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Novelist, futurist, and critical theorist, Damien Broderick is an honorary senior research Fellow at the University of Melbourne in Australia and holds a multi-disciplinary PhD from Deakin University in the comparative semiotics of science and literature.

Author of Outside the Gates of Science: Why It's Time for the Paranormal to Come in from the Cold Broderick has also written numerous award-winning science fiction novels.

Broderick has been awarded Literature Board Writing Fellowships by the Australian Council in 1980, 1984, 1990, and 1995, and writing grants from Deakin University in 1986 and Arts Victoria in 1998. He received the 1980 Ditmar Award for best Australian SF Novel; A 1985 Special Ditmar Award; the 1989 Ditmar Award; the 1998 Ditmar Award, and the 1998 Aurealis Award.

Broderick has published over 30 books and is also a prolific book reviewer.


  • "Outside the Gates of Science" with Damien Broderick (excerpt)

    Australian novelist-futurist Damien Broderick and IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin explore why psi research is important and what the evolutionary function of psi might be. Their conversation builds upon the insights of Damien's book, Outside the Gates of Science, beginning with his early passion for paranormal abilities and leading into the actual science, which supports the idea of “micro-powers” rather than super-powers.

    • Shorts
    • 2007-10-03
    • 00:04:37

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