14th International IONS Conference

Morning Practices
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
7:00am to 8:00am

Start your day with the morning practice of your choice. You can repeat a practice on numerous days, or try a different one each day. Just pick the practice that appeals to you most and attend. Locations will be available on site at the conference.

Dream Sharing—Charlene Farrell

This session will be dedicated to sharing the gifts we receive from the imaginal realm of dreams. Instead of focusing on interpretation, which involves a translation of dream messages into the language of the waking world, we will simply be allowing the figures in our dreams to speak in their own voices, opening to them in somatic, affective, and mythopoetic ways.


Tslagi—Jane Hughes Gignoux

Jane Hughes Gignoux

Learn Tslagi, a Cherokee practice of alignment and balance. This simple set of movements is repeated in each of the four directions. Each round deepens the practice, taking the practitioner into an ever quieter and more appreciative space.


Yoga—Vlad Moskovski

Vlad Moskovski

Vlad's classes consist of yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditation methods. The focus is on calming the mind and improving physical well-being by providing tools that can be integrated into daily life on and off the mat. Classes are not a fixed level, they are customized to meet the needs and desires of whomever is there.


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