Course Overview

January 18 – March 7, 2012

Wednesday evenings 5pm–7pm (PT) – registration closed

Becoming an elder is less about chronological aging and more about transformation and growth in wisdom, love, and compassion—for oneself and for others. The third age of life (after 60) is not merely a continuation of midlife adulthood; it is a distinct stage of possibility and opportunity as well as loss and letting go. Join us as we explore the theme of conscious aging together in community. We will learn the latest research and best practices related to conscious aging from visionaries, reflect and share on our own journey, and learn from each other in small and large group dialogues.

Photo by Nathan LeClair

How to Participate

This course consists of live events conducted via phone teleconference with optional continued self study online. You can participate in one, several, or all live events or a combination of live events and online study.

When you register you will be given the phone number and access code for the weekly live telephone calls. Audio recordings of these classes will be available on the IONS website to registered course members.


  • Learn from leading experts in the field of conscious aging.
  • Choose the pace and time the lessons to your schedule: you can participate in the course live or listen to it afterwards in the IONS online media library.
  • Engage in community with other IONS members and friends and participate in dialogues together about the material that you are learning.
  • Participate in small group discussions where you will have an opportunity to reflect and apply the material to your own challenges and opportunities while learning from your peers.
  • Continue your learning through the online self study lessons and extended online bibliography of teleseminars, books, articles and videos on the topic of conscious aging.

Class Sessions Agenda

5:00   -   Opening and Welcome

5:10   -   Meditation

5:15   -   Presentation

5:30   -   Free Write: Self-Reflection Exercise

5:35   -   Sharing Reflections

5:45   -   Presentation

6:00   -   Small group breakout sessions

6:20   -   Report out from breakout session with large group

6:40   -   Harvest the themes and insights from the small groups

6:50   -   Questions and answers

6:55   -   Taking it home. Ideas for further study and resources available on Collaborize Classroom

7:00   -   Appreciation and gratitude


Host Facilitator: Kathleen Erickson-Freeman, IONS Elder Education Program Manager

IONS Community Guest Facilitators: Annette Goggio, Shirley Freriks, Lynn Law, Louise Karr, Linda Hassler, Jane Gignoux, Ann Frost, Juliet Helf, and others.

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