Cathy Coleman

Cathy Coleman


Cathy Coleman, PhD, is the Global Community Liaison and Planned Giving Associate at IONS. She is impassioned about working with IONS’ network of community groups to strengthen networking and communication between IONS hubquarters and community groups, and to foster vibrant, thriving, interconnected community groups. She is also enthusiastic about helping people make a lasting difference through planned giving.

Cathy has many years of experience directing various aspects of pioneering educational institutions, including budget management, staff supervision, and developing and implementing effective policies and procedures. She attained her doctoral degree in East-West psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). She held an administrative role at CIIS from 1982–2001, which included human resources director and dean of students. She was president of Kepler College in Lynnwood, Washington from 2001 to 2003. She has been on staff with IONS since 2003 and was the Executive Director of EarthRise Retreat Center from 2008-2013. One of Cathy’s passions is empowering young people, and in service to this passion she directed eight youth conferences, including three for IONS. She is married to consciousness pioneer and author Ralph Metzner.


Global Community Liaison and Planned Giving Associate