Eleanor LeCain

Eleanor LeCain

Eleanor LeCain, President of World Innovation Network, is a dynamic speaker and visionary strategic planner whose mission is to work with individuals and groups to help build a new world. By communicating information and inspiration through speaking and writing, she conveys positive visions of what is possible in individual lives and society. Through strategy and planning, she strengthens the capacity of organizations and government agencies to design and implement a plan of action for positive change.

She shares these innovations globally, with speaking engagements at Harvard University; in Kyoto, Japan; Oslo, Norway; and Penang, Malaysia, among others. Her articles have been published widely from the New York Times to the Boston Business Journal to Le Monde in Paris, France. She has been a guest commentator on numerous radio and television networks.

In addition to speaking about a new world, Ms. LeCain enhances the effectiveness of those working to create it. Through strategic planning, Ms. LeCain helps organizations clarify their purpose and develop a plan of action to generate desired results. As Executive Director of Blueprint 2000, Ms. LeCain was hired by the Massachusetts state government to create a strategic plan for the future of the state that addressed every area of public policy. She served as the Massachusetts Assistant Secretary of State.

In 2003, she designed and led a leadership seminar for 70 women leaders in Afghanistan, a project sponsored by Eve Ensler and the V-Day campaign to end violence against women. Ms. LeCain served as an adviser to the Kyoto Businessman’s Association in Japan on opportunities in environmental business. She also served as a strategic planner for the National Committee on Responsive Philanthropy on effective giving.
Currently Ms. LeCain as President of World Innovation Network, is dedicated to identifying and building on breakthroughs to help improve individual lives, communities and countries.

As one of the first women graduates of Yale University, Ms. LeCain earned a degree in economics, and a law degree from the University of California Boalt Law School.

Ms. LeCain is the author of Breakthrough Solutions Which Can Improve Your Life and Change the World with an Introduction by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.