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Fluent with the science behind self-actualization, Dawna Jones develops leaders who can function in any environment, helping them to clear hidden barriers to achievement while restoring entrepreneurial intuition. She knows it is the power of the human spirit that drives creativity and radical innovation, and contributes big-picture thinking and deep personal insights to that process.

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  • The Evolutionary Imperative for Business Oct 06, 2010

    Sorry for the delay in responding... technical difficulties. Thanks frequencytuner. We don't know what the new system will look like because we are in the process of co-creating with our thought patterns. That is the scary part. The exciting part is that we can change how we think. Systems have many layers and equally many definitions from what i have seen. Structure is formed from thought patterns and so we must be inherently aware of that. It is not true that hierachies result from structure. Hierarchies result from a desire of power. Nature uses networks as the structure for communicating, for performing and for many other things. Only the need to retain power creates a hierarchy. This is why one's relationship with personal power can completely redefine how it is used, for control or for expression of deep creative talent. Self-discovery is the path; self-realization and reconnection to intuitive guidance the means. Flexible thinking provides an agility to learn, flick from one perspective to another, and to deeply listen without mixing it up with an egoic need to be right, perfect, or to know it all. It is the capacity to shift from observer to observed and then back again. Personally, I think that we are up for it. It does take courage and a boldness. The rewards are great.

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