14th International IONS Conference

Vlad Moskovski

Vlad Moskovski

Vlad Moskovski began his yoga journey at age 18 and has dedicated his life to the understanding and embodiment of the spiritual path of liberation. His teaching approach is founded on the philosophy that Yoga is more than physical exercise - it is a system that integrates physical poses for cleansing the body with breathing techniques, mindfulness, philosophy, and meditation. He was born in Russia, has lived in Israel, and grew up in New Jersey before moving to Berkeley, California where he now brings Yoga to a variety of different populations such as homeless, youth, adults, and seniors. He is Co-Director of the donation-based outdoor Yoga collaborative, Yoga on the Bay (yogaonthebay.org), and also runs meditationsecretsrevealed.com where he writes articles on health, meditation, and Yoga. His personal website is yogamuse.net.


Presentations by Vlad Moskovski

Morning Practices


Vlad's classes consist of yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditation methods. The focus is on calming the mind and improving physical well-being by providing tools that can be integrated into daily life on and off the mat. Classes are not a fixed level, they are customized to meet the needs and desires of whomever is there.


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