15th International IONS Conference

Opportunities to Participate

Carbon Offsetting

Join us on our journey toward sustainability! Greenhouse gas pollution from air and ground travel contributes significantly to the climate crisis. NativeEnergy donates high-quality carbon offsets to mitigate the global-warming impact of the estimated combined venue and staff/speaker travel emissions, which helps to make our 15th International Conference more sustainable. We strongly encourage you to offset the global-warming impact of the CO2 emissions created by an average attendee for just $14 per attendee. Simply check the “offset” box on the registration form. We thank you for your environmental stewardship and your ongoing commitment to the Institute of Noetic Sciences. For more information, visit www.nativeenergy.com.

Tabletop Talks

Self-organized tabletop talks will take place at conference meals. Sign up on-site to lead a table in discussion about a topic that interests you.

Scientific Poster Session

Emerging noetic scientists are encouraged to submit an abstract for consideration for a scientific poster session at the IONS conference. This poster session is geared toward undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students who are conducting studies on consciousness or in the noetic sciences. Submission deadline is March 1, 2013. Those accepted for poster sessions will be notified by March 30 and will be eligible for a discounted registration fee of $195. Selected posters and runners-up will be featured on the IONS website. Submit your abstract to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ionsconferenceposter2013.


A special “Noetic Village” vendor and exhibitor hall offers a limited number of booths for a fee of $875 ($675 for nonprofit organizations). For more information and to receive an exhibitor application packet, please contact Justine MacLean at JMacLean@noetic.org.

Volunteer Work Exchange Program

IONS offers a Volunteer Work Exchange Program to lighten any financial burden of attending the conference. A $195 fee and a maximum of 14 hours of conference related work cover the cost of registration.

We have heard you! We have changed our volunteer program to one with fewer working hours and more time to take part in every session.

If you would like to volunteer for a Pre or Post Conference Institute, they are an additional $60 and require assisting the speaker for the duration. There are limited volunteer spots for the Pre and Post conference workshops, so please sign up for these early!

Also, please note that the Volunteer Work Exchange Program discounted rate does not cover travel, lodging, or meals, and that the volunteer fee is not refundable. Please apply early; the number of positions is limited. Contact our volunteer coordinator, Justine MacLean at JMacLean@noetic.org for more information.

Reaching for the Stars

Youth Scholarships

Some scholarships are available for students from 18 to 25 years old. To obtain a scholarship application, please email conference@noetic.org.

Questions? email conference@noetic.org or
call 800.583.3063 (U.S. toll free)
or 707.779.8268 (International)

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