15th International IONS Conference

Thursday Pre-Conference Institutes
9:30am to 4:00pm

You can register for these whether or not you are attending the main conference. Each one lasts for the entire time period.

T1 CINEMA NOĒSIS: A Noetic Film Festival (also W6)
Matthew Gilbert

Matthew Gilbert

There is something special about the intimacy and power of film, and during this two-day event, you will be immersed in its potential to educate, inspire, and transform. Matthew Gilbert, the film festival’s program director, will show several new and recently released films that cover a range of timely and vital topics, from revolutions in health care to ancient traditions to the outer edges of human potential. Together we will not only view the films but also meet the people behind them and take part in discussions with scientists and change agents.

Among the seven featured films are Escape Fire, a Sundance favorite about revolutionizing American health care; Money and Life, about transforming our relationship to money and wealth and creating a sustainable world; and Solar Revolution, a mind-bending, science-rich documentary on the next transformation in human consciousness.

This is a two-day film festival. You may sign up for either day or receive a discount for attending both days.
Visit the Cinema Noesis page for more information »


T2 INTO THE BLACK HOLE: Transformations from the Heart of the Cosmos
Manjir Samanta-Laughton, MD

Manjir Samanta-Laughton

The black hole principle is an exciting new theory about the cosmos that places consciousness at the heart of the universe, questions the big bang theory, and reverses decades-old thinking on black holes. How can understanding outer space help us in our daily lives? In this groundbreaking workshop, which includes experiential sessions, you will learn how processes occurring at the heart of every galaxy can help you manage your emotions, gain a deeper knowledge of the law of attraction, and better understand the nature of time.


Pam Kramer and Barry Robbins

Barry Robbins Pam Kramer

Each of us has an infinite capacity for creative evolution. An effective path to our latent powers is a long-term practice that cultivates all dimensions of our being—body, mind, heart, and soul. Drawn from ancient wisdom and developed by human potential pioneers Michael Murphy and George Leonard, Integral Transformative Practice® (ITP) invites us to open to the further reaches of our potential with simple, well-researched techniques that have been shown to produce complex and creative results.


T4 THE SCIENCE OF BEING: Exploring the Mystery of Consciousness
Peter Russell

Peter Russell

Peter Russell presents a new worldview in which the fundamental essence of the cosmos is not matter but mind. While many have taught this from spiritual and metaphysical perspectives, Peter arrives at this conclusion using contemporary science. In this context, spiritual awakening becomes a natural part of evolution, connecting us with our true nature. Join Peter in a journey of inner exploration that addresses key questions: What is consciousness? How does it arise? Does consciousness create reality? Who or what am I? Can science and spirituality be reconciled? How does meditation help us surrender to the now?


T5 AWAKE BEYOND YOUR DREAMS: Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming
Stephen LaBerge, PhD, and Kristen La Marca, PhD

Kristen La MarcaStephen LaBerge

Lucid dreaming is a remarkable and potentially liberating state of consciousness in which we are explicitly aware that we are dreaming. That knowledge transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, and the dream state becomes a “magic carpet” with which we can explore beyond the small-mindedness of untested assumptions about reality. Recent science has built upon ancient teachings to develop new techniques and technology that have made lucid dreaming more widely accessible. In this workshop, you will learn how we construct our experience of reality, how to become lucid and wisely guide your dreams, and how to use them for exploration, transformation, and awakening.


T6 CULTIVATE ENERGY WISDOM for Health, Healing, and Happiness
Master Mingtong Gu

Master Mingtong Gu

We are consciousness and creative energy, expressed as body, mind, and heart. In this workshop, Master Mingtong Gu will guide you on an experiential path that unites consciousness and energy—a union he calls “energy wisdom.” You will learn the powerful ancient practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong, which combines mindful movement, sound healing, visualization, and meditation to transform limited and blocked energy patterns into healthy energy that flows throughout the physical and energetic bodies. This process can awaken us to self-realization. Master Gu’s energetic presence and the workshop practices will help you to bridge the personal and the collective, the inner and the outer, the experiential and the visionary, and the practical and the spiritual.



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