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Founder and Director of the The Global Oneness Project, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee is currently the Director of Special Projects at Kalliopeia Foundation. Prior to his work in the non-profit and foundation sector he was a critically acclaimed jazz bassist/composer and ran a successful entertainment company. In recent years he has worked with film and media based projects that focus on recognizing our common humanity and interconnectedness. In 2005 he managed the highly successful independent documentary One: The Movie. It was while traveling around the world promoting One that the idea of the Global Oneness Project was born.


  • "Global Oneness Project" with Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

    Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee has traveled to the far corners of the earth to create a remarkable video library of insight and inspiration called the Global Oneness Project. Emmanuel discusses the power of new Internet media to spread stories of hope and inspiration, and shares how his own perspectives have evolved as a result of the work he has chronicled.

    • Teleseminars
    • 2008-12-03
    • 00:34:58

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