smith had been amassing the experience and resources for and gearing towards all his life. His goal is to provide integrative healing tools and services to people in an effective way not currently found in the medical industry.