John Renesch

John Renesch

John Renesch is a San Francisco-based businessman-turned-futurist, who has published a dozen books and many articles focused on organizational and social transformation. A veteran businessman for over three decades, John has owned and operated an advertising agency, co-founded and served as CEO of a real estate investment company, ran two NASD securities firms and, until 1997, was part owner of a specialty book publishing house. He also spent the last thirty years exploring the field of human consciousness and potentiality. He has been writing about the tremendous possibility for marrying business and consciousness to achieve a better future for the world, its organizations and the human race since 1990.

John's is the author of Getting to the Better Future: A Matter of Conscious Choosing, in which he contends that the business community has a huge opportunity to lead the way in a historic global transformation of consciousness.

At the time of this writing, John is working on a new non-fiction book with the working title of The New Human: Beyond the Naked Ape in which he challenges human beings to choose conscious evolution now, makes a case for why it is more possible now than at any previous time in history and identifies the primary allies and enemies of such a global transformation.

He is also the author of a fictional work, The Choice, a business novel set in the same genre as his previous works. He is also working on a major article on fundamentalist thinking which, like an egoic pandemic, has found its way into business, medicine, law and many other human activities - not just religion; he is co-authoring this article with a Baghdad-born college professor now based in the UK. A few months ago he started a blog at the Global Dialogue Center titled "Exploring the Better Future." John publishes a free Internet monthly newsletter – FutureShapers Monthly – available from his website.

As a keynote presenter he has addressed audiences in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Warren Bennis, longstanding best-selling author of leadership books, calls John "a wise elder who shines with wisdom." Stanford School of Business' Professor Emeritus Michael Ray calls him "a beacon lighting the way to a new paradigm." The Futurist magazine calls John a "business visionary."

John's interest in matters of consciousness and Spirit began during the human potential movement of the early 1970s. Since then, he has experienced a variety of profound insights, therapies and spiritual adventures, studied with a variety of teachers and grown emotionally and spiritually. He was a friend and colleague of Willis Harman (1918-1997), former IONS President, whom John met while in the real estate business and who was a strong influence on his transition into his present work. John is single and lives in San Francisco.

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