15th International IONS Conference

Wednesday Pre-Conference Institutes
9:30am to 4:00pm

You can register for these whether or not you are attending the main conference. Each one lasts for the entire time period. Note that W5 is free.

W1 SUPERNORMAL AND YOU: Revealing the Scientific Path to Mysticism and Beyond
Jean Houston, PhD, and Dean Radin, PhD

Dean Radin Jean Houston

Join two of the foremost explorers of science, culture, consciousness, and spirit, as they discuss how modern science and scholarship have put legendary stories about ancient “superpowers” to the test. We now know that some aspects of ancient wisdom are scientifically sound, while others have been distorted by culture and history. We will use yogic lore as one of many possible roadmaps to discuss recent research into supernormal powers. Together we will explore how special states of consciousness can be achieved and how they can be used to improve our own lives and our contribution to the world at large.


Richard Miller, PhD, and Cassandra Vieten, PhD

Cassandra Vieten Richard Miller

This workshop is for those working on the front lines with people who are engaged in learning how to heal and transform their lives. Cassi and Richard are psychologists who, for decades, have integrated meditation, yoga, and other noetic practices into settings with active duty military, veterans, those experiencing the consequences of trauma, the homeless, substance abusers, women in high-risk pregnancy and post-partum, families, and youth in classrooms. They will offer specific ways for you to access your own noetic wisdom, harness this inner resource in your work and life, and translate it into interventions that are increasingly finding acceptance in mainstream settings.


Katia Petersen, PhD, and Marilyn Schlitz, PhD

Marilyn Schlitz Katia Petersen

How do we know what we know? How do worldviews shape our experience? Join us in this rare exploration of worldview and participate in a dynamic learning community. Explore lesson plans that engage students in new ways of thinking and being. The heart of this workshop is the creation of a community of learners who will discover ways to work with the foundational Worldview Explorations course. This breakout session cultivates the skills and competencies today’s learners need to embody success in the twenty-first century. This highly interactive and experiential workshop is intended for teachers, parents, community group leaders, scientists, administrators, grandparents, and teenagers, as well as others interested in delivering this program to their community.


W4 NINE GATES MYSTERY SCHOOL: Present Moment, Embodied Awakening

This event has been cancelled.


W5 FREE COMMUNITY GROUP: Intergenerational Pre-Conference Day
Rose Welch, IONS Community Group Liaison; Robert Blackstone, PhD; Dan Booth Cohen, PhD; and Marcelo Montalvo

Robert Blackstone Rose Welch


Marcelo Montalvo Dan Booth Cohen

Rose Welch, IONS Community Group Liaison

If you are an IONS Community Group leader or an IONS member interested in starting a community group, please join us for this free pre-conference workshop. We will begin the day with general information on starting a community group in your area, let you know about existing groups, and provide pointers by way of information on what our Community Groups around the world are currently doing. Learn how you can connect with like-minded people in your area, hear about the processes various community groups use to facilitate meaningful conversations and experiential activities, and experience an actual community group meeting with our Sacramento Community Group’s leaders and members.

Robert Blackstone, PhD; Dan Booth Cohen, PhD; and Marcelo Montalvo

After lunch, we will transition to an exciting intergenerational dialogue and visioning process. In the spirit of IONS’ upcoming 40th anniversary and its theme “IONS for the EONS,” an important focus of our process will be on how we can expand our outreach, membership efforts, and activities to include younger members. We encourage you to bring or sponsor a young adult between the ages of 18 and 30. Special Guests: Traditional healer and teacher Kahontakwas Diane Longboat of the Turtle Clan, Six Nations Grand River Territory of the Mohawk Nation; Jacqueline Ryan, Executive Director of Planting Seeds of Hope and traditional singer; and Eimear O’Neill, PhD, from the Center for Transformative Learning, OISE, University of Toronto.


W6 CINEMA NOĒSIS: A Noetic Film Festival (also T1)
Matthew Gilbert

Matthew Gilbert

There is something special about the intimacy and power of film, and during this two-day event, you will be immersed in its potential to educate, inspire, and transform. Matthew Gilbert, the film festival’s program director, will show several new and recently released films that cover a range of timely and vital topics, from revolutions in health care to ancient traditions to the outer edges of human potential. Together we will not only view the films but also meet the people behind them and take part in discussions with scientists and change agents.

Among the seven featured films are Escape Fire, a Sundance favorite about revolutionizing American health care; Money and Life, about transforming our relationship to money and wealth and creating a sustainable world; and Solar Revolution, a mind-bending, science-rich documentary on the next transformation in human consciousness.

This is a two-day film festival. You may sign up for either day or receive a discount for attending both days.
Visit the Cinema Noēsis page for more information »



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