14th International IONS Conference

T3 Deep Time Work: Re-entering the Rhythms and Connections of the Web of Life—Joanna Macy, PhD

Must we be condemned to constant time pressures and hurrying? The acceleration of our lives is real, but not inevitable. It arises from the technological and economic forces of the industrial growth society and cuts us off from nature’s rhythms and the wisdom and pleasures of our own bodies. Healing our world depends on living our lives within a larger context that includes our ancestors and generations to come. This workshop will explore ways to stoke our courage, our staying power, and our sense of adventure.

Joanna Macy

Joanna Macy, PhD, scholar of Buddhism and Living Systems Theory, is known worldwide for her workshops for environmental and political activists. Known as “The Work that Reconnects,” her theory and methods function at the interface between social change and spiritual breakthrough. Her books include Pass It On; Coming Back to Life; World as Lover, World as Self; Widening Circles: A Memoir; and translations of Rilke’s poetry.


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