14th International IONS Conference

B8 Lucid Art: A Vehicle to Explore the Mind—Fariba Bogzaran, PhD

Consciousness research in meditation, lucid dreaming, and art led to the discovery of Lucid Art—an approach to art as an important visual methodology for exploring the mind. Vice versa, exploring the mind through dreaming and contemplative practices can offer creative inspiration. In this presentation, Bogzaran explains the history and background of this research and offers practical tools—through automatism and sonic entrainment—to creatively enter into the Lucid and Creative Mind, both while awake and while dreaming.

Fariba Bogzaran

Fariba Bogzaran, PhD, is a visionary, professor, and artist. She is founder of the Dream Studies Program at JFK University, and co-founder of the Lucid Art Foundation. She is the author of Images of the Lucid Mind; co-author of Extraordinary Dreams; Surreralism: Dreams on Canvas; and Five Keys to the Secret World of Remedios Varo.


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