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  • Can Mediums Really Talk to the Dead? Nov 30, 2011

    Dear Chris1957, We hear the urgency in your appeal as clearly do our other friends here on this page. These are some helpful ideas to support you. We encourage you to speak to a friend or family member who can help you find additional personal support. Please stay in touch. Heidi Fuller, communications and community manager at IONS (

    To bluebadger, Evelyn, Sharon, and TheQuestion - thank you for your encouraging words for our friend Chris1957. We're grateful.

  • Consciousness Matters—The New IONS Blog Oct 14, 2011

    divinepoet and LawrenceCarson: We are with you in mind and spirit. We have believers on our staff, including our scientists and our founder. Interestingly, Edgar Mitchell was a man of science who had a transformational experience in space that didn't require science to change his life. But he saw science as another worldview that could help not just individuals, but institutions, communities, and nations heal/transform/learn/experience consciousness. However you get there, as long as you get there, right? You may be interested in yesterday's blog post: What's the Matter with Miracles? I invite you to keep the conversation going there too!

    Ana: You might want to search our meditation bibliography, recently updated with more than 6000 entries, to see if anything comes up there for you. Otherwise, our consciousness and healing archives have many resources on healing (not specific to any particular practice except meditation).

    Santhip, MaAnna, and SeeingStars: thank you. I look forward to seeing your comments on our blog posts. Don't forget to subscribe!

    paxgirl: what did you think of the film, I Am? We are planning a flim festival in the spring, if you love the movies!

    Grateful for your responses, Heidi

  • Does IONS Org. think itself teacher or learner? I wonder if there is any learning going on here... or only preaching & posturing. Sep 15, 2011

    Hello. Thank you for bringing your concern into our discussions. I work with IONS communications & social media team. We might not be ahead of the curve in terms of putting our minimal resources into staff-public engagement, but it doesnt mean our hearts and interests aren't in the right place. And we are moving that needle: we launched a new blog last week, replacing our contributed blog posts with one that speaks from the inside voice of IONS. You will find perspectives from our scientists and staff there, and by all means comment and engage there! We'll monitor it closely and hope to keep our voice responsive to yours. To find the blog, go to, and let your friends know about it through your other social networks by using the share button.

  • What are the biggest mysteries of human consciousness? Apr 13, 2011

    There's science and there's belief. On the one hand, they have little to do with each other. On the other hand, everything. They demand autonomy, yet they are intertwined in motivation and outcome. Highly recommended for the discussion on energy and consciousness is this recording of last week's teleseminar with Dean Radin and Christian de Quincey:

  • What are the biggest mysteries of human consciousness? Apr 12, 2011

    Prophetes has an insight I hadn't considered before quite the way it is expressed - that human consciousness can hold belief about which cannot be proven real is the biggest mystery of the human brain. . . I hadn't quite considered it such a weighty achievement before, probably because it is so easy to do. I agree that the finer details that distinguish consciousness from energy seem to have a missing thread - something that more easily defines the way both relate yet are distinct. . . if they indeed are. That's where it seems to elude us most. . . that and then along comes information as a possible medium for all of this. . .

  • How has a transformational experience changed your life? Nov 30, 2010

    Cameronjcw, I completely agree with your perspective about seeing negative and positive experiences as a balance to the whole. Just considering what appear to be imbalances in the welfare of other people and nations, it's clear this is the whole life, the full intentional experience. It's what we get to deal with as we pass through. How we respond is part of that delicate balance. Transformation can begin by awakening to our place and purpose where ever we find ourselves in the continuum and then responding with the heart. We hope for fairness, but there is no such thing. Defined, fairness conveys a 50-50 even deal. But to seek it is to imply that one side deserves more of what they want than the other. There are no even deals. There is just opportunity to give more where it is needed. And to want less.

  • How has a transformational experience changed your life? Nov 17, 2010

    It's fascinating how everyone's transformation is expressed so differently. Quite, loud. Subtle, dramatic. Active, passive. I'm moved by such genuine self-awareness and insight. I think my whole life has been a series of transformation, starting with recognizing my difference and living with a sense of loneliness and loss. I was born on my father's birthday (six weeks after my mother's due date), but he passed three years later. To everyone else, I was different, But I knew he was my likeness and felt untethered from what I was supposed to know about myself. When I was 15, I had an out-of-body experience that I hid away. When my spiritual voice asked for a new tone, I kept it quiet. Eventually I was old enough to find my own way. And then I began to tentatively put my attention to those aspects that had been labeled "different," but which I eventually came to recognize as "distinct." I listened to new teachers, mentors, and leaders. I created space for new ideas and life choices. Differences I came to welcome instead of fear. When tragedy struck, I leaped at risk and held my breath. And then learned that coming through it made me more whole than when I felt safe on the other side. I was in my late 40s before I began to accept all of these openings as passages to a new way of knowing. I'm still learning, accepting, and discovering, but now I move along the passages with awareness and intention.

  • Have you had a noetic experience? Sep 24, 2010

    When I was 18, I was hit by a car. I remember the flight as I sailed through the air to the top of a lamp post. From there, I watched my body drop to the asphalt and skid 60 feet before my head hit the curb. I remember feeling sad when I came to, stood up, and looked up into the lamplight.

    I was sitting at my desk typing, when my head suddenly snapped back like whiplash. A few minutes later, my phone rang. It was my daughter's preschool telling me she was all right, but she fell backwards off the jungle gym and hit her head.

  • Happy 80th Birthday Edgar Mitchell! Sep 16, 2010

    Dear Edgar,
    You continue to envision and lead the world toward its highest potential. Even today, your courage and relentless pursuit of scientific exploration of consciousness inspires us all. I am grateful to know you. Heidi Fuller

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