Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is the Chief Philosopher behind Philosopher’s Notes where he’s distilling the wisdom of his favorite books on philosophy, psychology, mysticism and optimal living.

He’s always been passionate about what makes great people great—that .00000001% who go out and change the world… the ones who write the history books and shape our lives. He’s always wanted to understand what makes them tick and see how he can apply the truths they seemed to know to make his little dent in the universe. The Philosopher’s Notes give him the chance to share the wisdom he’s picked up along the way in his own hero’s journey as he inspires and empowers people to live at their highest potential.

Part philosopher and part entrepreneur, in his past lives, Brian created a couple of leading social networking sites: Zaadz (a site like MySpace for people who want to change the world that was recently acquired by Gaiam) and (a site that currently provides team and league web sites and a comprehensive suite of services to over 3 million teams from over 120 countries around the world).

He reads a lot and loves to hike, laugh, write, think, draw, teach, meditate and laugh.